Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Well done AC8 & Oscarr - XC is definitely habit-forming and good for the character, or so my old PE master used to tell me!

    Anyone else doing the Berkshire XC champs - 5th Jan 13 I believe, Braywick Park, Maidenhead?

  • Yayyy AC8, oscarr, Mike, Bo imageimageimage

    Great fun at the Lincs League xc for me today - cycled there as I planned - someone told me there were a couple of decent hills on the way but I didn't believe them.... I should have!  The course started atop the Lincoln Cliff (as it's called).  Got there in plenty of time to recover though and really enjoyed the course - not sure where I finished V-wise but 20th in the S/V/U20 Ladies.  That'll do for me - can't really expect much on 13 miles a week LOL.  Really, really enjoyed freewheeling downhill on the way home though! And discovered a nice 12 mile loop with a couple of decent hills in it!!! That'll be handy when I start winding things back up again in a few weeks.

    Marmite - yakkkkkkkkk unless it's in the veggie nutloaf that I occasionally make when it's lovely! But on its own...image

  • They sound like great races guys. Might give xc a go at some point, but bound to have flashbacks to dodgy PE teachers, freezing weather, pain and having cheeky fags in the bushes....

    Well, Bedford half was 'fun'. Lots of in the face wind, but dry, chilly and bright. Nice run around the countryside with some great people. Came in 1:43:49 and felt every last inche of the course and not what you would call 'comfortable'. PBed by 2:39!!! Woohoo!
  • Fanatstic running everyone.  Mike, you should be well pleased with all your times in 2012.  Bo, that's a great HM time and just think where you were a year ago!!  Sleepy, hills in Lincolnshire, you're havin a larf !!

    Great xc today - knee deep mud, mega hills and a cold breeze - just what Sunday mornings are for.  Sleepy - you will be pleased to know that your panda cows are still there.

  • Oh, great to have such a good chat with AC8 after the xc today.  Good luck again with raising the funds to get your junior park run started.

  • Yayyy for the panda cows!! This is what they look like for anyone who's wondering


     How were the cakes today?  Any particularly fine home-made specimens?

    Apparently our ladies' team has been squeezed out of our 3rd place league spot - no trophies for us then image Must have been close!

  • ^^^ I believe that is a holstein cow. If I'm not mistaken they originate from the Friesland area of Holland and were developed for high milk production. 

    Check my geekness out. 

  • Great running everyone!!!!  I haven't even run yet, but I've only got a few easy miles to do today.  Two sets of Christmas lights both failed today.  I can't find the faults and got a headache trying image, so it looks like I've got some unscheduled shopping to do tomorrow.  The tree just doesn't look the same without them.  At least the outdoor lights worked.

    Great time at Bedford BoD!  There are usually plenty of walkers in the last quarter-of-a-mile.  It's pretty deceptive.  Last year a guy flew past me just before that final incline.  Minutes later he looked like he had been poleaxed.

    What marathon time will you be targeting?  Sub 3:45 must be on the cards!!!

  • Ten: it was a bit of a shocker. I normally pick up in the last mile or two, but had to hang on and try not to stop. Wasn't expecting it to be quite so hard, but very pleased. Nightmare with the lights, our decs are not going up till next week, we've got bare concreate on the kitchen floor and have to drag all of the white goods into the lounge... Bummer.

    Think I'm gonna have a punt at 3:45 now... *thinks of the burning legs and flayed lungs*

  • NOOOOOOO BO - it's a panda cow ya hear! Once a panda cow, always a panda cow image

    3:45 - yayyyyyy do it do it do it image

  • oscarr - I will take a pic of the hill when I go recce the route by foot - even promised I'd go show Ben it - it's that good a hill and only 3 miles from home - perfect warm up, hill reps then home! (For him....image)

  • Loving the panda cow!

    Awesome running guys, all of you have inspired me this morning as I await the G trainer!

    Managed my prescribed slow 10 yesterday no problem.

    I'm on the look out for hills but it's either the couple of short ones in mile end park or 4 miles to Springfield for decent ones,
  • Great running out there this weekend, feeling a little light wieght without running

    Amazing PB BoD made the sub 1:45, you must of been working hard in training

    Mike excellent age group, was there any bling?

