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    Mike Sheridan wrote (see)

    Put it another way, you'll find you have a higher cruising speed for the same HR so it won't necessarily help you if you look too far back into a period where you were less fit.

    I completely agree with the first half of what you say, but I'm not so sure about the assumption.  Surely your max heart rate is your max heart rate, regardless of your level of fitness?  I've often wondered whether the best idea would be to do a max heart rate test when unfit, because it would be easier to hit.

    My high readings of 184bpm were a few years ago.  The age-related formula suggest that the max reduces (a little) with age.  Possibly something else to bear in mind.  My estimated max using the Karvonen formula (205 less half of age) is currently 179bpm and was 182bpm at the time I hit 184bpm.  So maybe a reduction of 3bpm is not unlikely.

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    8m VO2Max session completed.

    I found my third and final mile rep tough going into the wind.  My new target pace is 7:34 based on my recent 5k.  I warmed up for 1.65m then started the reps.  I recovered between each rep by jogging until my heart rate returned to 141bpm (approximately a third of a mile).  Heart rate target range is 169-173bpm based on 181bpm Max.

    Reps:  7:33/7:37/7:35

    HR averages: 153/159/162bpm

    HR peaks: 158/167/167bpm

    I didn't feel like I could push too much harder on that third rep, though I suspect I still have a lot to learn about really pushing to the edge.  I'm a wimp when it comes to pain.

  • Hi Ten - went into Sweatshop today for some bits and peices and talked to the guy about GPS watches - conclusion is 310xt - will have a look later on Amazon - Sweatshop wanted £240 for 310xt inc HR monitor.  Looked at the dcrainmaker review which was good and the Garmin utube advert so very happy with the choice.  Thanks for your help. 

  • £196 on Amazon

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    Oscarr - Amazon is just under £200, and has been for a while.  In the event that they get offered in a lightning sale, they go for £150 but you have to check at the right time and be very quick to snap one up (I haven't seen them offered at that price since last year though).

    Edit: LOL I forgot to press submit and you already beat me to it image

  • 310xt+hrm ordered, should be here for my xc race on sunday

    Boy, last nights interval session was a biggy - 9 miles on the track including 6x1m reps at 10 mile pace.  Just looked at the schedule and thankfully that's the hardest interval session we do, although we do a lot of them!! Average time for the 6x1 miles was 7:45.

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    Nice session and great pace Oscarr!  Have fun experimenting with the watch.

    To keep an eye on my pace, I use Lap Pace and Current pace.  The latter is limited use, because it jumps around a lot.  Lap pace becomes reliable after around 0.25 miles into the current lap.  By using the two in combination I can usually hit my desired pace within a second or two (subject to my ability to achieve it image).

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    Runbritain ladders have been updated.  I have jumped up 12895 places, which is something that Mo Farah cannot achieve image  My percentage position has dropped from 68% to 28% since last April.  All extra motivators!

  • Oscarr, great session on the track sounds like fun

    Ten, nice improvement keep it going

  • Awesome work guys - I'm with you Ten - getting near my max is quite enough thanks very much image

    oscarr - LOL - new toy new toy!

    I did my 4hour yesterday - wowsers was that mentally tiring in the wind - just gearing up to go out and do my 3hour today!  Not looking forward to my 6 x 1s - got my first set in a couple of weeks (though effectively my 10k at the weekend will be replacing this week's sesh).  Really windly here again - gonna change my kit before I go out - got too warm yesterday in the sun but it ain't out today! Feeling a bit jaded but ok so need to just get on with it!

    Ten - nice rB stats - I didn't move this week BOOOOO hee hee

  • Sleepy - remember to go SLOW on your longy today!! Pity they don't have a tongue in cheek emoticon LOL!
  • Interesting set of reps today...10 x 800m with 200m jog recovery (obligatory 1M warm up & down) @ 2:40.  Not that interesting apart from the blizzard that overtook the track during the session, to the point the track was white at one point, then as I finished the sun came out.  Is someone trying to tell me something?

  • oscarr - image LOL! 

    Yip was slow but it's nice to know I can do around half the distance over 2 days in grotty weather and without breaking a sweat at only week 5!  The little snack size bars are working really well for me.  I guess the distance'll build to 2/3 - 3/4 of the full whammie to allow for adaptation/recovery beforehand... Feeling much better for having been out (and lots of chocolate)  - think I need extra breakfast these days. Shame eh!

    Choisty - if it makes you feel better I was looking round for a blossom tree/pile of lime dust when a few flakes starting falling on me - just wasn't prepared to believe it was snow LOL.  I think I might have even rolled my eyes at myself at the time image


  • SB great training, as part of my marathon training I become part hobbit and have second breakfast, you have to give it a go.  The weather needs a stern talking to as this is simply not appropriate behaviour image

  • Tapering well folks - well done.

    I have n't run since Tuesday as I do not want to aggravate my throat which has flared up overnight.

    Saw the GP early on who confirmed a virus which should clear in a day or two, and as a precaution he took a swab and sent it off for analysis. If is a bacterial infection he will give me some week.

    So in running terms, zilch, but tomorrow should be less windy and about 5 degrees warmer so I'll catch panic, just irritated that this occurs right now.

    Stay healthy everyone - you are already fit! 

  • Very interesting HR discussion people.

    Mike I hope you feel better over the weekend. 

