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    Bawn-3 wrote (see)

    I’m a complete technophobe and have attempted to upload an image for my profile picture but I can’t seem to get anything under the size that they require.  Can anyone give me a hint on how I do this?

    I use (free download) software called Irfanview, open your chosen photo, select (drag a square around) the bit you want, click Edit / Crop selection.

    Click Image / resize/resample, select the max size permitted, I think it's 100 or 120 wide?, click save.

    Post it on here.

     If you completely fail I can do it for you if you mail me a photo - message me and I'll give you my email.


  • Thank you Lombster and AGF for your encouragement.  I expect I will get used to running in the rain eventually - just got put off a bit last year when doing Race for Life on Weston super Mare beach in the rain - it was like running in mud!

    Completed 2nd day of 30/30 training today.  Jogging for a couple of extra minutes on the way round and covering a slightly longer distance.

  • if you got to run 26.2 miles does it matter where and i thoroughly enjoyed my first taste of a marathon , , the bit around brighton was interesting as through city centre , the ovingdean bit i enjoyed lots as could see other runners along side either ahead of me or behind me on way back and views were excellent , the hove /portslade bit was well supported by locals and made it pass well last bit was different place to run amongst the timber and water but was still people there , just getting tired made it worse but was flat and ok

     is anyone doing the 3 forts half or full marathon week sunday ??? just signed up , wanted to wait see how i recovered from other sunday

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    Desperate to get out for a run but I'm currently flat hunting at the moment. Might try to go for a late run tonight. I can feel my legs turning to mush image
    You seem a bit uncertain about when to run, is that on Principle? image
  • I am so sore (still)! I've never had this before. I guess this means I tried, even though I am disappointed with the ridiculous positive split and missing out on London GFA by 14 seconds.

    I've been for 3 3 mile runs, and I've felt progressively more stiff on each one, and I've resumed cycling to work, which is also rough.

    I hate this period when you feel so unfit!

    Need to revise my caloric intake downward to accommodate my lack of movement. image
  • Cat137, you need to be careful here. Some people make really quick recoveries, others can need 2 or 3 weeks. If your joints are sore, then best to not run for a bit, but do get out and do some gentle walking. If on the other hand, it's just muscls being more and more tight, then rather than doing straightforward "short runs", try a very slow warm up and then put in a few strides, anything between 5x50metres and 5x80metres should do it. (Personally, it's 2-3 weeks for me to start to feel ok.) Good Luck image

    Adam, I've signed up for the 3 forts. As per comment above, I expect to need 2-3 weeks to recover from a marathon, so will make up my mind on the day whether to go for the half or the full. definitely want to do the full, but also, want to enjoy some races in the summer, so not planning to put myself out of action(!) If I do the full distance, I shall make good use of my previous run/walk training strategies!!! image

    poohbear, good to see that you've started on the training with some nice, measured run/walks. Take it nice and gently and build up slowly.

    Waves to all imageimageimage

    p.s. I have decided that I won't be running BM next year due to other commitments, but may lurk on this thread, and even post from time to time(!) and definitely look forward to supporting you all as you fly past me on the day, especially the green fairy, 4th time lucky!!

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    Thanks for your response Toby3.  I guess you're right - if it's an industrial estate there really isn't much they can do.  Was just curious!image
  • Hi everyone! Signed up for Brighton 2013 which will be my first marathon and was a bit nervous about it but everyone on here is so nice and has really helped reading through this forum getting advice etc so thanks everyone now I'm excited and loving having the motivation to get out and run all the time even in the rain
  • Welcome delurkers & newcomers all.

