Mental illness and running



  • Oh hope you get chance to seize some rest and that the poorliness abates
  • My parents took the children for an hour so I did lots of housework. Means I can curl up on the sofa with miss by eck when moo sleeps
  • Yay image

    I'm still feeling a bit blue but am pushing on image

    Hoping those at work are having a positive day
  • Shall we have hugs Solb?

    I wish there was some way of keeping moo and miss by eck apart. At this rate he will get poorly just when the lack of calories really kicks in
  • Yeah let's have a roll on the hugs blanket image

    Oh image doesn't sound like there's much you can do darling. You can only do your best and this one is outside of your control.

    Sorry Moo still isn't getting enough that's really tough - if you are worried could you call the dietician back at least then she could either reassure you that it's ok to persevere or perhaps give you an alternative plan/supplement to see you through the transition. You must be feeling so worried
  • Hugs blanket sounds good. I am thinking of making a new one, perhaps we could all contribute a square. It can be knotted, crocheted or cut out of a favourite but worn jumper or other fabric.

    Solb, I spoke to the dietician on Friday and she wanted us to persevere a little longer. He has now lost 200g image
  • Oh that's a nice idea, how big do you want your squares? I'll contribute a spotty/stripey something image 

    Oh hang in there darling and Moo honey EAT! Love from solby

  • Erm, 6 inches I think, but it doesnt really natter because it's,our magic hug blanket
  • image I needed to know if I could fit a spotty hug on it image

  • I'm suddenly shattered, am resisting going to bed cos I haven't been sleeping until gone 4am for a while .... time for some coffee and starjumps me thinks image 

  • Yup, and a good bedtime routine tonight

    Plenty of room for spotty hugs
  • Poor spotty has needed them after his ouchy paw image 

  • THUD!


     6 hours of teaching done, can't believe I'm heading off to improv in a bit image



  • Much better, he's on anti biotics and the op was a success. He managed to remove the cone on his head and all his bandages yesterday .... clever destructive dog! 

  • Whew bear, that's impressive. Did you enjoy it?

    Clever spotty. Is he being good at taking his medicine?
  • Loved it image

  • *kisses Bear* 

    Spotty doesn't mind medication in the slightest, he gets it hidden in Pate bought just for him *tuts* spoilt brat dog image

  • Details, details
  • Decent pate or cheap stuff?
  • I don't like taking pills, any chance mine can be hidden in choklit?

  • Or a spoon of choklit mousse?
  • Decent stuff ... mummyanddaddysolb love spotty more than us kids! 

    Well as we've heard I'm not exactly good at taking my meds either ... speaking of which I've still not taken the anti d's today. 

    *rushes off to do it now*

  • Solb, if you don't start taking all your tablets I will have to send some pate and choklit cakeimage
  • I have taken them. I have. Look image

  • Stick your tongue out
  • You can have one of my super lollipops
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