sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Wabo - Rio is a-MAZE-ing.  She'll have a great time.  Where's she going after that?  Has she got into caiprihnas yet?
  • Jovi i will definately be going out Thursday lunch time, Friday would have to be early though as iam going to the Essex 20/20 cricket that evening so will have to leave work earlyish.

  • Did my 5 mile lap of the isle of dogs today.
  • Glad your ok Jovi. I'll bet your hand looks like my shoulder did when I fell 4 weeks before London. It took 4 days to dry up. Take careimage

    Well done Eastham

    And the good news is the Frogs are out of the World Cup Yipeeeeeimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

  • Just got home & down loaded todays run, cant believe my pace as it felt slow.

    8:31 8:06 8:23 7:51 8:30 1:25

    and 8.06 & a 7.51 mile very surprised

  • Very nice indeed, Eastham!

    Am going to try to be out for my long run by 8am tomorrow.  Not looking forward to it. image

  • i keep saying that i will run before work rarely happens though.
  • how long is long AH ??? good luck .... (())
  • 6 mile s down the river tonight with the OH - not fast - talking over the latest ghastliness of Jarndyce vs Jarndyce - one of those times you're really glad you can go out for a run and clear your head.
  • Booked wedding!!!!

    image image image image image image image



  • AND I've just booked my trains for the 22nd July!! (1 year 1 day before my wedding!!!)

    Jovi - I'm on the 17.05 from Leeds, gets to London 19.30ish.

    Susan - I'm on the 7.35am back on the Friday morning, if I am still OK to stay at yours how long do you think it would take me to get to Kings Cross? Thank you again!!

  • imageimageimageTutu!

    Susan - need to stay out for 2..30 really. LAst night just jogging from one side of the track to the other while coaching felt horrendous! Still - I'll feel better mentally for getting a long one under my belt. 

  • <img src="/forum/smilies/party_smiley.gif" alt="" title="" border="0"><img src="/forum/smilies/party_smiley.gif" alt="" title="" border="0"><img src="/forum/smilies/party_smiley.gif" alt="" title="" border="0">Tutu!

    Susan - need to stay out for 2..30 really. LAst night just jogging from one side of the track to the other while coaching felt horrendous! Still - I'll feel better mentally for getting a long one under my belt. 

  • Morning all

    Looks a hot one out there.

    Tu-Tu- Great news on both counts, just how big is your house SUSAN. Think its going to be a great night.

    Jovi- Sounds like your having a great time

    Eastham- Very speedy

    I think SA has finaly got to me or Im not 100%. Just feel so tired all the time. This weekend is 4 weeks (can you believe it) and lacking motivation to get back out there.

  • Tired martin ??   image cant imagine why?? REST UP  young man

    imageimageimageimageimageimage TuTu imageimageimageimageimageimage wedding date....  !! yayayayy... as for train on 23rd July - if its poss and prob will be if its that early me or Gordon can go and drop you at station ... 

    AH - good luck out there... you are woman .. you are strong.. you are invincible....

    not so sure about the england team.....

    where are umbongo, didds, coxy and WT - missing them all.... (oh and you others too..... image

  • Fido - Bleak House?

    Built my a 5 x 2mins fast, 2 mins slow into my usual 5 miles route yesterday evening. Didn't seem to be much difference between the fast and the slow tbh, but was quite cool under cover of the trees and got back to discover paella for tea so very nice. 5.3 miles in 43 mins.

    Good Luck out there with your long run AH  - hope you managed to get out early - how's the hayfever ?

    Martin - I think it might take a while - just rest and recover. You'll be fine.

    Just checked the Coasters position on the coasters website

    Can you believe - they have done over a 1000 miles and are heading to wards John O Groats. That's taken just about 6 weeks. Hoping to catch up with the relay during summer hols in the South West otherwise I'm on one of the last stages.

  • 15 mins running this morning. Garmin said 1.7 miles but I think that is being generous particularly as it lost satlellites for several minutes.
  • Howard, perhaps just forget the distance for a while and concentrate on building up the time you're running for. Much less stressful.

    Martin - I've heard before about tiredness really hitting people a month after an IM so sounds like you're the same. Do what Susan says!l  (I know you already are image).

    JMan - good running in the heat. Hayfever under control more or less, thanks.  Beaconase is helping. Thanks for asking.

