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  • Oh and might I just add about the race this morning i did it in a PB of 34.32 which is down from 36.10 or something like that. I definitely think Insanity is helping with my cardio as my legs felt really strong going up hills and in the last mile.

  • Have taken the plunge and ordered Insanity DVD's. Will be starting tomorrow with the fitness test and cracking on from there. Not sure whether to be excited or crapping myself but time will tell......

  • Stumbled across this blog and I am hooked.

    Started Insanity today with the fitness test, I'm a bit nervous of whats in store but here goes.....


  • 1st fitness test today;

    Switch kicks - 67

    Power Jacks - 40

    Power knees - 63

    Power Jumps - 30

    Globe jumps - 7

    Suicide jumps - 10

    Push up jacks - 11

    Plank Obliques - 23

    Starting dying a death towards the end but looking forward to day 2 at the moment anyway...

  • I'm on week 3 now (of my restart!) and can feel a difference already. Yesterday I managed to do the ski abs and in out abs bit for the first time without a break. Nice to see a few new people posting on here. Dave, that first fit test looks good, I could only manage about 8 power jumps the first timeI tried!

  • 1st fitness test yesterday.

    Switch kicks - 60

    Power Jacks - 39

    Power knees - 70

    Power Jumps - 30

    Globe jumps - 6

    Suicide jumps - 13

    Push up jacks - 15

    Plank Obliques - 30

    Today I had a 45min boot camp session came home and went straight into day 2 plyometric cardio circuit.

    needless to say I'm spent but its making me think the boot camp sessions, which I do twice a week, aren't all that, in comparison that is.

    Could do without a friends 50th b'day celebrations today! Not looking forward to Day 3

  • Thanks Samantha. Mark its good to have someone else starting the same time as me for extra motivation and a few of your fitness test results are similar to mine. Just finished day 2 and probably went too hard in the warm up and beginning. With experience and improved fitness I am sure this will get better. 5 a side football tomorrow mixed with day 3......
  • Did the fitness test for the second time yesterday - improvements in all tests so pleased enough with it. Plyo cardio circuit today and I actually think this is the toughest workout of the first month. I am definitely getting better at it and feel I can do much more. Diet for me is my biggest downfall but I am getting on the right track with that. Trying to fit in 5 small meals, 2 litres of water and a protein shake after my workout.
  • Day 3 completed with football to come tonight. I have started by increasing protein in my diet and eating a high protein meal after the workout. Does everyone use protein shakes?? I will be investing in a mat as well as I have a laminate floor and once the sweat on starts it is too slippery. Still enjoing at the moment though and like the sound of tomorrows Cardio RECOVERY. I hope it really is a recoveryimage

  • It looks like I've started Insanity at the same time as Dave and Mark. I started on Monday and stumbled upon this thread this morning - really interesting reading and great to see that so many people have made it through!

    The Google search which led me to this thread was "Insanity workout calf pain" as I woke up this morning and my calves were screaming. I could barely walk yesterday but I can barely stand today. Thankfully today was Cardio Recovery which has been the easiest day so far. Has anybody else had this pain?

    To get up to speed, I'll post my Fit Test results:

    Switch kicks - 87

    Power Jacks - 45

    Power knees - 66

    Power Jumps - 34

    Globe jumps - 10

    Suicide jumps - 17

    Push up jacks - 16

    Plank Obliques - 32

    I haven't been able to fully match Sean T and his gang for a full session yet (i.e. I've had to take a break at some point) but have probably managed about 90-95% of each session, keeping relatively good form.

    I managed almost all of today's session but could not hold today's squats or lunges.

    Dave, I am not using protein shakes. Just eating something pretty balanced almost immediately after each workout (e.g cottage cheese and wholemeal toast.) I'm sticking to the principles of the nutrition guide but not many of the actual recipes as they don't seem hugely appealing. I'm using ShapeUp to monitor my calories & nutrition.

    P.S. Not sure if I'm in love with Tanya or if I hate her. She really is a machine.

  • Oh the shame the shame I fell at day three, it was kind of to be expected, friends 50th went on into the small hours so was unable to do anything yesterday.

    Back on track today with boot camp session then day 3, I just won't have a day off on sunday so come monday i'm back on schedule.

    I have been watching my weight with myfitness pal and upping the exercise and protein intake via shakes and have lost 2kg in a week.

    I'm with Fuzzy regarding Tanya


  • I wouldn't worry about missing a day Mark, so long as you get back on it straight away. Some advice that crops up time and again on the web seems to be that even if you're really not up to doing the workout on a particular day, you should just press play and watch it as it helps motivate you and get you back on it the following day.

