Training for a shorter Tri



  • I have swum. It was hard as I ached from that running lark I tried yesterday.

    I have finally sorted out my Garmin cadence sensors. No Pilates class tonight so taking the advantage to go to cycle club night instead.

    Going to do a long bike ride on the turbo in the morning before heading off to Birmingham for a conference. So that means 2 rest days as will not be home until mid evening on Friday.

    Glad to hear it is going well with the running Buttercup.

  • Cake - Nice busy race schedule.

    Pete - Get well, man flu is the worst.image Your swim time looks good to me.

    Good to see most training is going well.  I had a good training week last week including a swim with 2 x 400 timed at 9:56 and 9:44 first time under 10 mins so very happy.  There must be something to this tri training my HM PB of 1:27:25 has stood since April 2010, I ran Wokingham HM on Sunday and smashed it with 1:25:53, I was in complete shock, never thought I'd see a 1:27 time again yet alone a 1:25.xx I have n't stopped smiling since. image

  • Nah Razor no fish and chips, made do with a couple of pints instead...

  • went to the pool yesterday...I've gained a problem with my swimming...after about 20-25 lengths I start to feel bloated and sick.  I had to get out after 27 lengths, but as soon as I was in the shower I was fine.  I'm not drinking a lot of the pool.  I'm wondering if its something to do with my breathing...

  • Pete at a guess concentrate on breathing out, sounds like you're not getting the old air out of your system which is making you feel sick.

    My back is bad again, I'm carrying on as physio says keep moving and it's got to strengthen up. So this week I am sponsored by paracetamol and ibuprofen.

    Had an enjoyable turbo session last night and today I am looking at wrist HRM as my chest ones are all going doolally on runs. They did this last year and I just ran according the feel but this year I would like to be a bit better informed. So any suggestions gratefully received. Need to be ANT+ compatible so will work with my gamins, so far the Mia Link seems a possible but pricey.

  • Went to the pool with Horse today, 3 x 400 mtr fc, 30 sec rest, then we did drills for twenty mins, warm down total 66 lengths, 1700 mts in all.

    400 mtr time around 8.30 min ish so happy with that it's an improvement. image

  • 4 mile run on Monday, 1,500m swim yesterday, another 4 mile run today. Got the bike ready in the garage for when I get home from work tomorrow to go and tackle a local hill several times

  • Well done on the pb Barryb.


  • Morning all, started biking to work again to get the legs going, on my way home a motorist dangerously cut me up causing me to go into the incoming traffic I had to squeeze between the motorist and an oncoming van, I saw her pull out into my lane and she didn't even look right before turning, I had a feeling she would do it, and gave a bit of space, if I hadn't she would have driven straight into me. I made the driver aware of my feelings with a few expletives and gestures which seemed to shock her, as I seemed to have appeared by magic an inch away from her wing mirror,she responded by swerving towards me and give me the finger before speeding off.

    I have been cycling on the road most of my life and have had a few near misses and a couple of minor incidents. I think over time cyclists develop a skill of spotting possible dangerous drivers, I tend to look at drivers faces at junctions, you can tell if they have seen you or are just looking for a gap to whiz into I also look at wheel positions of cars at junctions if I'm passing, they will turn the wheels ready to jump out of lane again looking for a gap, I had never thought of any of this untill yesterdays near miss, I understand that we all make mistakes on the road, I've driven home from work before without remembering any of the journey, its easy to switch off , what worried me was a less experienced cyclist may have been seriously injured, even worse, and I know many of my friends and colleagues have recently got into cycling.

    Stay safe everyone and look for danger!

  • Had many experiences like this. You're right, you develop a 6th sense almost. Problem comes when you're in the zone zipping along yourself on the bike and not paying full attention at the same time as a driver doing the same. Only way to avoid this is for both drivers and cyclists to be paying attention all the time.

    Glad you were ok!

  • JP - glad you are ok. Some drivers are just rubbish

    Barry - wow, well done on the PB

    I have had a bad throat all week so have done nothing, feeling fat  and unhealthy now image Barcelona Half on Sunday so I am hoping to be well enough to get round

  • JP - some peeps you just know are going to do stupid stuff - I know what you mean about the sixth sense thing!  Glad you are safe!

    MC you will be awesome - go hard Pirate!