    I did my 30-20-10 session at the track on Tuesday as best I could, the idea is to do MP for 30 secs, then thenext 20 @ LT pace, the final 10 secs at maximal, repeat 4 more times; jog 2 mins; repeat the lot twice more.  

    This with 1.5 easy miles either way. 

    I didn't differentiate the paces via Garmin, couldn't think of a way to esily do that, average pace on the reps was 7:34 for each 5 mins.  Hope that's OK, it will have to be, wasn't to hard.

    Today I just went to the pool after only a Pilates class and a strength session yesterday. 

    More Pilates tomorrow then will do the Open 5 Saturday and a 10 mile progression run Sunday that has me a little nervous as I really want to nail the paces.

  • Weather needs to get a grip..oh it has, again!  Camp was a blizzard today. 

  • 7:34 sounds pretty quick to me reiki!!!

    Pleased to report that I'm feeling pretty sprightly today - apparently 7 hours jog/walking over 2 dyas is acceptable to my body!  Cardio-respiratory wise it's obviously non-stressful.  The front of my ankles ache mildly (that nice done something type ache - not ouchy) so they should start adapting.  Thinking back - (LAMMs and wildcamping trips aside) that probably is the most mileage I've done in 2 days!  Happy happy!

    Heal quick Mike - a couple of days won't make any differnce to your fitness now!  It'll probably do you good if anything!  Hope your throat isn't too sore.

  • I agree!

    SB that's brilliant, I get that ache sometimes right there too.
  • SB looks good for the wall the disapline amazes me

    Mike, get well soon, and remember the key marathon session finished 3 wks ago

    Just looked at the RW pacing and they don't have a sub 2:40 group which is unfair I will have to write to the editor

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    I'm sure they'll give you the job Choisty image

  • New toy alert - 310xt with HRM arrived this afternoon - no time to play with it before i go out on my 8 miler (with mid 3@MP) so will play tonight and may use it on Sunday for my 16mile xc race to Overton.  Will be doing my longer run on Monday (about 4 hrs i think).  I have shifted my week to a Tuesday-Monday to better fit in with everything so it means my B2B runs will be Sunday/Monday now.

    Sleepy - well done on your runs this week - the training is really ramping up now isn't it and good that your body is coping which bodes well for the future weeks. 

  • Well managed my second run this week.....

    My staple 10km route around the lanes where I live, so nothing too strenuous but I did push two consecutive mile up to MP just to test the engine.

    Think I'll do the local parkrun at MP tomorrow and then 12m os Sunday which should see me back on track.

    So you collective good wishes certainly helped - thanks.

    Oscarr - are you running the Coombe Gibbet/Overton Sunday? If so what time does it start as I could jog up there and run a few unofficial miles on the byeway.....

  • oooh race sounds goods oscarr - got a pace strategy in mind???  My week's another odd one next week - will be doing 5 days consecutively and then on my course the following weekend.

    Glad you're feeling better Mike - have a good run in the morning! You'll be flying after your little rest. image

  • I will see you there Oscarr I will take the bags from the start and will Marshal at the finish. I'm not running due to VLM and will miss it, it is my favourite race anywhere
  • Mike - yes, doing the CG to Overton xc race - bus leaves at 12:45 from Overton up to CG then the race starts at 2pm.

    Choisty - that's great - means you can buy me that beer you owe me, or is it the other way roundimage ?????  Look forward to see you there.

    Sleepy - not really thought it through yet other than i know i will not be blasting it, well not the whole way anyway - done quite a few miles this week already and the race is the first of this weeks B2B and will do another longy Monday - MP (9mpm) for first 10 then open the legs out for last 6 ?  What do you think?

  • Oscarr I like your thinking, and am now a massive convert to progression everything!  

    It even looks a little bit sunny already, let's see if it's quite as freezing! 

  • Sounds good to me - you can always do the second one as a long walk if you trash yourself!  I say just run however feels comfy and sustainable and enjoy it!

    Ankle ache has eased today but now my calves are a little tight - will roller them later - adapt body adapt yaaaaaaaaay

    Choisty - make sure he doesn't try to tell you he's too tired to go to the bar!  image

    Have a great weekend one and all - I'll let you know how my 10k goes when we get back!  Looking forward to race reports already...


  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Have a great race Oscarr.

    I am seriously getting the jitters now I only have a week to go.  I am sleeping well, though all I seem to dream about is travelling, hotels and getting to the race.  I don't think I've gotten as far as dreaming about running the race yet. image

    My legs are feeling tired and heavy, but I'm reassured that RW Marathon Training Guide says this is normal in the taper.  They did feel much better for a while after 5m with strides yesterday.  I'm debating whether to do the full scheduled 12m tomorrow - I intend to decide on the run whether to cut it short.  Next week I'm definitely not running the full P&D schedule, as I think it looks a bit too heavy for a person of my standard.  It's scheduled 22m pre-race, whereas I'm probably going to do about 13m, if that.

    Right now I'm trying to make a decision about race day kit so I can wear it tomorrow.

  • Sleepy - thanks, will certainly enjoy it and if the weather is like this tomorrow ( its 11 degrees bright and sunny here) then with a 2 pm start it should be glorious

    Ten - remember the stat that it takes two weeks to lose fitness so anything you do now should err on the cautious side so get to the start line really fresh - and try not to burn too much nervous energy thinking too much about race prep, save all your energy for the race
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