    Anyway, it was Day 5 for me this morning and I have a bit of a confession to make.... Days 1 - 4 had been hard. Really hard. Probably the hardest workout I've ever done. But after all my research on Insanity before starting, all the people saying how insane it really is, how it's almost impossible, how they thought they were going to pass out / puke / drop dead etc.... I didn't find it as hard as I had expected. Just to repeat: it was probably the hardest exercise I've ever done but it felt manageable. I even got to thinking I was a bit of a machine myself....

    I realise now that is because I had not yet done "Pure Cardio".

    Wow! That was tough! My calves were still feeling very sore when I woke up but much better than the previous two mornings and I'm still waking up feeling very motivated. The warm-up started as usual and I really tried to concentrate on form and speed. I was feeling very good about my performance but it also seemed that the warm-up was more tiring than previous days. Probably just because I'm doing it faster I thought. 

    By the time I got to the stretches I was feeling happy because I am definitely regaining some flexibility. I can just about manage the deep lunges now and can almost get my palms to the floor during full stretches (although I still have a ridiculous amount of trouble standing on one leg!) But by the end of the stretches I was dripping in sweat. What was going on?

    And then I heard the words that struck fear into my very soul. Shaun T said "I'm feeling really nervous about this routine." The guy is a phenomenon and he was feeling nervous? 

    Well, he had every right to feel nervous. It was punishing. 20 mins of pure cardio with no breaks. One after the other after the other. The "machines" started dropping out to catch brief illicit breaks (although not, I noted, the lovely Tanya... she stuck through it all the way) and then Shaun T started to go a bit crazy. First referring to himself in the third person, "Wooh! Shaun T is tired, y'all" and then forgetting the names of exercises "Next we're gonna do... I don't know... Just copy me". Finally declaring "This s*!t is BANANAS" and dropping to the floor.

    I had to stop for a few 15 second breaks and took some of the exercises sonsiderably slower than Shaun T. Also really struggled with the push-ups as I'm a bit of a feeb when it comes to upper body strength.

    That said, even though it was incredibly hard, I probably enjoyed it more than any other so far. It was certainly the most varied with different exercises and i actually felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of it - odd though it sounds - comparable with completing my first half-marathon back in 2007.

    One more day and then a rest on Sunday! Woo!

    Hope it's going well for everyone else on here!

  • Wow, thanks Fuzzy now I'm nervous for tomorrow when I will attempt pure cardio after a 45 min boot camp session.

    Completed the cardio recovery today, have to say i was still sweating well even though it was pretty slow, I did struggle with some of the stretches I'm no where near as flexable as they are, probably why I had a good sweat on.

    Right off to have a sneeky look day 5

  • Well done to everyone, it's been nearly a month since i finished insanity now and i'm still noticing the differences.  I'm back to running and all my PB's are being smashed, i did 12.5 miles last night and ran a 1:40:50 which is 6 minutes quicker than last years time. I put all my running improvements down to insanity, i'm a stone lighter than this time last year and feel fitter/stronger.

    I still throw in the odd insanity workout during the week just to keep my hand in.  Stick with it guys, it really works, I did follow the nutritional requirements through the whole 60 days and i did take protein shakes after the workouts to help recovery.

    I filled in the form from the team beachbody website, sent my stats and before and after photos, they have e-mailed me to say that my insanity t-shirt is on it's way!

    Good luck guys.

  • I've just finished my third week of insanity and I love it! Pure cardio is my favourite without a doubt.

    As I am planning to do the Dundee half in 13 weeks I'm away to start doing 3 days insanity, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and 3 days running, 4 miles Tuesday and Thursday, 7 miles on a Saturday. I'll increase the mileage on Saturdays as the weeks get on but 7 will do for now.

    Good luck to everyone doing insanity, it is an amazing workout.
  • Ah, thats good to hear... im doing insanity ( week 3) and just signed up for a half marathon in 10 weeks. I love doing insanity and was trying to work out my training plan and a bit gutted I might have to stop it for a while but might do the same, alternating the days with insanity workouts and running! Looking forward to T25!!!
  • Sounds like we are making the same progress - I too have just completed week 3 of insanity and its going great. I have to say I enjoy all workouts though probably have a slight leaning towards pure cardio as being my favourite.

    I am in a similar boat to you guys - except I have my first half marathon in 5 weeks time so it is tough going. I am doing all the insanity workouts plus running 3 times per week and also trying to supplement it with 2 weights workouts per week. I just did a 9 mile run yesterday on my insanity rest day and i am feeling it this morning! I have pure cardio this evening which whilst looking forward to, i am quite sore this morning so dont know how it will go. I am just going to get to the end of this week and then next week is recovery week.


