VLM 2012 first timers???



  • kaffeeg - marathon school sounds good. Will you get homework????

    Pip - hope you have a good run on Sunday & enjoy your jelly beans!

    Katy_V - wonder what the passing runners thought about you glaring at them??!!!! image to the melted jelly babies - yuck!

    Susiebuzz - hope your run goes well tonight. The Chablis will taste even better afterwards, promise!

    I've finished my week 3 training today - was sceduled to be a LSR of 1hr 30, so about 8 miles, so I actually ran 1:54 and 9.24M. Well, next week I've got a scary 9 mile race, which has hills, mud, hills, tracks, hills, a stream to wade up, and a blummin' big hill to finish - so thought I'd better have a good today in preparation!

    Shins behaved them selves - think it was a mixture of  soft footing (very soft in places!) and keeping my stride short. As I walked around at home afterwards, my toes were feeling sore, so I guess I must have been more forefoot striking than usual!

    Hope everyone else's runs have been going well , especially this week's LSR!

  • Did my long run, 9.5 miles (1 hour 45 mins), keeping my heart rate at below 150 (70%).

    Quite enjoyed it in the end, and really seeing the point now of keeping to pace early on, I could have gone quite a bit further I reckon and that's obviously because I did it slowly.

    Was on the Steve Smythe live Q&A forum today and asked him about pace. He advised long runs 1 minute/mile less than marathon pace and that kind of made sense but also suggested I do some runs, presumbly not the long long runs at marathon pace to try it out and also enter some races.

    Is anyone going to do Haweswater Half or Blackpool half or done them before?

    Phillipa, I tried lucozade sports lite supplemented with jelly babies which was quite nice...one more mile and you can have another jelly baby kind of kept me going...they are so nice!!

    B&T, lol, yes I think it does taste even nicer after a run!, sacry 9 mile race sounds well, scary!! Good Luck with that! oh and am I being thick but what does CBA mean in your other post to Katy?

    Kaffeeg, really feel for you, hope you get back soon, sounds tough!


  • hello everyone image

    not been around for a few days, been so busy with work but have done a few 6 mile hills and doing 13 tomorrow,  what distance is everyones long run,

    i seem to have lost my mojo at the moment and not really wanting to do the long run tomorrow,

  • HI all

    well decided to try out the jelly beans tonIght ...... ok so only a short run but couldn't resist them ....or so I thought !  how on earth are you supposed to chew, run and breathe at the same time ???  and slightly concerned was going to pull a filling out when the gooey stuff got stuck.  Plan B cut up bananas although prob stupid idea as they are going to get very mushy.  I don't know, with all these beans, bars gels etc think I am going to have to carry a picnic basket round with me !

    Kaffeeg:   Blimey, marathon school.. that sounds very serious and scary, but don't forget we will all be relying on you for useful tips and information.  Fingers crossed for your run tomorrow image

     Sarnie: don't worry I am sure you will feel much better about your run tomorrow, just keep thinking its all going to be worth it when you get that medal around your neck.   At least that's what I keep telling myself.


  • SusieBuzz - we run at around the same HR. My 70% is 157, and I was very pleased that my average HR today was just over 70%. Oh, and CBA is a very technical term, meaning "Can't Be Ar$ed" image

    Sarnie - chin up! Your mojo will return, and you've got plenty of time if you're already up to 13M. My long run was only supposed to be 1hr 30 mins today (around 8 miles I reckoned)

    Pip - I eat Shot Bloks, and on long runs it passes the time to pick them out of my teeth! Loving the idea of a picnic basket, but have you signed up to the RW 'Mile 17' supporters thread? They'll cheer you on, and will also keep supplies of anything you might want (you can hand it over at the Expo)

    Feet up here - beer and pizza - and it tastes GOOD!

  • Hi Black and Tabby (does that refer to cats?)
    really liking running to heart rate. long run s < 150, tempo > 165' seems about right to me!
    Loving the CBA
    Wine and Thai curry this end, maybe they beer and curry tomorrow lol
  • Hi everyone, hope all your long runs go well this weekend. Just back from mine, just under 13 miles and it went well, although I could have done without the wind in my face for the last few miles!

    @Pip I know what you mean about trying to chew, breathe and run at the same time, it's not easy but worth persevering with as it does help. The main problem I have is with trying to get the gel packs open with sweaty hands, almost impossible sometimes.

    Just a quick question, can any of you recommend a fairly cheap heart rate monitor/watch? After reading a lot of you talking about monitoring your heart rate I thought it might be a good idea to try one out as it might help me to get my pacing right.

