Starting again from the beginning!



  • Kevin Saunders 3 wrote (see)
    Why not just run together or is that not possible?

    Not with three kids KS3 image

    All that sand will only strengthen you further Mummysaurus image Welcome back

    Belated good luck to Grendel image

    Will update miles later but an easy 3 at slightly quicker pace using Macmillan paces for guidance. 

  • Right, alarm set for the morning and despite the forecast high winds and rain I will be out. No more slacking.

    October - 24.16

    2013 - 464.42

  • Will try and bore you all with a report later.

    But it went off reasonably well, took a couple of paracetomol before (plus the obligatory immodium)

    Very wet, windy but managed to hold it together for a starting again from the beginning pb of 39:18 (by my watch) didn't wear the garmin as I want to run as I feel not according to pace. Do find all the old competitive stuff comes out and find myself racing people - the only one I knew there though beat me by just under 2 minutes - But thoroughly enjoyed it - course totally water logged so probably lost a bit avoiding the puddles - and finished on a water logged field - great day.

  • Hello all,

    Grendel, glad the race went well.

    M.saurus, glad you had a good holiday, running with a seal sounds fab image

    today, almost 10 years to the month when I did my first 1/2marathon in 2003, I finished my second ever half image  It was wet, windy and really hilly but I did it in 2:16 which amazingly was a good five minutes faster than last time!  Really well organised, great stewards but not nearly as scenic as I thought it'd be.  Feeling chuffed though.

    need to say thanks to you all on this thread for the support since I started with my couch to 5k this time last year image  

    Dorset endurance life trail 10k next.

    happy running people

  • Nice one Grendel, sub 40 in current conditions not too shabby! image

    Gammineez, well done to you too. This thread is certainly supportive and every time someone does an event it inspires us all to get out the door and do one ourselves. image

    Mummysaurus....your seal tale reminds me of sitting on Brixham beach a couple of years ago when I thought a black labrador was coming out of the water after a swim, before realising it was actually a seal popping its head out of the water and staring me straight in the face from no more than 10 feet from the shore before returning to the deep. There is something amazing about seeing a free animal you wouldn't normally set eyes on.


  • Big well done Gammineez - you have come a long long way over the past 12 months.

  • Well done Gammi and Grendel on your runs!!

    Mummysaurus what a lovely run!!

    I watched the Great Birmingham run this morning, great motivation. I reckon a couple more days rest and i'll be back out there!!

  • Out at 4:30 this morning for 4.55 mileimage
  • Good to hear Lisa.

    Good man KS3, I was awake at 4:15 and almost went out myself but i'd have been kicking my heels for ages afterwards before work so stayed in bed, unable to go back to sleep and went out at 5:30 for 3.4 easy miles. Average pace 10:00mm, a little slower than yesterday but always a little more careful in the dark.


  • October - 27.56

    2013 - 467.82

  • Got some aches and pains under the arches and heel?
  • Just read back - and read the the seal story, what an amazing experience - far nicer than my being chased by a bear in Bulgaria story.

  • Hey everyone great running all round!!!

    I have to live vicariously for a little bit as im still coughing my face off! 

    Gammi - well done on the half thats brilliant!

    Grendel - wow what a time! well done!

    mummysaurus - cool story!! I saw my first wild seal in perfleet visiting Leo just having a little swin up the Thames image

    Sorry if I missed anyone! So many great things going on right now, well done to everyone!

    Providing Mummysaurus is still up for a run tomorrow I shall be out for my first run in 13 days (not that im counting image )

    No real news from me other than the tattoo is nearly healed and my Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 character on the xbox is getting pretty good.. 

  • I used to run along the thames by Purfleet - feel very sorry for that seal in the Thames down there!!!!

    Fact (interesting or not) The funeral scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral was filmed just along the river from Purfleet at St Clements Church at West Thurrock - and I stopped them filming twice as they were filming on my out and back running route!!! Didn't know anything about it until I saw the film years later!!!