    I managed to run for 2km of my 5km tempo run between 5.30 mins per k and 5.50 which I haven't been able to do consistently before so I consider that forward progress image



  • Evening,

    Great PB BarryB!
    Good luck for tomorrow MC!
    Suckitup - Well done on the progress! Always a nice feeling.
    JPBG - Sounds flipping hairy! Glad you were OK. Saw somebody nearly drive straight into a motorcyclist who was filtering across in a pretty stationary line of traffic. Would have only hit him at about 5mph but more likely squashed him and bike into car in front. Goes to show how drivers can pay zero attention. Motorcyclist waited for car to come past and gave it a swift boot...not condoning it but it was well deserved!

    My training is coming along. Have gone from needing a breather every 2 lengths of swimming to swimming 2k in each of my last three sessions in less than 55 mins. Not quick but significant progress in 7 weeks!

    Seeing progress in cycling and running but only been on turbo thus far. Must get out on bike and build up some saddle time. HR constantly coming down though and lost 10lbs since 5th Jan.

    Hope everybody else is getting on OK!

  • Good to hear you are alright JPGB.

    Alexh your swimming sounds like it is improving rather nicely.

    I swam 2k on Saturday morning but took just over the hour, then Sunday went out and did 40 miles. I did however forget to restart the Garmin after getting to the meeting point so all my data came from the basic Cateye bike computer that runs off the front wheel. I keep it on the bike so I can see the time and know when I need to eat and also see my speed.

    Feeling very tired even though today was a rest day, so off to bed shortly as it is early swim in the morning.

  • I used to scoff at all the dragons den pitchers with bike horns and flashers but not anymore, i had a car practically graze my sleeve when running recently and i nearly pooped myself!

    Fab swimming steady and alex, i keep meaning to stick to drills but cant resist skipping straight onto the intervals so wont get much faster. 

    Hope your half was ok MC

  • I went to the pool again today.  I tried to moderate my breathing and it seemed fine but tiredness dropped me back in to bad ways.  So I started to do one super fast (for me) length and then one slow with a break at one end.  It worked quite well and the bloated feeling when away.

    I think run tomorrow and then swim on friday. 

    Good to see others getting out there and doing stuff.  I have an inkling that my mojo might be on the way back.

  • A few people i know have recently been seriously hurt cycling because of careless drivers.  i think it is getting worse and making me nervous. 

    I am really stuggling this year to get motivated back into training.  Last year i trained hard (well for me) and enjoyed everything i did but this i am finding it hard.  Any tips on getting back into it.  i have let my swimming slip a little but not been on my bike or spinning for months.  Tips and advice most welcome.

  • DD - for me nothing clicked I just started to kick myself and say just do the session anyway, the more I've done the more it's clicked and the fun has come back. So my tip would be to make a start regardless of how you feel.

  • Hey DD,

    Alibear30 is correct.  Once you start...

    I had serious CBA issues (can't be arsed) at the start of the year but I just made myself go out.  I felt good doing it.  And it was a bit easier the next time. 

    Do you have a training buddy...its hard to not turn up if someone is waiting for you...or if you're on Garmin, we can leave slightly abusive comments on your profile until you get off your bottom and exercise...would that help?

    I swam today, and ran yesterday.  Two swims and a run already this week. I need to get the bike out this weekend before the snows come back...

  • Thanks,  think you are right jut need to give myself a good kick up the ass and stop making excuses. 

    Abusive comments will be fine and most welcome if i am slacking.

    I do have running buddies so have been running 3 to 4 times a week.   i have also been back swimming once a week (needs to be twice). but my poor bike is collecting dust and my exercise bike is bacome a cloths rack.  I don't have anyone near me who cycles which is a shame.

  • DD uncover the exercise bike and do 30 minutes. It will be enough to get the mojo back. As the weather improves hopefully you will feel more inclined to get out and cycle.

    I went for a walk tonight, was still very tired but at least the legs felt OK. I need to do my stretches this evening though.

    Looks like it could be a tough day tomorrow on the family front, even Mr Steady has managed to break the car tonight, tinkering around that has resulted in some part in the engine bay has broken, so we will be doing 200 miles in my little car.

  • DD - sounds as if you've still been doing a bit so wouldn't worry too much. As you, and others, have said, just get out there and do it. 30 mins on an exercise bike would have me itching to get on the real bike simply because they are so damn uncomfortable!!! I hadn't done anything substantial or consistent for over 2 years when I got a grip on myself in December. I'm a sucker for stats so seeing improvements inspires me on to do better. If you have a "hook" like that, then exploit it!

    Steady - hope you get car sorted!

