sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Alex - you won't recognise me - I've given up the helly top as my nipples gave a very strong protest!

    JPVD - sorry to hear the knee's aren't going too strongly - but what a jetset lifestyle you lead - at least the central park thing explains why I didn't see you in Richmond last weekend. I haven't quite given up the booze but I have cut down a lot and I will probably give up completely for the 3 weeks before the big race...

    Slow steady half marathon run (2 hours and 26 seconds) for me this morning. My plan said 3 miles (I'm supposed to be dropping the mileage before Reading) but the sun was out and I haven't run around Bushy Park or along the river to Hampton Court in so long...
  • I've been looking at this thread with interest as I am hoping to do under 4 hours but everyone seems to have so many longer runs under their belt than me! Ran in Richmond Park the other Sunday with the Serpies and hoped to do 2 laps (15 miles) but it was just one of those days, plus kept on getting squashed by the RW training run stampede.

    Anyway, I'm doing Silverstone this weekend and hoping for 1hr50, so JPVD see you there (among the other 9,000 or so runners!)

    Have given up booze now until the FLM - one week since Shrove Tuesday and it's already difficult!
  • I am not planning to give up the booze just yet as I am off to Edinburgh for a wedding on Friday which will be great preparation for Reading H/M on Sunday
  • bagpuss,don't panic,i am coming back from injury-well lay off from ingrown toenail,and did my longest run since september-actually since august-on monday,it was running out of time to put in the 3x 20 3x 18 and 3x 16 i assured myself i would definitely get in this year....
  • Alex P

    Look forward to the light banter;-) but I think the Celtic on slaughter will win over the English hordes!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Glad to see both Percy and Alex P quaking before my wrath.....
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.

  • Upload
    hi guys

    i was doing my interval training on the treadmill last night and was finding it difficult to judge what pace i should be doing.

    I basically did:

    200m,400m,800m,800m,400,200m all at 9mph (6.4min miles) with 200m jog intervals between each set and 1m warm up each end. (total of about 50 mins) . By the end I WAS SHATTERED and only sheer will power got me through. Does seem like i'm doing the right thing for my marathon aspirations (3.45ish) or should i be running slower for longer ?
  • Welsh Poppy: I'm not English either but I can pronounce 'Llangollen' correctly without covering everyone in a 5m radius with spit. Can I become an honorary Welshman ? Then we can hold a competition to see what the average completion time of FLM is for the Welsh (& friends) against the English.

    I'm sure we can think of acceptable prizes ;-)
  • NRG-B

    Of course you can become an honorary Welshman I did feel I was out numbered here! you seem to have the right credentials;-)

    But first I have to ask some questions
    1. Who are the best group to come out of Wales??
    2.When was St Davids day?
    3.What race(Running) in Wales do you finish in the Millenium stadium?

    Are you racing at Reading this Sunday? could do with some back up ?

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • A report from over by here filed by Welsh Alex at 18:56(ish) on Double Rollover Wednsday (only minutes more of slavery for me !!!)

    WP - I know the answers, but then I would.

    Back from two-ish week abscence caused by running related doghouse syndome. Mrs A has not been a happy chicken. Nuff said.

    Work has also been hektic (is this how you spell it ?).

    Recent success over by there, 2nd half of FLM none the less. Managed to pursuade Mrs A to run it with me (her of the treadmill and prior refusals to run outside). We did it plus a mile detour (got lost) in 2:18. Obviously somewhat less than my own pace but Mrs A now agreed to run Bath using the last-minute-runners-world-entry I bought her.
  • Welsh Poppy (and the rest!).
    I'll join the Welsh gang (although am not confident of staying in the sub-4 category at the moment.

    Only just got up to 10 miles (though doing 7-8 milers regularly) after months of shin splint problems. Anyone suggest any realistic long run aims for me to minimise injury risk and still do enough training?

    Good luck to all on Sunday. Was meant to be there but given a rugby ticket instead!

  • Another test of welshness might be

    1. Sing the national anthem and know most of the words. (aka John Redwood - not !)
    2. Own a copy of Ryan at the Rank
    3. Sing 'Duw it's hard' when drunk followed by The Scottish trip and The Pontypool Front Row.
    4. A wish to go back to the '70's for Rugby alone
    5. Own England vs Wales at Wembly in 1999 on Video. (Yes!)
    6. Instinctivley cry "HOW MUCH !" when asked for any money for anything.

  • C.L.

    Er indoors had shinsplints till she had the right shoes.

    Tried a pro running shop ?
  • Welsh Alex - yup, got the shoes, got orthotics, just was still taking a while for them to clear up. lots better now, just have had to take it easier on the training than I wanted to. been training since january, just with building up v slowly so not to aggravate, and taking enough rest.

    p.s got the vid!
  • Welsh Poppy: The answers are :-

    1. Who are the best group to come out of Wales??
    I reckon the answer is Stereophonics.
    The best singer ever is of course Tom 'Sex Bomb' Jones - my hero. And I had such a crush with Sheena Easton in my younger days.

    2.When was St Davids day?
    Why everyone knows that St Davids Day is 1st March !!

    3.What race(Running) in Wales do you finish in the Millenium stadium? it the Cardiff 10k on 12 Sep 2004?

