Starting again from the beginning!



  • AFter years of saying never again - inspired by comments on Facebook I accidently entered the Kent Roiad Runners marathon on the 31st May next year - am taking a year to build up - I want to be able to run 15 miles comfortably - BUT I can't do teh 70 + miles per week anymore due to limited time during the week so I am trying to do it off a lot less miles (probably no more than 50 per week) Gulp

  • Gulp - some commitment!

    My running partner / buddy does ultras and "paced" another chap doing a 100miler at the weekend.  The plan was for him to join the racer at mile 56 and run the last 44miles!!

    Yeah I remember those days of 50, 60 and 70+ mile weeks but don't recall ever "accidentally" entering a marathon!!  You'll have to explain that one.


  • Afternoon all

    Reading through the posts here I see Grendel mentions the 10% rule

    Since my comeback and starting to use Saturday morning as my long run I have gone from 2.6 miles end of April to 4 to 5.88 to 6.2 and now 8.84 mid June - totally ignoring the rule !!

    I was aiming for 7 Saturday but the run felt fine and comfortable was even paced and all was good. Wasn't fast  all

    Felt OK yesterday but today hamstrings feel a bit tight so going to take another rest dayimage

  • DB9 it was a race, Staplehurst 10k. This is the longest distance I have run since pregnancy so really pleased. You are doing really well on your distances!

    Grendel, once I have done the GES on Saturday I wont continue to swim that distance, but I may carry on swimming once a week as I have found it has helped in strengthening my muscles but without putting pressure on my joints, and i'm sure it's been contributing to my running pb's?

    3:30 tight hamstrings are so annoying!! It keeps happening to my right hamstring, not major atm but I hope i'm not going to have major problems once I start up'ing my distance?


  • Well done on the PB Lisa...I used to live near Staplehurst - many, many moons ago.

    I cycle more than I run but work getting in the way tonight and so a blank for me....a timely one though - curbing the enthusiasm and putting the brakes on a bit.  Hopefully run tomorrow..

    Planning to run 3 x 7s this week and a 4...that's the plan.

    Keep stretching 3:30..

  • Hey guys and girls great to see all of you kicking away!  Welcome back DB9! 

    France was mega hot! The Wedding was really nice and it was great to catch up with everyone. Bit of really bad golf was had by the guys which was a lot of fun and I even got a cheeky run in! 

    Really really hot and high altitude 2.66 mile for me on Sunday, I think that is the shortest run I have done in well over a year but with the altitude and heat it was so tough! Give me 50 mile cloudy uk ultras any day ha ha ha! 

    DB9 any chance it was for the SDW100? The Guy who won it finished in 15.45 or something crazy! Even the first lady came in in under 17 hours! 

    I will catch up properly when I get to a pc and up date my miles. I'm off for the rest of the week now just chilling with my lady. ..

    Catch up soon peeps and well done to everyone! 

  • Lisa, I 'swim' once a week a few laps of the pool with my son at a very sedate pace - but what I find is that the water does seem to help ease the aches and pains although any fitness benefit I get is outweighed by the crisps, chocolate and coke I drink afterwards as we wait for my wife to finish showering!!!

    So the truth B2B is that the wedding was just an excuse to go warm weather altitude training - you'll be running like a Kenyan for the next two weeks!!!!. I saw the result of the SDW 100.

    I did a nice 6 mile run this morning, averaged 8:54 per mile which is faster than for a while, must be the new trainers giving me a bit of a boost.

    Still at 5 in the challenge but so far behind the 4th place can't see me getting anywhere close, and all these Fetchies seem to shove in multi marathons and ultra runs which they do at the drop of a hat!!!.

  • Ha Ha ha Grendel it would be a wicked place to train, proper hilly damn high and can get mega hot! I did however get really burnt which sucks but it was a beautiful place to run!

  • After Saturdays big (for me) mileage had a rest day Sunday and as mentioned yesterday hamstrings felt a bit tight / sore so had Monday off as well 

    Ventured out today and at first felt like the first run after a marathon !! but got into it slowly to do 5 @ 9:59 pace

    Good to see everyone doing well and as of tonight RW are about 4 miles behind the Fetchies on average. I am a long way behind you Grendel in 27th place !!