    LSR done. Very L and very very S.  Decided to adopt run walk because I just wanted to stay out for 2.30.  So I just ran how I felt for 9 mins then walked for 1.  The running bits slowed to just over 10 min miles and averaged 11 m/m overall. Was out for 2.40 but only did 14 miles.  Not sure I could go that 'fast' in an IM mara so think I'll be pleased with a sub 6 marathon and ecstatic with a sub 5.30.

    Not feeling very inclined to attempt Abingdon mara in October...

  • I did decide to run to a time when the Garmin stopped working but I have to enter a distance on my spreadsheet - I am a boy after all!
  • but a wise boy HRR....  image
  • image

    Quite hot isn't it? Have just taken my Skins off.  Too hot for housework.

    Thank god England won the football.  

  • Thanks re: train susan,I really don't mind getting the tube if you are near enough a station though..

    I watched football for the first time in about 10 years today!! Had day off work to play 9 holes of golf with work then hit the pub for the afternoon..I'm still pretty neutral about the football but I'm vaguely pleased we are through..I think?! I kinda look forward to the country going back to normal when we get knocked out though!!

    Golf was surprisngly fun image
  • Don't hate me for the football comments anyone,sorry! It would be brilliant if we won but other than that I don't care much..
    Did I tell you lot about the unofficial world cup song video I was in by the way? Put 'defenders mr capello' into youtube and it comes up at the top,it was fun! They are our friends band who I am hoping might play at our wedding because I love them!
  • Did 5 miles before the match - 41:52 and splits similar to Easthams yesterday. I didn't get under 8mm though but pleased considering the heatimage and it is only my 3rd run since Edinburgh a month ago today.

    Martin I had similar feeling about running after 2 maras. I think it is the post mara blues. I am coming out of it now as todays run is 4 minutes faster than the last 2 and I am enjoying it again except the heat.

    What a thought, Hen roaming arounf the house with no skins onimage Good effort on the LSR in the heat.

    Good news re wedding Tutu. imagePlenty of time to prepare. And it is really good that you are coming all that way on 22nd to meet up with us. Looking forward to seeing you againimage

    Well done Howard. When will you get to 2 miles? 

  • dont care about the football either tutu - up to today they did not deserve to win anything other than a ticket home.. miserable blighters.. not a football fan anyway (sorry lads) they fall over all the time and writh around the floor considering how much they earn.. its ridiculous.. rugby players much tougher...

    right rant over .. ha ha.. sorry all you footie fans..

    golf... well theres another rant in the making.. who was it said golf is a good walk ruined... very dull game.. my husband and all his scottish family like it.. very dull.. designed for retired men to avoid their wives....

    right... what next - what can I slag off next??!! image

    off for a warm jog shortly ... 

  • What about jogging Susan?image
  • Do you like watching any team sports Susan?
  • I think golf was only fun today because none of us took it too seriously (even the men who turned up with their old clubs, gloves etc) - my boss even bought bottles of beer and shots for us to do on the way round!!! image I did some horrendous shots and lost 4 balls on the way round but nobody cared.. I also did some complete flukes / cracking shots and won a prize for best shot of the day for one of my long drives image But yes overall I still think it's boring and I wouldn't ever want to do it regularly but it was a lovely day for it and something different and really very enjoyable overall!

    Smeagol - thanks for your comment, it will be fab to see you too! I'm really looking forward to it image

    Oh and I don't like watching any team sports at all!

    By the way - remember I told you all about my running club friend who had the bike accident and broke a vertabrae in his spine? Good news is he's out of hospital all mended (they managed to fuse the bones together) and he's up and walking very short distances every day with a pink corset on apparantly! He was so lucky it wasn't worse.

    Susan - how is Tom doing?

  • Speedy old Smeagol! And Tutu - GOLF?!!!
    Martin - just toddle about and enjoy the sun. HRR - an exAmple to us all.
    No, not fiction sadly - OH is executor for a will with insanely complicated legal wranglings attached. Been going for 4 years now... argh naargh aargh.

    R hip was a bit stiff and achey earlier today but stretched out the psoas at lunchtime and it felt much better - toddled 3 miles this eve.
  • yes like lots of team sports, rugby, lacrosse (see old school... ) tennis, american football, sychronised swimming (now I am joking...) just football really that I dont like much - golf I dont call a team sport..

    how about that cracking tennis match - 58-58 in the final set... now thats a marathon!!!

    went for a warm jog with sian - tried to put the world to rights but we were not out long enough...

    Tom is ok - he had his 35 staples out (OUCH!!) on monday - he has an appoinment with the oncologist on 1st July -was going to be yesterday but not all results back (whatever that may mean... image) poor family they are in turmoil.... 

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