Training for a shorter Tri



  • I ran, did 2 miles of what could be loosely described as Fartlek. It drizzled and the first bit was uphill into the wind, but the rest was OK especially when the drizzle stopped.

    EP, the more you talk of the boar the more I am tempted but first I need to ensure that the unfinished business with Outlaw half is dealt with in a clear and convincing manner.

  • wow, everyone is getting very excited about the boar, but it's too far south for me.  It's my last day at the old office so I'm going for a lunch time run to commemorate the old place.

    Next week I'll start training proper...image

  • TheDanTheDan ✭✭✭

    hmm... cheers for that guys, i pop onto the thread and now i want to do wild boar



  • TheDan wrote (see)

    hmm... cheers for that guys, i pop onto the thread and now i want to do wild boar



    mmmmmmmmmuuuuuuaaaaaarrrrrrrr!!!!!!! go on go on go on. image


    Pixie come and play image

  • TheDanTheDan ✭✭✭

    i'll need to see how my swimming and cycling do before i commit to something like that, my new bike should arrive over the weekend so i can get on that fairly soon, i've got the running bit down though at least (or at least the 90 odd k i've done this month would suggest maybe)

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Ah, you'll be fine Dan. I can't do front crawl and I only have a hybrid, You're miles ahead already! image

  • Yay do the Boar, I hear theres a barbecue this year image

  • image Food you say? image

  • And probably cakes too, I know there's defo icecream involved, it sounds like we need to take charge of the ship as camp Pirate image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    So everyone on the thread are doing Boar?!! (expect for Pete but only coz he lives the wrong end of the country). AWESOME!

    Had a horrific day. Lots of hassle at work, my contact lens delivery totally messed up,train late and the cuts my stop AGAIN in its hurry to get to London, next train comes, on the way announces that my stop has been cut again, got home over hour late, and when I'm walking home it's p1ssing it down and howling a gale. NO motivation for a run so gone for glass of wine instead. First Aid course tomorrow.

    Hope everyone else had a better day,.

  • Mikasa I would say that glass of wine is medicinal!  I sat on the bus coming home for almost 50 minutes the traffic was horrendous tonight.

    Did someone say bacon butties I heard bacon butties Cake - JP! Nom.

  • Must be a day for it, traffic has been mental for me too five hours driving done and four hours of meetings, training will have to wait, bed is calling me!

    Boar is sounding epic, sure you can't post yourself down Pete?


  • Mikasa, that sounds like extreme commuting. Wine for you is medicinal, although if it was me I would go for chocolate.

    Spinning felt hard work this evening, I have not done a swim in the morning on the same day as spinning, now knackered.

  • Oh Mikasa, that sounds awful.

    It's in September isn't it?  I hope to do my first marathon and my first Olympic distance triathlon that month so there is no chance I'll be down...

    I did a quick 5k today and my friend gave me her spare heart rate monitor which I linked to my garmin.  Expect lots of stupid questions about HR zones.  I'm off to reread Fink!

  • Well got another gym and swim session done today. Couple of miles down on the treadmill, some resistance work, and then a quick 400m before heading home. All this on top of my busiest day in my 2-week work cycle.

    Managed the 400m swim in 8:39, so shaved another second off despite tired arms from the resistance work.

    Also just been told by the missus that she's entered us in the First of the Summer Tri in Holmfirth in April along with a hotel booking for the Sat night to save an early morning drive down. Did this race last year with minimal training (ie swum 400m once, rode the race distance once, and ran 3 miles once, all individually), on a mountain bike with knobbly tyres, with jet lag (got back from Bali a few days before) and with a perforated eardrum. Hoping to do better this year...

  • image Durham not sure what I'm doing that weekend yet but that's about 11 miles from our house in stocksbridge. If I get a chance I'll heckle you. It's sarah's Birthday a couple days after so might enter her as a present. Sure she will love it. image

    ((((((((((Mikasa)))))))))))) Hope you enjoy the first aid training.

