Training for a shorter Tri



  • 50 minute run in the river that was Nottingham today, then a bike interval session on the turbo. Should stop eating so soon before sessions image

    Hope everyone's doing well and training up. I'm tackling these exams still and will be through them in two weeks....image

  • EP - what a loads of b*ll*cks that obs is - how can 2 kids not engaging make a lesson go from outstanding to needs improving! It is just ridiculous and the observers are not actually following the ofsted criteria if that is what they are saying, but of course, they will never listen to you so here is a hug ((((EP))))) this job is just so demoralising

    well done on the donation, must be nice knowing that it is going to help someone's baby

    beanpole - good luck with your exams

  • ((EP))

    Good luck with exams beanpole.

  • EP I'm totally with you! This week full teaching day followed by parents evening, in free had to do an observation then give feedback in my lunch. Write up in me other free then full teaching days. all the while having my observation hanging over my head - not told when it is until 2 days before and have no say in which lesson. Next week have full teaching day followed my meetings on min and tues, observe in my free weds and theN being observed on Thursday with a NIGHTMARE group. So judgement made about me based on behaviour of 15 year olds who Care not how they can follow the rate of a reaction and pass an exam on it!!!! TOTALY FEEL YOUR PAIN!

    You know how much you care, what you do for your students and how the ones that want to make progress. Just think how bad society would be if you weren't doing your job as well as you are! Xxx

    good luck BP!

  • EcoSeal wrote (see)
    Pete I hope your shin settles down and that goes for your elbow too DS.

    Cheers Eco, good luck with the new job.

    Have a good weekend guys, and I hope you school types get some decent downtime.


  • The Dawn Shadow wrote (see)


    Have a good weekend guys, and I hope you school types get some decent downtime.

    Thank you DS!

    typically have sore throat and chest as I pushed myself during the week! image

  • Wow, you teacher types have it hard. I hope you're all destressing over the weekend. 

    I tried to do a max heart rate in the gym and couldn't get it up over 160ish. I don't think I was trying. Although I was pleased with how fast I could run in short bursts. 

    I'm concentrating on cycling and swimming next week to give my leg a rest from pounding the tarmac. 

  • morning all

    pete - unfortunately us teachers have to spend weekends planning and marking image

    anyway, as for your max heart rate test - go do it on hill reps outside, warm up with a mile or two then some hard hill reps. If you feel like puking you are just about there

    this teacher ignores school work on Saturday mornings and goes to spinning and swimming image

  • Indeed - or a long run!

    ive brought home 22% of my body mass in marking this weekend!!!!!

    have a good Saturday everyoneimage

  • Hope everyone has a great weekend of training, I cycled to work this morning as i need to cycle into Bristol for a bike fit to tweak a few things ready for the new season.



  • About to have my birthday breakfast, then once that's gone down get out on the mountain bike for an hour or two before the sun decides to do one. Then off to the gym and pool this afternoon so I feel slightly less bad about going for a slap up meal at my favourite restaurant in Durham.

    Unwrapped my wetsuit that I "didn't know I was getting", along with some Body Glide (lube for a birthday present, oo-er!), so think I'll have to take that to Spain in a couple of weeks for a trial run where it's a bit warmer. Don't fancy going over to South Shields for a dip in the North Sea just yet...

  • Happy Birthday Durhambiker.
    It is not wrong to get lube as a present, it was a needed and wanted item to conduct your sport without pain. I got some chamois cream stuff year before last as a little Xmas pressie because I was getting low on stock and needed more and Mr Steady had asked what did I want.

    Swim swum, lost mojo for cycling so will do some housework instead which should help me find lost bike mojo

    For those that were saying about hitting lane ropes doing FC. Practice high elbow drill more, it encourages more rotation of body and not shortening or excessive width of the arm movement.

  • Steady mine is usually cause I have pushed myself too far over in the lane to avoid the people coming the other way image

  • I find I hit the ropes quite often for the same reason, trying to move over to avoid hitting people heading towards me. But I think it's down to the magnifying effect of the water, which I keep forgetting about from my scuba diving. Need to remind myself that although other people look close, they're not *that* close

  • I hit the rope too to avoid people. Yesterday a very old fella in my lane was doing incredibly wide armed backstroke so stroked my boob a few times, meanwhile chap in lane next to me was doing very wide armed breast stroke ... Quite literally! And there was a woman in that lane doing wide legged breast stroke who kicked me.

    All in all I felt quite  isolated by the end of the session.

    still managed 1600m at a fairly decent pace so quite chuffed. Managed a 22 s 25m at the end of my 2k set on Wednesday! image Are there and tris with a 25m swim?! 

    Just back for a very slow 16 mile run - not sure where I'm. Want to find the other 10 from as my legs were so sore for the last two miles. Just having my recovery drink - horlicks! Yum!

