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  • CWTH - It's looking like you have reached that point where things are changing, and your body understands that it has to work through. I completely understand the time constraints. It is tough. I am lucky with shift work where I just factor the training in at different times as opposed to only a narrow window after work before bed (on normal working hours). Keep it up girl - let us know the bady shape changes. If you can, like me for the Hook 10 mile race recently - just take it easy and enjoy. I bet you will feel the difference. Keep us posted.

    Great effort Ed and what great 2nd time scores. Marked improvement. Goes to show what a pretty girl can do to motivate eh? Was it just that or was it what I experienced? - seeing my 1st time scores and wanting to SMASH them and also get the improvement that the "machines" evidenced in the test?

    Even so - you, and everyone, has shown GREAT improvement and it proves that all the effort is worth it.

    Me today = Max Cardio Conditioning. I put this session off, later and later in the day. I just wanted to veg after a lie in bed till 11am (well I didn't get to sleep till 2am)! I kicked off about 4.30 and I was in the mood for it. The warm up brought into focus the quad effort of the last few days because they were protesting not long into it (you know that little knobbly bit on the inside of the leg just beside the knee? WOW feel the burn baby). I maintained good form and reasonable pace and soon the waterworks kicked in. I was forming a pool in the room. The whole session is about constant movement and there's no  let up for the 45 minutes. Water had to be taken on as a quick grab. I have started to see my obliques showing out and I felt gret doing the leg kicks but they go on so long that the hips ache so much. There's also a lot of squat work and leaping and I got to a stage where I coul only stand provided I had locked out my knees. 16 p/up and 16 run outs - OMG - dizzy spell. Level 3 drills - 4 push up jacks, 8 runouts and leap up - ONG - white halo stage. Thank God we do a slower more leg bassed exercise where i can get some breath back. At the end, ST gets us to do some basketball leaps into bouncing squats AND THEN STRAIGHT into held squat for 45 seconds. There was no way on Gods earth that my legs were gunna be able to do that. I was quivering like a sapling in a hurricane and mewing like a baby. Stretch down was bliss and rivers were running off my head.

    I feel great now (3 hrs after). Body showing new shape changes and deffinition - happy with that! I hope of have passed through the doldrums (just like month 1) and am gunna hold out for the next two weeks.

  • Wow, well done Ed thats a great improvement and Henstooth glad you are seeing improvements too - makes all that sweat worthwhile!!

    I am feeling v tired today, I have a 5:30 start on a Tuesday and being a night owl always struggle with this. Got cardio power and resistence. Legs v sore so am leaving the workout until this evening. No run today which is probably a good thing as I'm not sure my body would be up for both !!

  • Mixed bag today. Busy day painting and as I worked I could feel a sharp pain in the lower left side of my back. It was playing on my mind and I developed concerns that it would prevent me from doing the workout. Couple that with achy shoulders and a stiff nexk, I was begining to think I was falling apart! Painting dragged, kids came home and dinner need to be started. Wife was late home too so I was not sure when to start.

    Anyway - Max Interval Circuit - ST says, "I'm gunna break ya and then make ya." Such cruel words, and not untrue. Warm up brought stabbing pains in my back - OH GOD am I gunna have to pull out? Keep going. Less energy but keep at it. The session is several exercises at 30 seconds, then a 30 second water break. He asks for max effort and core abs tight. As I warm up, the back pain subsides, or is it just because the whole body pain is taking over?

    Gulping loads of water, and trying to keep my knees up, I begin to flag a little. I decide to concentrate on my form and to go at my own speed. Frog Hops blow my quads away. The full body drill (plank 4 ski abs, 8 run outs, 4 moving push up jacks, 4 wide knee runs) cause white halo eyes! Again, I am stunned at Ariel, who gets her legs so high on the low switch kicks. I find myself getting annoyed at the "everso keen" female who looks and sounds possessed when ST asks her how she feels doing the rope jumps, and also when we see her doing the raised arm jacks. She's just a bit too keen to please.

    As for me, I find myself begging for the last batch of exercises, and I draw some relief from the punches but weep at the plank, press ups abs holding into plank punches.

    I complete the session quite exhausted but I feel that I didn't quite go at it with true "dig deep" effort. Maybe it's the lag from recent shift work and todays painting. Oh well. Just keep on going.

  • Henstooth, I hope you're ok. Could be the pain disappeared once your muscles had warmed up. I hope this is the case, and all the stretching could help. But if it is not, then maybe you should get it looked at; don't mess with your back. You said that you're doing the three peaks challenge. Make sure you are on good form.

