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  • Morning Silver. Am still a bit achy as well but not in the Buttock area image
    How far are you from St Albans? Looking for a ten miler as my last warm up for my HM and there is one there in January that I might consider.
  • Hi Stripes. I'm not too far from St Albans probably 20m but it's an easy drive.

    Which race are you looking at and I'll see if I can make it. January should give me plenty of time to get a pass if you know what I mean.

    It's a long way from Tamworth isn't it?
  • Its the Fred Hughes ten on January 22nd.
    It is a good way but struggling to find anything that fits the bill.
    Had one in mind called the Stourbridge Stagger which is only about an hour from mine until I read a review which mentioned crossing lots of stiles image
  • Silver - I hope you are getting a free gift with your subscription, they are always doing something image I got a running top image
  • Oh and my new cap has come image its the bomb I love it image its actually the new range so the red flashing is actually built into the back of the cap and the battery is stored in a little pouch.

    Running club people are gonna love it, they love all my flashing lights image haha

    Catch you 2moz, I cant wait to get out this pm. for a run image

  • Have a good afternoon Booey, hope the doctors goes okay and you get your run in.

    With or without decorations image

  • What? A free gift? Did I miss something?

    I just got 3 issues for 3 quid and that's it!
  • Hiya!
    Sad news about the pup Mal image fingers crossed Booey's right and it calms down or u find something that works

    I did the club run tonight, 5.2m in around an hour.. Lots of hills, altitude said 19-190!!!! Unfortunatly I used a new app and had turned on auto pause which is all it constantly did! image gps not great in this part of the world at the mo! One of the other runners told me we'd run 5.2, my app said 3!!
  • Hi Sabbie,

    Well done on the run. Glad I'm not the only one who has GPS problems. At least you remembered to press start  image

  • Hello Sabbie. Well done on the storming run. 5.2m is a good outing. Did you feel ok with it - not too tired? I think the club runs are good for motivation as the other runners make it more sociable and you don't want to be the first to stop.

    My GPS gave up on me for a bit this week too so I had to guess how far I'd run in the missing 11mins. Strangely I calculated this as 3 miles - just under 4 minute miles - I was flying!
  • Bloomin 'ell silver!! U really should do some races, I don't think I'll ever run the distances u do in those sort of times! image
    I unfortunately don't have a problem with being the first to stop! image my god there's so many hills! I think they're getting minutely easier in the first part of the run but by the second half they're a struggle lol I just have to keep doing them to get better, I have to remember I only started running again beginning of Oct and already I'm doing bigger distances than in June image
    .. Also I cut the guy who leads the runs hair! image I can't give up now! image

    Might have to make a serious effort to cut back on the smoking too! I'm sure that'd make things a bit easier! image

    Rofl Stripes image I don't think I've done that yet..
  • Well x-ray all sorted yesterday and got home and had a lovely run, my usual local route 3.45 miles and did it in best time yet image 

    Silver - first 3 issues for a £1 is the norm but you should defo get a free gift, I will check in my mag later what the gift is then you can ring them and make sure you are getting it......they may just send it anyway image

    Sabbie - well done on the club run, sounds to me like you are doing really well image

  • Silver - its a watch, the free gift


    Thats from the runnersworld store which I am guessing is where you did it from

  • Hi Boo. I thought the 'free gift' was the cheap intro price but I'll be miffed if I miss out on a running shirt. Let me know what's on offer at the mo and I'll ring them if it doesn't come with my first issue.

    Glad you got the x ray done. When will you hear back?

    V jealous that you got out in the light too yesterday. I am finding the dark nights very restricting and to compensate I'm just sitting at home eating! Not good for the moobs! image

    I'm definately out for a long one this weekend early doors. Will try for a straight 10k which I don't think Ive done alone before. It's weird how that doesn't sound very daunting anymore.
  • See above your post re free gift image

    Silver & Stripes - have you actually joined your running clubs now?  I just wondered as if you have, have you received your affiliation card from England Athletics yet?  Chap at our club said takes about 2 weeks and I joined just over 2 weeks ago and still no card image its only because I want it before I sign up for anymore races to get cheaper image

    x-ray results upto 2 weeks

    My LSR is scheduled for tomorrow all being well, anything over 7miles will be a first and I need to start pushing on with my HM training.  Out of interest lady at running club I ran with was talking to me about my training for the HM (she did the VLM this year so should know re training) she reckons I need to have done 10miles by Xmas/New Year and get comfortable with it then the extra 3.1 on race day goes without thinking.  Its kind of the way I was thinking anyhow put maybe try abit more than 10 even if its 11 nearer to the race image my HM is on 11th March

    Have you any thoughts on your training and how you want to progress with yours both of you?