    Yep - I'm racing this Sunday at Reading HM. Will help fly the welsh flag proud and high ;-)

  • NRG-B

    You are indeed a Welshman:-) and have answered all my questions correctly Sterophonics are indeed the best band and what can I say about Tom Jones what a voice!!!

    I thought the last one may have tripped you up but you proved your worth it is indeed the Cardiff 10K-only snag it is on the 5th September-but last year it was on the you pass with flying colours!!!!

    Great stuff run well my fellow Welshman;-) For London I am going to have printed on my back a Welsh Dragon...if I had enough time could have done that for Reading!!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Awwww.....thanks!! They were tough questions but I'm (if anything) a resourceful chap :-)

    At FLM I hope to have some special 'nrg-b' t-shirts and baseball cap made. Also since FLM is my first ever marathon I hope to enjoy the experience as much as possible. I'm considering carrying a mini-DV camcorder to video the run 'from the inside' - still thinking about it (anyone care to help by carrying a few batteries?).

    Pace won't matter but I'm sure I'll still beat the English ;-)
  • NRG_B
    What a fab idea your family/supporters could wear them as well??

    You will beat the English don't you worry!!

    Just back from a steady 8 miles it was great legs felt good and bags of energy although had to jump in hedge as car mounted my pavement at a terrific speed very scary I have to say he crossed 2 lanes to do this!!!

    Run well my fellow FLM runners
    Even Percy and Alex P;-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.

  • Morning All, Ran about 10.6 miles this morning at a variety of HR levels (ie paces). The average pace was around 9min/mi.

    I have a question. I've got Reading this Sunday (now my 2nd HM ever!). What sort of tapering should I do? I have a 9miler planned for tomorrow and a very easy 6miles (recovery run) for Saturday? This is same as what I did last week.

    My concern is that although I feel fit and able perhaps an enforced rest would be better....any advice appreciated.
  • nrg-b

    I would do the 9 miles easy tomorrow and scrub the 6 mile on saturday. Take saturday easy with your feet up and go for a pb on sunday ;-))

  • Wahey!

    I sense a warm feeling of Anglo - Welsh harmony in here today. Can I be an honorary Welshman too please? (I still have Cardiff wife #1 in the freezer if that'll help my cause? ;-) ;-)

    Best of luck to all you lot doing Reading. I'll be thinking of you whilst I do my 20 miler on Sunday morning.

    A good (but tough) week is progressing well for me with more hills planned in the build up to Hastings....
  • Percy!!

    I am full of warmth today;-) but you have done your cause no good by admitting about the Ex in freezer(I have heard rumours about the cardiff lot, not as nice as myself;-)) ;-) and anyway if I made you an honorary Welshman I guess I would have to do the same to Alex P and I would not have a hit list any more;-);-)or no more fun!!!

    Good luck with your 20 miler on Sunday will be thinking of you!!

    I like hills they make you tougher well I think that is the theory there has to be a reason we put our bodies through the pain!!

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Hells teeth.. you leave this thread for 5 mins and you end up having to read backwards for 6 months!

    Welsh Poppy... I'm welsh, can I be on your team?

    Not that I'd be much cop, everything is soooo hard at the moment, my HR is up, the inner bit of my calves is really sore and I feel like I'm carrying an 80lb rucksack everytime I run.

    End of moan. Not yet. Will be a miracle if I get round Sundays half in under 4 let alone the 18th.

  • Ta for the suggestions for distance stuff though.

    Think I want one of those GPS thingies. Will have to wait til next month though.
  • enjoying a rest day today,will probably run home form work tomorrow ,8 miles or so.saturday off,sunday chatty 13.1.short of sleep after another couple of bad ones too.

    cariad,i know how you feel.time is pressing but not insurmountable-just don't injure yourself by trying to do too much.ditto to nrg-b.have a rest,you'll do better.
    gps thingies highly recommended.
  • I saw someone with a GPS thingy at
    Ricmond - it looked like a toaster
    with about four big buttons on the
    side . . . I presume they will be
    smaller (and cheaper) in a year or
    two . . . otherwise I would have to
    wear a lead bracelet on the other
    wrist to stay balanced . . . are they
    really worth it ??
  • Was it me natnif?

    Garmin Forerunner 201 as featured heavily on the Gear Forum has lot's of useful functions in addition to distance and pace measurement. For example there's a virtual running partner that you can set to a given pace and time/distance and then race against it. Interval training too now and some software and a cable to download all runs to the pc.
  • and they don't weigh more than a watch.
  • FLM will be my first marathon.
    I'm wondering if I'll be able to break the 4 hour.
    I did the RW training run around Richmond park in the 9:30 pace group as was advised to do :30 slower than projected Marathon pace. Went very well and felt very comfortable.
    I've been running since August, and am up to 18 miles for weekend long runs.
    My fear is I don't want to start at 9 mins/mile and find I'm going too fast when it's too late and I land up ending slower than if I'd done 9:30
    If the Richmond Park was fine at 9:30, am I on target for under 4 hours?

  • Thanks everyone for the advice. It'll be a 9miler tomorrow morning and rest for Saturday.

    WP and all other Reading runners: Are any of you coming the night before to the Pasta Party at Reading South Holiday Inn? Would be good to put faces to online name. The only one I've met so far is the "Expert on British Cultural Integration": Percy ;-)
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