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  • Wheres the bl**dy edit facility gone ?

    Did that sound like a moan ? wasn't meant to be just frustrated. When we move gonna move to somewhere not at the top of a massive hill !

  • Will catch up with the posts later but for now.... run finished by 5:45am, how smug do I feel?!? Nice easy 2.28 miles in 22:16 (9:47mm), I am aiming for quality over quantity for the next few weeks leading up to the Colyton Fiver, concentrating on hitting scheduled pace. I have a schedule printed off from Runners World smartcoach but will use the paces on Macmillan and try to run at the faster end of them to hopefully knock a few seconds off per mile. Also need to knock a few pounds off my waistline as my late night snacking is getting out of hand. Have a new (second hand) cross trainer which I will hit on non running days and a kettlebell (that's going to ache!).

    October - 16.43

    2013 - 456.69

  • Will catch up later too - I know how you feel to get it done and dusted JR always feels good -

    6.38 miles run this morning - rather strangely averaged 8:34 pace not sure if that was correct as I wasn't expecting that to be honest - felt pretty good and hopefully won't effect the fartlek planned for tomorrow morning - needs must means it will be a shortended session (5 instead of 7) but if the morning is as nice as this morning then it will be pretty enjoyable - If I can get out at 5:15 might even manage to scrape in a 6.   Happy days eh?

  • JR - loosing a few quick pounds is easy image

    Brew coffee (4 minutes)

    add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of kerrygold, 1 teaspoon of honey (optional) into a jug

    Once coffee is brewed push down plunger and pour into the jug

    Blitz until nice a bubbly! Add to cup, put in belly, smile at creamy beverage.

    Stay near toilet image

  • Nice running folks!,  Mine will be tonight with B2B if he hasn't drunk too much of this coffee!!!!!!!

    B2B isn't a tablespoon of coconut A LOT if you haven't had it before? didn't you have to work up to that amount when you first started using it? I can manage about a teaspoon at a time or I would have to move into that toilet not just stay near it image

  • Sorry yes!!! TEASPOON!!!! You can work up to the tablespoon!

    Oh god I hope JR hasnt tried it already there will be nothing left of him?! image

  • Dont panic B2B, i dont even own a coffee maker lol. On my budget the good old fashioned blood sweat and tears will have to do. And a little less cake would help. Not one for all this fancy coffee i'm afraid. image

  • A pound of plums works for me!!!!

  • Grendel - your flying buddy, a tad envious this end but with your training consistence you deserve to get down to those times !!

    This coffee thing a new slimming craze, never heard of it sounds weird !!



  • I only paid about £5 for a cafetiere ha ha ha image

    330 - Na its the bulletproof coffee I have been harping on about

  • Hello everyone!

    its been an age since I posted, everyone seems to be doing great image I will have to take some more time to read back on what you've all been up to.

    But B2B You ran with Scott Jurek??!!!!  I'm sorry but that is very cool...

    I've been getting used to my new commute and trying to run off road when I'm not at work.  Ran from Fernwerthy Reservoir to Postbridge on Sunday (7m) i got sunburnt!  Was a great run but I'm learning that those 'obvious' bridle ways on the OS maps have a tendency to disappear on the moor!  I accidentally ran up a Tor I didn't need to run up (nice view).  I've also learnt not to trust smooth, solid, innocent looking patches of black earth.

    happy running people

  • I've also learnt not to trust smooth, solid, innocent looking patches of black earth. LOL

  • Gammi - It was indeed very cool! Really nice guy as well which is always a bonus!

    Just stumbled across this, ignore the words "ultra" and see what you think...

    Very happy to say that I do most of this already! Just need to work on the speed part now! image

  • The bit about plyometric training is quite interesting as well..

  • Hello Gammi..long time lol! Sounds like a nice run!

    Well I was suppose to be going for a run tonight, but we had a car crash yesterday, image some idiot women swerved across the road and came for us head I have lower back pain (nothing serious/or broken) just muscular..but still a set back...again!! image. Husband's worse off than me as he has a bad neck and his wrist in a splint..fortunately the kids are fine! More aggro..more stress..more money...poxed off!! Need to go for a run...oh image

  • image hope you guys are ok?!? 

  • Sometimes running has to take a back seat Lisa, The fact that there was no serious damage done - the car can be repaired as long as all are safe that is all that matters.

  • Yeah everyone is safe...the car is a write off though as they had to cut the roof off to get my husband out safely as a precaution with his neck injury!

  • Enjoy your holiday Mummysaurus, nothing like exploring new places with a run, especially on the beach.

    LOL Grendel, not washing your foot…..great pace this morning!!! Someone needs a race!!! I’m planning an early one again tomorrow, 5 miles for me.

    Nice idea B2B, you have the photo as proof so I think you’ve done the right thing. Look forward to seeing it, I have a bit of ink myself and need one finishing so you’ve reminded me to get my arse down to the shop. Unfortunately for me, although on a positive note it says a lot about how good the bloke is, my artist has a six month plus waiting list. I had a sneak at a cafetiere but to be honest I’d be wasting my time, I’m a tea drinker, and a dunk it and bin it bloke when it comes to the tea bag too. The lads at work joke about my asbestos mouth as a mug gets sunk within two minutes of it being brewed. I do loads of plyometrics with my youth football team. Superb for your ABC’s….agility, balance and co-ordination. Good stuff.

