Mental illness and running



  • Goooooooooooooooooooo....... RUDOLPH
  • Christmas names are all fab. Can't wait for the new avatars to come live. 

    Good luck on the email Rudolf.

    Frodo - I struggle in groups sometimes too. Sounds like you did well though. 

    I had a lovely weekend with family thanks. Haven't seen my Mum for about 4 months. Gave her tickets for Strictly live tour for Christmas and told her me and my sister are taking her to see Robbie Williams in June for her birthday. She'll be 82!  

    Yes Im back at work tomorrow and I've got a meeting with the person investigating the bullying I've complained of under the Dignity at Work policy. I put the complaint in in June would you believe and its against the main antagonist and the senior manager who refused to investigate and blamed me for the problem, saying I had to wait for the tablets to take effect. image Its not going to be easy, but I'm glad its finally happening. My fear is that they will say there is no evidence, just my word against theirs because thats the reason HR gave for not investigating so far. Fingers crossed. 

  • Good luck for tomorrow TSD.

    Job done - e-mail sent.  The words came a lot easier than I thought they would.

    I've just realised that in addition to the cheerleading I've now got a song to turn to to give me encouragement to get out and run:



  • Oh well done LR. Make sure you report in about your run tomorrow too.

    Good luck at the doctors SolBells 

    Wishing everyone a good night's sleep. 



  • Oh yes, with all the other goings on forgot about SOLeighBell's appointment.  Hope it goes OK.

    Got three messages of support back from my e-mail already.  Thanks go to everyone on here because it's thanks to the supportive nature of people on this forum that I realised that this was the right next step for me to take.

  • *boing boing boing*

  • "Come they told me pa-rum-pum-pum-pum
    A new-born king to see pa-rum-pum-pum-pum
    Our finest gifts we bring pa-rum-pum-pum-pum
    Rum-pum-pum-pum, rum-pum-pum-pum

    Peace on Earth, can it be?
    Years from now, perhaps we'll see
    See the day of glory
    See the day, when men of good will
    Live in peace, live in peace again
    Peace on Earth,
    Can it be"



    Merry Morning



  • I have just endured 45 minutes of my daughter's year group playing samba. Yup, letting 8 and 9 year olds loose with percussion instruments is not my idea of music, but they enjoy it and it *should* teach them a variety of important skills, not just music.

    Now to come home, sort out washing, and have cuddles with moo

    Can someone bounce for me?
  • Oooo loving tha avatar turkey soups

    Rudolf I am absolutely thrilled you've had such a positive reaction to your email. I did when I 'came out' too image

    Loving the thought of Mummy Soup living it up at the gig image

    How did your meeting go today? I have been thinking of you.

    I'm absolutely shocked that they could get away with saying you had to wait for the tablets to take effect .. that's horrendous. I could just about live with it if they'd investigated already and found that you were being oversensitive but as it is it's apauling.

    Now you lot; what's with all the bouncing?

  • im bouncing... is this rude?

  • Ha ha ha I love the theme tune Rudolf ... it's great running music too image 

    I've had a really successful day; I'm loving being well - I hope I never ever forget to really appreciate it. 

    I saw Vicky and Sally this morning and have now officially been discharged from Psychological therapies image They have found a way to let me keep Sally as my CPN and to continue with the OCD work (hopefully) until I would like to stop. We will review in June if I haven't decided I'm cured before then! image image 

    Have just been to see the doctor; was lovely to be so well with her - she seemed genuinely thrilled .. though she has just stabbed me with a flu jab image I have been given a pinky purple inhaler to use instead of the Qvar and she's checking to make sure it's better within a month - FINALLY looks like I'll be able to get bck to running properly.

    I have been thoroughly nagged about the need to make friends in the village and to push on with operation get a life as my doc calls it. 

    Feeling very very blessed right now. Surrounded by wonderful (far away) friends, ridiculously well and starting to think about how to make a 'normal' life. Wow what a difference the correct diagnosis and a year has made image 

    (My doc was blown away by how healthy I look too - guess all this eating properly thing might jus be worth it!) 

  • I dunno Bricki; probably!! 

  • then im inimage

  • Me too now you come to mention it image 

  • then let us bounce together...

  • <img src='
  • Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce ( this is hard when your phone doesnt have a cut and paste facility)
  • Evening. 

    So glad to read of your good health Solbells. Thats great, it really is. Long may it continue for you.

    My meeting went okay. It was hard having to re-live everything but the interviewer was very easy to talk to and quickly put me at my ease. It lasted about 90 mins and I needed a long break afterwards and still feel exhausted. But I didn't cry so that was a good sign.  They are going to talk to a number of other people then produce a report with recommendations. In the mean time I will be moved and possibly referred to the doctor at occy health. They were rather shocked that I had only ever seen the nurse advisor. So fingers crossed and thanks for all your support on here.

    Bounce, bounce bounce.

    Tired out now - off for a bit of a snooze before cooking dinner, Don't wake me up with any bounces for the next half hour please. image

  • Whispers very quietly

    Well done soupy
  • Run achieved - 34 minutes this time.  Went well - better than yesterdays.  Also the fact that this was a run straight from my house round the estate.  I stuck to cut-throughs and quieter roads of which there are plenty, which suited me well.  It occured to me whilst I was running that it is just over 2 years since I last did this - I remembered the snow.  Only problem was at the end when I got freaked out by there being other people about when I was trying to extend the run to make it up to 34 minutes.  Just about calmed down now and not too put off by it.

    Thanks for the support and encouragement again - and the thought of By 'eck cheerleading by shouting 'Drink, feck, arse' certainly helped!  That and the words of Chuck Berry of course.

    TSD - glad today went OK for you.  I'll let you missing cheerleading for your snooze!

    SOLeigh Bells - glad today's gone well for you as well.  Be setting you some running challenges soon!

    The avatar thing doesn't seem to have worked too well for me.  You'll have to take my word for it that in that dot there is a red-nosed reindeer.



  • My avatar is actually a picture of my feral cat when he was a kitten. Solb even made it the right size for me cos she is clever but it didn't get accepted image
  • I'm bouncing hard
  • Wow - beats my 34 minute run.  That's over 4 hours you've been bouncing!

  • It's painful no doubt
  • Are you still singing 'Little Drummer Boy' while bouncing?

  • Rum pum pum pum....
  • *bounce bounce bounce*  I have good news too, but its not the sort that can be shared.

  • Awwwwww Caz
  • Nice red nosed reindeer and cat avatars. I can see them in my mind and thats good enough. 

    Well done on the run Rudolf. Sorry I slept through cheer leading duties. I'll be there for you next time. 

    Caz - can you whisper it quietly?  Good news - yeh!! image

    Is there a drummer boy in here somewhere? image



  • Good news - oh go on please tell us, please tell us, please tell us!

    Yay for good news - even it's not for sharing on here.

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