  • shame they saw you Grendel, you could have been on on eof those "movie mistakes" programs...image

  • That's me back in the saddle with 5.3 miles just over 10 mins miles not bad after week out. Raining - it is Scotland so I predict this and snow in Biblical proportions from now until next May, at the earliestimage

    Needing new shoes now but may just invest in flippers.

  • Finding it quite hard to walk today.......

    how are you doing Lisa?  And how are those arches Kev?

  • I think you deserve a few achs and pains Gammineez!!!! 

    +1 Kev -

    a gentle 3 today plus a 2 mile bike ride in the dark complete with head torch on a bike a size to small for me as I collected my wife's bike from work.  taking it easy this week now as the 5 on Sunday was my goal race for the year - then time to knuckle down and get marathon fit(ish) Have found a schedule that is almost ideal - not to many mid week miles just a long run on the sunday -  maxium 50 miles I think so that'll do.

    Thats 50 a week not a long run of 50 - I'm not B2B

  • lol at the moment 50 meters would do! Heading out with Mummysaurus tonight, gonna wrap up and kick this cold in the nuts! image

    50 miles a week I think is more than I have ever done in training actually. Guess thats why im not very fast image

  • Sweat it out B2B

  • 1st day back at work today, my backs hurting tonight! Got a compulsory physio session tomorrow..will ask if I can start running again or if I have to wait?

  • Hi All, any chance I can join you? Need to start over again with my running. Have run a half matathon last year, nearly killed me, used to do ParkRun, but find it hard to get up intime on a saturday...., finding motivation lacking badly. Really need to get into running again. image

  • Aarrond Dad

    Stick here and suck up all the motivation you need !! And Welcome to the madhouse !!

    B2B hope your feeling better soon mate

    Grendel, what plan you using ?

    Lisa E  - Yes!!! ask the physio

    Gentle 5.3 again tonight

    2013 - 403.67

    Oct - 56.16

  • Gammineeze, my archers feeling a lot better today, just in time for tomorrows runimage

    Lisa, if your back is playing up i wouldn't risk running with it yet

    Aarons dad, you are more than welome, lots of motivation here Lol.

    B2b well done on getting out mate.

  • Wooohooo, just noticed Edit is backimageimage

  • Howdy doo folks!

    Finally got out for just over a 5k tonight with Mummysaurus and tried out my new headtorch...good stuff! Coughing a little but felt great to be out.

    Got some mentions lately as well ha ha ha! 

    Firstly TribeSports on the blog...

    secondly, the Luna sandals newsletter!!! image

    Anywhoooo! Back to you guys!

    Welcome Aarrons Dad! 330 said it best! We have tons of tips and motivation going on in here, have a read over some of the old posts if you havnt already for a bit of a catch up image If you have any questions, tips or stories please feel free to share them with the group! image

    Lisa - good luck at the doctors, fingers crossed!

    image feeling like a celebrity on the internet at the moment ha ha ha

    2013 - 582.9

  • Right let's try to catch up.......

    Well done Gammi That was a great time for your race 

    Grendel you should be well chuffed with your race time. The bear in Bulgaria ? Can I read this somewhere?

    JR funny you should say about thinking the seal was a black lab, at first I thought exactly the same image

    Kev your doing so well since finishing the C25K I am on week 5 this week and must admit the last run this week of 20 mins seems really rather scary at this point 

    330......Good luck shopping for those flippersimage

    Lisa good luck with the physio

    Very big welcome to Aarrons Dad you will feel right at home here, loads of great info and support 

    B2B.....Glad you took two of the link you postedimage And came out running with me, really enjoyed our head torch adventure......big congratulations on your new famous status

    Right hope I haven't missed anyone.........

    With tonight's run......

    October 39.21 - looks like 50 might be achievable after all image


  • Sorry forgot the party dance imageimageimage For the edit button

  • Mummysaurus

    thanks, you not doing so bad yourselfimage

    Out early again this morning for 4.31 mile so Runkeeper saysimage
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