    All on with the rest of the weekend, of to Mothercare to look at prams and them Toys R Us to look at toys, I know which one I'll enjoy more image

    Hope you all have a good weekend image
  • Hi soggs,
    I use garmin forerunner 110 and I love it. It's the more basic version but you can watch heart rate, distance, pace etc and it's very user friendly. The upload to armin connect is dead easy and after uploading you can view all your data and see the run on a map. It's prob not the cheapest but I think the best basic one, I bought one for my technophobe partner and he loves it!
  • Hi Susie,
    Thanks for the recommendation, that might be slightly put of my price range to be honest, but I'll definitely have a look around and see if I can find a second hand one on eBay. Does it need an additional bit to monitor your heart rate, or is it built into the watch? I've been looking at a few cheap heart rate watches on eBay, but at £7 I'm not sure how good they'd be!
  • Glad the long runs went well Suzie and B&T.

    lol ; Phillia and the picnic basket, I was wondering this as I know I'll be starving after a couple of hours and will need to eat something. I brought a packet of jelly babies to use on long run but me and my 5 year old have managed to polish them off before I've even had a chance to try them on the runs - opps. The RW 17 mile thing sounds interesting I'll take a look.

    Got my first injury image, but it's not running related I managed to stupidly kick a cuboard - I'm so clumsy. I've bruised my toe and it is uncomfortable to run but I think I'll just put up with it for now and see how it goes.

    Has anyone dramactically changed their diet since marathon training ? I seem to be eating more but using it as an excuse to eat rubbish. Need a kick up the bum to sort my diet out.

  • Hi

    anyone know where I can get jellybabies suitable for veggies, think they may be easier to eat on the run than these jelly beans ??

    Rebecca owch !! poor toe hope it doesnt cause you too much trouble.  Also regarding diet, I have to make sure I eat as not much of a foodie normally, and tend to lose too much weight, but trying to be sensible.  

    Soggs well done on your run....... hope the weather is better tomorrow  HATE THE WIND !!

    Heart rate monitor .......... haven't got one and wouldn't know how to use one...... is that really ignorant of me ??

    happy running


  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    thanks susie and katy!

    black and taby, and pip: marathon school was great! if anyone else has been emailed about it - i highly recommend it.

    i met the pyhsio of the GB olympic team, the world championship fell runner along with several marathon coachers. we had a threshold training session and a stretching session and then work shops on training plans, nutrition, injury prevention and the race day. learnt so so so so so much.

    what was interesting was that they all said stop training in miles, and do it only in time. he said don't run longer than 3 - 3.15 in your training runs, as any longer you get fatigued and it is determental to your marathon day. i queiried this, given that i'm likely to be on my feet for around 5 hours on the day - so it seems too little training. but they were adamant. they suggested that i walk 10-15 minutes before and after the run to increase time on my feet, but not to run.

    they also said that running three times a week, steching dIly, strengthening exercises, will get you through. as long as you do hill training and threshold training. and for the first time ever, i now actually understand what threshold training is!!!
  • Hi Kaffeeg

    so maybe what we should be doing is running as our plans state but then walking for about 15minsafter so that even if we are tired when we finish our planned miles we just stay on our feet that bit longer,   Or have we all been doing everything wrong ????? arghhh now I am even more worried.  What is threshold training or shouldn't I ask image


  • Ohhh that's interesting stuff Kaffeeg, and it's really thrown me now. I've got the training schedule from runners world and it includes 4 20 mile runs in total. If I'm running 10.5 min miles for LSR that means I'll be on my feet around 3 1/2 hours, I think I'll take your advise and stop before 3.30 and walk the final bit. It's hard when you are new to this and don't have a clue what you are really doing. I guess the schedule I am following is for people much faster than me !

    Is threshold training like tempo training ?

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    my whole training plan was based on miles and i've been fixated on it, it's completely thrown me too!
    the website they have is www.fullpotential.co.uk. it's got a lot of advise there too.

    the threshold run: it's when you run at about 80% of effort for a managed time (we did 3 minutes), you then get a recovery time (we did 90 seconds) where you run really slow to get your breath back. you repeat that 4 times. when you build up you run at threshold pace for longer and reduce your recovery time. they said that at 80% effort you should be able to stil talk, but only a few words, if you can barely speak you're doing it too fast, and if you're able to have a conversation you are going to slow. does that make sense???

    pip - yeah, i recon, goging to do that myself i think. in my training plan, which i think i am now ditching, i was goging to do 2 20 mile runs, which i think would have taken me 3.40 hours, so just going to run 3.15 and then walk the rest.

    rebecca - it's all so confusing isn't it! the key things they said was endurance training (so long runs and threshold), strength (hill training) and speed (threshold). i think i got that right....it all made sense when they were explaining it!
  • I am now up to 13+ miles in training, and its starting to dawn on me what a mammoth distance 26.2 miles are. Tomorrow I am running 15 miles which should take 2:30 at 10 mile/min pace, I will be using gels every 20 mins and regular drink stops as my girlfriend is in the car and will be there at certain miles markers.
    I am hoping that slowing my pace down and using the gels will stop my legs from getting cramped like they did on mile 12 last Sunday.

    Good luck to you all on long run Sunday.
  • That's good of your girlfriend for doing that Philip, I couldn't see my other half doing that image.

    Kaffeeg, yes it is very confusing and so much conflicting advice. I am doing all my LSR cross country and I've been told you add on 15% for a forest run so 18 miles in the forest will be 20.7 on the road. I will probably (hopefully) be able to run 18 in the forest at around 3.15 so dah dah problem sorted image.