    Me Plyo today, grrrrr sweated buckets, felt grrreat. (like Tony the Tiger).
  • Hi

    I may be joining you all in the next couple of days along with Mr Cheetah! At the moment my only exercise is running - around 25-30 miles per week. I started doing weights earlier in the year and loved the feeling of gradually getting stronger - but found it very boring and gave up after a while! Mr C does Karate, joins me for a couple of runs a week, and regular weight sessions. So I think we both have a decent level of cardio fitness - personally I fancy taking it to a new level - and Mr C wants to prove that it doesn't work after seeing an infomercial the other night! (OK yeah, it was a drunken bet! image )

    So - we now have the workout DVDs - I've worked out how to rearrange the furniture to accommodate us both jumping around at the same time - and I'm going to harrass Mr Cheetah into doing the fit test in the next couple of days, although I have a feeling I'll be doing more of the workouts by myself!


    I hadn't factored in the recovery drinks - are they really necessary? And if so does anyone have any recommendations? I'm hoping this will help my running rather than make me ache too much to carry on - and I'm open to anything that will help.

    Thanks - and hoping to post fit test results in the next couple of days. image

  • Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs Phew!

    Gallons of sweat, feel great.

    Barefoot for more work.

    Holding the C Sit position for so long.....

  • Welcome Cheetah,

    It's great fun, and while running is great fitness I find the workouts (remind me of circuits when I was in the Army), exorsise other muscles and groups that are often missed.

    It has helped my running too.

    I hope you stick with it. Tell us if Mr Cheeteh notices improvement too.

    Cheers Ed
  • Mrs Cheetah welcome, and nag Mr Cheetah to join in! It's a long thread to read but worth it as you'll find what people have said about the start and their journey day by day. I started running ages ago and got up to some long distance and partake in plenty of events (just for the medals). I am gunna be part of a 7 man team doing the 3 Peaks (UK) and wanted to up my cardio so that I would find the challange easier (and be there to support my friends). Insanity seemed to fit the bill and as you will see I am presently Month2, Week2, Day3 (I am somewhat acting as self appointed trailfinder for everyone on the thread!). All I can say is start at day 1, work hard, you'll find it tough, but it's worth it. I swear by the recovery protein and dextrose drink that I have after each session. I get a job lot from It certainly stopped that deep mussel ache next day feeling and has helped define a little without putting on weight. Each to their own.

    Today - Max Interval Plyo (M2W2D3) - busy day in the garden first off, then a one hour personal training session for the old folk, then hit the disc this afternoon.

    I have been further troubled by lower back pain (moved to the coccyx area and quite sharp). I added a citrus electrolyte tablet to my water which caused me to sweat less and feel better during the workout. Warm up aggravated the coccyx pain and I thought it would get so bad that I'd quit. What I did was to slow down and not lift my legs so high. My quads really let me down today. They lacked power and strength and I had to pound them to stop cramp pain. Moving on, with thankful breaks, I found the "press up to stand" a little easier this time round but the "side press ups" hurt as did the NASTY "level 3 drills". The time seemed to wizz by and I certainly feel better than the last time I did this (more sleep, slower work rate). Did well over a liter of water. Had a cold recovery drink afterwards.

    Back pain is only a dull thud now. Whole body feels firm.

  • Yeah come join us Mrs Cheetah!

    I did pure cardio yesterday straight after a run which wasn't the most sensible thing but the only way I could fit everything in.

    My legs were tired and I couldn't jump as high as normal but still did it so am pleased with myself.

    Plyo today and another run this afternoon. Am looking forward to a rest but still 3 days to go.

  • Recovery today.

    Although it feels good, I always felt recovery was a nice soothing time, not squat pulses.

    I feel great now, now to go to work and face the day!
  • Aaaargh that Shaun T chap is EVIL!!! And he seemed like such a nice bloke too! image

    I've just completed my first fit test and I'm sitting here with a soggy bit of paper that I was crawling over to write down my results. Are the actual workouts that evil? I can run half marathons, I can't believe how much that knackered me hehe!

    Here's my results:

    Switch kicks - 88

    Power Jacks - 47

    Power Knees - 66

    Power Jumps - 31

    Globe Jumps - 8

    Suicide Jumps - 16

    Pushup Jacks - 25

    Low Plank Obliques - 31 (assuming both sides count as one!)


    I have some For Goodness Shakes on order, hope they arrive tomorrow as I'm hoping to do the first Insanity session and a run later on. Hopefully I'll have stopped being a dripping trembly mess by then....

