VLM 2012 first timers???



  • Aber - bet your kids loved showing off your medal! My kids are obviously too old - neither one wanted to take mine to school image

    Rebecca yes, the medal would make a great weapon Nice and heavy!
  • ok mentioned to Mr pippitypoppity about Bristol and he didn't fall off his chair instead said ' when is it ?' image

    going to google it , I will be back......hold on ....

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    Pip - i am bouncing up and down on the sofa waiting as patiently as you have been for kiwi to answer your question! image

    b&t - what?  But are they old enough to be bribed with pocket money to make them take it to school?

  • Kaff where is heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ??????????image  has he abandoned us?
  • Kaffeeg - I bribe them to do everything as it is! And I am pleased to report both my cats are still sniffing my medal - I have photographic proof. And young tabby loves the foil blanket - he keeps hiding under it image

    Think Bristol was 30th September ... Is it wrong that I am tempted to do it so I can come to a big post-race lunch? <blush>
  • Pip - you don't think .... No, it can't be .. . you don't think he has a life away from this forum do you ?????! Actually - IS there such a thing?
  • Yes do it B&T, it will be great if alot of us could do a race together image. A post race lunch sounds lovely x

    Aber - how lovely for your kids, they must have been so proud of you.

  • oooooooh I forgot about my foil blanket think I am going to wear it when I go shopping etc...... then everyone will know and be in awe of the fact that I ran The London Marathon and that they have an elite athelete in their shop ...... ha ha no one else has thought about doing that have they ??image
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    Pip/b&t - what? something else to do? kiwi? not on this forum?  what?  he must be running.

    b&t - hehe! awww, my cat got scared of the foil blanket.  Was. Not. Her. Friend. 

    ohhhhh, i'm far too excited about our post race lunch.

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    (i threw my foil blanket in the recycling.image)
  • you are joking ????????????????????????????? can it be recycled ???image I have even kept the kit bag ...sad  really aren't Iimage

    Kiwi can't be around running cos he said we were all not allowed image

  • Goodness me, I think you all need sedating!!
    image image image lol
    I am going to enter ballot for London but defer if I get lucky and do it 2014!
    In the meantime going to work on my 10k and half marathon distance.
    Work and family commitments would make it hard for me to commit to marathon sooner and I don't feel any great urge to do it sooner anyway!
    Will be doing great north run in sept as usual!
    Take care and good luck everyone with whatever you plan to do!
  • Ooh I want to do Bristol even more now!

    Susie-I've been thinking too about getting my speed up over shorter distances.

    When can I go for a run? Nothing hurts and I'm fed up now.
  • I'm going for a run with my 7 year old tomorrow, we are doing a children's cancer run in 2 weeks, 5 miles only, but my baby is really speedy so may struggle to keep up with him! Ha ha, I got him a "my mum ran London Marathon" t- shirt which he loves, next time he goes away with his dad (my ex-husband) I'm gonna make sure he's wearing it with pride! image
  • So, that advice kiwi gave about resting ... its good! I went to asda yesterday (other supermarkets are available) and it was p'ing down so I jogged from the car to the store and pop, my hip went! Nothing major but i think it was body saying don't you dare!

    Hoping its OK in a few days so i can go for a few 5 milers prior to my half marathon in a few weeks. As for what's next after that I don't know, Llandudno 10 miler, Maccelsfield half and Chester marathon (October) are all under consideration!
  • Emsi, it goes without saying that you'll be there! Whoopee! Bristol it is!

    Back from the pub. A very pleasing number of people admired my medal, whilst I thrust it in their faces. Excellent night!
  • Go the Bristol posse (as apposed to the red massive, which is to be allocated shareholder status).
    Who is the most local? I am about 40 mins drive to Bristol as we may need a new travel guru, although I am not ruling out that the Hon Kaffeeg RWC may also have encyclopaedic knowledge of more than one city!
    However will certainly volunteer to research large lunch project.