  • Hi Gang,

    4.5 mile run on wednesday and 5.5mile  run tonight with Horse,I was that slow  (9'58" avg ) that he must have thought his shoelaces were tied together  image  still not feeling 100% , every run feels tough and my legs are aching while I'm running which is not usual for me, think I'll go and get some blood tests done to see if there is any underlying problem.

    So you lot are all doing the Wild Boar in Sept, will think about it nearer the time, according to cake it dosn't sell out that fast.

    Happy training everyone.  image

  • Razor  - hope you are ok. Would be great to meet you at wild boar!

    well, run this morning and turbo this evening image


  • Well any form of support/heckling is welcome! It's a nice but hilly course. A couple of short but very sharp climbs on the bike, and the 1 flat straight had a horrible headwind on it last year. Plus there was still snow about, though luckily not on the roads. Aiming for the First and Last event this year, see if I can get some decent improvement in between.

    Also just got back in from a quick 2 mile run outside. Found myself craving a run all day in work, obviously the more I get into exercising the more I want to do. Averaged at 9:42/mi, which for me is quick. If I can build up to being able to maintain that pace over 3 miles off the bike, I'll be a happy man.

  • Be great to see you at the Boar Razor, hope you feel better soon.

    missed Parkrun this morning because of a late night so went out for a slow jog, ended up really enjoying it and did 9miles, feeling it a bit now though, about to leap into a hot bath before embarking on a big shop image


    Planning on taking the bike out tomorrow, if my legs are up to it

  • Hi Razor - I hope it gets easier soon image

    Well done DB, it's good to be a happy man. image

    Just a turbo session for me today, tomorrow it's a short run.

    I have been physioterrorised today, I was almost very brave about it. I may go to a tri swim meeting in a couple of weeks, I've been told it's all very friendly.

  • I have done my swim and 1.5 hours on the turbo, not feeling great though. I had a headache after the swim which has now become huge sinus headache and earache. I know I am not well, I do not want to eat, which is most unlike me.

    Roll on tomorrow.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Not sure I liked the spinning class I went to. The best ones I've been to were in Bristol, 2 blokes who were proper cyclists as well. This woman just looked mental grinding the pedals up and down and shouting "more","higher" etc. Will try another class by another person next week.

    15 mile cycle today. Was quite nice, part of it on the canal and some up and downs. But god am I slow! Lot of work to do...

  • Woop woop Razor at The Boar! image Dan, swimming's the easy bit image

    When you say 'big shop' JP... What does that include?

    5 mile run done. Very slowly indeed! Mmmmm.... Bacon butties image

  • Mrs D, don't get too excited I said  I'm thinking about it  image  image what pace you running at?


  • I am an excitable soul image

    Well..... Before I went on holiday, Christmas and had the flu a 10/10.30 min /mile. Now, a 12.5 min/mile. Not too worried, sticking with the Z2 stuff as does work. Someone wise once told me this image

    Shouldn't take too too long to get back up to pace I'm sure! 

    How you diddling? 



  • my big shop involves dodging angry mums with heavily laden trolleys at tescos, was made a bit easier with a large cappuccino from McDonald's 

    I know how you feel, Ive only felt fit again today after a few false starts at my training plan with cold and bugs holding me back, I'm a few weeks behind but not overly concerned.

    sounds like the Boar is going to be awesome, I have a barbecue sorted, first one back can light it image

  • Ooh...did a bit in the pool. I still can't string more than a couple of lengths together without nearly dying of oxygen starvation. I guess I need more practise.  

    Unfortunately when I was shopping I found 24 profiteroles with belgian chocolate for £2.50....i feel a bit sick now....image

  • Awww, a thread outing to Wild Boar sounds great!image I'm not making any plans until after my op in February but would love to join you all.... not sure I could do the required training through the summer whilst entertaining four kids though image

    Another 5 mile run yesterday and park run this morning with my daughters.

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