sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Dad is 85 and living on his own but I don't know how long that can go on. It only works because my sister lives in the same villiage and goes to see him twice a day.
  • Tough one, Howard. V. tough on your sister, too. Does he remember you ok?

    C has already said that when I get old and doo lally she's going to put me in a home image. Nice to get that sorted out!

    Had quite a boring day, but have got a lot done. After my mega sleep (which I'm going to try to replicate in a min) I cleaned the house, cleared out the spare bedroom ready for my sis from Bangkok to use next week (it's become an IM kit storage room), cleaned my bike, went to Halfords to buy new inner tubes, cooked a bit and researched flights to Nuremberg for C and AR. Tried to watch Dr Who but have totally lost the plot really.

  • Feel for you Howard.

    Good luck with the ride AH. Just cant get my head round you saying "105 this weekend" AMAZING. Very stupid question but where is ROTHLEY?

    Not been at work this weekend and not run. Feels very strange. Nice but strange. Ive decided to have 4 weeks off (well  sort of) and then decide on whats next . Quick 10k or Venice????

  • My dad does remember me amazingly.

    1.5 miles in 14 mins.

    Good luck AH

  • That's good Howard having your sister there but it must be difficult for her. My dad was 90 2 weeks ago and fortunately he can look after himself which is just as well as he lives in Orpington which is hot easy to get to for me or my brother. His neighbors keep an eye on him and take him shopping once a week.

    Good to have 4 weeks off Martin. Your body needs that rest. I've only run twice since Edinburgh and am not sure what to do next although with all this cool weather it would be good  to do some races before the summer starts.

    Wonder how many miles Hen has done?

  • 11 semi hilly miles this morning; good job I stuck to the one Sidecar last night! Felt v easy. Want to get as much hilly stuff in as poss before High Wycombe.

    Smeagol, oddly enough one of the friends I was with at the end of Vlm has aged parents in Orpington.
  • Martin, Roth's in Bavaria, just south of Nuremberg. North of Munich. 105 miles on the bike is nothign compared to 56 on foot!

    In the end it was 112 miles!  Wasn't meant to be... was meant to be 106 or 105. But I took a wrong turn at a roundabout (following signs for a rival event image) and managed to add on a few miles before I realised and turned round.  But my god - what a hilly 112 miles.  Took me almost 8 and a half hours... Not sure exactly.  About 8.20 I think.

    But good news is my energy levels were good and I don't feel rubbish now. It's amazing what a night with 11 hours sleep can do. And last night it was almost 8 hours even though I got up at 5.45.

    Good running Fido. And Howard. 

  • Lou - you rock! xx
  • Ah, Monsieur Ballons d'Or... you are spoiling me.image

  • AH - wowzers!! Well done on your 112 miles and also the megasleep,sounds like you really needed that.

    ((())) for HRR - must be tough,I'm sorry..

    On my way back home after a truly lovely girlie weekend..dress shopping was great fun and I did find a gorgeous one but think I might still prefer one I tried on in Leeds last weekend.. Wonderfully weird outdoor show called 'electric hotel' last night and fab spa session today..feeling very relaxed indeed..very excited indeed about my first run in 2 weeks tomorrow image I did get up at 6.45am yesterday to go for a swim though,felt so nice.
  • WOW AH... you do indeed rock..

    (()) Howard

    TuTu image dresses..

    Eastham ..(()) job..

    lovely weekend in glos... old mate from school has ended up in a gorgeous house with pool and tennis court.. not jealous at all... we all had a right old laugh and went to visit the old school today.. it was a beautiful day ...image very sunny - took lots of photos .. it is a real Hogwart school .. really truly.. all those on face book watch out for the photos .. its really OTT!!!

  • ... and dont forget AH went there too!!
  • So Tutu was that your hen night or just a training session for it ?!
  • Has anyone heard from Jovi. Just seen something on Facebook about her falling during a run.
  • Oh Jovi....

    Susan -haven't FB'd for ages but will keep an eye.  Have you got pics of the girls, too?

  • AH top stuff lady.

  • Oh - and more good news on this sunny Monday...

    I went on line to book flights for Roth for  AR and C today and... they've gone down in price by £75 a ticket! And that is for the slightly better timed flights which means they'll get there earlier  image. For once, procrastination has worked in my favour.

