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  • Hi all. Im still checking in but am grounded till I get my foot sorted.I will have to find another form of exercise for now. It is really getting me down as I so want to do a Marathon this year. I am just going to do little plods for now and keep icing.I will go the docs in a week or two if it doesnt go away.

    Hope everyone has a good day.

    Chilli thanks for the hug.

  • eckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........you will be ok. maybe not this week, but you will be. have you had xray?image see DR!!!!!!

    *WAGS FINGER*.....

    AF, i think Deans book is very good. different to Born to run. he has added little sections in about others  too who he has helped,insoired, run with. the parts he writes about his dad and friend Topher are very funny. i think any of us will relate to his feeling in it. i like it better than born to run...but then i would say that coz Deano is my hero nowimagelol

    franny....he is very delicate in places , so no bending allowed.image

  • *hangs head in shame* I will go Loula I promise just for you. I suppose Im just so worried I will have to have something done to it.I dont have time to be out of action. 
  • Ecky-I hope your foot clears up.Keep positive. I had a bad foot for about 6 weeks last year and still ran- I found a massage did the job in the end.

    limper-You can now enter the Mel's Milers 10k - see events on this website. It is on 1st April.I will defintely be marhalling so hope to cheer you on.

    LLB- Not sure this Deano hero worship is acceptable. May get the book for my birthday- although I won't want to look at the pictures- any takers?

    Pleased I went out earlier for a run gone horrid and windy again.
  • Thanks A.F.That gives me hope. I know it sounds daft but I need running to survive. Glad you going the docs too.Take it easy till then.
  • AF, there arnt many pics o dean, there are quite a few of his pals thoughimage dont worry , our CRAC lads are still worshipped the most!!image

    Ecky, i think you should go, it could be something really simple that requires stronger anti inflammatories than you can buy etc...

  • Yeh Loula you are right. It cant be anything major as I can run and it dissapears then when I rest up it gets really bad then I walk on it and its OK again for a bit.
  • where abouts is it? and when etc? describe the whole injury for me  from start to finish.
  • Ecky-What part of the foot is hurting? If it is the heel of the foot you could use a golf ball and gently roll your heel over it whilst you are sitting down. If that makes sense....better self diagnosis that seeing a Dr......just joking LLB!
  • image......i am poised and ready for diagnosis boss!!!.....*puts on white coat and studies BNF*image
  • British nuclear formulary. It lists all the prescribable drugs, dosage, interactions, what it is prescribed for.
  • nearly by'eck...BNF stands for British National Formularyimage its my bible at work. 2 copies, one for adult one for childrens doses
  • was a busy day today...had a bit of a rubbish start today getting there. miss llb announced at 8:15 that her trousers were too small....WHAT? YOU MEAN NOW? WHY NOW? ..despite having 4 other pairs the ones she then wanted had a popper loose...aarghhhh...8:20am , me sewing on popper...then sock saga, wanted diffrerent colour socks...arghhhh...mr llb then requesting to come to work with me so he could do a run home, me putting 5 bags in car whilst telling them both to get a move on ...they bang door shut and off we go. drop off at school, wait in freezing cold for teachers to open door to corridor, see miss llb into class, tuck money-check, dinner-check, PE kit hanginig up-check. child inserted in classroom-check. drive to work,8:55 arrive , mr llb to depart carpark for run and says 'where is your bag with lunch and white coat? '-imageimageimage.....AARGHHHHH....its still in hallway at home !!!!!image ...so, me have to drive all the way home back through town ,out to village, get bag, drive back to work- i SO HATE BEING LATE!.....in fact this is how sad i am and anal about my work..i was so upset i was going to be late i was nearly in tears !! FGS  woman!...what a nit i amimageimage....and breatheeeeee...........


  • Blimey Loula, sounds like you've had a day of it!  Now relaaaaaxxxx... image

    Just tried my new Myofusion protein thingy - yummy!  It's like a nice creamy chocolate milkshake.  It's designed to be 'taken' shortly after a workout so the protein goes to the muscles nice and quickly and gets to work.  Now as long as it doesn't make me throw up... image

    Doctor's tomorrow to discuss knee.  

