OW swimming in South Wales



  • Best rest up Seren, no point in runing next weekend. Will I get a similar infection from my Foor wettie?

    Jevans - where is the stretch of river? I'll finish work somewhere between 5 and 6 - so whenever after that (travel time etc).

  • is anyone going swimming tomorrow? I think I can make it... Just not sure how much time I will have and dont want to let anyone down.

    cat...have pm`d you the directions...
  • Thanks Jevans. Let me know what time.
  • I'm going to skip it I think. Recent rain etc,
  • How bad is it likely to be with the recent rain?
  • Not concerned about the flow, all good practice for Tenby. I'm more concerned about the river being churned up and any local field run off. Just don't need a bug before Sunday
  • I went after a day of drizzly rain and it was tough. It will be raining more today, so I am less inclined to go ... Perfect weather for a gym trip I think!
    sorry cat...
  • Hotel pool for me then. Either way, it's a swim.
  • right then..............when are we next going swimming image
  • 2012.
  • I would love to keep going through the winter..not sure how cold the river will get.......
  • Seren, if you want to swim, I'll happily kayak next to you.  Not sure I could cope with how cold it must be by now!
  • I'll give it a go in a few weeks time. Neoprene hat etc should make it tolerable.
  • Thanks Alan.thats a great offer.......

    yes MTRI I think I had better have a look for a hat and some bootiesimage

  • With the sunshine we are getting this week, it may be warm this weekend.....????
  • (or at least not really really cold.....)
  • I', away this weekend but back for the following one............image
  • 8th/9th then maybe?
  • so anyone up for a swim sunday morning............who brave enough to try the Taff in Octoberimage
  • Can't commit at the mo', have a few family things to move, but I'll keep an eye on the forum just in case anything gets organised
  • Not I !! image
  • It's turned too cold for me I think. I would end up panicking and stressed out, sorry!
  • right off to see what its like.............will report back laterimage
  • it was lovely.......first 30 secs cold as usual.................the water levels were low and little current........It was colder getting the wetsuit off though and colder waiting for my bath to fill but fine nowimage

    i can't do next sunday but can do the sunday after...........probably able to do next saturday

     anyone coming to playimage

  • It sounds like I'll be spending most of the first quarter next year in Newport image

    Can anyone recommend a tri-club. I suspect the Hilton pool will get somewhat wearing.

  • NEWTS....based at newport and are really friendly.............newport tri club or something/.............only going a few years.....if they were west newport instead of east I would go and join them but a bit too far to travel for me........
  • Cat5 in the Hat wrote (see)

    It sounds like I'll be spending most of the first quarter next year in Newport image

    Can anyone recommend a tri-club. I suspect the Hilton pool will get somewhat wearing.

    Hi Cat5

    As Seren says we're friendly (mostly) check us out. Run sessions on a Monday (track through the winter) and swim Tuesday Newport & Thursday at Bettws (just to the north of the city).  3 really good coaches. Also we're linked to Lliswerry Runners who have several run sessions throughout the week as well.

    Seren I cant beleve you are still getting in the river - you're even madder than I thoughtimage

  • right

     we have had very little rain this week really..............so the river should be quiet..................does anyone want to join me on saturday for a swim............i want to do the newport park run so will probably be ready for swimming 10:15.....10:30 in the water

    roll up ...roll up

  • come on south wales............you sure no one fancies a nice refreshing dip in the taff tomorrow otherwise i will have to get my son to spot from the bank for meimage
  • I'm in. Long run first thing, but I'll plan it so I'll be back at the river for 10:15'ish. Nice cooling swim then to let the legs recover. Can life get any better?

    Ran past it Tuesday night, and it looked very inviting.
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