Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Great PB........another day done, snow still a problem here in deepest lane open on the road out to Chesterfield but most other roads still where to run, going to be off Fri Monday this weekend so hopefully get some runs in. Cabin fever setting in here!! Lunchtime is thirty mins max so going to have to run in the evenings and am.......
  • Hi mcs!  I found out yesterday that my friend's dad lives in Bakewell, they had sent photos of their car excet you couldn't see the car in them.

    I don't really get lunch either - in over 6 years I have been out to lunch twice for work resons, and went for a 5 miler once but that was a major faff.

    My pilates teacher didn't show up again yesterday, so I got up before 5 and didn't need to be at college until 11, secnd time it has happened [to me, a girl there said it was her 6th recently].

    I offered feedback. Had an extra half hour in the pool, and ended up rowing last night with some teenage girls who have started coming to my athletics club.  


    Nice PB Choisty.  

  • Hmmmm now - wonder what that feedback was image

    Yay Choisty - gotta love a new PB this early in the year!

    I feel for you guys - training time can be a real headache sometimes.  Keep those chins up (plural people not chins per person) the lighter nights are nearly here which should make life easier!

    I am currently daydreaming about having my own clinic vs working for someone else. There's an old shop in the village with reasonable rent - it'd need some tidying up but it's an option... (Or will just keep using the village hall which is even cheaper... and less tying if B got posted too far away to commute).  We'll see... (don't worry mcs - I know where you are if I need some printing image)

    Best I get revising and pass my exam first image

    3 x 10 mile pace intervals for me today - oscarr I'm doing 1 mile each at 6.9, 7.0 + 7.1 mph (8:41, 8:34, 8:27). it's making me smile that as a treat (rest) we get to do one less this week!



  • Sleepy - can you check your emails please

  • Liking my data today...

    Did 3 x 1 mi @ 10 mile pace (instead of the regular 4 x 1) and just that 1 less mile = an average heart rate 12 beats lower - yip 12!  Let the magic happen... image

  • Sleepy - what was your HR and the end of your last mile rep please?

  • Just got email from Coniston 14 organiser - new race date is Oct 12th and you'll need the number you were sent (just pulled mine from the bottom of the bin!!) - this is one week before the Abingdon Marathon so i doubt very much that i will do Coniston as well.

  • Yo - was 169 (vs 176 after last week's 2 mi effort, 175 at the end of the previous week's 4 x 1, 181 the first time I did the 4 x1)  oooh look another 12 beat improvement! image

    First time this month my average on a Tuesday has been below 140!


    We can't do Coniston either - we've got our hearts set on doing the Gruseome Twosome (


  • Wow - your max must be well above 190?  Planning to test mine at the end of my mid2@MP run on Friday by doing the hill test.

  • My max is around 188 - think my body had a bit of a shock in that first set as I hadn't done any efforts all winter and it was only 2 days after that half I did so I was probably a bit tired!  I remember thinking the last one was more than enough thanks very much image

    Felt ok today - still about a 8/10 on a perception scale so I think about the right level! Could have gone a bit faster but when it's a mile effort I think the stability of the effort and maintenance of reasonable technique are probably more important!

    I did go over 200 regularly when I was in my 20s so I know I have a bit of leeway in the upper end!

    Time to walk the dogs and then it's my last yoga class tonight - think I'm doing more than enough training for the next 3 months!!  Will pick yoga back up when I'm doing less than a gazillion hours a week LOLOLOL


  • Yea, i'm still doing my weekly spinning class but that may have to go when the miles really ramp up.

  • interval session today:  8m with 5x0.4m @ 5k pace.  Was tempted to do more intervals, but reminded myself that this is the taper!  If the weather is okay, I'm hoping to try for a 5k PB on Saturday.

  • Go Ten Go Ten Go Ten - you are right to save yourself - keep your eyes on the target!

  • Hi all 

    My visitors have arrived from NYC, bringing a TRX!  Now what?!?  This morning my Garmin half strap [the side that has the fastener] fell apart.  There's another in the box interestingly, so they maybe exoect this.  Another little task for me.  

    Coniston is the week before York too, so I won't be going, would love to do it March 2014 though, what do you reckon?

    I'm going to do the Open 5 in Victoria Park 2 weeks out now rather than a ParkRun that day, looking forward to that.  

