Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • dprovan wrote (see)

    Funny Hat that is a really impressive improvement. How many miles are you doing and what kind of running to make that progress?


    Dprovam,   I try and run 5 days a week and it looks a bit like this at the highest point in my marathon training

    M - Rest

    T - 10 miles easy

    W - Track session

    T - 5 at pace

    F - Rest

    S - 10 half easy and half at pace

    S - 20 at +1 minute slower than MP with last 20 mins at MP

    I always try and do every session and I might miss 10% of a 16 week plan, hope that helps.



  • Choisty - good 10 milers - Hook (nr Basingstoke) this Sunday - Epsom in november (finishes at back of Queens stand on the race course)

  • No Hook for me as I'm a busy boy this weekend, Harrow for 3000m S/C on Saturday and then Netley 10k on Sunday, followed by end of season BBQ and beers.

    The beer is waiting whether you spectate or run

  • No Hook for me either, too soon after my marathon.

    Will probably spectate at Kingsclere as its only a week after i do the Lakeland Trail marathon

  • Off for my 15 minute run now - along with some great new neuromuscular and posture exercises I got from the tri camp physio, who just happens to also be Jess Ennis's physio image They are weird... one is called the John Travolta. All about coordination and recruitment patterns rather than strength...

  • Hello all

    Sam - great to hear you are on the mend and had such a great time at camp! Your slow 5K time is a time I can only dream of!

    Emma - hope you get back into your training...I have ben useles since VLM. Have had a problem with my foot and several colds!

    I did a short 3k run on the treadmill this morning..foot felt okay...but I felt exhausted..still not 100% I think. Lots of family stresses taking their toll !

  • Choisty - looking forward to parkrun!

    I ran Kingsclere Twist last summer and boy was it hot going up that first hill through the field. My personal highlight of the day was vaulting the stile - left hand on the post and clean over, barely breaking my stride as I landed. God knows how or why I did that.....but it was a fantastic feeling and still makes me smile thinking about it now.

    Only downside is that my wife is mumbling about going away and it could unfortunately be that w/e..... 

    Newbury - enjoyable being on my doorstep, but not easy with the constantly changing footing. I think we get road, grass. gravel track, grass track, footpath and that's just the first 5k then pavement, canal tow path, and road to finish!

  • Yo people! Missed me? image

    Oscarr, sorry about the run fella, tried to get on here sooner, but seems that work expect me to do stuff... And been applying for a couple of jobs workng.

    Good to see everyone is getting back into it (or in mcs' case, geared up) or hoping to. I've just got a couple of 10ks over the summer and then into halfs in September/October. Was going to do Choisty's race, but it's my nipper's birthday that weekend and OH wasn't very happy about the potential of me missing it... image

    Wow, I seem to have missed so much in the past week or so...

    BTW, I'm so up for Abingdon next year it's silly...

  • Hey Bo, good to see you back - got images of you doing the "john travolta" posture exercise (complete with flairs) - how's your running at the moment ?

  • Nice to see you back Bo!
    I did a 13k easy run on Sunday (using MyAsics as a plan for a 4hr marathon) - felt good, and feel my training is coming along nicely. I'm tempted by a local 10mile run image

  • Bought the book Born to Run last week and just read an obituary in The Times for Micah True the american ultra runner featured in the book - he died aged 57 of unknown causes part way through a solo 12 mile run (probably the way he would have wanted to go)

  • If anyone is interested, Lakeland Trails races on 1st July have just opened up an additional 100 places for the half mara and there are 67 places left for the full marathon.

  • Caballo Blanco died of a condition where the left ventricle becomes distended and weak and no longer efficent enough to pump, shows up as an inverted T-wave on an ECG and needs an echo to diagnose it.  Great book, I got to meet the author, good guy...would of loved to meet Micah True

  • Choisty - if you get the chance, read the obituary in todays Times - half page summary of his life and his relationship with the indians - page 50

  • Oh, need to get that then. Great book, Born to Run, sister in law got me it for Christmas.

