Training for a shorter Tri



  • I think it's only you and me Pixie image JP and lumpty missed out image and everyone else is busy I think - altho' anyone in the area who wants to come and support is welcome! Im at 8.30 image so you will be yelling at me to go faster in the pool!

  • PS Cake a random person in front of me at the half gave me a jelly babae at the end image going I cant talk here have a jelly baby image I thought of yourself!

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Jelly babies, yummy.

    Mikasa, my cycle club starts at 10-12mph group then 12-14mph and so on up to 20mph+ groups, with a limit of about 12 riders in each group, so we do not annoy the locals too much. As you go up the groups the distance increases so the bottom ones do about 20-25 miles whilst the next ones do about 30-35, means we all get back to the café at around the same time, no stopping half way for cake unless a special event.


  • hi

    welcome rich and manimal

    another rest day because I want to image and my hip still a bit sore so thought it best to. Going to turbo tomorrow and have a run on Thursday

  • buttercup? You fancy doing Nottingham half in September? Might be a good one to get a pb after a summer of training/racing

  • you fancy it too then EP??

  • I've got my name in for St Andrews Olympic distance. 

    Starting my training for the tri after Lochaber marathon in a week or so.

    feeling really fit at the moment and can't wait to start the training. given myself 16 weeks weeks to get into shape.

    I'm fine with the run. But will need help getting swim and bike fit!

    got myself a giant racing bike and just awaiting better weather to get out and about!

    is it best to follow a shedule? 

  • EP - go for it! Would be good to have a friendly face there. I am definitely in

    Rich - there are some free training plans on beginner triathlete website - just google it


  • I was trying to find the link to the article on the pirate ship of fools website for beginners but can't find it image hopefully cake will come along and link to it

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    First things first:

    Got to the gym tonight for my injury rehab. 30min on gym bike (it's even worse than going on the treddie with the big fat saddles!), then 10 mins on x-trainer, strengthening exercises and stretches. Feel better for it, can't believe how long I've been doing nothing. 

    Think I might of found another sprint tri to do on 1st of June and close by but just need to double check cos I remember there was another one north of me that sounded good too.

  • I swam after work.  1km, my 750m time was a bit slower than last week, I ran out of puff around the 500m. but I'm still happy that I'm able to get those distances.

    For those who have done pool swims as part of their triathlon, do you wear your pirate top in the pool as well, or struggle in to it at transition?

  • pete - wear it in the pool, you will never get it on when you are wet!

  • Lol...I can barely get it on now! I need to do some core exercises to firm up the wobbly bits.image


  • Pete the first tri I did I did without putting it on before the cycle OMG it just added to the stress image 

    Rich triradar has good plans as does 220 - following a plan is what most people do cause it just makes life easier in the long run.  And this is the Pirates website: 

    MC I have the equinox24hr on the 20th and Im meant to be doing the Oxford Half on the 12th of October.  I like the sound of it tho image we'll see!

  • is this the one you were talking about Pix? Am going to wear monaco/bra and I can put arm warmers and jacket on if necessary.

    I know about the swim times image but eh

  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭

    Thought I'd post while I'm on strike! I've been lurking for a while, but put off posting

    a) in case Meldy catches me .. image

    b) in case I jinx myself as you are all injured! image

    I'm doing my first tri in May - Stratford Sprint. I did the Liverpool half on Sunday, so now I can concentrate more on doing cycling too (I've been swimming twice a week for a while). It'll be slow, but I'll get round!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hi Pippi - nice to see you here. I lurk on cr@p swimmer's thread as still have not gotten my arse in gear to do any lessons...

    I don't think any of us are speedsters so you'll fit right in and what I remember, your swimming is coming along nicely!

    Hopefully injuries don't rub off on you over the internet. I'm slowly getting over mine and allowed to do some indoor cycling now. No running or swimming yet though. image

  • Sorry on different hours at work last few weeks so not popped in as much will read back in a bit but pippi me and the missus are doing stratford and if you ask meldy she will confirm we are lovely err well sarah is anyway. If you need any kicks up the bum or have any kit problems on the weekend shout up just look for a fat lad in pirate kit and will be me. image

    This doesn't mean Meldy is doing it was well does it? image

  • back to running today, over 6km at a pace to match what I was doing last summer before my hospital visit...most pleasing

    all I need to do is work out how to swim and breathe at the same time without drinking the pool or filling my stomach with air...

    EP, are you in the photo?

  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the welcome.

    No, Meldy's not doing Stratford, just me and Dr Daffs from the Working At It Slowly thread, but for years, she's been saying "can you swim, can you ride a bike?"

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Pete - seems like your running is back on form, great work.

    Yesterday when I was at the gym and doing my stretches, you can overlook the swimming pool and they had a swimming club in, all kids of different ages and they all flew  doing free style. I was most jealous...image

  • Pippi - there is a possibility I will be doing the stratford tri too or at very least supporting and Supercaz I think - you should come up for the little piglet image at Market Bosworth.  PS Cake has jelly babies NOM image

  • hi all

    pippi - nice to see you here! Stratford is too far for me - but I am doing the piglet...

    back to the training today with a turbo session, and hip is now feeling better so back to running tomorrow

    I was working today too as I am in the other union that wasn't on strike. unfortunately not many NUT members at my school so it was just a normal day with all the kids sent crazy by all the hailimage then a fire drill in the middle of the afternoon didn't help at all.....

  • Manimal70 wrote (see)

    Hi all, new to this thread also. Did my first sprint tri september last year, doing two more sprints and an Olympic distance this year. 

    currently training for Sheffield half on 6th April. will probably ask stupid questions you've been asked a thousand times before so please be kind image

    Manimal you from around sheffield? If yes and you need anything I live out in stocksbridge so if you ever fancy a ride or need to ask a daft question easy to meet up. Work in the city centre every day but at the moment spending a lot of my weekends in Birmingham. Couple of links you might find useful below and which races are you doing?

    Run by a bloke called alex if you have any tri problems or need something on the spot a very good place to go. Not always the cheapest but normally the best and if you have any questions you think are daft he won't mind you asking them.

    Good bunch I'm in wakefield only because nearer for open water

    Cheapest race I know and fun so sprending the word.

    Apologies if your not from sheffield just got excited when saw the post.imageimage

    Well done for swimathon and halfs guys. image 

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