Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Of course - I was just thinking - I'm sure I'd seen your full name somewhere - DOH!

    Incoming runBritain link! image

  • Such a fine name!
  • You'll see some of the others on there too - those with the initial GJ and NR are two less obvious masqueraders on here image

  • I think I am on there too will have to check, not logged on there much as dont race much.  Had a rather stressful morning with a customer who owes alot of money giving me grief because he has 100 staff stood still because I wont send him any product......and its my fault of course. So now he is going to buy from boss has said its our call whether we supply them or not but at our risk, so be careful. So they went on stop, no one is too big to go bust.

    Any way I went for a run instead need to catch SB up.......... Lovely run supposed to be doing an easy run slowish but ended up doing three 7mmiles and a slower 8, felt too easy then I realised there was a nice tail wind for the first two miles. My schedule says 14 on sunday so see how that goes.
    Emmas back training.....WELCOME. image

  • Yip you're on my list too - you're real name is easily guessable from your screen name!

    Just got to map my route today (I think about 5 miles) - met a really lovely farmer who let me run down one of his tracks - much nicer route back to the village! Has given my faith in human nature a big boost - what a lovely lovely man! Rascal did brilliantly again - today was the first time I didn't have to pick her up and give her a cuddle half way round - she's now snuggled on her sheepskin with her 'wonky chomp' treat - she only gets those on running days now!


  • Yo peeps! I've finally decided to leave work... Oh my what a week... When will people learn that I know what I'm talking about and generally know best??? image Could have saved a stupidly long day, lots of stress and money... Moan over.

    On the upside, remembered why I like running so much this morning. -2C, raining, wind in face, started slowly thinking 'why the hell'. Finished charging into headlong sleat thinking 'I love this!' with a massive grin on my ugly mug. I've got to stop obsessing about times and races and all that and get back to why I started this in the first place. I love the sensation of moving under my steam and having an hour to myself, in the dark with only my breathing and thoughts for company. Might just try to keep it at the back of my mind though image

    Gonna go looking at Run Britian shortly to see who I can find... But not in a wierd way, don't need that...

  • Positive associations abound SB!  Running days are the best!

    My confidence was somewhat restored this morning [well lunchtimeish] track session.  I didn't get out til 12:30 when it was lovely and sunny, mega windy though. 

    After a jog round to the Post Office to pick up my stetson for tomorrow night, I pottled down along the canal to the legendary Mile End stadium.  One and a bit 10 min miles, and not even that easy as I take a long time to get going, like 6 miles!

    The plan [yes Ten there is one] was a pyramid session with hard efforts just from 1 - 3 mins, with the same recovery except for 5 mins at halfway before the 2nd 3 mins. 

    With these recoveries [and possibly the wind assistance on the home straight!], I managed between 7:15 & 7:40 pace, and I am SO HAPPY with that after the pacing non event that was my progression run in the park. 

    Pootled back home and had pumpkin soup, salmon, spring greens with spicey mushrooms on top, teff bread that I made, the sort you could break windows with, some baby toms, and an apple.  

    Cool to see Bo D and Emma C back, and with exciting plans.  Work is such a nightmare for me as well right now, needlessly so in my view, and it's so annoying when I don't have time to catch up and sign up to our challenges. 

    Now this mileage comp is interesting.  As I'm going with the Less is More approach it is perhaps the wrong message for me, as I will have to take up ultras to boost my tally after VLM and WPFG.  

    And I do feel that the 3 - 4 hour category is very broad.  At least we have a separate one for Choisty!  Just a hunch but I think we should have a 3-3:50, then a 3:51-3:59:59.  I would bet that at least 3 here present will fall into the later in 2013. 

    So how does it work if we do more than one marathon next year?  Is it the best time that counts? 

    Hi RRR - I have entered but will not be doing Reading Half this year, for the first time since i took up running.  I love Reading, and in the past 2 years I have conquered the dual carriageway bigtime, and have stormed the hairpin.  It is totally all in the mind past 10 miles at Reading - despondency can set in given the bleak and hopeless nature of the end game. 

    Bristol sounds good, when is it? 

    Ten I meant to say that Oakley is perfectly placed for me in terms of being 4 weeks out from London, but to do it I'd have to give up Coniston, and that is not going to happen! 

    What's all this run Britain link business?  I've never logged mileage on there.  They seem to add most of my races automatically - as I said before I need to have an in person tutorial when I meet up with some of you who are well versed. 


  • Bo D I feel the same way.

  • Yo reiki

    Glad you had a nice run!

    I was thinking the same about the 3 - 4 category but maybe a 10 minute segment would be too specific - how about we split it 3 - 3.30 & 3.30- 3.59.  Anyone else with a view.  Majority vote wins!

    rB - just log in and then scroll down to the bottomish of the page where you'll see a little graph - then on the right hand side you'll see the words: 'Update training' - click on that then input your data and your graph will start to develop - I've just found you and followed you so if you need to click on my name and have a look at mine! It might make more sense that way...

    ooooh skype is calling - gotta go!

    Night all image



  • All done communicating with Germany! 

    Meant to say - yip reiki - it's your annual best time that counts!  Big miles won't necessarily clinich it as it's over a whole year period - probably best to think more in terms of sustainable mileage. 

    I'll be doing more biking next year - so my miles may well be lower too but hey - it doesn't really matter - it's just a bit of fun - us being us and all that!  image image

  • Long time no posting for me.
    I've just changed age category today - now in age group V40 image

    After a sick day and lots of work and travelling I've ran 15 miles so far this week - 3 lunchtime runs. Plan a parkrun today and then my 1st ever XC run tomorrow in a Thames Valley league.