    330, do you mix your pace up much or run at the same pace most days? As an example I am currently  running  a four day week. Mon/Tues – easy run 2/3 miles @ 9:45-10:30 pace, Wed/Thur Tempo run – warm up, 3 miles @ 9mm, Fri easy run2/3 miles @ 9:45-10:30. Sunday long run – 7+ miles @ 10:00-11:00 pace. It’s essential to get an easy run, some speedwork and a long run into your running week to get the benefits and long term increase in pace. Macmillan running - will give you the paces you should be aiming to run at.

    Gammineez, LOL at the innocent patches of soft earth….there seem to be lots of them in the field behind my house lol. Postbridge isn’t all that far from me, we were only discussing going for a walk there the other day as there is one listed in our AA walk book along with a very pretty photo of ‘the’ bridge.

    Lisa, so glad to hear no one was seriously hurt, especially your children. The running will still be there when you’re ready to return, and so will we. Hope you both recover soon as possible. Kind regards.



  • JR - Wow he must be pretty good then!? Lol you should give the coffee a go its great! Stop drinking that weak ass tea or at least leave the bag in ha ha ha!! Yeah I might give some of the jumping about a go and see how I get on.

    Right I am going to let Mummysaurus take the stage on tonights run and just leave you with the words of massive well done!! image

    2013 - 579.6

  • B2B, he has won many awards but a little slack with his time keeping hence the constant queues! image

    I love my tea and toast! Can drink a strong brew but need sugar with it! 

    Just done a beginners class Kettlecise with the wife...andsailed through it!?! Wait for the aches in the morning!

    ......anyway, the real reason I came back on tonight was to make an announcement.........drum roll please......

    I have managed to gain one of the 200 Grizzly places put up for grabs tonight. The site froze repeatedly but I finally got my lottery number and payment details entered......roll on next March! imageimageimageimageimageimage

  • Hi Gammi

    Lisa - really glad your can be replaced

    JR congratulations on your place in the Grizzly.....hope the aches from the kettlecise aren't too bad tomorrow.

    Thank you own little drum roll.......tonight instead of our usual 5k, we did my first 10k....slowly, but I really enjoyed the challenge 


    October - 21k

  • Lisa E glad to hear your OK

    JR -  well done on the Grizzly. Funny you should post re pace. I have over the years, just run same pace most days. However, after coming back from hols started off on shorter 3.1 miles and speed increased. Tonight I went out for 3.31 miles and went for it, (after being disappointed with last nights run) and ran 8:57 miles, first time been under 9 mins for years !! so pleased

    So, yes going to look at that site and "structure" my running, doing two of these faster sessions a week, two steady runs and one longer at weekends 

    B2B - Will have a look at that article

  • And Mummysaurus - WELL DONEimage

    JR - Also meant to say - think I have previously always thought the more miles the better but recently began to realise plodding mile after mile - slowly - isn't going to get me faster. My aim for next years halfs is to get one done in under 1:55 so a lot of work to do

    When are the going to fix the Edit facility !!image

  • Well done mummysaurus, what a high to take a break onimage

    Welcome back Gammineezimage

    Lisa, im glad you and your familiy are safe chick.image

    WK9-R2 completedimage

  • JR - Fascinating stuff from that calculator

    It seems from that, that yesterday I ran my Stamina run at the top end of the pace chart

    However, my longer run Saturday (which in fact was 10k) was faster than the pace set out so in fact was running to fast - That's been a problem for me thinking I need to be running faster when I should perhaps slow down on longer runs !! That's one thing I need to get my head around running slower to get faster

    His book, You (only faster) looks good think I will get that, and for once will heed the advice !!


  • Gonna gwt in touch with RW really need this Edit button back

    JR - Just noticed this book is only available on Kindle !!image Seems to be perfect as well !! Just what I need a plan that will give me daily run paces/distances to reach my goal

    I loved the old RW plans back in the day (about 10 years ago) would give a target finish time then list miles/pace for each days training !!

  • Doesn't the Smart Coach still do that in the Training Section?

  • booktrunk

    Not really. It doesn't ask the target time for the race

    ie it asks what time I am doing for a set distance, so I input 10k in 55 mins, it also asks what I am training for and I input half marathon but it doesn't ask what my target time is 

    So the schedule doesn't actually mean anything apart from I am running a 10k now and it gives me a plan to run a half marathon around about the same pace

    My long runs, according to (Smart Coach) should be around 10:20 pace (and that's on hard training) that will get me no where near 1:55 (in fact its 2:15 pace)

    There are plans for sub 2 halfs but these are subscriber only plans

  • Well done on the 10K Mummysaurus a big step forward, you'll be doing the ultras before you know it!!! (willingly or unwillingly!!)

    Yep car can be replaced Lisa so as long as there is no lasting damage to persons and presumably the driver who hit you was insured you should be OK - if she was at fault to the insurance should pay for a hire car.

    3:30 or bust - I used the The Competitive Runner's Handbook by Robert Glover, his original book was better than the latest eddition, mainly because he has added stuff into the schedule which I don't fully understand - Rest Days I think he calls them.

    5 miles done this morning, 1 mile warm up the 4 miles fartlek - all seemed a bit limp to be honest - very dark with no moonlight made me a little hesitant (will have to did my head torch out) and I usually do 7 in total with warm up etc so felt a bit of a wimpish session - also the 6.38 mile tempo type run yesterday might have taken more out of me than I first tought - Never mind -

    and yes JR I do need a race - and I do have a race,  won't say where or when but not to long away!!!!  (might do a Park Run too as we get into winter up in Colchester or Barking Park my old stomping ground

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