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    rebeccaa - i had a look, but not sure they do. my friend who is a professional dancer is trying to convince me that aqua jogging is all the rage now.....don't see him doing it though!
    anyway, better to look a twit in the pool, than a twit in the marathon, as the pyhsio helpfully told me.

    jon - ohhh, let me know hiw you go on the SIS things....heard about them, might try them too. have you tried shot bloks? i can't stand the gels.
  • kafeeg, no I've not tried the shots before. I have tried the sports beans and they seemed pretty good. The SIS gels didnt taste too bad though.
  • Good luck with it kaffeeg, I'm sure after a couple of times you'll feel fine with the aqua jogging.

    Good luck with the 18 miler Jon, I've tried the SIS gels and get on with them fine. First time I took them I was a bit 'Whoooohh' but you get used to them. Just a note you can get 30 for £23 (free delivery) from ebay, they work out to 80p each which is the cheapest I've seen them for. Obviously try them out first in case you can't stand them !

  • 15 Miles completed today. Windy as hell, was almost blown off my feet!
    Used SIS gels every 30 mins and had my missus Ali park at 3 mile intervals acting as a drink/feeding station (she was happy getting stuck into her new book) I felt great although my legs where getting tight at mile 11. Gels I used where the isotonic tropical flavour, which where like calipo ice lollies melted - Very nice. They really make the later miles easier.

    Well done to you all peeps. image
  • Hello, joining the VLM crew! I was amazingly lucky enough to get a VLM place from the lovely people at Adidas. I did Nice-Cannes in November and am looking to do 3:30. Looking forward to seeing you all out there!
  • Morning all!

    I did 8 miles yesterday, and tried some fuelling for the first time! I think it went okay! I took a Hi5 Zero drink with me (just electrolytes, berry flavour) and that was fine. And I tried a Hi5 gel at 4 miles and 6 miles. The orange one was nice, the raspberry slightly blurghh but okay. Neither of them had any adverse effects, and I felt okay, so I think I'll stick with that brand for now and work on it over the weeks to come!


  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    welcome rebecca s - hope the marathon brings you your PB!

    jon - might give them all a try....though the gooey gels don't go down easy i find!

    well, just come back from 3rd physio session. didn't get told off this time and inface got told i was a 'diligent patient'! as i've stretched every morning and every evening. he said there was a big improvement. he thinks i can ease back into the running now, and do the aqua jogging alongside (this is good, as i couldn't bear to just be aqua jogging!)

    he taught me to strap my leg up so that it helps the muscle and is like a 'cheat'. i'm to run no more than 8 miles tomorrow (which seems a bit far, if i'm easing back into it, so i think i will do 5-6 instead) and phone him after to let him know how it goes. which i think is really nice of him? !

    got to re- think my training though, had hoped to run one 18 mile and two 20 mile runs in training, but now can only do one of each if i'm easing back in.......what are other people doing?
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    thanks rebecca c - and thats a great tip about the gels.....will check that out too!
  • Kaffeeg  hope your leg is ok.  On my plan Hal higson 1 longest run is 20 - you do  that once there is also an 18 and 16.  Hal Higson 2 there is a 20. 19 and 18 [ all only once] I am sort of following the 1 but if  I am doing ok I will do the long runs on 2 .......... if that makes sense just google Hal Higson it seems to be suiting me ...... well so far anyway.

  • Hello everyone - I'm running London for the first time this year, got an entry through PhabKids. I've run 9 miles the last 2 weekends, up to 11 miles next weekend, so feel like I'm settling into the training now.

    The one thing I've never really managed to work into my training over the years is speed work, there's a track just down the road from me so I'm determined to try and fit some in. I'm not doing anything in the way of cross training, so I need to do something other than just slow tempo runs, I've read all the stuff about that being bad for 1 group of muscles!

    Great to read all the stories and advice...
  • Hey peeps ,

    Went out yesterday and was dreading it due to the wind , but actually really enjoyed it and think I am getting used to it . Although at one point I literally couldnt move it did make me laugh , luckily not many people were about so I didnt feel too silly .

    Woke up this morning with really achey neck and shoulders any ideas why ?????image

  • Oh - you're all too chatty - so much to comment on! Actually, I won't say hello to everyone (would take all afternoon!) but I will wave to everyone, and say it sounds like everyone's running is coming along nicely, injuries are healing up, and we all have similar worries / fears / questions!

    Susiebuzz - yes, Bland and Tabby are my cats - will have to change my profile pic back over so show you.

    Phillipa - I've never found veggie jelly babies - the Shot Bloks are the closest I've found so I use them.

    kaffeeg - advice from Marathon training school was interesting, and slightly worrying! If I stop running at 3:15 I'll be doing an awful lot of walking on my long runs image Funnily enough, my schedule has runs in minutes for the first 4 weeks, then the shorter runs are in minutes but the longer runs are in miles. Oh - was it shin splints you had? (Or am I mixing people up again?!) I was reading on another thread that compression socks or even flight socks can help. Wear them when running, apparently.