  • Today Max Recovery. (M2W2D4)

    Okay - I have found my ALL TIME MOST HATED exercise. Let me try and put it into perspective. You know how just a little paper cut hurts like hell? You know how a small splinter just sends a lightning like bolt of pain to your brain? Well, how can such a simple looking, and limited movement exercise CAUSE ME TO CRY OUT LIKE A BABY? I am having a full blown hissyfit at the DVD, shouting out "I can't f*cking do it - how in Gods name are they doing it? - it's impossible". On closer inspection, I see that the women seem to be able to breeze through this without a concern. Some of the blokes are having a little trouble BUT ME - Oh no - not likely. What is this exercise I hear you ask? - Well it's the "Píule stance" , feet wide apart, toes pointing out, bend the kness in a squat and then SIMPLY, pulse squat - I can barely get 10 done, and this session requires reps of 16 each side, then palm down, and then again up on tiptoes! I was in AGONY. The women are robot freeks. The blokes not that much better. (Rant over)

    Having started the session, I felt it was gong okay, repeated lunges with curving back, gripping legs etc etc, then that nonsence above and finally the high plank low plank pectoral lifts. Recovery my arse!

    Apart from those two exercises, I felt good, particularly after a naff night of little sleep and a  long busy day at work. Afterwards, my daughter made me a lovely milkshake to which I added my protein and dextrose. NICE.

    Tomorrow brings max cardio conditioning + cardio abs (pain in buckets I think 'cos I remember the "c sit" killed in the first month.)

    Keep it up people. Put in the effort, reap the rewards.

  • Henstooth I see u add a lot of supplements and I don't know much about them. What is dextrose and what does it for? And your other ones. Any advice would

    Be good!
  • Cheetah - GREAT results (Low Plank is counted as individuals - so yours is doubled).

    The sessions are harder in their own way, designed to work you in specific areas OR all over in cardio. I assure you, you will get better rusults in two weeks - partially because you know your previous scores and you WANT to beat them AND beat the machines on the DVD. For best incentive, forget and hide week 1 results and because you have no referance, you'll bust a gut for fear of NOT beating them (cruel).

    I am a runner but I have found, gradually, but much more so in month 2, that I just can't get the energy to run distance as well. I know my cardio stamina is way above where it was before, but I am too knackered to do runs as well. I am also paranoid about "burn out" as I do not want to jepordise the 3 Peaks. Listen to your body. I am sure you won't suffer by not running as much, only improve in cardio and stamina and leg strength from the DVD. I intend to do a mix and match when i have completed the DVD and 3 Peaks, to keep the body form and shape, but also to move my running up a gear. I would love to crack the 45 min 10k, which is only 45 seconds outa my grasp. This just might do it for me.

    Keep going mate - keep us all informed.


  • gedgino - the dextrose is just a glucose - a simple sugar used in cells for energy. Quickly absorbed. I add half a scoop to 2 scoops of protein whey and mix those to water and a little milk. I was never much for the shakes but I have to say, my recovery has improved immensely. When I first started the DVD I would ache all over the area of mussel that was worked. Perhaps it's because I was doing something every day, that my body just got used to it, OR, as I believe, the shakes were helping the mussels repair. I have only put on 2 pounds but my mussels have defined, bulked and strengthened. The change to all my mussel groups is perceivable. I have just started to use a eletrolye tablet in water which adds essential amino acids and salts which you loose in sweat. As the DVD creates RIVERS of sweat, I thought I'd help replace them ASAP. They seem to have redused my sweat level.

    Hope that helps mate.

  • Ok, really need to update more often!

    Mondays fit test

    Switch Kicks 52

    Power Jacks 48

    Power Knees 84

    Power Jumps 47

    Globe jumps 11

    Suicide Jumps 15

    Push up jacks 24

    Low Plank Oblique  46

    So thats an improvement accross the board, which I am happy with. Unfortunately I didnt do tuesdays, as had a REALLY rough day at work and just couldnt get my head in the right place to train.

    Weds Pure Cardio and Abs was a total killer. I was exhausted by the end of the cardio, and a complete sweaty mess. Fortunately the Mrs was on hand to offer helpful advice such as "your not getting any better, and Its not working" Just what you need when your struggling to think straight and do the exercises!


    Well what can you say about those C-Sit exercises. The pain in your abs is almost unbearable........ Ok so Shaun T says get abs without a crunch in sight. Personally I prefer crunches as they dont hurt anywhere near as much.