  • Wow, Emma, you certainly have it all happening when swimming.
    I must be lucky in that I swim mainly with a coached bunch that know that you can fit 2 people in a lane no problems, usually end up hitting feet and hands together if anything. I have had the odd kick in the body by a breast stroke swimmer in OW race.
    The other times I swim, I sneak into the slower of the 2 fast lanes and tend to stop and give way to others that are faster when necessary. Also I need to have head underwater to be able to see in focus, anything out of water is blurred, the magnification helps me when not wearing my contact lenses.

  • Emma - blimey I get kicked, and at the masters sessions we often bash each other when doing back stroke but I don't normally get fondled

    well, nice morning training though I didn't feel very motivated at spin class and instead of doing some of the stupid stuff the instructor says to do I sat and pedaled hard with resistance on for those bits. not sure she was impressed but sometimes she gets people to do some silly stuff

    then had to go to find a samsung service centre as stupid phone just keeps turning itself off, apparently there is a known battery problem so he replaced the battery (under warantee so free) - far too much hassle for a Saturday afternoon when I would rather have a nap! Now eldest son wants to make pizzas so  I need to get the ingredients and then help him (he is making them at school on Monday and it seems that every week to have to have a practice run where we make the stuff at home first!) just wish he could do it without help

  • Well rode up to the gym (7 miles), did a short swim (1x400m in 8:28, then another 400m or so of drills), enjoyed the sauna and spa pool, then rode back home against a hellish headwind so was far too slow. Stupidly low average speed coming back.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Happy birthday Durhambiker!

    9 mile run for me. Used the 9:1 run/walk again and will keep to that on all my long runs and the half mara. I find it makes the long runs psychologically much easier 'cos you know there is a break coming. Found it difficult to keep to my lsr pace at the start,average was 12:25 which is my easy run pace. My quads do get very tired but after cold bath and stretching they feel just fine.

  • image Durham happy birthday mate. image

    Sorry at the mother in laws watching rugby and entering races so not been able to enter as my own profile cake here being the much better half for 5 minutes.

    Just in case it's of any interest to anyone and means I get some company just entered or had entered recently.

    • Manchester Marathon
    • Giantshead marathon If you fancy a weekend in dorset there is also a 10k and free camping. 
    • Liverpool rock and roll marathon
    • Royal parks half marathon
    • Liverpool half
    • Birmingham tri
    • Warwickshire tri
    • nottingham cycle live sportive (very good idea for those doing outlaw on the same roads mostly) maths has done it before and likes it. It's flat. ish

    image Anyone want to play. image

    Hopefully entering abingdon marathon soon as sarah's back from the shops just want to ask her first if she wants to do anything that weekend. That's as well as the boar, swimathon that ultra thing that waiting for the chuffing admin people to correct the team and eirman. I'm also seriously thinking about grimreaper this year but thing that might be madness. Time to get 2014 on track for mischief.


    DS hope your ok mate.

    The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    This week I have done just 1 run image 


    Just donated my 40th pint of blood (had a label to say it was going to a neonatal unit image) and I'm now drinking wine.

    I will run at some point during the weekend hopefully both days.




    well done kiddo. image

  • Well done on the run Mikasa, I may use that tomorrow as I know I will not be able to run it all especially through all the mud.

    Durhambiker, don't be so hard on yourself the headwind will bring your average speed down a lot but think of it as a good bit of resistance training. At times turboing in the garage I had to look up as the gusts of winds were making the trees move around alarmingly.

    Now to rest and stretch.

  • Have you entered the Royal Parks Half Cake? I thought it didn't open til Feb? I would do it again in a heart beat I really enjoyed it last year so much fun and quite fast too! Will be doing the Notts ride 100 image  

    DB I'm always slower going into head winds - I got blown around quite a bit last night coming home on the road bike - If I had gone out today it would have been a struggle to stay on the bike I think as it's been blowing a gale all day.  Don't beat yourself up!

  • Ultra Bookie wrote (see)
    DS hope your ok mate.

    Yeah mate, all good.  Left arm's being a bit of a pain and messing up my swim/cycle - but it'll fix sooner or later and running and turbo are still do-able. 

    Are you not doing the Ox this year?

  • Sorry, meant to wish you a Happy BIrthday DB.

  • I thought I'd typed violated not isolated - damned predictive text!!! image

  • Durhambiker wrote (see)

    Well rode up to the gym (7 miles), did a short swim (1x400m in 8:28, then another 400m or so of drills)

    Wow, my 400m takes me 17 minutes and I'm quite pleased with that! I still can't breathe properly and I'm fairly sure my arm is going in flat rather than hand first, but I'm getting there. 

  • evening all

    happy birthday durham image

    cake - you have been busy entering stuff. I would love to do the Liverpool Rock n Roll but it is the week before outlaw half so not a good idea this year I think!

    busy day for me - can't believe it is nearly 6 already! did my normal gym/spin/swim this morning though was feeling a bit bored in spin so might not do that next week. then had to drive to the samsung service centre because the stupid phone just kept turning itself off. They have swapped the battery so hopefully that has sorted it. Sorry if I have posted all this before - I am even having trouble keeping up with myself!

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