    Rebecca - well done on your race. It sounds really hard work - lots of 'hardcore' points to you!

    cregmallin - hope you're feeling better. Sometimes its just a bad run!

    kaffeeg and jon - of all the gels I tried, SiS gels were the best. They have some salts in as well which yiu'll need if you're sweating. However, they still didn't agree with so I'll not be using them again!

    Phillip - hooray to your missus for acting as support vehicle!

    Rebecca - welcome aboard! Speedy speedy!

    Len - the 'no side effects' is the most important bit!! Glad your run went well.

    Hunky Chunky - hello to you too

    Badoo - I have an image of you running in the wind but not moving, like a mime artist! Achey neck & shoulders from pushing against the wind???

    Started Week 4 today, with a run not on my schedule because I wanted to fit a quick run in before my visit to the sports shop for gait analysis and new shoes!! So did a quick 3 miles, in 29:16  (which is super-speedy for me!), quick shower and change and out! Braved the treadmill, and apparently I have a very odd running style image Despite this, have come home with new trainers which felt great and even I could see (on the video) my feet & legs looked better running in them. They have more support than my last pair, as the lady said I'll need it with the longer distances coming up. Gulp! However they are unnaturally white and are crying out for some mud and puddles. I think I can oblige!
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    Welcome hunky chunky!

    Badoo- at marathon school they mentioned just that! The physio there said that you can get tight there as you over time your upper body muscles get fatigued, and stressed trying to hold yourself up and push on. She said alsways stretch out your upper body, shoulders and arms after a run. (I'm doing whole body stretching every morning and every evening for 10 min)

    Pip - ohhhh fab. Someone else mentioned him. Will have a look. It's all so confusing/complicated!

    Blackandtabby - yep, plain old stupid shin splints. image I read about those too....might try the socks, although I'm loving this tap. Just ran up a flight of stairs to get the train - never felt a twinge!
  • Good news! After 12 days rest I managed a 3 miler today with no ill effects. Actually when knees are on the mend/ok they seem to benefit from running as it warms all the muscles up.

    Going to spend tonight studying training plan and calendar trying to work out the best way to do this darn thing without pushing my knees too much... Happy days!!!
  • Evening all,

    Went to physio today and all okay (I keep secretly hoping she'll say I can't possibly do the marathon but it never happens!) But no high heels till after Marathon as will make calf muscle even tighter and lots of balance exercises.

    My running shoes have run their last so considering going to a proper podiatrist to see if I need anything different since injury - 25% off for marathon runners so bet it'll cost a flippin' fortune. Might be worth it though.

  • Glad those with injuries are o.k and getting out for runs image.

    I am now wondering what a 'very odd running style is' , you don't run like Pheobe in friends do you B&T image.

    My back was really hurting after the run on Sunday so I did alot of stretching and strengthening exercises tonight, it does feel a lot better. I just hope to keep up with the exercises on a Monday and not be tempted by the lure of the sette on my day off from running.

  • Wow, this is a busy thread! The 2012 VLM will be my first marathon, I've not been above a half so far but I've been working on speed to boost my cardio fitness at the 10K-Half levels and I'm aiming to start upping the distance soon!

    It's great to read the comments about how people are getting on with pacing, fuelling, etc. so I thought I'd add my current habits...

    - I always run in the morning, before eating.
    - If I'm hungry before running I'll have half or a whole NAKD bar.
    - If I need fuel during in a run (basically anything over 10K) I take Clif Bloks.
    - For recovery I drink CherryActive as soon as I get in - so far no DOMS!

    Well, good luck to you all and it's nice to find a bunch of people in a similar situation - sounds like I'm in good company!

    Cheers, Ash.
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    Hello everyone,

    I know that i'm a bit off an on but i've just been catching up on all of your comments. Well done to everyone getting their runs in! It looks like everyone is going on great!

    I'm up to 14 miles on my long runs and spacing it out inbetween with some 5 milers. I'm following Shades plan on here and at the moment doing great!

    Just wanted to say hello (again) and keep up with the good work!

  • Really good to read about everyone's training going so well, despite the rather windy conditions at the weekend!

    Went for a 5 mile run last night and found it a bit of hard work, it felt like my calves were really tight and causing me a bit of pain, and this morning the pain still seems to be there. I've got a horrible feeling I might have shin splints image Does anyone have any suggestions, apart from the obvious rest, to try and help? I've read about using compression socks, or even flight socks, I just don't want to have to cut back too much when training seems to be going so well.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Soggs - First thing is RICE. Make sure that you ice it. I'd also suggest making sure that you're stretching enough before and after -this could be part of your problem. Are you warming up before going for a run? That could also help with the tight calves.

