Starting again from the beginning!



  • Is that the medal in the middle?!! looks massive?!?!

  • Better get going then - still at work at the mo. First run in 12 months this eve - will keep it short & slow.

  • Wow 3:30 what a lovely memento! Grendel, cool trainers! Hi Fran, welcome!

    Well I went for a run tonight with the intention of it being short but fast to try and build up strength and stamina for Sundays race. Despite it being really hot, and for some reason my legs didn't actually feel like they were running, I actually managed a quicker time for my "round the block" usual 3.2miles! Really chuffed!

  • well done Lisa! imageimage make sure you spend the rest of this week focusing on good food and liquid ready to smash sundays race! image

    Good luck Fran!

  • Well, I put my theory to the test !

    I now have access to transport so went down the seafront to run a flat route instead of the hills. Was 24 degrees in the Sunshine State of Helensburgh when I went out about 10 degrees more than I like for running

    Out and back course of 4.64 miles (second half a tenth of a mile longer) and pace was 9:22 out and 9:12 back an average of 9:15 I am well pleased !! fastest pace this year so pace and distance increasing and steady pace.

    So running on the hillier routes has paid off. image

    B2B yes that's the medal they were quite big in those days !!

    Lisa - went a bit made as it was my first one and bought that was done by the same company that done the photos. Good luck for Sunday

    2013 - 114.28

    June - 10.5


  • Didn't make it home in time to run last night so set the alarm for 5am. Did 20 mins run:walk (2 mins:1 min). 

    Beautiful morning, great run / plod. Didn't feel as bad as I thought I would. Best of all, no ankle pain. image

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Welcome Fran-tic and well done you. I followed the run walk plan and think it's great.

     I was also up at 5am for my run today, beautiful morning! 4.45 miles along the canal. Will have a proper catch up later, work beckons image.......

    June - 11.69

    2013 – 207.41

  • nice one 3:30! See hills are your friend! imageimage

    well done Fran! Stick to that 2:1 at the moment, its a good plan!

    JR - im off to Brighton today for a design meeting.....would rather be on here but hey ho! 

    Catch up with you guys later!

  • B2B - have a quick jaunt around the Brighton Half Marathon route while your there !!image

  • I would love too but its for work! image Also my bloody blisters are still sore! image I shall soak the not so happy feet tonight

  • Welcome Fran - I think we have probably all started with the walk/run thing an hopefully you can now run pain free.

    Lisa can't have the trainers til fathersday image which just means that the family have to put up with the old trainers for another week or so!!!! I ususally have two pair on the go - and use them alternate days. I have a pair of reebok something or others that I bought in a sale at Xmas with some sports direct vouchers and this pair - so from Monday the 17th they will be the ones I use.

    Have a good day in Brighton B2B and Just Run well done for the continued early starts.

    Did a bit of a speed session this morning.  8 times 3 minutes off a minute recovery, followed by a 2 minute recovery and then finished with 5 minutes hard - a mile warm up and 2 minutes warm down gave me just over 6 miles - logged on the challenge thing accordingly.

    Happy Wednesday all.

  • 3:30 or bust wrote (see)


    Hmm didn't go to well !! but you get the jist !!

    All - just to be 100% correct here and to protect the innocent !! (and also if any of the other people in the photo are on the board !!) I am number 9280 white top blue and white shorts cap on with arms in air furthest left as you look. Not the best photo !!

  • Just signed up to Tonbridge Half Marathon! Feeling confident for training. The support belt I have to wear atm whilst running appears to be working as (fingers crossed) it's really reduced the pelvic pain I was having, the last run I had no pain at all! It's given me hope to run long distance again. In fact it's given me hope to run at all because at one point I really didn't think i'd ever be running more than a mile for the pain I was getting. image

    B2B & 3:30 you both talking about Brighton reminded to book my hotel ready for the Brighton Marathon. Staying in the Thistle as it's the only hotel that had a family room I could find. Really hope I can do it next year!

    Fran well done on your first run. The first is always the hardest to get the motivation for but you've made the start! Your addiction to running can now begin image

  • 5.25 very sluggish miles tonight...blisters didnt help at all ha ha ha.

    I did however do 0.8 of a mile barefoot which was nice and also the quickest part of my run!!

    2013 - 323.95

    Milo miles - 83

  • 5 for me tonight 9:45 pace. Progress being made but not fast enough for my liking !!

    Lisa - Whens Tonbridge ?. I would love to run Brighton, done the half a couple of times before I moved up to Scotland from London so unfortunately a bit far now - but one day you never know !!

    May - 15.5

    2013 - 129.78

  • Never did the Tonbridge Half - did the Tunbridge Wells Half once - that was quite a good one except for a hill in it.

