Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • first weeke3nd of may i'm up at Silent assassians DIY half ironman

    will be great to see you again can lead the way.gentlemen first and all thatimage

  • So, 5 weeks to go and I'm started to think about getting the things I need. 

    Bike box or bike bag.  Don't trust a bag so am hoping to borrow a box.  What's everyone else doing?  I can't believe how much they cost!

  • I got a bike box from this lot last week - was the cheapest I could find and seems strong enough (I hope) and my Pirate stickers for it have just arrived - although it does look a bit like I'll be carrying a huge case with 'Poison' stickers all over it through customs....maybe not my brightest idea! image

  • Box for me too, a dhb one, just under £100 if I remember. Had a bag for the first trip abroad but spent the whole of the journey wondering if all the pipe lagging would be sufficient to protect the frame (it did).

  • I've managed to borrow one, If I thought I'd be going abroad again with the bike I'd probably think about buying one, but no .plans atm  It's all very expensive this IM malarky! 

  • Sure is, the key thing though of course, is to ensure on the bike that at the final drinks station you make sure you pick up as many bottles as will fit on your bike as souvenirs, coz after all the £££ spent getting there, a couple of £2 bottles makes all the difference image

  • Great idea, I'm going to take a giant backpack so I can get as many as possible image

  • Be aware of the weight withregards the bike & box, no sneaking in heavy extras image

  • re bike bottles...

    They gave OC crap ones on the bike last year - they were trully rubbish and you dont want to keep them.

    However they sell nice printed IM Lanza ones for 3 euros... we have a couple image and I am sure we will get a couple more this year image



  • From a supporters perspective

    1. Is there an agreed wording for the T-shirts or are we doing our own thing
    2. Is anyone looking to pop out onto the bike course and support.  Whilst sitting on a sun lounger for 8 hours sounds appealing, I am sure I will get fidgety if I sit still for that long and I will want a change of scenery and some company would be good
  • In my role as PA to The Ginger Whinger, am I right in thinking you are all getting to WHC for 7am for an 8am kick-off?  Or would you like me to tell him it's 9am, so you can have a quiet ride without him image

    Also, I am hoping to come and see you all off and I will bring the Headsweats for those who have ordered them (assuming they are here on time).

    If you lot decide to go to a pub for a drink/food after, please can someone text me and I will try and pop over for that too

    I would love to pop up at various points of the ride, but I have a house to empty and I should be getting on and doing it


  • Schmunks

    Tshirts - I had ExtravaLanza 2013, then Rafiki underneath (sorry still can't post pics - but I'll email you one in a bit)

    WHC - we're looking for a 8:00 am start  i think, although not sure he'll need to be there at 7:00. I'm aimimg for 7:30 ish. Give Barley my mobile number if he wants to meet up (can't PM either).

    And yep, we'll let you know where we end up for lunch! image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I haven't had my t-shirt done yet, I know Meldy is having issues so I may offer to sort hers out too.  I'm likely to have the same as Raf on the back (but mine will say Mouse, as having his name printed on my t-shirt would just look silly).

    I will be starting the WHC at 8am and am also aiming to get there for around 7.15/7.30.  I'm intending to run off the bike.  My best suggestion for how we ride is to start together and then we can organically split into groups according to speed rather than making a determind effort to stay together.  The latter would mean that some people wouldn't be getting decent training out of it (nobody rides as slowly as me anway, so not expecting company).  Barley already has my number.

    I'm probably running off the bike if anyone finds themselves at a similar pace to me and wants to come along for that bit.  I am unlikely to stay for lunch though.

  • image dam.... I was hoping to start my own little fan club there, with all the girls having my name on their shirts!! image

    Sounds a reasonable idea to start together and see how it goes. I read it gets hilly at about 40km in? I guess that'll be the start of the break away group!! image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I've done this one twice before. I'm not very good at looking at GPX files which is why I liked the report that Hokori produced, I need descriptions.  So, here goes for WHC.  It's a nice route and it's not like some sportives which just seem to be the organiser trying to send you up every hill they can find to annoy you.  There is a nice range of riding with some flat stuff, some undulations and some upflats.  In my opinion there are three "climbs" plus one "hill".  Of the "climbs" the first two are quite nice, they are not too steep and you just plod on until you reach the top.  Then there is a "hill" if I remember correctly, you take a right and then a right again into the approach and it has a little xx% sign telling you it's there.  (I think it's 14% but it could be 17%)  It's not too long and it goes around a little bend so you can't see the top but once you get around that bend, it's there.  Short and sharp and then it's over.  When I was a very novice cyclist I had to walk up it, but not the last time I did it.  Then, at 84 miles is the Uffington horse climb (although the horse is behind you).   You think you're home and then you make a left turn, over a cattle grid and there is the climb in front of of you.  This is a bit of a nasty one, the sting in the tail and I've had to walk up it both times.  The first time I was a novice, the second time the weather was so crappy I'd been fighting wind (and sporadic showers) throughout the day and I was done in.  This year I AM NOT WALKING!

  • RE: Lanzarote supporting. My mate Eduardo will rent a car and travel to 2-3 spots so that he can shout some abuse at me. I can get him in contact with anyone who fancies a shared ride.

  • I've just had an email saying i can check in for my flight....... it can't be that soon??? image

  • you've booked it for aprilinstead of may rafimage

  • I am not reisking my new bike again with crap roads or rain etc so will struggle on my old bike with the hills

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    you've booked it for aprilinstead of may rafimage

    you had me worried then....had to go and check!!

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    I am not reisking my new bike again with crap roads or rain etc so will struggle on my old bike with the hills

    Amen. That is what training bikes are for!

  • Hokori - I would definitely be keen to join him if he's happy to have me image
  • Seren - I am confuzzled. Are you Lanza'ing?
  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    I've just had an email saying i can check in for my flight....... it can't be that soon??? image



    Just had one too!

  • What Mouse said ... cept I have only done it the once before   image

  • No. schmunkee.i am just pushing in the thread for sundays WHimage


     i want to go to Lanza but i have no more wekend passes and no money and no passportimage

  • Just realised that everyone is talking about meeting up for that at the end.......

    last weekend we started at 8:30 and only did 88 miles and were just back before dark....I think it was around 5 pmimage

  • .. 2 punctures .. 1 wheel spoke out ... broken brakes ... 2 stops a the feed stations cos we felt a bit sorry for the guys running them (!) ... classic Welsh weather ... very tough Welsh hills up AND down ... appauling road surface .... and mud mud MUD!!!

    To be fair Seren, I'm amazed we manged it in the time we did, lol. 

  • White Horse Challenge OC - 150km sportive in Wiltshire always on London Marathon day.  nice event - we did the 1st 2.

    big advantage this year - rapeseed fields won't be in flower - they stink!!

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