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  • Hello!

    Lots of excitement on the thread over the last week its been great to read back, welcome DB!

    Norway was brilliant, did lots of snowboarding and cross country skiing - never done xcountry (or skiing of any kind) before but really enjoyed it, not sure of the fitness benefits but felt like the winter equivalent of cycling.

    Waiting for the new Fink book to arrive . . . . . . . I'm *thinking* about doing the wild boar. . . . . . .but until I stop thinking and actually say it then I'm not committing image I've got a whole list of other events/tris but I need to see how I settle into my new job first.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Buttercup - yes, well done on the loss, that's brill! My weight loss has not been very good this year so far but I guess it's early days. All together this year I'd like to lose 17kg to get back to normal but even 12kg would get me comfortable.

    Going to the gym tonight again and doing a 3 mile treadmill run. Have also booked spin for Wednesday. Add couple of swims to that and 2 road runs, one of them a 6 miler and it'll start to look like a much better week. image


    Buttercup - well done on the runmute.

    EcoSeal - glad to hear you enjoyed your break. I'm hoping to finally after a long break, to get on a ski holiday in Mach. I'm in the same boat as you re: Wild Boar, *thinking* about it but not committing until things come bit more together with my fitness.

  • eco - sounds like a great holiday. Will be great to meet you at wild boar!

    the temperature in the pool was crazy last night - so hot it was like being in a bath - not good to train in. Slept very little last night so I have been grumpy all day and not swimming tonight - going to have an early night instead

    I could do with losing between a stone and stone and a half. Better stop eating all the xmas chocs then!


  • I have done my core exercises and stretches.

    Well done on all the training peeps.

    Durham Biker I love my 910XT as well. But I do not get too hung up on stats, it justs shows where I need to improve.

  • It's the biscuits here. I don't buy biscuits but we were given four boxes over Christmas!

    Eco - sounds a great holiday image

    Mikasa - sounds a lovely week planned.

    5 mile run this evening with my No.3 daughter. I am supposed to be swimming tomorrow. Please kick me if I don't do it!

  • Ooh, knee problems are back so no running for me. I might try to get to the pool tomorrow. 

    On the plus side I went to the new office today. The gym is amazing, several bikes all with built in screen to do sufferfest style training, and cross trainers and tredmills and a seperate weights room. I won't be spending much time at my desk I'll be in the gym!

  • pete - I like the sound of that gym. Any jobs going? I wouldn't mind moving to Scotland!

  • MC are you coming out on Sunday?

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Pete - hope you get those knee problems sorted. Your office gym sounds ace. We don't even have showers at our offices so no exercise at lunch times.

    5km done on the treddie. It is hard work I have to say, I do need to get out. And I have scouted some routes round the area so Thursday's run should be outside. Then gym work and 100 steps up to our flat. Knackered!

  • I have 'pushed' and 'felt the burn' with Chrissie Wellington tonight. First day of feeling almost normal after flu-gate! 

    Aw Pete, pesky knees. There's a fair few of us feel your pain.

    Chili - foot is at the ready...

  • Oo forget, howdy DB! And bring on tomorrow Steady image

    Razor - you guys at Outlaw this year?

  • Mrs D, we are not competing but will be doing the swim on the saturday and on the feedstation sunday.

  • Mathschick, lol, what do you do?  we're always recruiting and I can share the finders bonus with


  • Today was swimming and running, both were done to completion but not with any style or ease. I'm hoping to look back on this in a years time, and wonder what I was worried about.

    Pete - you seem to be the opposite to me, swimming can mash my knee, but running mostly is a safe go-to place (unless it's a really lumpy or muddy surface that leads to twisting at the knee).

  • pete - at the moment I teach maths! I have done loads of jobs though - teaching english, worked in a bank, computer programmer, customer service for a credit reference company, beach lifeguard....not sure what the family would say about a house move though..... if it were to somewhere warmer they might be happier!

