Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • I've got my first 5k race this Friday. Never raced that distance before. Any tips?

    Hoping for sub 19 but will b happy with sub 20.

    Good tactics MCS hope the tight hamstring dissapears!

    (was gonna say goes but obvious double meaning)
  • Luke - its such a short distance that you don't have time to start slow and build up etc so you have to be ready at the start to go for hard running from the gun if you want a good time - so, best tip i can give is do a long slow run as warm up (say,2 miles) and when the gun goes go flat out at your best 5K pace and maintain it

  • Good luck mcs. Hope everything goes well.

    On the subject of the Lore of Running, I love my copy. It's not a cover to back book, but really good for reference. Got to love Sam's stuff to.
  • Raining again here girls out running, time for me to do five steady yo work in the lovely wet stuff. I am slightly anxious if we get warm weather on the 27th as not really run in warmth all year and being fair burn easy........but surely Scotland can't be warm??
  • Looks like the tapering is going well mcs.  Not long now!

    I'm pretty snowed-under, hence not posting often.  The wife and daughter left last Saturday to visit relatives in China for a few months.  It was particularly hard watching the daughter leave because she didn't really understand and believed she was going back home from the airport.  She was asking me questions like "are we going to the Zoo tomorrow?".  Breaking my heart image  I'm counting down the days and will be keeping busy to hopefully make the time fly.  I've booked a 10k race for the day after they return so I have something to focus my training during my countdown.

    My training is going well.  I've switched the majority of my runs to early morning and on the treadmill - so that I can do the training while my son is asleep.  I'll do longer runs midweek while he is at school and catch-up the work on Saturday's.  I'm gradually adapting to a new routine while being a temporary single parent image

    Yesterday I did a 9 mile run at 10:30 pace and completed it without ever going over my recovery heart rate.  This is good progress for my more ambitious target for next year - to knock around forty minutes off my marathon time.  I believe I can do it if I keep progress steady.

    Tomorrow is V day image  I'm hoping that I can be back training a week afterwards, so I can get cracking with 10k training.

  • Ten - good to hear from you  - sounds like you've got yourself very well organised and i'm sure the time will fly by - still biting my lip with all those V jokes !!!!!

    mcs - i would just pray for an easterly breeze so that the last 8 miles is wind assisted - think about what pace to start out with cos its downhill for the first couple miles and you don't want to miss out on the gain that can give whilst still starting gently; it means that your average pace won't settle out until well into the race so need to make that adjustment if you are using your garmin as a guide;alternative is to see how much you gain before it gets flat then add that to split times at mile markers - i'm sure you'll work it out

  • yep agree will be tempted to go quickly for the first couple of miles. Listening to marathon talk this am on the run into work, the interviewee said that in Boston the first mile or so is down hill and that one guy ran off early one year at about 4.10 pace which he reckoned was equivalent to 5mm pace. So I reckon the first few couple I may go around 8 with out trying to hard which should feel like 9s. After that as you say I will have to be careful to get into mara pace as it levels off at sealevel. I hope an easterly is possible not looking that way at the moment.


    North easterly wind, thanks for that Oscarr......not much of a breeze but a few days to go so can change.

  • mcs - good stuff - can see you are getting in the right frame of mind - be positive and keep thinking things like "must have enough energy at 20" - "strong at 21" - "its only a 10K from here" - "keep focussed and keep my running form"- "relax, just enjoy myself !!!!!"

  • Hope you have a nice calm race day mcs.  I read that wind assistance from a tailwind is only about half of wind resistance from a headwind at the same speed.  Mother nature was having a laugh when she invented that one.

  • full sun showing now!!  22 miles done this week with an hour on Sunday to come think its time to chill and eat alittle must dig out the carb loading suggestions from Ruth the Asics nutrition advisor. 

  • mcs - remember, no shed building next week !! as easy a week as you can muster

  • MCS,

    Have a great last 8 days of tapper and like Oscarr says "no shed building next week" !!



  • Got myself injured image Did some hill running as part of my plan - a fast 5m on Wednesday. Hard a sore left achillees after that. Rested yesterday, tried another fast 5m today and after a mile or so it hurt, and after 1.5m I stopped running and it really hurt :/
    Guess I'll have to rest a few days now. Hope I won't be out for too long. Anybody had anything similar?

  • 19:14 for me 5k tonight. Quite happy with that for a 1st go.

    Also garmin wasn't charged so had no watch. Think I might have got in faster if I had a target.

    What's everyone's running plans for the weekend?
  • Anthony, had same problem as you before. I self massage and then ice, also get some heal pads to raise calf up and only run on the flat. Don't get back to running until pain goes.