    RR great discipline

    XC handy cross just stupidly hilly???? I used to run at the track round there

    I had a manic weekend, which resulted in me running 16miles with a hangover at 7:30 on sunday morning with my super fast training partner at an average 6:35 pace. He left me a couple of times and did a little loop before running off again!!! still I got my own back as he stopped for a pee at 13miles so I kicked-down the pace to 6:06 so he had run at 5:50 pace for 2 miles to catch me! last mile was murder after that!

  • SB when are your 40, as I become a vet 40 mid feb...not too far away

  • Evil Choisty image

    Today is the official start of my marathon training.  It is a rest day image

    I'm going to base the training on the P&D up to 55 mile schedule to start with.  I'll see how I get on and make changes as necessary.  I think their focus on tempo runs, rather than intervals, will help keep me new-injury-free.  They also prescribe higher mileage long runs early on, which suits me fine.  I might struggle with the longer midweek runs, though, which is where I will have to tweak the schedules.  This week I'll reduce the overall mileage slightly, so that I don't overdo things early on.

    Don't quote me on this, but I think I'm going to make more of an effort with core training and nutrition.  Maybe. image

  • Ten image Will be fab to follow how you get on...

    Choisty - about a week after you!  You can let me know how it is - maybe I'll delay it LOL

    reiki - hills = precious things! image

  • Nice running to all over the weekend and podium position for Mike and a PB for Mr BO well done to all.  I keep saying I will work on core stuff too TEN, lets make a pact you do it and I will do it. Perhaps SB can set a competition to help us get it done. 
    Had a busy weekend and got out Sunday am in the pouring rain and strong wind blowing into my face all the way our for 7 miles before I turned and ran back another 7 managed to keep going, though wanted to stop all the time, think the glass of red wine, which is rather a rarity for me on Friday night was in my legs. Anyway managed 14 miles in 1.58 which was too quick really, but hey done, so happy. Having a rest day today as the legs a touch sore. 

  • The trouble with core work for me is that any benefits are burried deep within the michelin-suit I wear.

  • imageimageimage Is that why you dont have a picture up Ten??

    SB I have just been on the run britain site and you cant put your mileage down for training or am I missing something?  It says its finished.........sure I am missing something......

  • mcs - Scroll right down to the bottom of the page - under your list of races that you've taken part in...  You'll probably only be able to see it if you're logged in as you and looking at your own profile!

    Hmmm now then - how can we monitor your core strength.... will have a think about that one image

  • Ten I keep meaning to ask for a reminder as to what P&D is..
  • Yep I can see that dont think I had signed in properly......will have to put the last years figures in now!!!image

  • mcs Hee hee hee - what else are Mondays for... stats day across the globe surely! image

    Here you go reiki... P&D overview

  • Just smashed the sales figures of all time, so I am smiling. £3.7 million from my desk this year......Not bad eh, the best ever. And heard the export sales guy just got sacked in Holland and more to come this week but not this office we are no.2 in Europe only the group of Scandinavian countries beat us.image Better do some more figures!!!

  • Good effort mcs! imageimageimage


  • Brilliant sales effort, mcs - any year end bonuses coming your way??? could be your marathon entry fees!!!

  • Awesome work mcs!

    Cheers SB I just had a read on the bus, I love Mondays because I get to travel to do Athletics at a school across the borough.

    High knees and running backwards and all.

    I'm still in awe of the weekend's performances, whoopido, can't wait to do a race after being so good and exhibiting much restraint.
  • LOL at the thought of reiki on a school bus image

    Hope you're not causing mischief on the back seat image

  • Just been doing Pilates for the core page 41 of June runners world mag, sore now!!!! Much prefer to run!!!!! 6 miles easy tomorrow......1-0 to me Ten!!!
    Bonus a no no I am afraid, the company are just going after more and more profit and shrinking I think......see what the new year brings hopefully another year of employment!!!image

    The only time I have been on a bus to school was when I used to take my double bass the rest of the time I would walk and save the bus money!!!!

  • Reikki - P&D is Pftzinger and Douglas - referring to their book "Advanced Marathoning".  An excellent read.

    mcs - I'm still working on filling my core with, erm.... fuel.   Well done with the sales!

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