  • Well done Mr A! Glad to hear you got good results. I'm still going after stopping and starting so much over the last couple of months. Determined to get through the whole thing this time! Is everybody doing the diet as well or only the exercise?

  • I am only doing the exercise at the moment. I had a brief look at the nutrition plan when i first got the DVDS but i mentioned earlier in the thread that I was trying to eat clean with 5 small meals per day and supplementing with protein shakes and upping my water intake as well. What about you?

  • Just completed Day 1 Week 2. I am sticking to it just although did swop a Rest Day from Sunday to Saturday because of work commitments. I have lost 8lbs during the first week and have started to feel the benefits. I am completing pretty much all of the warm ups now without stopping. I thought I would be aching so much more than I am but have followed the warm downs to the letter and think this is probably why. Diet wise I am not taking protein shakes but immediately after the DVD I have a chocolate milkshake and a high protein snack/meal instead. I am not following the meal plans in the book but have cut down portion size on my main meal, eating 5 times a day and introduced more dairy, meat, beans etc for protein top ups. I agree with the earlier comments about Pure Cardio. When Shaun T said that he was feeling nervous about what was to come!!!!!!!!

    The reason I started Insanity was because as I got injured training for the Edinburgh Marathon at the beginning of March running a half marathon. I was so annoyed that I binged for a month didn't do any exercise and put on a stone in weight. I then tried a run and had to give up after 4 miles due to the pain. I was going to start Insanity in June after the marathon but started last week as I had given up on the  marathon. With the first weeks results fitness and weight loss I feel that the marathon may possibly be back on!! Anyone reading this thread and thinking about starting GO FOR IT!!!

  • i'm not doing the diet, just trying to eat healthily. Had lots of setbacks recently healthwise and had to stop, start again and stop again. Going to go for it this time and try to do the whole thing properly.

    Dave79, you should go for the marathon and like Mr A says, it really helps, I had doen half of Insanity when i ran a half marathon and knocked 17 minutes off my previous time.

  • I'm not following the diet either. I totally changed what I eat though and very rarely eat junk food now (always got time for a pack of m&m peanuts as a treat). Tuna and salad on whole meal pitta bread is my favourite thing to eat just now.

    Eating healthy and regular exercise really does make a difference, not just physically but mentally as well.
  • Sounds like you guys are doing really well! Those of you who are training other routines as well as insanity just be careful when you do month 2, it really kicks up another level!

  • As expected I struggled with pure cardio and cardio abs this evening but got through it anyway. Mr A I am definitely wary of combining half marathon training with month 2 - I will just have to play it by ear and see how I get on.

  • Think I must be going wrong somewhere! I got to week 5 last summer then stopped due to work etc but carried on with normal weights n cardio. I really noticed the change and improvement in my tone this time im not noticing any changes or weight loss atall image I don't eat junk n have a high protein low to no carb diet. Think I need to change things? !?!?
  • Is it just me but this doesn't seem to be getting any easier, im back on schedule after missing a day last week but i'm finding it tough. Just done the plyometric cardio again and that drill session towards the end with the press ups and squats its just .... well insane.

    I think combining this with my boot camp is a bit too much, i'm 49 now and before this I just did the 2 boot camp sessions and the odd 5k run, I feel like i'm running out of energy not gaining any.

    Any hoo tomorrows another day ...... dig deeper yo'll


  • Mark1963, sounds like your overtraining to me, i stopped all other training whilst doing insanity so i could maximise the results, month 2 is harder!

    Just to let you all know, my insanity t-shirt arrived today.  When you finish just download the form from the beachbody success stories website, fill it in and email with the required before and after photos and stats, then hey presto 5-6 weeks later the t-shirt turns up. Wear it with prideimage

  • Just two more sessions left for me in the first month of Insanity. Today is cardio recovery but I dont really feel the benefits of doing it so i am skipping it. I have trained 10 days in a row between insanity, running and weight with sometimes double sessions on those so i am taking the opportunity to have a rest and then really smash the final pure cardio and plyo cardio circuit on Friday and Saturday. Slightly wary about stepping up into month 2 but definitely up for the challenge.


  • well done Mr A! Katie, I find the same - no weight loss but I can see and feel a difference in tone. Hopefully if we keep going, that will change.

  • Just completed the end of week 2. The Cardio Abs after completing Pure Cardio is MAD!!! Felyt like a physical wreck after it but I am still enjoying it overall. 2nd fitness test tomorrow so fingers crossed for some good results.

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