    DS - do you swim breaststroke? That can be harsh on dodgy knees..

    well, having a couple of rubbish days due to one or two things, but going to pull myself together, turbo tonight because I haven't got time now to get to running club and run tomorrow morning

    buttercup - I think so but if it is icy I am not going to risk it, haven't got winter tyres or winter gear to keep me warm either really!


  • I have swum and turboed. I could not bear Chrissie W telling me to "feel the burn" so listened to some Mike Oldfield and Bryan Adams. I did 1 hour 25 mins to make up for missing the Sunday long ride.


  • Commuted and swum this morning - was doing drills and left my fins on got to the end of 60 lengths and discovered they had cut 5 mins off my time lol.  

    Fair call MC image

    Good job Steady!

  • Good going Steady and Buttercup, and +1 for finding a way to make things work MC.

    mathschick wrote (see)

    DS - do you swim breaststroke? That can be harsh on dodgy knees..

    Yes,, I did last year (I modified it with a dolphin kick to make it better for me) - but I'm now working towards cracking front crawl to keep myself okay.

  • DS - just make sure when you are doing front crawl you are doing your legs properly and not kicking from the knee as that will hurt too. I find breast stroke still hurts my knee now....I still haven't got my legs sorted for front crawl - they just won't do what I tell themimage

  • DS, you do breast stroke the same way as me, if I can get a rythmn going I am OK but slow.

    MC I know what you mean by the body not doing what you want in swimming I felt a bit like that today, nothing felt easy and correct, smoothly gliding was more like a whole load of thrashing and gasping. Although I now do have a little kick that propels me forwards.

  • I don't go backwards when I kick now! That is definitely progress image

  • Did a couple of sets of 400m front crawl in the pool, followed by an hour in the gym, including a couple of miles on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the cross trainer and some weights/resistance work.

    Got my 400m down to 8m 40s, so it's heading in the right direction!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Good times DB!

    Didn't realise it at the time but my Monday 5k run/gym session really knackered me out. Still tired actually so yesterday when  I had my gym appointment for  second part of my programme, I only did once and then beat a haste retreat home. I guess I'll have to start with one session a day or have morning/evening once. I did not realise I'd gotten this bad. image Spin tonight.


  • Steady - I'm kinda on the slow side myself.

    MC, oh the horror of realising for the first time that you're one of the backwards going kickers. lol  Been there, done that and with a poolside audience to see it as well. *eeek*

    DB, great going.

    mikasa - give yourself time - you're getting out there and doing stuff, which is great.

  • Swim last night was good, feel like I'm making progress and my instructor is getting the right balance of pushing me but improving my technique.  Hopefully Half-Fink will arrive today.

    Mikasa - take it steady, you are probably still recovering from being ill so don't be too down on yourself.

    Will hopefully turbo later.

  • Lots of training going on in this thread! image

    Pete - hope your knee heals soon.

    Well, I finally made it into the swimming pool yesterday and had a pretty good session.  Did get my bike out but that was only cos I had left it too late to walk the 1 mile to school to pick up my youngest daughter!

    Another 5 mile run later today I hope.

  • Blimey, it's all go here! Fab to see. Mikasa, don't panic it'll come. I feel in the same boat as you at the mo. Just have to ensure you keep it realistic to build your mojo rather than crushing it! image

    Razor - will be cracking to see you. Quite gutted will be missing the feedstation! Aiming to get MrD to do the swim Sat with me!

    So, how many have mentioned The Boar so far?

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Thanks ladies, I guess I just got bit excited and did too much. I definitely have the mojo now so will keep plugging away. Spin tonight image. Not sure how I'm going to motivate myself to get up even earlier and go for a swim at 6am, that early really isn't my thing...

    Eco - well done on the swimming, I've not managed to sort myself out yet/still for lessons...image

    I've mentioned The Boar! Do we need a list?

  • I've mentioned boar as well. image

  • I have said yes to the boar as well image I need to go faster than last time image 


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