    Has anyone attempted any cross training yet, I am going stir crazy, think I might swim today.
    Have a lovely weekend, xx
  • Emma Mc   well done I am glad they appreciated your medal, did you wear your foil blanket as well ??

    Speed 10 ....naughty you were told not to run image but hope you are not too sore today x

    I am getting really really bored now, just think this time last week eeeeeeeeeek were we scared or what ?

    but just think how confident etc.. we will be at our next marathon now we are elite marathoners image

  • I went for a 25 minute very slow gentle run yesterday and am not capable of any more at the moment!  I was going mad as been stuck inside barely moving all week, so it was really just to get me moving and get some fresh air.  At least the weather at the mo is so hideous it is good to have an excuse not to go out!

    I won't get any amazed looks at the school gate as my kids have to get a bus to school.  All the council's fault as they shut our village school.  So it is all their fault I am missing out on more people congratulating me!

    Off to my sister's today and going out for a celebratory lunch (without wine as have to drive home after).  But she can't wait to hear all about the marathon in person, even though I have gone on and on to her by text and email all week.

    Suzie - did you buy the t-shirts at the Expo?  I saw them but didn't dare in case I didn't finish!  Would quite like to get them now!

  • Pip, I was dressed in smart shoes and a suit ... not running as such, just trying to get out if the rain! Off to the gym now for weights, swim and Sauna!

    Anyone else still eating enough to feed a small army?
  • Hi all

    How's is everyones recovery going ?

     haven't read back as there are probably thousands of posts and I have been extremely busy.Daughter has also come back home from uni so plenty happening. I was less busy when I was marathon training!!!!!

    Have got to go over to work in a minute ( I live literally over the road ) as we have 3 cricket matches on. However they will more than likely be called off, guess why. It is raining !!!  

    Catch you all later.


  • Emma will be out an about tonight somewhere, we've yet to decide where, how or what we're doing, let me know where you are if it's somewhere near there  you are will try find you at somepoint 

    Kaffeeg I love New York, it's one of my favourite places (I have a long list). One of my best friends is trying  to convince me to do the marathon there so they could come cheer me on! 

    Speed - had a similar experience with legs running for a train. I seem to have just started eating for an army, no appetite at all last week

    Rebecca  if I run Bristol I should hopefully be able to stay with a friend in Bristol the night before.

    Susie - shorter distances sound good, am aiming at shorter distances until the end of the year

    B&T on the shrinking chance  I don't run Bristol am tempted to go down anyway to support and the lunch.

    Kiwi - is there a rule of how much/liitle x training we should be doing as part of the recovery or is it see how you feel?

    I still have my foil blanket and kit bag (neither have been used) I'm sure I will find a use for them at sometime.....

    I'm originally from about 40 mins outside Bristol too. Know bits of it as worked there briefly but not enough for an in depth knowledge of the HM route.
  • Hi Little Miss Calamity.

     Yeah- Nothing !!!

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    hehehehe, i think you all get funnier by the day!

    emsi- brilliant. one of my fave posts todate!

    sadly, my encyclopedic knowledge doesn't cover bristol. i am in other peoples hands. although, everything is walking distance there, no?

    i think i will have to go up the day before as there are no tains early on sunday morning. unless i convince OH that she really wants to drive me......

    how are we doing on Lens time for the marathon? think we're missing a couple of people like jon/james and creg?
  • Oh by the way little Miss, I meant to thank you for reminding me about the 2.5 miles to history sign! I had forgotten all about it but remember grinning when i saw it and saying to myself "C'mon, you can do this ... just run another mile and a half as the crowd will do the last mile for me".

    As far as psychology went it seemed to work for a while but think my body didn't forgive me for trying to trick it like that ... and the crowd didn't help in the last mile as i was blocking everything out!
  • Morning! Right - Bristol massive it is then image I'm about 30 mins away by train, but don't really know Bristol at all. Also willing to do some lunch research image However I have a friend on another thread who is a Bristolian and has run it several times. He gave it a '3 thumbs up ' rating as a race, so that sounds good to me!