    All the best

  • Thanks FH - I read on the BBC website - rest for a week. Seems like good advice image

  • AC8 - if it is the achilles then be careful cos if it does get badly injured it can take months to fix cos there is such a low blood flow to what is a very tight tendon area and it heals really slowly so a weeks rest with icing daily could prevent long term injury

  • Thanks oscarr. I have had a bit of trouble with my let leg. Tore a calf muscle, was on crutches for a month. Gradually recovered, then tore it again... Then after taking up running it hurt again - last November/December - in the achilles area. Rested a bit, got running again, now a few months on, thought I was over the injury but it hurts again. 

    I'm concerned about missing training, but know that if I'm injured I can't train/do anything much! I know from past experience how slowly it takes to heal. 

  • hi all no notifications plus mayhem at work have conspired again!  Just caught up.

    I have hardly been running at all - a club 3.5 last Saturday in just under 28 mins easily and all seemed OK again, but hip flared up and behind right knee.

    It's a TfL problem but rollering seems to make it worse such that knee wants to collapse rather than sustain the pain of going down stairs.  That's one minute, the next t's absolutely fine.  

    Multitasking here watching tri in the kitchen and red button from Shanghai in the front room whilst cooking and catching up online of course and rubbing leg!

    The other one.

    Can't wait for Manchester City Games tomorrow, two of the coaches I work with are competing so I will be on the major hurry up to get back from Stockley Park where we are doing the marshalling with police cadets.  I have also entered but the course will be awful if wet and of course I don't want to aggravate the injury.

    Is anyone doing BUPA next weekend? 

  • AC: take it easy, I got calf issues about 6 years ago and took months to heal.

    Couldn't walk and had to be carried down two flights of stairs by a female boss... That was interesting.

    Did 7 miles of LTs yesterday. Loved it, but glad no one was about to see me... Really looking forward to an 11 miler tomorrow. Been starting to up my carb count the day before these sessions now. Nothing major, but slight.

    Decided that going to run Brighton with UNICEF...
  • 7.56 miles in one hour four mins with young fast the early dawn. Carb up time!!
  • Six days to go............shouldn't have put the cricket on!!image

  • Cooooeeee everyone - I'm back (and in one piece just about!)

    Looks like it's been a busy week - will have to go back and read all the posts again - I don't seem to have taken it all in first sweep through!

    Mission completed - 42.5 hilly miles in horizontal hail, snow (very welcome bursts of sunshine) and stunning scenery done and dusted! Met some very inspiring folks and now got my heart set on returning next year even if I can't do the whole week! Legs feel surprisingly ok - was over the moon after Monday's half that I could go out and do a trail 5 miler at roughly the same pace! (What a difference slowing down a minute a mile makes).  Ben had a good romp around at training pace and we won the 1st 2 person team prize in the marathon relays.  Also got to meet Elspeth which was lovely, though not til later in the week - really happy she'll be at Langdale too.

    My times for anyone curious (am very happy with them - had forgotten quite how hilly it is up there but loved every minute of it!)

    Monday - ½ marathon - 2:01:12

    Tuesday - 5.21 trail run - 49.10

    Wednesday - 10 miler mixed terrain (tho apparently closer to 10.5 miles) - 1.44.33

    Thursday - 5k beach/dunes run - 29.05

    Saturday - 11 mile leg - 1:41.10 (especially happy with this as I did it in 2005 as just a one day event and was only a minute quicker despite similar conditions)

    Haven't worked out the average pace of the week yet - somewhere between 9 and 10 m/m as hoped. Happy days!

    Pretty sure I've put weight on this week as was so worried about running out of energy - better start behaving myself again!

    Back to unpacking - hope all is going well with folks!

  • Sounds like a grueler sleepy

    Right guys new running shoes time! Any reccomendations, I'm after a cushioned shoe and had the nimbus 12 but they have ripped so thinking about a swop to new balance 1080. Thoughts.....?
  • Asics Kayano my choice, they are like slippers.  Sunshine here is blinding, hope it cools abit for the weekend.image

  • Great running SB and hubby sounds like a busy week!!

  • Sleepy - good to have you and Ben back and well done indeed for the marathon team win - sounds like a great week

    mcs - hope you are resting well and fuelling up - just finished Hal Higdon's book (after finishing Sam's); i think you followed HH schedule so what was your peak weekly mileage, length of longest run/how many done and did you do the midweek kinda long runs?? 

  • Sleepy: that sounds like proper hard work! Well done on the win. How cool is that!
  • Thanks all! Yeah it's pretty cool Bo - pretty handy to have had such a massive head start (useful husband) we're not doing the 2 man anymore - starting to feel a bit like pot hunters and so it's time to try the full mara (yip even Ben - though it'll be more like a hillday for him as he's going to keep me company.)

    Sorry can't help with shoes Luke - I'm just about to downgrade from the 2160s to 1160s as I got a corking blister on my arch during the half last week.  Luckily I'd taken my inov8s too which seem to have much less arch support and they saw me through the rest of the week merrily (thank goodness).

    As for how tough the week was - the winners of the solo marathon were 3:03 (male) and 3:48 (female) but then it includes 2500 feet of climbing.  Amazing - I think I'll be much slower than that!

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