  • Hi Emmy_bug, I've got some ice packs stuffed down my socks now so hopefully that will help. I did do some stretching last night, but then ended up doing a few bits before I ran so maybe that was the problem.

    I think I'll rest tomorrow and not run, maybe go swimming instead. I really hope it is only down to lack of stretching and not shin splints as I know they can cause real problems.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'd also recommend elevation -Ice is good - but ice +elevation is better. I normally have a box under my desk at work and if my calves are sore - i tend to raise it for the day and it really helps.

    Swimming is great - if my legs are tired I do aqua running in the pool and they feel a lot better. For stretches - you can get some good videos' on youtube that will force you to hold the stretch for xx seconds and may give you some new ones to try out.

  • I'm trying to keep them elevated too but it's hard as I'm up and down quite a lot in the day, will make sure I elevate them as much as possible later.

    Thanks, I'll definitely take a look on YouTube for some stretching videos as I don't want to cause myself any injury the closer we get to marathon day. I'm just worried this might be more than just sore muscles, guess I'll just have to take it easy until they feel better.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    To be fair, if you're worried about shin splints - it's better to get it sorted out asap rather than leave it and risk further complications/issues (e.g. stress fractures). I don't want to scare you - but it's better to be sure.

    Do you have/know a decent physio/doctor that you could talk to?

  • Rebecca - I hope I don't run like Phoebe! Well, my left leg is okay, but my right foot kind of twists so it almost lands in front of my left. I'm convinced I don't always run like that, maybe the stress of being on the treadmill! Yes, my 'rest' day on a Wednesday is when I should be doing my abs / core work, but its too easy just to think 'Rest day - ahhhh!' and  not bother image

    RunningRaRa - glad you're getting out again. Keep those knees safe!

    cregmallin - podiatrist might be a good idea, but fingers crossed it doesn't cost too much.

    Hi BurtonAsh - never tried CherryActive - is it nice?

    Emmybug - 14 miles - good work!

    Soggs - good advice from Emmy-Bug!

    Wore my new shoes for my 6 miler today. felt great - twinge in the arch of my left foot but it went off and was okay. Guess its just my foot adjusting to shoes with more support. Boy it was rainy though - absolutely soaked through, and took excellent self-portrait of me with drips on my chin & nose. Most attractive!

    Rest day tomorrow - ooops, no I mean - core work tomorrow image
  • Emmy_bug  Great info about the stretching vids, this is where I need to improve a bit as i'm a bit lazy about stretching.

    BurtonAsh Cherryactive does sound nice image

    B&T .. glad your run went well today, well done you for going in the rain. I'm really hoping it stops by the time I set out to run tonight.

    I did some leg exercises yesterday - bad move. They are killing me today, not sure how running on them is going to feel later. It seemed like such a good idea at the time image.

  • Soggs, if it's only in the calf it's not shin splints, I agree with the others that stretching is the best remedy.
    I experimented with calf stretches when I injured my Achilles a couple of years ago, the one I liked most you do on stairs. Stand on a step of the stairs and shuffle backwards til half your foot is on and half off, facing forward. One leg at at time, allow your heel to drop below the step level and hold for 30s then switch sides, do a few reps, it's a lovely stretch!
    Make sure your next run is relatively slow and flat, hope they feel better soon!
  • burtonAsh - Hi! wow running on empty! I like a coffee and a banana or marmite on toast about 20-30 mins before - have never ate anything on a run even a half marathon and never had a recovery drink either other than water proper amateur!

    Emmybug Hi wow 14miles - 8 my max so far

    Soggs - I know my injury was different (broken ankle) but the ongoing issue for running is tight calf muscles - after my 8 miler I thought they would explode was in agony for hours. I stretch stretch stretch now and can't emphasise enough how much better - no pain after running.

    B & T - fingers crossed - I'll let you know - well done on the run
    Rebecca - don't over do it
    5 miles this morning in 1 hour - my best yet - I'm happy
  • Emmy_bug - I do know a good physio, if it's the same after my next run I'll book an appointment, I definitely don't want to make it worse.

    Susie - thanks for the stretching tip, I will try that the next time I run and try and make it as flat as possible, fingers crossed that helps and that it's nothing more than that. I think I'm worried because its the side of my calf rather than the back that is sore, that's why I wasn't sure it was shin splints or not. I've not suffered with them before but its just the difference in pain to calf strains I've had before that made me question it.

    Cregmallin - I'll make sure I stretch stretch stretch from now on, thanks.

    Anyway now I'm going to ice them up and lay on the sofa for the evening, hopefully that will help image
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hope you feel better soon - Soggs.
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