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  • I don't think it will snow image it says 6-13 degrees and sun.. so it will be cold but it will hopefully not rain which is the most important, right? image can't wait!!

    I have still got a cold, went out for a run yesterday and my heart rate went right up to 170-180 bpm and felt like I could not breath properly so that's not great.. I will hopefully be OK on Sunday.. Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of a cold quickly?

  • Amsterdam marathon yesterday Emmy ??  Fair play to you - Sunday will be just be a cool down joig for you then !!  (Always wanted to do that one - was it good ?!).

    See you in the middle of orange then Joel - I'll be the one looking for snow in the sky !!! 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Clatters - Yes; sunday will be a low key jog around! Amsterdam was great for PB's but I didnt find it very scenic. It's a lovely city to sightsee afterwards

  • finally got email to say racepack on way, just need to wait for postman now image

    Went out yesterday for last long run managed 10 and felt fine, not the best time but we took it nice and slow. I put 2hours on form, when I entered (3 weeks ago) i had never entered a run before and hadn't managed to do even 7 miles! so I am prob in green wave just hoping once it clears a bit I will be able to pick up pace and get a good time. Not looking for pb, as this year can set it for next image

    not heard anything about snow! hope not, will be hard enough with a fresh sea breeze image  

  • Hi Emmy,

    I was in Amsterdam yesterday as well, though I did the half marathon, not the full! I agree that it wasn't very scenic at all. I was actually quite dissapointed image not a very inpsiring route and all a bit chaotic at the end!

    Incredibly achy today and trying to recover well this week for GSR on Sunday - don't know what I must have been thinking entering back to back races! Excited though as I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it last year, but I will be doing it more leisurely!

  • And on the Umpteenth day.......I finally got rid of the man in black!  Still don't know what happened to the original photo I tried to put on about 2 weeks ago!

    4 mile jog went splendidly yesterday so getting really excited about sunday (I live a very sheltered life!)image

    Have decided arriving at Portsmouth and Southsea station at 10:11 not end of the world and will make the green wave in time to start.  They had just better let me cross the course in the two places I'll be crossing!

    Must crack on with making enough foam flowers for my headbandimage

  • Wow, fantastic those of you who did Amsterdam!!

    I did 8 mile Durrell Dash yesterday in 1.05 stuggled with the hills a bit.......but at least GSR is flat. Weather forecast is good just what I like cold but dry - hope it keeps that way!

    Are we still meeting at 10.00 outside the Pyramid centre those of us who are there at that time? Getting excited....

    Emmy_H you do realise that in a week's time you'll need to start next year's GSR thread!!image

  • Well done on the PB Emmy image

    Clarinho I've heard of people taking Echinacea and a glass of orange juice - whether it works or not i do not know

    See you in Green GF, I'll be looking for those flowersimage



  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @runnersbean - how did you get on? We stayed to watch the half marathoners come in and it was definitely packed!

    Im a little tender but ok. I've done my recovery stretching but its a little achy!

    @GF - how is the flower making going? I'll see you in the green wave!

    @Jelley - I believe so. I'll be able to confirm this weekend when I arrive at my parents. I'm not sure what I'm wearing though.

    I know - I should actually try to get on the 'proper' events page rather than an individual thread!
  • Just a quick "technical" question peeps, is it jelly beans or jelly babies we're s'posed to eat?


    I've read both being recommended. Think I'm more a jelly baby kind of person though...

  • jellybabies! Jellybeans are a bit tricky too slippery and small !!

    They handed them out on the last mile last year - a much needed boost - I don't normally eat them but soemtimes 'needs must' as they say, but not too easy to chew and swallow whilst huffing and puffing trying to complete 10 miles, so if you've never eaten them before when running take care!image

  • Well done emmy & runnerbean, amsterdan been recommended as one of possibilities for my first ever marathon next year be interested to know your thoughts. Don't want to clog this forum up but would be grateful for views see forum "Furst time marathon" which i started a couple of days ago.


    PS: definately got to be Jellybabys not Jellybeans for me.


  • Rats!  I knew there was something I needed from sainsbury's today. Jellybabies are half price there as well!!! (Not an ad!) Note to self for tomorrow................

