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  • image It's a dyslexic freak. I appear to have made a new word again sorry gang.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Not that he is... 

  • I managed a  little swim this morning, now about to head off for Pilates class.

    MC hope the lurgy goes soon.

    Snow is OK whilst it is snow not when it goes slushy and messy. Pete make sure you look outside at lunchtime to get a dose of daylight, my brother gets the same problem plus even worse weather in northern Canada.

    I may venture out tomorrow for a little plod, weather dependant of course.

  • haha, thought maybe it was some slang I didn't know!

  • I love snow!! Dont love the grey grey grey of winter though!  Ran to the station this morning felt fine - went to run from the station and that didnt work at all think i must have strained the outer of my right knee ended up being a fast walk to work.  So I am biking to work tomorrow image will try again with the runmute next week!

  • I love winter, I like wrapping up to run or bike, swam this morning and the pool was hot!

    nice work Buttercup, get some peas on that knee image

  • I don't normally mind winter, butthis summer was soooo nice I'm really missing it already. Did loads of cycling last winter and seemed to be permanently cold. Pete, I really feel for you with even shorter days than us southerners.

    Well done to those who are training, and best wishes to those feeling under the weather.

    Just a bit of cycling today.

  • Morning all image

    Buttercup - better luck next week image

    I mostly  enjoy winter running.  I'm not as excited by the thought of winter cycling, maybe that'll change.  I haven't got mud guards, is that something I should really sort out?

    Sporty report wise, I have had a swim that was a bit better than yesterday's swim, so that's good.  Later today the plan is to run out for a couple of miles and do some hill training. 

  • I too love snow and winter. Although having had this conversation with Pete before know his winters mean something different altogether! 

    DS - never done winter biking before, so learning curve all round. Think need a very good jacket - early Xmas preside me thinks.

    Buttercup, will all come together honey. You is 'hardcore'!

    Chili - is ultra this weekend coming?

    Maths - how the devil are you?

  • I love the winter, brings out the cyclcross and mountain bike, shorter rides but so much fun!

    Very misty on the ride to work this morning, thats never fun, cycling in traffic is bad enough without the reduced visibility, even had to put 3/4 tights on for the first time since march today so it must be getting colder, or I'm turning soft.


  • Morning Swiller!

    Steady, if you're weather is anything like mine. Pop on a waterproof for your pootle image

  • Very foggy here as well - been wearing full length tights all week - thinking of breaking out the long finger gloves!!

  • "I mostly  enjoy winter running.  I'm not as excited by the thought of winter cycling, maybe that'll change.  I haven't got mud guards, is that something I should really sort out?"

    I wouldn't worry about mud guards they won't make much difference for your racer. If you want to still cycle when it get's really bad rain ice snow ect.. wise a mountain bike is useful if you come accross one cheap but unless you fancy doing a lot of miles on it I wouldn't bother. I've got one but because of not driving need it to get to w**k. Investing in a torbo trainer might be useful thing through. Your welcome to borrow mine so you can work out if you will use one matey.

  • Cheers Cake, thanks for the advice, I'm happy to give the mudguards a miss for now.  I've no room left to store another bike, but I do have a turbo for the more rubbishy days.

  • hi everyone

    still got a sore throat so nothing today, but I did sleep better so not so grumpyimage

    am going to swimsmooth tomorrow no matter what my blooming throat is like though - nothing like the thought of the money it is costing to get me there! And they are good sessions

    only 2 more days and it will be half term - which is good because I am running out of patience with the kids and enthusiasm for the lesson planning!

  • Hmmm...somewhere on here there are photos of what snow is like in northern aberdeenshire where I live...every year we are snowed in for a week or so, but in 2010 when we had the bad winter, we had at least 1m of snow for 5 months of the year, we didn't make it to the shops for 4 weeks. We have two freezers and stock up in november with uht milk and lots of dried food, bread mixes...

    Luckily my boss was sympathetic and I worked from home for most of december...exercise was feeding and watering the animals, cutting wood. 

    Oddly, I hate snow!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    It is pretty!!! Btw, I am from Finland so I know what proper winters are like. We just have the infrastructure etc to cope with it.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    But how about this one...I think I'm in love.

  • Mikasa wrote:

    It is pretty!!! Btw, I am from Finland so I know what proper winters are like. We just have the infrastructure etc to cope with it.


    Oh we don't, first bit of snow and Aberdeen grinds to a halt.  Too many numpties in BMWs who can't drive in the winter...

    Hey, do you know Lordi?image

  • That's cause it's the wrong kind of snow Pete!!!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Pete - Yeah, Lordi's my best friend and Mika Salo is my cousin.


    Only kidding.image

  • Why has it reposted that?

    Nice bike Mikasa! Are you saving up? Or hoping that father christmas will bring it you...have you been a good girl? You know he'll be making a list and checking it twice to see if you've been naughty or nice...

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Pete, I really want a road bike as I think I will struggle with the position and want to start practising. £1000 is bit high but I'm thinking that if it's going to be the only road bike I'll ever buy, it might as well be good enough. I don't think I'll get it for Christmas though even though I've been quite good.image

    I put a thread up asking advice on bikes but managed to put your snowy pic as a link instead of the bike! image

  • Mikasa the one I have is this 

    Mine is an xxs image since im tincy.  It goes fast and is light - although i would like a tri bike our budget isnt going to stretch there next year I dont think so a pair of aero bars will probably the extent of my aeroness!  Chief daughter is going to uni next year and the budget is a bit eyewatering dependent on the uni she gets into!! So no tri bike sniff sniff!


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Buttercup - are you happy with your bike and how do you find it? Is it light weight? How tall are you? I'm only 5'4" so not a giant and my arm span is actually shorter. My Charge Mixer hybrid is xs.

    I think really I need to go and try some bikes out, but love the look of the Felt. I could afford a grand but it does seem a bit steep.  And I would need to get a job asap...

  • Morning! Nice talk about bikes image

    Run yesterday, pilates today. Nope, my Ultra isn't until next weekend. So I am tapering and trying in vain not to eat so much.

    Have been doing pretty high mileage all summer so am looking forward to dropping down a bit over the winter and swimming more.

  • Morning all, club swim session done last night, pretty pleased with how I did and feel better for it this morning.

  • Excuse me interrupting.

    Mikasa  if you have a bad back and are worried about being comfortable on a road bike you really need to ensure that you get one that fits - it can be an expensive mistake otherwise. I'd recommend going along to your local bike shop if you have a good one or paying for a bike size with a Retul fitter - this will cost you around £50 but they will either tell you whether a particular bike will fit you (and which size you need if you have one in mind) or give you a range of bikes that you can buy so that you can then look out for the best deal.

    Buttercup - this was my fifth year in tri and first with a TT bike and if I had to choose one or the other I'd take the versatility of my road bike every day - clip on bars will make a lot of difference to you.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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