    Still training steadily here. Swims are all at 2k now and may bite the Masters bullet next week, having watched some of their session on Friday. Did MHR test earlier. Peaked at 188, which is down from the max of 194 I saw 7-8 weeks ago. Good signs! Oh, and I did take the bike out last Sunday for just under 2 hours. Was good fun. Only 1 bike session on turbo this week though. Must rectify next week!

    Go well all

  • 2k swim today, and got out on the road bike last night with a mate. Heading out with someone slightly fitter and competitive is a killer. We were both knackered by the end, as we were constantly trying to outdo each other

  • hi everyone

    looks like everyone is ticking away nicely with the training

    well, we have had a great week and are not that happy to be home to the cold! The half was a bit weird, well organised, but with a field of 15000 I expected more people of my speed and slower! In the UK a race with that many people I would be far from the back. Also, no crowd! Not even at the start.... I had been ill all week and with the journey I was shattered, but determined to do it. We set off early on Sunday anticipating lots of traffic - but there was none. There were also only 8 portaloos for all the runners!! I really couldn't believe it, and both men and women were peeing in the streetimage Anyway, I managed to get into a portaloo then went to the start line. No charity costumes, and everyone at the back looked fit and fast, I was wibblying a bit, but oh well. There were elites there, and they set off before everyone else - in fact Florence Kiplagat set a new world record! The course was flat and a bit dull, and Barcelona suffers from smelly drains in the same way that lots of Spanish cities do. Within a few minutes I realised that the sweep bus was on my heels and I didn't want that for the whole race, so speeded up and did a few speedy miles (for me) to get away from the back. Overtook a few people and just hoped I could leave them behind. Aid stations had plenty of water and blue poweradeimage so I just had the water. It was basically a case of hold on, grit my teeth and try not to get caught by the sweep bus, by the end those first few fast miles caught up with me and the last few miles were slower, but I finished and have the medalimage I think I need to be faster to enjoy a race in Spain again! But, glad that I did it and we thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the holiday. It was warmish so we went to the beach a few times, went to Barcelona and saw a few sights, did a nice long walk one day

    didn't feel like doing much today, so will just go along to the masters swim tonight to get myself back into routine!

  • Horrah i went on my exercise bike at the weekend and remember how much i enjoy it.  Sad i know and now can't wait to get into a routine and out on my road bike.  my plan for the week is today to run 3 miles at lunch time and swimming tonight, tuesday running and exercise bike, wednesday jsut a little 40 min walk, thursday swim and run and friday exercise bike.  i have a busy weekend so will just see what that brings. 

    Do many of you have turbo trainers and would you recommend them?

  • Well done MC! Sounds like an interesting experience!
    DD - Yep and yes. Although there are far more experienced people than me around that can give a more informed view, my thoughts are that they are very beneficial. You are in your riding position, so it is more realistic and it is weather proof. Starting again after a 2.5 year break I found it great to build up my strength in various riding positions. Very good for doing focused sessions too as you minimise external factors, such as traffic and wind. It means you can do exactly what you plan to do. Some on here recommend the Sufferfest videos but I haven't tried them myself.

    Well done on getting on your bike! The first time is always the hardest!

    As for me - longish run yesterday of 6.66 miles (deliberately extended - dark humour) through hideous wind and icy rain. Also ran through a fair bit of very cold floodwater (ankle deep) - Character building. Lost 2.2lbs last week, so that outs me over a stone since 5 January. New targets set!!

  • Well done Alex on getting out in the rain and losing 2.2lbs.  Character building is a  good way to discribe those sort of runs.

    Thans for the advice on the turbo trainers and will look a th te sufferfest vidoes although they sound a bit scary. 

    I heard that a turbo trainer can cause a mess in the room you use it in, is that right?

  • It's funny...when I bit the bullet and decided to get back training properly, my first run was in 35mph winds on an exposed coast road. Horizontal rain and flood waters from high tides. Having made the decision to start going longer once a week, my first long run was remarkably similar!! So, is character building. But in the case of yesterday's run, it really made me feel good because I ran really well in spite of the conditions.

    It is true that turbo trainers cause a mess in the room that they are in, I leave kit everywhere!image Seriously though, mine has never made a mess. I would just recommend putting a towel down underneath you to protect the floor from sweat. I've got an Elite Crono Fluid Elastogel. nothing fancy, nice and quiet and relatively inexpensive.

  • Yeah definitely put something down to catch the sweat. I did 30 mins on the turbo yesterday in the house and I could have done a swim through the hall afterwards.

  • Some would call that an economical reverse brick session!

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