Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Can't wait to hear all about it SB - have a blast you two!!

    I'm now in bed watching Columbo just down the road from the Don Valley stadium and am all set for tomorrow, taped leg up for a little boost, and am delighted to report that the Lenny Henry hotels have bath as well as shower.

    Am hoping for a non deluge in the morning.

    Meanwhile two astonishing things have happened - I was catching up on a couple of AWs on my way up on the train, and spotted that the Watford 10K had WV results, and not only that, but that they listed this woman [someone I know actually] as having won the WV55s in 55:14.

    Well hello I ran 49:33

    Better still is the fact that I never used to beat Carole, don't think she had the flu though!


    And then the news came in that the lottery bid we submitted for the athletics project I run, and which which took eons to compile, has been successful - so we have £s for 3 years!!



  • RR cracking news congratulations

  • No fun today people, I had no elasticity in the lower half of my right leg from 7 miles, and the anterior tib tendon had been tight from the off, so although I felt so strong and  up for it at one level, the mechanics just weren't possible.

    I ran with my sis for the first half, then she went on and I dropped to 2 inch strides to hold form, hence was soon doing 10 and 11 min miling on the downhill sweep that should have been such a dream for 4 whole miles!  

    It all felt a bit neural and collapsy unless I did this kind of exaggerated perfection thing.

    I was so disappointed, as the course was a dream with lots of little short sharp uphills [love those], and weather OK, plus there's no potential to avenge as the Don Valley will be closed down by next year.

    Should have realised it was a non starter when I was not able to put my weight on the foot in the warm up strides.

    But I am over it now after a bath and a spot of icing.

    Expect my HR was about 70 it was such a low effort level, but can't bear to look at the Garmin.



  • So sorry to hear you are injured Reikiimage - great news about the funding. image

  • First race of the Cape Wrath week done today - half marathon in absolutely stunning scenery in 1:48. Very happy with that - strong and steady for 10m then pushed a bit for final 3. Great atmosphere and organisation.  Mr and Mrs Sleepy arrive tomorrow afternoon. Quiz night at the pub tonight for racers.

  • Fantastic running Oscarr!

    I'm nearly back to Kings X now on my voyage south.

    I think I might have shin splints, am wondering if you can get sudden onset ss
  • Where are you headed Reiki?

  • Back to East London, that took a while!
  • RR sorry to hear about your injury woes, I had the same thing in the build-up to london on a long run, but it turned out to be a spasm, so hopefully after a bit of manipulation you will be OK, fingers crossed.

    Oscarr...nice work on the half, how did the quiz go?

  • Thanks RR and Choisty - even with a bit of cheating we only managed a mid table position on the quiz board!! Sleepy's van broke down near Inverness so they will now be arriving a little later than planned but still today so no problems now.  Weather I here is so variable - this morning it was gale force winds and driving rain and now its a beautiful calm and sunny evening. walk along the beach then off to the pub for a meal and meet Sleepy.

    race this morning was cross country in the gale and a very hilly and very wet (knee deep through streams) course of just over 5 miles  - 49 mins for me @9:17.  So, 2 down and three to go.

  • Oscarr you needed me for that quiz team!

    My day was strange, did an hour's aqua jog, loosened the leg up a bit, then alternated sauna and plunge pool for an hour, still moving very slowly, and it gets all collapsy if I put any weight on it, so my journey home was comical.

    Luckily I was on a course that finished way early [and was hilarious], was grateful for the easy day.
  • Sleepy safely arrived last night - the wussy is only doing the 3 mile beach run and the marathon!! Still, I will have more than 4 hrs on Saturday to bend her ear!!

  • If you were running with me oscarr you'd have about 6 hours on a XC marathon!image

    Glad Mr and Mrs SB there at last!

  • I'm guessing that you will both find the marathon easy!

    Or very doable.