    Excellent stats SB - I will revisit after VLM.

    This morning I did an out and back before acupuncture [at which I had a huge jolt]-8.81 miles total of which the middle bit was to be 3 x 8:50 miles out and faster back....

    I managed 3 @ 8:53, then 3 @ 8:40 along the canal. Very busy though, loads of bike dodging, but still in one piece folks, this is unheard of! 

  • It's official - operation Coniston aborted then! Not sure about 2014 yet!

    Have fun with your pressie reiki! Take it out of the box and follow the instructions/watch the dvd... Nice run! How did it feel?  image



  • Coniston in 2014 - now even i can't plan that far ahead...image

  • 6m recovery on the treadie tonight.  Ran it as a sort of fartlek by adjusting pace and incline to go with music, all below recovery ceiling of course.

    Tum te tum....

    must find things to worry about....

    damn tapering image

  • Just me and the daughter then at Coniston, see you in 2014 guys of the busy running lives! Snow is still blocking my quickest road to work, crazy!
  • Just done my 3X1 mile reps at 10 mile pace - good session.  HR at the end of the third mile was 151 so if this was 85% then max would be 178 which again is probably not that far out.  Will do hill test on friday to find out.  Legs good tonight which again says that the much slower LSR pace is paying dividends.  Recovery run tomorrow. Am liking this cutback week larky.

  • Keep those woolly pants handy mcs!  Seriously - hope you're all doing ok - be sensible and safe til you adapt!  I guess we all need to be more prepared next year - looks like we're back in a 60s style snow cycle!

    oscarr - yipppeeee.  Just had a little look at my schedule - not sure why I'm not on a  cutback week - it miust have made sense when I'd planned it into my spreadsheet but it's not for the 10k as I thought as I have a 4/3 B2B next week. As I'm working on time not miles (so doing a bit less milegae than you) I'm not too concerned! I'll enjoy the next cutback instead!

    Ten - not long now matey - try to focus on absorbing all the fitness you've built - time to just let your body fully adapt so you can reap the rewards for your diligence and perseverance! Have you started your race visualising yet?

    90 mins inc 2 miles @ MP coming up...

  • Sleepy Bear wrote (see)

    Have you started your race visualising yet?

    If you mean the nightmare of catching flu, missing the start, getting lost on the course and forgetting to wear my timing chip.... then, yes. image

  • Sleepy - you may be interested in an article on page 5 of today's Times about a survey of UK dog owners, some results being;

    - owners dog walking covers an average of 283 marathons (7,415 miles) in a pets lifetime

    - dogs can expect an average of 58,000 strokes in a lifetime repsonding with 50,000 licks

    - annual average walking is 500 miles

    - 9% of owners show their dogs their holiday photos (!!!!!)

    - owners believe their dogs have fallen in love at least twice plus 4 more crushes (!!!!)

  • Mini interval session last night.

    5 x 3mins @ MP with 5 x 3 mins jog recovery; 1m w/u & c/d each end

    The constant change in pace is quite testing on an unduolating route, but a workout to shake the legs out without being over taxing.

    Maidenhead Easter 10m tomorrow

    Enjoy your running w/e's

  • image Good to see The Times is maintaining it's journalistic integrity image

  • LOLOL Ten

    Iif the annual mileage is anything to go by - our two do 3 times that! Therefore they can fall in love lots - Rascal's been in/still is in love with another Jack Russell named Scamp and has already had 2 further crushes that I know of (don't show them photos though)!

    Hope the next batch of snow stays away Mike!  Have a good 'un image


  • Awesome sales over at:

    sportsshoes (just got a second pair of inov8 road 233s for half price - an extra 15% using code LMF1315)

    sheactive (15% off inc sale items)

    and thoosa(50% off + free delivery)

    Ok so the last 2 are useless for the boys but for us ladies...

    That's my kit all sorted for summer - got a new vest and racing flats lined up (since my old ones have already done 380 miles) - almost in new club colours too - trying to get a Tri club logoed racing vest but not sure they do them!


  • Looks like my Garmin 110 has given up - it loses a full charge in about 3 hrs just on standby

    Glad i only paid £30 for my HR watch as i'm thinking of getting a combined GPS/HR one to replace the 110.

    Any good suggestions?

  • RC3GPS if you can be bothered to program it online - can't do on watch unit itself.  I quite enjoy it!

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