    Bawn-3: I usually run 1 a year (since my 1st in Brighton 2010). This year I got roped into running 2 in 2 weeks for charity, plus 1 in autumn for no reason. I'll let you know how that works out image

    Heisenberg: good luck flat hunting. I've been doing that recently. Just got somewhere this week but now the awful bit...moving!

    toby3: lovely to see your family here too

  • Morning all

    Just a quick post as bed is calling

    Well did the 3 miles yesterday went out without a watch which was probably just as well because it felt more like 10

    Veester yes it’s going to be nice i will actually going to be nice to be able to talk to the O/H bout training without her getting bored stiff although i haven’t heard from my daughter for a while so i have no idea how her training is going i will have to send a nagging email to her and get her to post on here more regularly

  • John2443 - thank you so much for the instructions. I have my profile picture ready in the required size but my profile won't update for some reason. Perhaps it takes some time to update. I'll give it another go tomorrow.

    Veester - wow, that's impressive. I'm jealous! I wish I was running again. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

    A couple more weeks rest for me then will be starting lessons at a running school to improve my technique so that I get less injuries and get faster!
  • Bawn3 - once you upload a pic it then takes a couple of days to appear. I think it has to be checked it's not inappropriate etc
  • Just wanted to say I've signed up for this as my first Marathon. done a few halves so far & have a couple more this year.


  • STIG109 - great, thanks.  Those poor people at RW will have to be patient and go through my numerous attempts.  Perhaps I should just be done with it and change my username to technophobe now.
  • welcome Pete

    You are gonna love it!

  • Cocoa Pop wrote (see)

    welcome Pete

    You are gonna love it!

    Thanks, yes I'm looking forward to it
  • Bawn-3 as STIG109 has said if the you have entered your picture and the message that it was not to big has come up it may have excepted it i know it takes at least 3 days for the picture to appear as RW vet them before allowing them to be shown i think it to make shore the not rude or offensive

  • Went for a 5 mile run last night, first proper run since the BM god it felt good!

    I have signed up for 2013 too. It's gonna seem like a very long 12 months.
  • I'm almost home from work, rather excited about getting my running shoes on and going for my first run since Brighton.
  • Raining today and wind is very strong so decided to do training today on the treadmill in the garage instead of going out for my run.  Although I walked/jogged for exactly the same length of time (30 mins) I didnt cover quite so far in distance, so must run outside faster than I have set the treadmill for, either that or I pick up speed going downhill, whereas the treadmill is flat.

    Toby3 has bought me a book to read called 'The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer' - going to start looking at it later to see what tips they give.  It is a 16 week, four day a week workout plan, so should be interesting.

  • Well it’s been a while, but I’m back. As I’m going to be running with my mum (poohbear) since Toby3’ll probably reach the finish line long before us, I’ve switched my training pattern to match hers. Started it this Monday just gone and am finding it useful, though I’m pushing myself during the running stretches as 30 seconds running, 30 seconds walking is a lot shorter than what I was thinking of doing, so I might increase the running length but I’ll see what poohbear’s doing.

    This is the plan that poohbear suggested: and that I’m following now. 30 mins a day is actually quite nice to do and will be workable around the days when I have to be in work all day like I was for part of last week. Wasn’t too much fun today though. Finished my run and felt like a drowned rat, was nice to have a hot shower after though.

    Definitely making sure I do the training, heard about this from a link Toby3 sent me, so I’m being really careful.

     Charlotte: Congrats on the time. J

     Toby3: Got your email. Been training, just been forgetting to post on the forum or blog. *head desk* Don’t inure yourself. If you’re still sore from Brighton rest up for a bit, or I’ll come down there and boot you up the butt. I’m allowed, I’m your daughter.

  • Poohbear. Good for you. I run slower on treadmill too but it's good to do that sometimes. When starting off it's not about speed. The main tip I can give is to run consistently and "easy" ... Do not feel absolutlely shattered at the end. By consistent I mean every other day to begin with. This allows the body to rest and adapt. Once you have been running for 2-3 months lime that you can start to mix things up(some fast runs) and/or run more often. Also suggest parkruns if there any near you?
    The book is a decent one. I suggest using it in the first 6 months but use it to train for a half marathon..
  • Thanks (AGF) will probably start using the book once I get to the end of the 30/30 training, as Hal Higdon suggested this as a good first step before embarking on a more strenuous training regime. 