    Although its only 15 mins it feels ten times as long. The Mrs redeamed herself during the ab work out by spotting that my form was off on one of the excersises which allowed me to correct it, and of course cause my midsection twice as much pain as it was beforehand.

    All in all was a great workout, which left me feeling much better once I had actually completed it.



  • Cardio Recovery

    Not sure what it is about this workout, but I find myself either coasting through it, or just pushing too damm hard. I just don't seem to be able to find a happy medium.

    Still got it out the way without too much trouble. Was nice to be able to sit down and chill afterwards.

    One thing I am finding, is having others do the workout at the sametime is forcing me to motivate myself to train even when I don't want too, as it feels like I'm letting the others down if I give up, or miss a workout.

    Only one more week of this before it goes up a notch. Really not looking forward to whats to come. Pete hang in there bud, I'm looking forward to seeing your results at the end of the 60 days. Beers all round once we complete this I think image


  • Oh and while I think of it the extra 30days is called the Asylum

    Should be fun to do after? Pete? LOL

  • Yay I have better obliques than I thought! (I've always been good at plank-based things though - I used to do the 10 minute workout DVDs and I was good at the planky obliquey stuff on those too) - I'm not good at jumping though, and my knees were knackered before I started as I've ran the last three evenings.

    I had a go at the C-sit watching the intro and I think my balance may need a bit of work too! I am now enjoying a gin and tonic or three to make sure my muscles are fully relaxed for tomorrow's session! image

  • Tonight it's Sherry for meimage
  • Cardio Power & Resistance.

    Made the mistake of doing the workout before having anything to eat for the day. Big mistake as I felt the energy sapping from my body almost as soon as I started the warm up. I kept going and pushed though best I could but noticed I couldn't really get into the grove.

    One thing I like about insanity is the workouts seem to be really quick and mostly over in a blur, as your body struggles to make sense of what is happening to it. I have a feeling that month two isnt gonna be quite like that, but then am sure it will be worth it in the end.


  • Same workout as Tangol.

    I felt a little lacklustre today, I'm not sure why. I finished,dripping in sweat and feeling great, but I was missing an edge.

    Tomorrow I will be back on form.


  • Missed a workout yesterday, went out for a run 3.5 miles which is not that far, my normal dhorter runs are about 5/6 miles. Completely wiped out. Was planning on doing the DVD when I got back but had ZERO energy.

    Feel really annoyed with myself, but will pick myself up and get back on it today.

    I have a 10 mile race on Sunday and so think after that I will cut back a bit on the running and not try and push myself so hard with it so that I don't 'burn out' again - it was truly hideous and felt like crying.

    Never mind - PMA PMA PMA

    So glad there are so many of us on here now, gives you that little bit extra push

  • Quick recovery and sustainability with feeling on top of your game is mostly diet. Balance Carbs Protien and most importantly blood sugars and you should always hit your target. I messed it up today. You don't have to be diabetic to let blood sugars affect your performance/mood/everything. A quick sugar high causes your sugars to go down beneath the starting point once exhausted. If this happens when training it knocks you down a peg or two. If you are eating in exactly the same way as before it can not always be benefitial. Try more Protien for the recovery and Carbs and vitamins to enable it the happen. Longer lasting sugars mixed with quick release ones can help (Flapjacks etc once the sugar begins to wear off the energy from the more complex carbs starts being released, giving you a more sustainable boost).
  • Thanks Ed - I might try following the diet plan next week, maybe i'm not eating often enough or eating the right things. I will give it a go and see if that works.

  • I woke up aching absolutely everywhere today - especially my shoulders, but my For Goodness Shakes arrived this morning so I had no excuse not to try the first proper session - Plyometric Cardio Circuit. It sounds so innocent, doesn't it!

    image<<<This is what I looked like afterwards!


    I can honestly say nothing has ever made me sweat so much. I had to sit out one of the drills with the basketball jumps and the pushups but kept up the best I could with the rest - Mr Cheetah is yet to try it but he's starting to change his view after seeing the state of me after a workout! I'm off for a 5 mile-ish run soon, it seems to hurt less running than walking at the moment.

    I stand by my first impressions - Shaun T IS evil! image

  • Several hours later....and OUCHIEEEEEE!!!!!! I've decided to have a total rest day tomorow as it can only go two ways - either I end up injured, or have a really pointless workout as I can hardly move!