  • Hi all,

    Booey, glad the x-ray is sorted and you got out for a run.

    Silver, know what you mean about the 10k, two months ago it seemed like such  a long way!

    Well you will all be pleased to know(doubt anyone will be at all interested image) that I have broken the last barrier! Since I've been on here I have run my first race,bought a Garmin, had my first trial with a running club, had my gait analysed and bought 'proper' shoes but last night I went one step further than I ever thought I would go and.......................................................................................................ordered some tights image

  • Booey, very good question. I haven't joined yet, apparently they are very relaxed about it but will ask for a form when I go next week. Going to do both nights if my legs are up to it! I know what you mean about entering races but I've already paid for my next two before Christmas and the only one I want to enter in the next few weeks is the Liverpool Half on March 18th which I don't actually want to run as a club member. I am hoping to do it with a friend and run for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. It will be a one-off and after that I will happily run all my races in the club vest, if they'll have me image

    I think that as regards training the three of us(that is you, me and Silver) seem to all be at similar stages of progress and that the step up to a ten mile run is approaching image

    I am aiming to be at that level around New Year with small increases in my long run each weekend. I will attempt 7.5 miles on Sunday. The only concern I have regards that(other than aches and pains) is that the club runs are further than I had envisaged and if I do go on them regularly I may be increasing my weekly mileage too quickly.

    Are you going to attempt a ten mile race in the New Year as part of your build up?

  • Stripes - tights are the way forward, even for you men image they are so comfortable and great in the colder weather.  I bought some Ron Hill Tracksters, the ones with the loop that goes round your foot image I never ever dreamed I would wear those sort of things again but they are great and warm image

     Ditto to what you have written re training etc start increasing every week now and reach 10 miles all being well around Xmas.  Personally I wouldn't worry to much about your club runs just go with what your body tells you.  Is it twice a week you club run?  If one week it feels to much give one of them a miss image 

    I have bookmarked a 3 phase 15K each phase to do in the NY which should help image

  • Yeah. Twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. As I said I will do both next week but may do what you say and just do it once some weeks.

    I haven't run since Tuesday because my body has been saying No! Think two seven milers in three days was too much image

    Was very frustrated at not going out yesterday but feel a lot less achy today so gonna go out later on image

    What is a 3 phase? 3 races?

    I am considering a 10 miler in St Albans in January, can't find one closer to home that fits the bill.

  • On site with builders all morning Grrrrrr!

    Now then what's a LSR and a VLM? I'm lost and I prob need to know if I'm going to get as serious as you two about the running.

    I don't have a training programme yet for my HM as its not til April but I would like to be at 10 miles or so by Feb or March and hope the other 3m are easy enough on the day!

    Stripes rofl at your tights - you won't be sorry mate and you'll realise why women always wear those wooly ones in the winter! They are warm and v comfy!

    Booey I want a watch so there better be one with the first mag or I'll be on the phone to them! Did you order online?

    Stripes I'm still undecided on the 10m race in St Albans (funnily enough that's where I'm heading now) as 10 m is a long way for me at the moment. Give it a few more weeks and I'll prob know whether it's a goer or not.

  • VLM is Virgin London Marathon I think?

