Fatman to Ironman



  • I've heard of fruitcake and cheese but never tried it although I think I would like it

    Swim swum today, 12 x 200 and all under 3.30

    Its gone offally dark out there

  • Good swimming Rafiki!  Bit chilly?

    Just entered Blaenavon Triathlon for 12th May, and Grafman half-iron for 9th June.  Going to be a fun year!  

  • Well done mate, i'll be signing up for Grafman when i get paid again image

    20 mile ride done today, decided to start a new blog for my church spotting plan. I can keep it seperate from the Fatman to Ironman training blog then image

  • Mug of coffee, some tablet, Zulu on the telly.  Happy Nursey image

  • Oh, and I may turbo this evening image

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    Swim and turbo session done this morning, made a nice change as only been able to run so far this week. Then I fitted new tri bars to bike and did quick up and down road to try them out, not as scary using them as I expected.

    Still feeling energetic so might do short run or bike again later.
  • Have just turbo'd with The Hunted and TrainerRoad. Honestly.....pyramid intervals 10 minutes before the end?? Sick sick sick!

  • They are quite spicey workouts aren't they, Cat? Did my first Sufferfest yesterday... Angels. Handed Bertie, Schleck and co their arses on a plate and, like every British cyclist since the sinned-against and sainted Tommy Simmo, and excluding that nice, reformed chap David, I did it clean!!

    Much better than just turning my legs over and listening to TalkSport image.

  • 1hr in the pool and 2hrs in the gym

    5 mins to inhale my dinner  image

  • Oh feck.   You lot are making me feel very guilty.

  • Decided to go out for a 25 mile ride yesterday and ended up with such a bad knee! I have no idea how this happened... I haven't adjusted anything on my bike at all! 

    The pain in my knee is right in the middle, under my knee cap. It's so painful it hurts to bend my knee just a little, so walking isn't very easy and stairs aren't the nicest to do either! Does anybody have an idea what's wrong? With my Fink plan starting on monday I'm pretty worried about this!

  • Morning all

    Dont feel guilty Nursey, Zulu is a classic.

    Thats a bit rubbish Budge. Trip to the doctors mate. I wouldnt worry aout missing the first few weeks of Fink, i think all of us here do more than the first few weeks of Finks training plan. (Apart from Nurse,image My knee issues were in the side so dosent sound like the same thing, have you done some Internet diagnosis?

    Up & at em for my first park run in a long time. Daughter has a face like a slapped ar$e as ive got her out of bed to do it as well, bad dad image She will appreciate it as character builidng in years to come.
  • Well done, SD.

    Budge, straight to the physio if that were me.  Hopefully just 'one of those things' that'll fade away.

    Mountain bike with my daughter yesterday, about ten muddy miles along canal (and then hot chocolate and a cake ... top day).  Did a 40 minute night run along towpath too, bit spooky that!

  • Blimey, that 5k was tough image too much food and drink this past month i think.
  • 1mile slow suffle along the beach in a force 9 gale. First "run" since the ankle op in mid November.

    Good to be back. Slow and steady now.....
  • Off MTBing in a mo.

    Slower-Sufferfest seems to be a who's who of dopers!
  • mtb for me tomorrow and Monday ... I did some housework intervals today, the monsoon kept me indoors  !!

  • Got my boy an Xbox Kinect for Christmas, I've been cross-training playing Star Wars on it!

  • Nice one Andy.  I'm on the wagon for January, at least.  

    Did a nice 10 mile MTB today, very hilly and muddy, amazing how mud makes it hard to pedal *downhill*!  

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    Thinking of going on the waggon myself after tonight. trouble is ive got a week away in january and it seems a shame not to have a few beers / wine when works paying for it.

  • Am just about to enter this

  • Nice one Nursey. Idid Tour de Larder this past week image

    Just a quicky before i head out for my final piss up untilafter IMUK.

    Everyone have a very merry & happy new year. Take care & be safe.

    All the best from the Baxters image
  • Just nipping in to wish everyone all the best for a happy, healthy and fun 2013.

  • Happy new year all. Boy thats hard to type drunk image

  • Happy New Year everyone!  Came home at 2am and entered Snowdonia Marathon for October, so 2 months to recover from IMUK.  We'll see! 

  • Lol DTT most people just order takeaway,happy new year all
  • Happy New Year to everyone - have a great 2013!

  • Right back to it today with a 1hr swim, bike tonight- Did a bit over the break fitting in some turbo work, a few swims and a 50m and 70m bike. I must work harder on the bike, they really hurt.

  • Evening gang, glad all the festivities are over and done with and we can get back to business ... so I had a rest day  image

    I did manage a 2 1/2hr bike over Beachy Head on New Years Day so I think I am alllowed !

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