Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Happy Easter everyone


  • Oscarr my 110 did that, shame as I loved it, nice big numbers!  I think I have the 305 now, it's OK. not as suited to my wrist which needs a lot of twisting to look at it at all [not always a bad thing], and that's with a thick wristband on under it.

    The strap broke on Weds though, and funnily enough there is another in the original box.  I need to work out how to er connect it up. 

    SB I enjoyed the canal run, except that it was a bit scary with the swarms of bike commuters, I'm sure their skills are excellent, but it always slows me down, especially under bridges as they don't stop unless they have to.

    mcs my sister is still going to do Coniston, reckons it's just the thing the week before the marathon.  Different world.  Well diferent age!

    Mike I have done Maidenhead before but it didn't fit this year.

    Went to my sister's opening night last night, it was amazing, but I can't do lates - still woke up at 5:30, shattered already. 

    We were going to go on a boat to the Thames Barrier with all the kids but they don't start doing that til April! 

    So it's looking like Greenwich museums, Serpentine Gallery etc 

    Only an hour HIT session on the bike for me today....Ten I have other visualisations but shall not encourage you - what I do now is pretend that the last mile of any run is me coming up the Mall.

    So if you see someone out on the canal with their arms flailing about and looking like they are sitting on a bar stool and a bit purple round the gills on a slow steady, that'll be me!




  • Thanks Reiki. just love your posts.

    Think i will get another 110 but with HRM included cos i have to have big numbers (don't like running wearing reading glasses!!!) - until then Sleepy will be pleased to hear that i will have to train entirely with my HRM !!

  • Oh yeah that's a point image

  • Just back from 7 miler including a 3 rep hill test to measure my max HR - reckon it max'd at 158 on the third hill but don't believe this since my one mile on track on weds at a steady ten mile pace was 151 - spurious test i think so will try again another time but there's no rush

    Unless there's something wrong with my heart at the moment imageimageimage

  • Yeah - it's probably lacking chocolate!!! image

    My duathlon tomorrow has just been cancelled as someone's just found out the road is closed and being resurfaced - so I might go do a parkrun and then bike when we get home instead - just for fun  hee hee

    Just been for my massage - awesome find!  2 practitioners in the next village and possibly the best massage I've ever had!  Did some work on my heels and lower back too - very floaty legs now! Happy happy!

  • Reminds me, about time i had another sports massage

  • 4m recovery with strides today.  More snow has been forecast for later today - hopefully it won't affect tomorrow's parkrun.  I gotta try to make my Jantastic target image

    Oscarr - what's the battery life on a 110?  Is it enough to last through your Ultra?  I'm just thinking that there would be no point in having a watch that will conk out halfway through the race.  I assume you didn't run your HR Max test hard enough, because you didn't mention throwing up image

    My daughter has caught chicken pox just as the easter holidays have started.  Kinda hoping my son catches it now and that they are both well for travelling to Brighton in a fortnight.  The wife has a potential tooth abscess.  Great timing as usual, with doctors and dentists abandoning everyone for the long weekend.

  • Garmin 110 - according to the manual its 8 hours on GPS training which should be enough for a day's running on The Wall - what's yours?

  • 310xt is 20 hours.  I remember reading ultra and ironman competitors recommending it for that reason, and the fact that it is waterproof (as opposed to water resistant).  Remember to read for excellent reviews.  I bought my 310xt for £150 from amazon (including the HRM strap).

  • Nice 10k in thick snow and ice on the Monsal Trail where you ran Oscarr on the GG down to Bakewell and back....this am in sunshine but the snow is still huge on the road from work, nine or ten foot walls of snow. Will post some pictures on here later. Could I do a marathon on May bank holiday Monday??? Any thoughts?? image

  • image  I could do a Marathon any day of the week.  Then they renamed it "Snickers".

  • Maidenhead 10 mile

    Bright cold windy - the bright bit makes a change and I actually got too warm.

    With a 9:30am start it was tricky working out what to wear especially as the temperature rose to a heady 6 degrees (out of the wind).

    No mess ups at the start this year and so normal service was resumed. Probably hit it too hard for the first 3m and paid for it in 4th mile, but regrouped and tucked in behind a large gentleman for half a mile or so into the wind, until he ducked into a water station area and slowed down.

    This tow brought my rythmn back and as we turned into the wind again for 7 & 8 miles on a rough path I started to think about pushing on past a few runners. It meant I had to make the pace but I just focused on the next group and I wasn't aware of anyone trailing me too closely.

    Mile 9 is a swine. A gradual uphill lumpy path, shelterd from the wind but a bit narrow and twisty. I came up behind about six runners here and I sensed they were all content to watch each other....but they were slowing.

    So, a decision - if I go past them they might just tuck in behind, but if I stay I'm dropping off my pace. I went, it hurt and they didn't really respond.....

    Mile 9 marker is back on the run down to the business park and the finish. Hard again, I managed my fastest mile split of 6:35 min/m and crossed the line in 1:09:17 a new PB by just over 2 mins.