    I have signed up for the Cricklade Half in October so have almost 5 months after end of 30/30 training to complete plan from book.  There are park runs on a Saturday morning at Ashton Court, which is quite close, so might try to join in a few - maybe one a month to start with.

    Snowmaiden glad to see you are keeping up with the training - I have been doing the 30 minutes as soon as I get up in the morning before having shower/breakfast and driving to work.  It gets training out of the way and leaves the evening to do other things.  Currently running 3 mins walking 2 (x 2) then running 5 mins but if you find that too long to start with try run 2 walk 3 (x 3 times), as the plan suggests.  There doesnt appear to be a set plan - apart from walk first 10 mins and last 5 mins of training session each day.  Might be an idea to join DMU gym if you are able to and use their treadmills on wet days.

  • Hi newcomers,

    Bawn-3 - I had exactly the same issues with you with the getting a picture uploaded. First couple of times it was a size issue, then once I'd sorted that I just get uploading the same pic again and again wondering why it wasn't appearing! That was until I did a search and found it may take some time to appear. Took 3/4 days from memory.

    Rondo - Glad you signed up for Beachy Head. So much for not doing another marathon again! Hopefully you got my email saying the same thing! There seem to be a lot of Brightoners doing Beachy Head so hopefully there is another thread; don't want to take this one too far away from BM!

    I was hoping to take a rest from running for a bit and get out on the bike a bit more but the weather's making that difficult. I don't mind running in the rain, but it's not as "refreshing" in the rain on a bike! I ran 3 miles into work today and it's some of the worst conditions I've run in; proper wet and windy!

    Eagerly awaiting Monday when I can enter the VLM ballot!

  • Poohbear/snowmaiden, good for you both. You are doing more than the vast population and this training will really help mental and physical wellbeing... The book covers that. Remember... It's a marathon not a sprint so pace the training as well as the race.... There are folk in here whom can give good independent advice... Good luck with your plans...
  • Morning all

    Well never got out for a run yesterday so i will try and get out today i have to say i don’t know about anyone else but personally i am still feeling pretty wiped out after Brighton

    And as far as the running going Poobear and Snowmaiden are putting me to shame will have to buck May ideas up if i want a sub 50 minute at the Bristol 10k

    Snowmaiden you can boot me up the bum if you can catch me there the challenge is down and sorely you must have felt more like drown mouse than a rat

  • Got out this morning for my half hour before I go to work later, trying the run 2 walk 3 method, in the morning sunshine and loved every minute of it. Got about a mile and a half out which I don't think is too bad.

    Poohbear: Good idea. I think I'll take that one to heart. Imagine me getting up at 6am the days when I have work @ 8:30 though. That should give you a laugh.

    AmGettingFitter: Thanks. I plan on take onboard any advice offered by people on this site since a lot of people have more experiance than me. image Not pushing it too hard yet, I don't plan on injuring myself.

    Toby3: I will catch you and boot you up the butt. Even if I have to do it after the finish line. image And haha. Yes, I suppose so.

  • Toby3 and Lombster - thanks for re-confirming re the profile picture. I'll just have to be patient!

  • Afternoon all

    Well just weighed and came in at 12st 5lbs so not as bad as i feared considering i been eating for England since Brighton and it finally feels like the my body is saying right i am recharged enough now thank you

    Never got a run in yesterday as i said before i am still feeling pretty wiped out and really lethargic but i am heading in the garage in  minute to do 3 miles on the treadmill i may make it 5 but if i do it will be walk 1k run 1k

    but i really need to get my ass in gear if i want that sub 50 minute at Bristol this year i have until May the 20th to lose the 4lbs in weight I’ve put on so that’s just over 3 weeks

    Snowmaiden that’s going to be a rally shock to your system getting up at that time i always thought that your mornings started at 12pm well done for getting out there though and glad to see your being sensible and starting off at an easy pace  

    Bawn on problem were always glad to help

  • Afternoon all,

    Good run to work today, 5.2 miles in 59:36.

    That's fast for me.

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