  • Evening.....Bl***y work in the way again tonight but can't say no to the result contract..

    Planned 7 turned into a quick (for me) 3 and a new PB on this course av 8.31mm -25.34 - 37 seconds to the very smiley DB9.

    Called running buddy ref SDW100 and now he's put it into my head for a marathon next year!!  I don't know - I'm happy doing 10Ks


    Anyway SDW100

    He got called in to help his partner runner at mile 75 - and he finished it in 17hrs.55 for tenth place.  Incredible effort and Jon was saying it was very difficult terrain.

    Plan this week is all over the place and may just have to settle for whatever I can squeeze in.  Just keep it ticking over until the diary clears a bit.


  • Monring all - 10th place in the SDW 100 must have been an awesome effort - unfortunately DB9 life can get in the way- which is why I do my morning runs. Must admit the idea of being up and out the door at 4 am in the winter for my 20s is a bit daunting, which is why I am determined to get in the habit of doing the long runs Satruday morning rather than Sunday, out of the way then.

    7 times 2 minutes off a minutes recovery this morning added a mile warm up and down - totalled 6.14 I think it was - whatever it felt quite a hard session today.

  • Not quite the 7 I hoped for - felt exhausted from having sat in a pointless meeting for nearly three hours....aaaaaaaarrgghh!

    Managed a good 6 at 10mm, undulating, through fields, over gates, through nettles, herd of cows, someone fishing and obligatory dog walkers when I circled back to the fringes of the village.

    Wahoo I've now lost 10lb in June so far but as we know I had it to lose anyway.

  • 0 miles for me yesterday mean I have been out once this week - Tuesday

    After last week was hoping for better but things going on at home which are dictating. I have come this far I don't want to slip off again so out tonight for sure, Friday and Sat

    Question all - my run during the week is currently 5 miles max. Last week my long run was 8.34 this week wanted to do 9 - think that's too far ?

  • 3:30 I would push to 9 if it was me, but its up to you. I had only run 5.4m in training and then last Sunday jumped to a 10k and I was fine!

    Interesting run DB9! Makes my runs seem boring!

    Grendel, i'm not evening thinking about long winter runs yet, but I know they'll be my problem too!

    Just a 3.2m for me tonight, don't want to risk any injuries for this weekends swim (really nervous). Looking forward to increasing the mileage. Been looking at some halfs for later in the year for inspiration. Considering Ealing half, and Destination Basingstoke Shire Half, anyone else done these? (found them on the UKs top 10 half marathon list)

  • Hello all!

    nice one on the 8m the 9... I guess you have to see how you feel on the day,8 to 9 isn't a huge leap...  How are the hamstrings?

    DB9 I'm with Grendel, I have accidentally entered a marathon (well a half), or perhaps with a lack of capacity!  That was one hell of a hangover, when I woke up and realised I'd signed up for Nottingham the night before with my then fiancé and a couple of friends of ours image

    decided it would be a good idea to run to pilates tonight. 5.8m round trip with the class in the middle.  Was good although had to skulk right at the back with my Sweaty Betty Beetroot Face.

    good luck with that swim Lisa

    happy running all


  • 3:30 - go with how you feel on the day, but agree with Lisa go 9.  There is the 10% rule but I couldn't say I have stuck to that - foolishly (possibly).

    Things at work and home often get in the way - why are Parents Evening at school always on my key running nights?  Why can't they be on a rest day??  Don't teachers run?

    I'll make a deal - I'll go 9 on Sunday to match your 9....My plan is to bang 9

  • Lisa - halfs for inspiration...I was thinking Cardiff in October - nice atmosphere, scenic course, flat. 

    Gosport is a decent half mara in November - bit awkward to get to... or Downton HM (near Salisbury) - really good that I may just diarize that with my virtual pencil...

    A pleasant enough but sweaty 4 earlier, 13 for the week, not to plan but should still make total target.

  • Thanks all

    Done 5 last night in around 47 mins so pleased I guess.

    My hamstrings seems fine now Gammi and DB9 OK will do 9 tomorrow as well (had convinced myself to do it but just wondered if doing nearly double my weekday runs was too much), I know the rule but want to get the distance up and I so enjoyed last weeks 8

    Problem is due to the terrain round here will have to run just under a mile down hill and then do a right turn for the rest then turn back and finish the 9 at the turn - after over 8 miles don't fancy running up the hill. So it will be a walk/trot back hope the rain keeps off !!

    if I can get around 1.32/33 will be pleased. 