    Have been having a laugh digging out accessories should I need to cover up a bit in the cold.  It has always been too hot for the wig but it may be needed on sunday.............the fishnets have a huge hole in them at strategic place but I found a spare pair!image

    Not that I'll have much time to get ready!

    Is there a local hostelry we can meet up in after the race or is everyone off home sharp-like?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @NellyP - have a look at the Amsterdam Thread for everyone's reviews. I found it a little boring but it's definitely a PB course.

    @GF - I'll be needing to head off pretty sharpish....when the traffic clears.

  • GF Mr T sends his regards and sid to try the harbour for some fishnets image He is as witty as you image

    Starting to wish I had not put off the diet and training for so long................

  • looking forward to race on Sunday and comming back home for a few days (well close Bognor).  More used to the hills as I am now living in North Wales so don't know what my time will be...

    Good luck everyone and have fun.

  • Julia T - did try the harbour for fishnets once but ended up with crabs.................image

  • GF cheers for the heads up - early morning trip to Sainsbury's for me tomorrow too on my way to work! And cheers everyone else for confirming. I've tried them twice on runs and whether or not they actually gave me a boost in those last couple of miles I don't know. But even if its just a placebo effect I'm willing to take all I can get! (quite literally could stuff my pockets with them too for some post run munchies. Nom nom nom)

  • Post run munchies.... Now there's a thought. If I dont eat them whilst running, then they will taste even better once I've crossed the finish line

  • I have an entry for this, but then got an entry for the Abingdon Marathon, which was last Sunday, so discounted the idea of running this one. However, with my legs now feeling ok, I looked into getting trains down there from London (as they heavily suggest in the publicity) - but the earliest don't seem to get there until 10.15. Am I missing something or is this incredibly tight scheduling, and are most people therefore driving down?

  • I know there's a bus company doing shuttle runs from Victoria (think it was mentioned in the race pack) but they leave about 7am I think.

    Aside from that I think a lot of people are also staying down there the night before.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Peter- It really does depend. Last year the 10.15 meant we walked quite briskly to the start and made into our wave with 10 mins to spare.

  • Well something like this was bound to happen.  What do they say about pride before a .............................?

    Earlier this evening I was only 400 yards or so from home towards the end of my 4 mile run when crossing a road I tripped over a kerb which I thought was a dropped kerb to a driveway.  I fell to earth with such a thud that it wasn't long before people were running out of their houses expecting to see a crash-landed jumbo jet.  I lay on the ground cursing and uttering profanities.  Someone said 'it looks like a beached whale!' while another remarked 'and it's cursing and uttering profanities!'. Another voice added 'but we are 22 miles from the coast!'

    (Ok so I have spiced it up a bit.)  I found my feet which fortunately were still on the end of my legs and jogged home.  Thank goodness I was wearing a longsleeve shirt and jacket and legings.  My right knee and elbow are very nastily grazed and I've cleaned up the wounds and iced them a bit.  Being on warfarin it will be interesting to see how bad the bruising will be.image

    One more shift at work tomorrow then fri and sat off. I'll need the rest more than ever now!

    Hope everyone else having better luckimage

  • Ouch! Glad to hear you seem ok GF!

    I'm a little concerned about my left knee. Feels a bit weak, but I'm sure it'll be fine. Going for an easy 4miles tomorrow evening and thats my lot 'til Sunday.


    Oh and FYI - bought 4 bags of Jelly Babies from Sainsbury's this morning. That along with my pastries for breakfast must have made me look like a right fatty!

  • ah looking forward to this one....Look out for the bad azz Bugs Bunny with a giant carrot in the Orange Waveimage Sorry in advance for anyone i bump into.... vision is a little restrictive, but ill be hoping to get around in 1:15 - 1:20, ears and all !
  • Local paper reporting that Dame Kelly Holmes will be starting the race on Sunday.
  • yes announced today that Kelly Holmes will be official starter.
  • Yay! Way to go Karlsp ! image

    I did very well by not getting any of the cadburys toffee eclairs which were also half price!  I knew they would have been drastically reduced in numbers by nowimageimage


  • Final training run DONE - bring on Sunday !!  I originally had a target time of 1:15, but I'm changing my target completely now.  My new focus, apparently, is to beat a bad azz Bugs Bunny with a giant carrot !!! 

  • You could shoot tha waaaabit. Ooo that pesky waaaabit.
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