     I have been doing lot's of hill runs (I have a 15 mile cross country race tomorrow), and I've been trying some interval training. I think I'll try and bit of tempo training this week.

    Think I am becoming a bit obsessed with this image.

  • Hi

    Kaffeeg think I understand going to look up that website.

    Rebecca don't worry I too am obsessed by all this and now thoroughly confused ! image good luck with your cross country run tomorrow.


  • Kaffeeg,
    Have just booked that day for Edinburgh in 3 weeks, when do they send info re venue etc. Just got a confirmation email but no details!

    Re the garmin, you have to get it with heart rate monitor strap, it is a bit pricey but it is so worth it.

    The alternative is perceived effort, slow runs you run at the same pace you would if having to have a conversation or being able to sing along to your tunes. Now I am a bit more tuned in I know straight away when my heart rate is going up without having to look!
  • Sorry soggy, second bit of post above meant for you! Susie
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    susiebuzz - brilliant!  Hopeyou enjoy it as much as I did.  they sent me an email about the venue, agenda etc at beginning of jan - so a couple of weeks before. 
  • evening you lovely people image

    did 15 miles today and hated every single mile, i didn't start off till lunchtime cause i really didn't want to go, (mojo is still in hidingimage)  am 11.25 min mile which is a slow plod but managed it, am still playing around with the food thing and i think i am nearly there, yesterday lunch i had a sweet potato and salad, dinner last night was pasta and this morning i had porridge, seemed to have more energy while running but not sure if its the carb loading or the weights at the gym that are helping with the strenght.

    As i have said before you guys have come such a long way, getting stronger and staying injury free, and doing more mileage every week,

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    on the injury free bit.....ran for the first time in two weeks yesterday at the school....and now limping again image clearly not healed yet. the GB pyhsio said i should take my running into the pool and do aqua running. she said carry on with your training plan in the pool, it's the closet thing to running and can keep your training going.....so i'm going to look a right twit running on the spot in the pool for nearly two hours.....

    sarnie - sounds great you got the food sorted.....i really need to work on that.
  • Really not looking forward to my run this morning .......it's really windy image

    Kaffeeg don't know if I could manage 2 hours in the pool running on the spot ..... sounds jolly hard work to me.  If you do get any funny looks just say it's all part of your training plan for london marathon and boy will they be impressed 


  • omg the wind! EEEEEK! I think I might go back to the track today, at least its flat!

    sorry about the limp Kafeeg. I've never tried pool running but I've heard lots of good things about it. Got to be worth a try!
  • well just done 12.2 miles and boy was it windy, nearly got blown over with the wind behind me then really struggled against the wind, felt as if I wasn't running at all.  Really struggled at mile 9 for some reason felt like it was all completely hopeless complete waste of time never going to run 26 miles etc,etc.  But then suddenly went in to auto pilot and finished slightly more positive [ still don't know how I am going to run 26 miles though]  finished in just under 2 hours.  Next week's run  is apparently 9miles and the following week I think 14 eeeeeek    Bit achey now but going for a walk later to loosen up.

    Hope everyone's run has gone well let's just hope its not blowing a gale or really hot on THE BIG DAY


  • Well done everyone on there runs today.

    Kaffeeg are there any aqua classes you can go to so you are doing it with others if you feel silly doing it on your own.

    I had a 15 mile race today, it was horrible. About 8 miles of the course was on a coastal path next to the sea, it was very cold, horribly windy and I hated most of it. I am glad it's over now.

  • image Well done everyone for running in the wind today and doing the distance as well, am so glad i did mine yesterday cause theres no way i could have done it, and remember next weeks long run will feel much easier                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  • Hey everyone blink on here and you have pages to catch up on - reading it all but can never remember who said what so welcome anyone new and well done everyone who's doing well and chin up everyone who's suffering.

    friday night went to gym set treadmill for 10 miles had a great run but it changed to 'cool down' and I was so pleased with myself but the machine only registered 6.7 miles!? how does that work?

    Today had and awful disaster of a run. legs like lead everything wrong just 1,75 miles and now I've got back ache - hope it's not a bug!

  • evening all, I dropped the miles from 16 miles last week to 10 miles today as I felt the old shin splints were coming back. (that's what put me out of lasts years marathon, 6 weeks before the day and after 2 twenty milers

    I ran along the sea front in Portsmouth and my god was it windy. literally moving on the spot for some of it, But managed to get in in 1 hour 24 mins, so not to bad.

    good to hear everyone is starting to up the mileage, lots of progress being made.

    bought some new trainers yesterday, £90, designed for idiots like me with severe over pronation. Hoping they may help with the shin splints. Bought some SIS gels as well, all the lads in the sports shop (a respectable one, not your two bob high street shop) really recommended them, "like rocket fuel" apparently.

    Not running this week, gonna do 3 bike sessions, to rest the shins, then into an 18 miler on Saturday.

    have a good week at work, remember Kentucy fried chicken thursdays are recommended by all top marathon runners

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