    LSR - Long Steady Run? I used to think it was Long Sunday Run image

    Latest News - Tights are on their way image

    Fair enough about St Albans, not sure myself. Would probably have to stay over which makes it expensive. Went through St Albans once years ago and it looked really nice but there are hardly any hotels. Annoying really because the train service is great Monday to Saturday(and an off peak return is only £15!) but non existent on a Sunday morning and I'm not very keen on motorway driving image

  • Stripes - yeah your explanations of my abbreviations are the same image

    two 7 milers in 3 days is very good so don't beat yourself up, although I know what you mean.  You have this feeling of, I really want to go for a run but my body is saying be sensible image have a short run today if you feel upto it then the w/end try for a longer one

    I noticed when I had my hiccup whilst away in Newquay and didn't run for days that when I got back out and did the ressy run it was my best so far image nearly 7 miles and I shaved nearly 10mins off my last time image proof that sometimes a good rest (a few days) can do wonders for the body recovery and revitalise you image

    Silver - when I subscribed I phoned them as I wanted to actually hear someone say "yes you get a free running top" image the top came a couple of weeks after the mag from what I remember.  Give them a ring if you don't get it after a while

    Its turned very foggy ere in Northampton, dunno what its like for you two?

  • oh yeah sorry, 3 15K races with about 3 weeks between.  They are especially geared up for all the training people are doing early year for the HM & Mara's image
  • Foggy and cold here Boo. Still I wish I had my shorts (or tights! image) on rather than a big yellow coat and a hard hat!

    BTW I did get my membership number for The running club quite quickly but I don't think it's the same as the England athletics number. Still I think I can get the reduced entrance fees with it if I ever get to run a race that is. image

    My Dads here this weekend for the footie so I won't be able to run on Sunday which means I need to do my LSR image tomorrow morning.

    If we don't speak again have a gr8 w/e and enjoy your LSR's in preparation for your HMs and the VLM!

    I'm rubbish at this text talk stuff - I've only just learned that lol doesn't mean lots of love!! Seriously! haha image

  • LMAO haha thats made me chuckle (thats Laugh my arse off by the way)  I am a text junkie, all I really use my phone for.  I can text a msg like grease lightening and use loads of abbreviations.

    When I am typing something on an email for work I really have to stop and think what I am doing or else I forget and abbreviate everything image

    Have a good weekend everyone, hoping to get away soon

     Happy Running image

  • I'm jealous Boo as I don't have a clue about texting. In fact I stared at LMAO in your last text for ages thinking I should know what it means before I realised you had added the translation. I only found out last week about the LMFAO thing much to my wife's hilarity!

    Have a god one and enjoy the running image
  • Have a good weekend all.

    Enjoy the football Silver, sure you and your Dad will appreciate seeing the best team in the world, shame about the opposition. If you can get your 7yo lad to understand he is privileged to be watching England getting stuffed then you may get a nomination for Dad of the year image

    I am okay at texting but not very quick since I got a touchscreen phone. I also like using whole words and haven't got a clue what most of the abbreviations mean!

    That sounds like a good prep Booey, three lots of just under 10 miles, you'll be ready for anything after that image

    Back at work having done a steady four miles. Quite enjoyed it, took it very gently in the first mile as my legs are still a bit achy but once I warmed up I was fine.

    Got a very quiet weekend, no football, no race and lots of time at work image

    House to myself tonight as well. I'm staying in and the other half is going out which only happens about once a year image

  • Morning All

    Had a run at 7 this morning. Great time to go out as its so quiet and this morning very foggy. Legs felt heavy the whole way round though. I thought it would ease up as I warmed up but no joy. Anyway finished my 7.5k without stopping in 40 mins dead.

    I think my achy legs may result from poor sleep this week thanks to kids and also a bit of a sniffle that keeps waking me up in the night.

    Still I feel great for getting out and set up for the weekend activities! image

    Enjoy yourselves if you are able to get out.
  • Know what you mean about the legs. Mine are still not quite right.
    Glad you managed to get out. I will leave it today and risk it tomorrow afternoon.
  • Do you think we are over doing it Stripes? I seem to need 3 days to get over the club run now and even then I struggled today.

    I thought all of this exercise was supposed to make you stronger image

    I agree with Booey about the longer breaks. My fastest times have always been after a week off. Hopefully the RW mag will give me some direction on training techniques.

    I'm a bit suspicious of my insoles too as after 250k (I like saying that! image) they seem to have gone a bit flat which would mean achy ankles and knees are back as I had before. May need to get some more.

    Have a good one tomorrow if you get out.
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