    Nothing focuses the mind like a race entered Lisa and the fact you are running (touchwood) pain free is even better news.

    9:45 pace sounds OK to me 3:30 little steps.

    I think you are entitled to very sluggish for a while B2B give the feet a chance to recover before run to the stones.

    5.6 miles run and logged this morning, two miles warm up followed by 3 tempo - felt better than I expected to this am so happy with that  - Happy Thursday.

  • Grendel - Yes suppose I may be expecting to much to soon and I have increased distance slightly pace is coming down so cant complain !

    B2B - Looked at the site for the Race to the Stones looks really nice with some stunning scenery - good luck with the training


  • No ill effects from yesterday's run, but now have tonsillitis. image

  • Grendel - Yeah im gonna take it kind of easy about 3 weeks before, so I have 2 weeks then I have to cut back again!! image 

    3:30 - Yeah should be a really pretty one! Im really looking forward to it, I don't feel as scared as I already know I can do 50 and whats an extra half marathon between friends eh?! image

  • Is there a time limit to that one B2B?

    Hope you feel better soon Fran

  • I dont think so as its technically a challenge. The racing part is by choice but I have in mind 15-16 hours

  • Hope  feel better soon Fran!!

    3:30 Tonbridge is 22nd September, so i'm going to try and increase the amount of times a week I train, and slowly increase the distances. Furthest I've run since pregnancy is 5.4 miles, originally only one run a week. But I have managed to run three times this week! Todays run being 3.6miles.

    Grendel, I would like to do Tunbridge Wells half, I've always heard good reviews but I always forget about it and its sold out by the time I realise! Must make a not in my diary this year to keep looking out for the entry to open!

    B2b where were you running when you ran barefoot?

  • Felt tired today as Tuesday especially and Wednesday were hard sessions for me, thought about skipping tonight but decided on a gentle 4 in 40:49 - glad I done it need the consistency (and you know what I am like I love the stats, I like to see the miles rack up in the "Bank of Miles")

    RW are only 1 tenth of a mile behind the Fetchies on average

    B2B see your post yesterday saying you couldn't log miles, did you manage to in the end as mail from Bruce this morning saying the glitch had been fixed

  • Lisa - just on the pavement image

    3:30 - yes I did thanks! I feel im letting the side down at the moment! You guys are going really well! 

  • B2B - your not letting anyone down mate - you clobbered in a big 50 in one day and in a few of weeks will be doing the same with 65 !!

    Your training will also be stuffing the miles in the bank as well.


  • Starting to feel a bit better - the wonders of penicillin. Hopefully run again tomo. image

  • B2b and 3:30 where do you log your miles?

    Glad you're starting to feel better, I used to get tonsillitis every month before I had mine out so I know how much of a pain it is.

    I think I'm getting addicted to running again as I really wanted to go for a run tonight as well but I had to go swimming as I've not been in 3 weeks and I have the Great East Swim in 2 weeks time! (I signed up for that before I could start running again to keep me motivated and exercising). Looking forward to Sundays race.

  • Hello all,

    hope the illnesses are improving.  Race to the stones looks lovely...

    just after 2hills I noticed that my right ankle was swollen up and was a bit painful.  I snagged it on a bramble on one of the decents and it was the weaker ankle that I hurt before Xmas (turning my ankle wearing a killer heal) so I didn't worry too much.  Have run twice since then but had a weeks rest.  It's still not right, the pain was on the inside between the ankle bone and my Achilles.... What do you think? Physio visit or a bit more rest?

    feeling a bit gutted as I just want to be getting some consistent miles in 

    hope you're all doing better than me and enjoying the sun image 

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Lisa E, there's a monthly challenge, all abilities welcome. I'm always down the bottom of the leader board but it's a great motivator. You can find it here...Monthly challenge

    Went out this afternoon and decided to find out where i'm at fitness wise. Did a 5 mile run, tried to keep a constant pace throughout and didn't look at the watch once. The old legs were getting heavy at 3 miles and I had to push myself all the way to the end but well chuffed to see i'd done it in 43:54. Average 8:50m/m. I'm going to use the time to work out my training paces on the macmillan site. Very pleased with that, especially as i'm around 10lbs above my fighting weight at the moment.

    Our youth football clubs tournament runs this weekend, one hectic 2 plus days (already spent half the evening there setting up) ahead but going to try to get out Sunday very early. Have a great weekend everyone....

    June - 16.66

    2013 – 212.38


  • Thanks Just Run, maybe i'll join at the start of next month? Great average times!

    Gammineez I suppose it wouldn't hurt to just get your ankle checked out? Do you have any ankle supports you could wear whilst running to strengthen it in the mean time?

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