  • Aw Loula...........what a day.....you need  big hugs (((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Ecky.....you too ((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))))) As Loula says it may be something simple...xxxx

    Well I am off to running club in an hour a so...BUT uts chucking it downimage I think I may get a tad wet....

    Speak soon,,,Have a good evening everyone.............Brrrrrrrrrrr at the thought of going out...I must be mad and crazyimage

  • Right then CRAC Docs

    I have had a problem for a while now.When I started running I used to get a sore ankle on the same foot.When I went to bed and got up in the Morning I struggled to put that foot flat on the floor.

    This has happened on and off ever since but now I feel like there is a lump under my heel and it is so sore when I stand on it.Sometimes it hurts even if I am sitting down.image My Ankle feels sore again too at the side.

    I have iced it with a bottle but will try the Golf ball again as I did that before. I wonder if its cos I walk so much in the wrong shoes. I have gone over on that ankle a couple of times too so I wonder if that has something to do with it.

  • Loula, I thought I was having a bad hour of it with my toddler.he is not being cute and lovable.even the cat has run away.
    Sorry, yes national formulary. And the adult books run a number sequence (is it 66?)but paediatrics Is by year?
    Ecky, sometimes our bodies hurt more when our hearts are heavy.
    Franny, I am meant to be running tonight too but the weather is horrible and OH dropped some black powder in his office and has trodden it right throughout the house. Also, we need to get the decorations down for 12th night or my parents won't visit...
  • Awwww ((((((((((((((((((((((((((Loula))))))))))))))))))))))))) now breathe. Sounds like a very tough start to the day.I hate being late too.

  • By Eck you may be right.
  • Awww poor Loula big hugs. I also panic if im late anywhere.ive lost count at the times im so early that i have to sit outside or walk around the block a few times before i go in a bit early.so youre not aloneimage

    Good girl Franny going to runny club even when raining and coldimage

    Well done AF with docs appointment you know it makes senseimage

    And best of luck with your knee appointment too Rr.

     i actually ran 6.2 Miles total this morning 10KMimageimage in just over 52 minutes tooimage.The only downside is that i ran in shorts and the tops of my thighs are a bit sore.I think big pants might be a solution to this small problemimage

    Have nice relaxing evenings guys spesh you loula and everybody breath

  • *has images of phantom running like superman with his pants over his running tights*
  • sorry cross threadings wishing Ecky and By'eck better foot and good luck with rogue toddlerimage
  • you saw me by'eckimageimage dont forget the cape
  • aw fanks guys...i dont usually get so flustered. i am so boringly organised normally that anything like that throws me right offimage..i am ok now...imagephantom, i too an annoyingly early for things and yes i know that scenario of waiting in the car, going around shops to waste time etc......lol

    phantom,by'eck...that big pants over tights image has got me smilingimagevery funny indeed...

    by'eck...BLACK powder???????????!!!!!!!!!!imageomgosh..nightmare.....get them decs down tooimage

    right miss ecky ...underneath your foot..does the arch feel tight , as if it is tearing  or stretching too far when you walk or run?

  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/imagesCAF2PVNW.jpg

    phantom..................was this you???????????image
  • RoadRunner76 wrote (see)

    Just tried my new Myofusion protein thingy - yummy!  It's like a nice creamy chocolate milkshake.  It's designed to be 'taken' shortly after a workout so the protein goes to the muscles nice and quickly and gets to work.  Now as long as it doesn't make me throw up

    where was that from RR? i like forgoodnessshakes...they are a similar protein milkshake drink. i swear they have aided mt fast recovery from my 20milers...those and my compression socks image
  • Nope but it does feel tight when I wake up some mornings so I cant put my foot flat on the floor.It kids of turns over to the outside of my foot and after a few steps it does flatten
  • Thanks Super Phantom.
  • is it s Bird......is it a plane...........Nooooooooo its Phantom running in his Undercrackers.
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