    Keep on keeping on allimage

  • Gammi, Nottingham is my favourite half marathon ever - my PB too - I'm not sure if they have changed the course since I last did it - from the Trent Embankment up through the Lace Market and Wollaton Park before coming back beside the Trent? and do they still give a framed piece of Nottingham Lace for all finishers?

    I would go for the 9 too 3:30 not to much of a jump. I am in to minds at the moment I have a very sore achilles/calf at the moment which seem to be as a result of the speedwork I did on Wednesday - will give it a try in my old shoes tomorrow which have more support, I  will also keep off the hills and run locally rather than too far out - will do laps - in the meantime I have got some gel and plenty of paracetomol!!!

    Anyway 4 miles this morning may leave the longer one until Sunday to give an extra day. Or I may just see if I can run it off.

  • Grendel, I did the notts half in 2003 so not sure whats changed with the course but there was no lace for the finishers when I did it!  What a great idea...  I'm hoping I will be better prepared for my second ever half, a decade later, at Dartvale in oct image

  • I did it for 10 years between 1985 and 1995 and each year the finishers got a piece of framed nottingham lace, it was a different design each year (mainly incorporating Robin Hood) about a foot square in a glassed frame -

  • Grendel - am going for it. If I haven't posted by 1pm send out a search party !!


  • Hi All,

    I'm starting to run again after 12 weeks out for a badly sprained ankle. Am managing short distances at the moment (2k) but it feels fab to be running again, and my pace is faster than it ever was before which is a nice by-product of having some enforced time out!


    I was thinking of entering Pride Run in August but am a bit wary of overdoing it and damaging my ankle again....any words of advice on running after injury?

  • Hello all,

    hello Becky, well done for getting back out there.  Wobble boards can be good for strengthening ankles after injury.  JustRun recommended one to me and I found it really helpful.

    good luck with the 9 3:30, fortune favours the brave and all that....

    happy running all

  • All - I failed in my attempt to run 9.

    I ran 12.88 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had planned the route and turn round point but the roads are not well sign posted so missed it so decided to go onto the next landmark as I need to know exactly how far I run. So ran to the Faslance naval base

    12.88 miles of even pace 10:26 a mile. Last week ran 8.34 miles at 10:14 so gotta be pleased with that

    Just shows how much of the running lark is mental I started this comeback seriously on 17/4 with 2.6 miles @ 10:48

    My plan is a half in under 2 hours next March time. So got the distance sorted now need to get the pace upped.

    I am buzzing, the last 2 weeks I have pushed it and won the battle


    Happy running everyone from an over the moon 3:30

  • Welcome Becky - the only advice really is to listen to your body and take it easy - little steps. if it hurts back off a bit, but just try and increase distance a little bit at a time -

    Well done 3:30 certainly upped the mileage there - am green with envy, decided to nurse my calf/achilles a bit today so did a very very slow 6 miles, am going to do the 12 tomorrow but very slowly  and on the flat - will do laps just in case. But found the pain manageable this morning.

    Good weekend all.

  • Thanks Grendel - be carefull mate good idea to run laps

    And welcome Becky

  • Welcome'll get loads of advice from the sages on here and a great ship load of encouragement..getting you out there when you think you don't really want to be...


    DB9 update...4 yesterday on the same course as Thursday and 30+ seconds quicker so pleased with that.  This morning a very slow and wet 3, tired and not looking forward to the 9 I agreed to do with 3:30....tmz

    We'll see - 20 for the week so far - lets see how we are mile by mile....


  • Good luck DB9,  I really wish I had done the 12 this morning!!! got it out the way.

  • Hi Becky, good luck getting back into running! 

    Well done 3:30 that's really great! 

    Well the GES got postponed due to bad weather, so I've entered the London one incase it gets cancelled altogether. I am gutted but understand it was for safety reasons. I'm going to convince myself to go for a long run tomorrow now instead, not sure which route yet so not sure what distance i'll cover.

    Good luck to everyone for your runs tomorrow!


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