    Good session there Anthony.

    Been out running again now and really enjoying it again. Feel so much stronger and quicker after a rest up post Paris.
  • Think I will get a copy I the times today then. Gret book I've got 20 pages left. Loved very but of it

    Where did u meet him Choisty?
  • Five mile intervals this morning in windy conditions went 9.45-8.23-7.37-7.40 and 8.20 and a couple of miles at lunch to encourage a colleque who had never run more than a mile, now up to two!!!
    Luke have you read the life story of Joss Naylor, epic life and read.

    Love to do the Trails Marathon but funds do not year perhaps.

    12 Days to go!! Off to check out the long range weather forecasts.


  • just done easy 8 miles - first run since marathon a week and a half ago - good to get running again - may do some mile intervals tomorrow to get the legs spinning a bit quicker

  • Oscarr, will see if I can, I read the post mortem report as intpreted by a Doc on the web, which was interesting (espcially as I have an inverted T-wave)...glad to have you back running...don't mention lakeland it's thoughts like that get a man shot

    I met Chris Macdougall when he came over to promote the book, he did an evening lecture, Q&A followed by a few beers.  Really nice guy gave me a few copies of the book signed to use a spot prizes for our race with "congratulation on running the twist kingsclere 5, you were born to run"

    Joss Naylor is amazing, reading his story makes me feel like trying a bob graham and that is a silly idea


  • Fancy the 112 Whitton Challenge Bike ride in the Lake District one year that was this last weekend. A big ride though with some serious hills in it.image

  • Joss Naylor the Iron Man is a great dvd to watch.

    Feet in the Clouds is a great read about the Bob Graham Round. Divorce pending if I think about that one!!!!

  • Anyone got "Lore of Running" by Tim Noakes? Is that worth a read?
    Ultramarathonman Confessions of an All Night Runner. by Dean Karneses is a good read.He is one hell of a plodder!!!

  • mcs - I have the Lore of Running, a South African friend bought it for me ages ago - recommended it as a bible for running!  It's a great book, more one to dip in and out of than read from cover to cover I'd say.  Never followed any of the schedules from it...maybe I should have done as the RW ultimate one was clearly too much for my body!!!

  • Ive read Dean Karneses book its good. I will have I dig out Joss Naylor next. Club run tonight 10 miles Fartlek. Looks like a nice night for it here. Also most of the lads will b fresh off Chester half so should b some good tales.
  • MCS, not long now, how you feeling about the marathon ?  

    Oscarr, how are the legs feeling after today ?  I did 9 this moring and will be increasing the mileage now in order to prepare for the Lakeland Marathon.  Hope to see you tomorrow if your at the track ?




  • FH - legs were fine today - went out to do 6.5 miles and loved it so much i added a 1.5 miles on in the middle !!  Won't be at track tomorrow but will do some mile intervals in the morning.  Really looking forward to Lakeland marathon.  Will be at track soon.  Are you doing Wargrave 10k on 10th June?

  • Hi Oscarr. Me to, so looking forward to the lakes, will be awesome ! I added Wargrave to my ever increasing dairy of races, will probably run there from home and run back after as it's a long run Sunday for me !

    Take care.

  • Good interval session this morning - 3 x 1mile reps - two at 10k pace and last one at 5k pace (7:42/7:32/7:15).

    mcs - getting twitchy yet ?

  • Ready for it touch of tightness in my right hammy so having a rest day today then run tomorrow. Windscreen cracked and car making a funny noise dont know what that is so had to break out the card for a new windscreen..........Personally ready to go now just the logistics of the journey to sort then next Thursday will be off early five hour journey from here. I know I can run twenty miles ok in three hours then got to give it all for the last six and hope everything keeps working ok.

    lakes sound good hope you get some reasonable weather for that race.
  • a good approach, that - 9 min miling for 20 then see what's left in the tank - hope there's lots left and you go under 4

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