    Just logged on to - when I start to type it into Google Chrome it comes up with image 

    I've just checked my email and see that parkrun have sent me a Happy birthday message - that's very nice of them!

    Got to get ready for my run now. Re SB's competition - I like competitions image Count me in, but am not sure what the T&Cs are....

  • Anthony - i will see you at the xc tomorrow - get there in plenty of time cos there is not much parking and it's quite a long walk to the start - great course with lots of hills - SB, its Handy Cross near Wycombe if you did that one.

  • Happy birthday!!!
  • Cheers for all that SB - will have a go later after Pilates and Christmas bash 1 of 2 for the day!

    Was being fascetious about the 3:50+ but I have this hunch!

    I was thinking that there could also be a prize for best marathon time per category on LEAST mileage?!? Isn't that efficiency in action?

    Enjoy the XC today guys - I had 2 lined up but am doing neither as per my schedule!



  • Happy Birthday AC8 imageimageimage  I'll be joining you in V40 in a couple of months...

    You're in!!! All you have to do is run at least one mara next year and also log your mileage (on runbritain - we're already linked)

    Handy Cross is the one with diagonal downhill I believe???  Last year they had some very cool panda cows in the field that you run through - I liked those!!!! They looked very cuddly as far as cows go and I don't like normal cows.

    Have a great run AC8 and enjoy the cakes at the end!  oscarr will look after you I'm sure. Just don't set off near him - he's like a rocket over the country!

    Stunning day here today - am planning to go out on my bike later.  Our xc is all of 6 miles away tomorrow so I might bike to/from that too!

  • SB - yes, that's the one - its my favourite one of the series

  • Kick some butt oscarr - gotta get back in time for the best cakes - you know the drill... Enjoy image


  • Happy Birthday Anthony, although your email from parkrun doesn't come close to Oscarr's telegram from the queen.

    Have fun at the XC!

    Today was a day where nothing went to plan.  

    I didn't plan to do a long run today, and when I went out for said unplanned long run, I didn't plan to run more than ten miles, nor did I plan to run 12 miles at average of around marathon pace (9:10).

    Felt really good, and kinda makes up for the disaster of a fortnight ago along the same route.  I'll have to run with a bit more discipline once marathon training starts in earnest, whenever that is image.

  • Reikki, I must have got you mixed up with someone else.  Could have sworn you were intending to run at Oakley.

    I might follow the MyAsics running plan.  Apparently I can run a 4 hour marathon on two training runs per week, with the three longest runs being 15, 17.5 and 20 miles.  Easy street image.  I can only assume that their shoe guide is now going to recommend the new Asics Turbo-2000 Roller Skates.

  • Hi guys I survived the first bash - well it was in Wholefoods in Ken HIgh St!

    Just having a spot of pre-emptive dinner before the second.

    Ten I'm going to try to do a very steady 10 miler tomorrow, about a min/mile slower than you went today, and on my way to work for efficiency.

    Gorgeous here today, lovely and sunny, and my legs felt great after the pilates.

    Lots of train travel has meant inroads into Goater et al.  


  • Ha Ten!  You crack me up.  

    Yes I wanted to and usually do Oakley, but had the wrong date for it originally.  

  • reikirabbit wrote (see)

    Ten I'm going to try to do a very steady 10 miler tomorrow, about a min/mile slower than you went today

    That is exactly what I had planned! image

    Normally Oakley is three weeks out from London.  I was pleased, though, that they had changed it next year to match my Brighton plans.

  • Craig - good luck for tomorrow!

  • Thanks Ten! Pastaing up right now...
  • Mousaka and chips for me ... tee hee!! washed down with a guinness (good for the iron!!)

  • On the iron front. My 2 year old had his hand in the marmite pot and licking it off his hand while I had my back turned... Good boy!
  • Nice one that lad!

    Good luck to all today!

  • Back from Handy Cross XC - soundly beaten by Oscarr of course, but had a great workout - HR was pushing way higher than it would normally up the hills. 

    The elevation changes were tough for me (that's forgetting ankle deep mud). 
    -60m in the first km. Then +70m in the next km (overtook a lot of walking "runners"), then -40m over next 1/2 km, then +50m over the next 400m, then flattish for a bit, then  down 50m in 600m, then up 50m in 400m, then flattish to down for 1km, then sharp down 50m in 300m, then up 60m in 700m then down 80m, then uphill sprint for the finish. *grin* I'm looking forward to seeing where I finish - didn't do too badly for a first attempt and was overtaking people pretty much all of the way through - especially up the hills, which I only resorted to walking for 2 very short times.

    Had a good catch up with Oscarr afterwards and some of the other runners from my club. image I also really enjoyed the bath when I got home image 

  • Andy Reading 10k 2012

    Cold - ish, dry and windy just about sums it up.

    3km of the 10km were dead into the stiff wind including k's 2-3 which were also up a long incline, same for everybody of course!

    Decided in advance to try and keep a 7:00min/m off the score card and almost made it - 3 secs over on 1st mile through the village and 5 secs over into a tough (5th mile) 8th km, into the wind again.

    Overall pace was 6:50 min/m which got me home in 42:29 and a course PB (actually 2nd fastest 10k ever). Also moved up the pecking order and finished MV60 3rd place so happy days and my last official race of 2012. Including parkruns, this was race No.29 for the year.....

    A week or two to wind down and then it all starts for marathon training 2013 style!

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