    Keep the updates coming.
  • Awesome 10 mile xc race this morning in 1:38. Sleepy supporting on the final hill.  the sea views in the second half were simply stunning and the weather was good - on a bright day there are no better places to be. 3 mile fancy dress beach run tomorrow for a bit of fun then rest on Friday before the highlight of the week which is the Cape Wrath marathon.  It's all on Tarmac or hard surfaces so ok for road shoes and the challenge will be the hills and the wind but as its out band back chances are we will be blown along on one of the legs, lets hope it's the homeward leg.

    team building challenge tonight in the village hall and BBQ thtroll morrow night.

    folks - if you want something different with a few family members or friends then consider this trip for the future.

  • Sounds like you're having the time of your life Oscarr! Enjoy the marathon. You and Sleepy will be running it as a training run, I assume? I'm not sure I could swing the week as a family holiday TBH image

    RR - well done in your (earlier) race! I hope you get your injury sorted.

    I'm just coming up to the end of my five week recovery programme (Mesocycle 5). It has been going well and I'm looking forward to being able to start some speedwork next week.

  • You sound good Ten.

    Oscarr I'm in awe of your recovery, this augurs well!
  • Well done on all the recovery folks - satying patient and focussed is so difficult so I am so impressed.image

    I'm really tired at the moment so think I will do an easy cycle tonight. Signed up for another triathlon in September as I had such a good experience last weekend. image

  • Emma - how did you get on last weekend in your tri, please tell!

  • I LOVED it Oscarr - Can't wait until the next one!image

    I was really nervous beforehand (so much more to consider in terms of kit) and kept waking up having nightmares about transition! However, when I got there it was sunny and we found a convenient free parking space easily (Something I always worry about) and the set up in transiton was fine - all the marshals so lovely especially as I was concerned about what to wear for the cycle as it wasn't brilliantly warm.

    I got changed for the swim (hubby was there so I could give him all my stuff) and got on to poolside - v nervous by this point. Allocated a chip, lane and hat and off I went. 20 lengths flew by - I actually had the confidence to tap someone and overtake and got out for the bike section. Quite a long transition on tarmac in bare feet with lots of yelping.image Transition v v v slow as I put socks, shoes, jacket, garmin, helmet and race number on (comfort over speed for me!).

    Bike section hilly and tough - overtaken by about 10-12 people but managed to catch two of them back up!image.

    Second transition also slow and final run was twisty and turny but was not far off my 10k pace for the whole run so really chuffed.

    1:43 for 500m swim, 26k bike and 5k run - and a morning of great fun! 21st out of 56 in my category so couldv'e been worse.

    Rest day today then mara tomorrow?

    It is the wall you and SB are doing isn't it? How far in how long do you have to do?image

  • Seriously need to do some work on the bike this summer.

  • Emma - brilliant, we all knew you could do it and you did so well with a good placing well inside the top half.

    today was the beach fancy dress fun run - 3.3 miles in beautiful weather and just a jog but so many great costumes and so much fun - awesome sea views.  today is the fourth day of consecutive races.  Rest day tomorrow and marathon on Cape Wrath on Saturday.  Total miles for the week is 58.

    The ultra that Sleepy and I are doing is The Wall - 69 miles from Carlisle to Newcastle in two days - 32 on day one then 37 day after.  22/23 June so 5 weeks time. Both looking good at the moment and injury and illness free - it's all down to Sleepy's slow LSRs.

  • Nice racing Emma well done. Work too mad to run at the moment, but doing a little cycling so not so bad. Keep at it all and Oscarr and SB enjoy your week in Scotland.

  • Say more Emma!
  • Ah am now seeing that you did!!
  • Well Reiki I'd only ever cycled that distance once before so I don't htink I was best prepared! Ha ha! image

  • Oh I see - you mean about the tri? image

  • I loved it Reiki!!!!

  • Wow Emma, great report and result!
  • The bike you can definitely improve on with practice, I'd be terrified.

    Doing a triathlon one day is one of my more remote plans given my complete lack of swimming skill and fear of bikes.

    Sorry for the confusion, phone is very fiddly.
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