OW swimming in South Wales



  • SO is Saturday still on, or should I start my long bike early?
  • yes saturday is definitely  on..............image
  • Cool.
  • .. and Sunday at 10 too, cool image

    Will PM you Seren.

  • brilliant swimming in the sun this morning

    river was quite calm...........trying to work out how far through the autumn/ winter i can carry on swimming in itimage

  • It was an awesome swim thank you!

    My long bike is destined not to happen, had to do overtime in work this morning, so brought the bike with me.  Set programs to run while I was riding, went to car and set up bike - no bike shoes - DOH!  Another longish run done instead, I forget how stunning the bay is sometimes.

    Try again tomorrow in two sections around work image)

    Looking forward to the next river swim - there and back twice would only be 400 mtrs short of IM (Gmap measured it at 1.7k)

  • Thanks Seren for taking me out today, it really is a good location and distance, hopefully I'll be able to get a few more swims in there.

  • right

    I'm back home on Friday...............anyone up for a swim saturday or sundayimage

    I did a sea swim last night wuth exeter tri club and my swimming was definitely better than last year........I think the river swimming is helpingimageimage

  • I can't commit at the moment, Sunday is a definite no, but Saturday might be do'able. I'll lurk to see if anything arranged and turn up if I can
  • I'm also lurking as not sure what my weekend plans are atm.
  • I'm not around this weekend, so won't be able to come.  I'll be in the sea on the south coast this weekend image

  • Whah!! I didn't realise this thread was active in such an exciting way!!!!!!

    LET'S GO SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Except I'm going to Devon on Saturday, so unless it was at 8am, I can't do it. And I don't expect anyone to get up at that time to go jump in a river with me....image With all the rain we're to be expecting, it's going to take 2 horus to get up to the motorway and 2 minutes to get back - based on previous experience after rain......

    Very annoying actually as my weekends are all full until 10th Sept now... I might be able to fit something in on the 3rd.... and then I'm on holiday. And then it's October. 

  • Jevans....I can make as early as you want on saturday...........I am now back in sunny south walesimage
  • Shall we try it then? Anyone else up for it?
  • Bugger, now I'm in a quandary. Had planned being out early Saturday morning for my last mega long bike ride before Tenby, but a swim in the river, two laps I assume this time, would also be good. Oh what to do. If I'm there, I'm there, otherwise I'll be out on the box, or overslept.
  • what time shall I pick you up Jevansimage

  • Would an 8am pick up be ok? I feel really cheeky.... but I suppose I am on the way.... we'll have to work out a run or ride down there sometime.

    I might only have time for 1 lap though..... (to the bridge and back?)

  • thats fine i will pick you up thenimage
  • loved the swim this morning

    if anyone else is up for one tomorrow let me knowimage.can't make next weekend but can make after work in the eveings next week as well

    river wasn't too bad today.was expecting it to worse after the rain but obviously the rain must have been lighter than last time

  • I enjoyed it very much too! Thank you Seren, for being patient with my four-weeks-off panics I had to start off with... very pleased it didn't hold me up too much and I was back into the swing of it by the end.

    I may be able to make 3rd or 4th Sept and 10th Sept (IM Wales weekend though?), but will just be a weekend swimmer since I need to run (and reluctantly bike) as much as I can for now. After that I can't do anything until October and I'm going to start worrying about the cold. Might try neoprene booties.... but am also thinking I might just accept that it is a seasonal sport... image

  • anyone fancy a swim soonimage
  • Yep. After work this week? Or early morning
  • I can do either before or after............apart from Thursday with is GCSE result day
  • image

    In Lancaster this weekend and can't get my head around the logistics of an after work swim yet (but if you arrange one, I can try!).

  • Wednesday morning would be good. Let me know a suitable time. Two laps would be good.
  • I can manage any time as I am not working and don't mind early starts..............2 laps would be great.............lets hope not too much rain in the next 24 hours...........image
  • 7:30'ish then Wednesday morning. Target two nice and easy laps
  • great will see you in the morningimage
  • Ooo, have a lovely time. I think I have worked out the logistics of being able to do this if I don't have to be in the office until 10am. Woo! But I need to be in the office before 10am tomorrwos. So I won't be in the water, but I might manage a run down the Taff Trail so I'll give you a little wave!
  • right I'm all up and fed and ready for a nice cool swimimage
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