  • Gosh that's good AH, wow!!

    I didn't see anything about Jovi falling - hope she is OK?

    I keep forgetting to mention the 22nd July to you all.. I looked up trains... I can't take any time off work for it... just cannot work out if I can do it or not.
    Coming down is fine, I can get into London for 7 - 8pm easily enough but it's getting back to work for a decent time in the morning without having to get up at about 4.30am which I cannot work out!! We are supposed to be going away to the Lakes that weekend so I don't want to be too exhausted. Argh!

    Only other thought is coming back up the Thurs night too but I've just looked and I would have to get a train at 9.30pm.... so by the time I travelled to and from Kings Cross to the pub I would probably only be with you all for an hour which makes no sense... argh!

    Unless any of you live near Kings Cross and wouldn't mind me kipping over and letting myself out super early in the morning? Where my parents are (Ruislip) it's a 20 min walk to the tube then 45 mins on the tube to Kings Cross you see... there's a 7.35am train....

    Argh actually I might have to forget it - would be £42 return plus tube fares etc and I keep forgetting I am supposed to be saving up for my wedding! I don't think I could justify it.......... SORRY EVERYONE!! I am really sad about it, had really been determined to come to this one.  image

    First run for 2 weeks tonight - am actually super excited about it, can't wait!!!!! image

  • Back home in London - Hot and sweaty!

  • Well Tutu, no one can accuse you of not looking into it!  IT's a long way to come for an hour.
  • .... its a long way but we will all be there... image I can get you to tube super early for train at kings cross..??
  • everyone out on the town ?? or running??
  • Running, yoga, and now bed!
  • Oh susan..I do really want to come,can I take you up on that offer? Would it be ridiculous of me to go for a 6.30 train?! I think that was cheaper than the 7.30 and would get me to work for 9am! I'll have a look at train prices etc again at lunchtime.

    Yes I was actually out running last night! Felt really good..gorgeous evening. 8.5 miles and felt zonked at end of it but has given me hope that I can probably do the half on sun..just going to run once more before then.

    More sun today!! (insert sunglasses smiley..)
  • Hi all - the happy wanderer reporting in. after a couple of days back home im on my way back down to London for the last 4 shows of the Jovi tour. Hand still very sore after Saturdays fall but otherwise all ok. the problem is i have taken skin off part of palm of my hand and it is very difficult to avoid catching it and reopening wound - still, could have been a lot worse as i took quite a tumble on a gravel path with lots of large stones around. other than the fall, we had a great run - just uner 14 miles - did same route as two weeks previously and knocked 6 mins off time and felt good at the end of run whereas two weeks ago was hanging on for grim death and felt dreadful - so looks like all this dancing at shows is paying off as cross training. hotel i am in tomorrow ahs a gym so will probably go for a couple of runs on the treaddie. am in hyde park are Friday as friend staying there on Friday so may look up the Serpies last Friday of month 5k thing.

    Off to read back

    Eastham - are you around Friday? that was another option for a run as we staying in Docklands area Thurs night - maybe go for a run before we move over to Hyde Park? Anyway, text me if you're around and i could maybe join you for a run Fri lunchtime

    Is Mr M away for 2 weeks?
  • Just one week I think.  Lucky chap.  Am gagging for some beach and sun and gratuitous G&T drinking. Not going to happen this year sadly. Again image. Still. Who needs a gorgeous beach and the sparkling mediterranean sea when you can have a shipping canal in Germany  at 6am??

    Look after that hand, Jovi.

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    hi all

    jovi, poor you, hope you are mending and will be able to clap your hands in appreciation of bon jovi, course she will we all say!!

    ah good news re tickets and happy to see ar is going!

    My daughter got to Rio safe and sound saturday image having a ball and doing a lot of samba, oh its going to be a long year!!

    My running is going quite nice at the moment, fingers crossed, lets hope it stays this way!

    Jovi you should d o that last friday race, its a good one!

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Wabo - you have to enter in advance so trying to work out logisitics of getting a form posted from the hotel! dont have my cheque book with me so will have to stick £2 in an envelope!

    Tutu - if you let me know what train you book for 22nd i will try and book same one.
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