    Whoops - I've just entered it image

    Len - would you be up to a half in Bristol by end of September??

    LMC - people have been selling their unused foil blankets & kitbags on ebay image And even medals imageimageimage

    Kiwi - Pip is about to burst with wanting to ask you a question ......

    Pip - I've kept everything as well. Well, thecta has the foil blanket - there's no way I could get it back off him without being savaged. Just keep hearing a 'rustle' as he crawls under it again!

    Speed- ow to the hip - take it easy!!

    Susie - i saw those t-shirts too and they brought a tear to my eye. Like Aber though, I didn't want to tempt fate!!

    Aber - our village school was closed down, so my kids catch buses to school. Son is year 6 now though, so he won't want walking to & from the bus stop for much longer! Friend who's a teacher said after he ran London 2 years ago he wore his t-shirt & medal to school on the Monday, and literally stood at the school gates so everyone could admire them / him image!

    Is hard to remember how we were all feeling this tme last week - is it wrong that I've put my medal back on today, as my sunburnt neck has finally calmed down??

    Oh yes - I have been checking my photos regularly (not going to say how regularly, is too embarassing!) and Mr B&T spotted some new ones had been added last night. Good news - is finish line photos, with the gantry at the top, Buck palace & lots more runners at the top. Look suitably wet and am still running. bad news - there's a man just behind me who, how shall I put this delicately, appears to be adjusting his tackle imageimage What a great set of photos I have!

  • Just bought some new running shoes,it would be wrong not to treat them to a marathon wouldnt it??!!image
  • Oops! 2 mile easy today and though nothing hurts rest of time my hips sure know I've done a Mara!
  • KIWI   OOH OOH  got my hand up again jumping about manically to ask you a question..... well when we start running again do we have to start off gradually or what ?? I would like to do a 10k in the middle of June image I am being very good not done any running went riding this morning.   But getting very,very,very bored.

    Oh and I may do Bristol yeahhhhhh but mr pippitypoppity said its either Bristol or cardiff hmmmmm what to do image

  • Hi PIp.

    You now have a good foundation/base after all your marathon training, plus the marathon itself. After tackling a marathon you may feel almost invincible at the moment. You are at your most vulnerable after a marathon because your body has taken a hammering !! You are at your most injury prone at this stage so what is the sense in running when you are at your most vulnerable. Your muscles and connective tissue are at a state of reduced resilience- so rest !!  as frustrating as it may be !! Running at this stage has negligible benefits anyway. Your immune system is also low so you are also at risk of picking up something.

    You reap the benefit around 3 weeks after a long run ( look at the taper), so I equate this to 4 weeks from a full on marathon. Your muscles etc. will be in great condition at this stage so you can certainly start running again then. I would start off with a few recovery runs, but don't be afraid to add in something slightly faster. IE tempo runs etc.

    Within about 6 weeks there is probably no reason why you could not run races of a lesser distance, just take it easily and   be careful. If you are intending to run a half, you may not be as fast as you may like ( I may be wrong here), remember you have been marathon training not half marathon  training ! However 10ks etc. fill your boots !!! Just be careful. You have taken on the beast of all running distances. Look at starting to train in the next 5 weeks or so for any other races you may have lined up.

    If any of you want any advice about training for any of the other distances let me know !! Obviously the shorter quicker distances have more intensive training regimens. Even your second marathon you can aim for a quicker time. The first one as we have said is just a case of getting round. You have done that now !!

    Apologies to LITTLE BY LITTLE, you may have meant cross training, not actual running. If that is the case you can look at cross training each day ( bike/swimming/whatever) for about 45 minutes each day. Just don't overdo it.   You can gradually increase this as the weeks go by.

    I have actually raced full on a week after running a marathon in the past, both 10k and half marathon distance, however I am a bit of a freak when it comes to this and I would certainly not recommend it.

    I am also doing nothing this time for a month- nothing at all !!

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