    Pace overall was 6:54 min/m a little bit slower than my HM, but I was happy enough with that as I have a marathon in 17 days! Think I was 4th V60 so no bling, just the glow of a hard run that went to plan - a month ago I predicted 1:09:30.

  • Well done again Mike.  Not long now!

  • Well done Mike you are amazing cranking out those times excellent running.....image Snickers eh Ten you will put on weight eating those........image


  • I'm carb loading, mcs image

  • Ten - that's interesting about the 310xt - like the longer batt life and water proof cos i think that was the problem cos it started to fog up on runs in the cold so moisture had got in - what it's like for reading the numbers on it while running, remembering i won't have my reading glassses on and need biggish numbers?

    mcs - must have been a great scenic run in the snow on that route - remember the Monsal trail very well

    Mike - fantastic run and shows you in good form for the marathon

    Sleepy - race report from your parkrun tomorrow please

  • Oscarr - you can setup four screens with only one reading on each display if you want them really big.  The screen is very much like the older 305 and again, shows size comparisons against other watches which might help give you an idea..  Also, I use the vibrating alerts when I'm doing intervals, for example, so I don't need to keep my nose glued to the screen to maintain pace.  Vibrating alerts at each mile split means I'm always on top of my pace.  I've been wearing mine through some abysmal weather and (touchwood) no fogging like I had with the 305.

  • Awesome as ever Mike! Very impressed - that wind was bitey today!

    oscarr - will do - will aim to remember to put my HR strap on.  Feels like forever since I did a 5k or parkrun - oh wait it has been - I think August was my last one image

  • It feels like forever since my last long run, but it was only five days ago image  I seem to get that feeling every Friday.  Odd, but true.

  • Nice one mike, I ran the hardest session of the campaign today

    13M consisting of 1M jog and strides, then 2M at marathon pace, 400m slow jog, 2 x 1M at half marathon pace with 400m slow jog, 3 x 1000m at 10k pace with 200m slow jog, 4 x 400m at 5K pace with 200 slow jog, 5 x 200m at faster controlled pace with 25secs recovery, then 1M at marathon pace, then 1M jog. Full session ran on the track in 1:18!!! Very happy now
  • Thanks guys & gals - now to figure out how to translate good times on flat tracks in the UK into a MP for a hilly Boston!

    Choisty - great session, I would need to have someone holding up a board telling me what to do next on that one!

    Ten - relax. Let your body absorb the training now......

  • Rest day for me - doing my B2Bs sunday and monday

  • Just home from a snowy (for the last 1km + dash back to car), muddy but fab fun parkrun!  Happy with my run - just waiting for results but my watch shows 24:14 (Ave pace 7:42, Max HR 187). 

    If my watch is accurate that'd be my 3rd fastest run on that course so I'm happy with that given that my fastest speed work of late has been at 8:27mi/mi.  Felt comfortable and controlled even when sloshing through the odd puddle - was very glad I opted to run in my hybrids - some of the poor folk in road shoes were sliding around a bit!

    That's a beast of a sesh Choisty - well done mate!

    Just checked my brain training chart - based on today I've moved up a row for my effort pacings so HMP is now 8.27 (was 8.34) and MP is 8:46 (was 8:56).  We'll see how I do in next week's 10k as to whether they change again...


  • Great runs Choisty and Sleepy.

    Like Sleepy, I hadn't run a 5k parkrun since last August.  Until today!

    This morning I ran the parkrun as a tune-up race.  I had predicted 23:59 (for Jantastic) based on my recent HM result - my PB was 24:24.  I left my garmin set to miles, because I'm used to targeting 7:43 pace during my threshold runs.  My mile splits (according to garmin) were:


    Official time:  23:32   PB by 52 seconds! image

    I followed the parkrun with another six miles, and ran two of those miles at marathon pace.  

    Total miles for the day 9.11m.  Tomorrow I have a 16m long run.

    Interestingly, my heart rate peaked at 172bpm, which is lower than I would have expected for the effort.  I'm going to have some experimenting to do when the marathon is over (and I've recovered!).  Just two weeks to go image

  • Yaaaaaaay Ten - that's fantastic  imageimageimageimage Gotta love it when your training comes together!  It's all boding very well...

  • imageimageimageimageFor Ten a great PB well done looks like a good marathon is on the cards all the best and stay fit........ Dont seem to be able to upload images on to here for some reason. tried all week to put them in the gallery but it wont let me. What bit version of internet explorer do I need to be using???



  • Thanks Sleepy.  Looking forward to seeing my new handicap.  Any chance of a new set of headphones?  I broke the last pair image

    mcs - I'm pretty sure I saw someone else mention that images wouldn't upload.  RW have a habit of breaking the forum, so I wouldn't be surprised.  

  • Perfect timing for that PB Ten - well done, and SB still quick if you haven't actually trained for it!

  • Morning all

    Thanks guys - I just went for the "run to keep warm and see what happens" approach - I do enjoy a nice parkrun - and was 1st in my age group (7th lady creature) so I can't but be happy!

    Right - heading out the door - 3.5 hours in the sun - oh ok then!

    Hope you've all got good weather too - happy Easter everyone image

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