    I have aches in parts of muscles I didn't even know existed - and at the moment I only seem to be able to go down the stairs sideways, one at a time. At least it seems my form must have been OK as my aches are fairly well balanced! image

    I think it was the power squats that got me. I did manage a 5.5 mile run though - a lot slower than normal as my legs were already seizing up a bit but I'm proud of myself for doing it!image

  • Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs...Another long day at work. Decided to have a caffine loaded tablet which you add to water as a pick-me-up (that worked!).

    Entered the workout keen, found it okay to be fair - certainly worked hard, lots of quad work. Felt a lot better doing the drills too. Occassionally I phased out for the last 10 or 5 seconds on a couple of the routines but that was due to me giving it my best at the start. Sweat build up and wet T-shirt (steady girls!). Last exercise is high level and low level plank oliques. Did well on them today. As I had just done the warm down for the 45 min session, I skipped the warm up for the cardio Abs session and got straight into the abs work. I felt good and managed a higher number of crunches. I certainly felt them working so I have mastered the "c sit". All in all and good 1hr15mins. Lots a sweat, the abs ache now though.

    Today I intend to do an evening run tonight and I will be interested to see how I do. I will move the training session to Sunday (fathers day of all days!)

    EVERYONE - well done with the work. Should be some more people popping up on the system as I spread the news.

  • Barefoot Plyo Cardio

    Sweating monster size buckets today.

    Feel great, back on form.

    Ski Abs are my nemesis and I will overcome them.

    As we used to say in the Army "Pain is weakness leaving the body, (or an automatic response indcsting a serious problem"
  • So, I've been following this thread for about two weeks now, started Insanity on Monday after a few guys at work who are doing it got me hooked on the idea.  I thought I'd give it a few days to settle in to it before posting my thoughts so, as I am now at the end of my first week, it seemed the perfect time to do it.

    Monday was the fit test.  I felt sick during it, but I think that was due to not eating anything before hand and working out on little more than an empty stomach.  It was hard going, and although my results were not as good as I had hoped for, they were better than I had expected. I will update my results in due course.

    Tuesday: PLYO CARDIO CIRCUIT.  Dear God, it was horrendous.  I had no idea my body could tolerate so much stress!  It was, however, worth all the pain as I felt really good afterwards. I took Ed Trelawny's advice and did it bare foot. This caused incredible arch pain, in turn causing my achilles to hurt...I'll stay in trainers from here on. Every muscle in my body seemed to be sore in the aftermath of the fit test. Every movement came with a grimace and a groan.  I was even giving it the 'John Wayne' as I walked around.  I drank my bodyweight in water and a protein shake chaser straight after the workout.

    Wednesday: PURE CARDIO.  Changed it up today as I had misplaced the Cardio power and resistance disc.  I was still unfeasably sore, head to toe.  Arches still ached throughout.  After the warm up, my muscles didn't hurt so much but began to ache again post workout.  Downed buckets of water again, and protein shake for recovery.  By now I am already starting to notice changes, good changes, in myself.  Legs and back seem to be becoming more defined and there seems to be improvement in my posture and breathing...

    Thursday: CARDIO RECOVERY.  I. LOVED. IT.  This has, so far, been my favourite day.  Because my body is finally getting some respite?  Perhaps.  But also because it is so relaxing.  On the back of this, I am seriously considering taking up yoga.  My legs are still sore, but marginally better.  I go into this workout with an open mind, hoping that the stretches will help.  Another protein shake and plenty of wtaer.

    Friday:  CARDIO POWER AND RESISTANCE.  This is swapped in from Wednesday, having now located the disc.  This was hard.  Sweating SO much.  But, again, I really enjoyed it.  All the soreness has now gone along with the arch pain, so today I didn't feel like crying my way through the exercises.  By the end I was shaking all over where muscle fatigue had set in, but I felt good.  Hammered another protein shake and plenty of water.

    Saturday:  PLYO CARDIO CIRCUIT.  Did it in trainers today. Still found my arches hurt a little, but I think that's due to the perpetual up and down motion on the balls of my feet; jogging, high knees, in and out of the plank etc.  Tried to push myself harder today, sweating heaps for my trouble and going to town on the water.  Took in another protein shake, which I think seems to be helping my muscle recovery, not so much soreness in the legs now.

    Sunday: DAY OFF.  I am now heading into my day off.  I can say that I have enjoyed the first week immensely and from it I look forward to embarking on the second week, particulalry the ab work.  To round up my 1st week, I have seen some significant improvements in various aspects of my body.  My posture is improving, my breathing is better, I appear to be slimming down and toning up (flatter stomach and lesser muffin tops in the work trousers!)  Even my skin seems to be clearing.  The biggest change though is in my legs; they feel stronger, they look more ton

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