Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • mcs - thanks.  Steady is faster than easy, right?

    RR - Sam will probably be praying she doesn't get to mentor anyone that shares my goals image

  • What are they Ten?
  • Can't get interested in the Asics voting - probably cos I put so much into this years process that I don't have the energy to start again with a new lot and the last lot were such a good bunch that I feel a real association with.
  • reikirabbit wrote (see)
    What are they Ten?

    The dream is sub-4, so I'll follow someone with that goal.  Unfortunately, my recent set-backs might have scuppered my best chances, but if I can go sub 1:50 at Silverstone I'll consider it game-on.



  • Ten, yes steady is faster than easy...Steve was evil and would put steady runs in when all I wanted was easy!!!

    MCS...sounds a cracking evening and even better reps, did you boogie through the reps? you don't appear to be the culprit, however I think you target is a bit soft, should be 3:27ish

  • Reikki - the Oakley 20 registration is now open.  I've just registered.

    Craig - you might also want to look at this one.  It's organised by Bedford Harriers and is three weeks out from Brighton.

    I'll be more disciplined when I run this next year.  I ran it in about 3:15 in 2009, which was too fast for a training run.  Hence I was disappointed with a 4:38 marathon.  It was called learning the hard way.  I have a list of excuses if anybody's interested? image

  • That is it list of excuses time...i'll go first

    I feel like I've got the start of a cold

  • Just had a bowl of tomato soup and want to eat the desk anyone got any choccie, that should slow me down for the cold plod home at 5pm..........image  Must admit Oscar not too fussed about the Asics thing this time. Seem to recognise Runnyrun lady from somewhere......better be careful what I say hadn't I......perhaps seen her at a race, did Birmingham Half in 2010 with some guys from a club down that way maybe a part of them. Think I will stick round here for now!!! So quiet at work today, now the ground has frozen up work will stop on roads and houses I guess.
    Now what have I got to eat.

  • Right....

    It was too hot (75F in April, unbroken sunshine - what's that all about??!!)

    I went out too fast

    I carried on too fast

    I had always planned to adopt a run-walk strategy from 20 miles anyway

    It was my first marathon, so finishing was really all I really wanted really.

  • The scenery was breath-taking so I just had to stop

  • Had to stop to wave at my wife at Big Ben.......

    Had to walk as the sweat was blinding me at mile 21............28 degrees in May in Scotland!!!!


  • Everybody else is blocking my way
  • I couldn't even stand on this foot 5 days ago!
  • Yo!

    I was too busy enjoying myself!

    mcs - she was in our group at training camp - that's probably why you recognise her - she was the one who went off like a rocket in the 5k then slowed down (quite a lot) - she's obviously learnt how to pace herself much better this year! Coniston wise - it's all built in already - my planning is complete up to the end of November 2013!!!  image (though obviously I will tweak as I go). This year's mileage so far is looking like it will just touch 1400 (1354 as at last week))

    Choisty - I told Ben just the same - he's not run that distance before so who knows what will happen - still boys will be boys and will insist on beasting themselves - now who else do we know that trains like that - hummmmm - now I wonder LOLOLOLOLOL image

    Evil sesh at the gym today with TRX straps and an alien egg (aka a bosu - google it if you wanna know what it is!) - must be getting stronger cos I can actually do some exercises now without looking like a total (choose own adjective - I'm too busy drinking my highlights hot chocolate to insult myself).

    Body fat is down another 0.9% and lean muscle up by 0.6% (total so far (7 weeks) fat down by 2.3%, lean muscle up by 1.8%) - imagine what would happen if I could actually bring myself to strength train twice a week - hmmm - could be the makings of a resolution there!





  • My vitreous detached on Wednesday and I can see big ink blob thingies
  • Good work SB!

    TRX sounds like strength training to me.

    I look to be on target for 1,000 miles this year is all, but that's not counting anything but running.

    This morning I had a fab Pilates 1 to 1, must book that class again!
  • Thanks SB it was driving me crazy thinking where have I seen her before now I know!!!

    1338 miles done so far this year so about the same as thee........need to clock some miles to take you down!!!image Need to do some strengthen stuff. Read that Mo Farahs coach said the three hours a week in the gym had made the difference to his performance more than the 120 miles per week!!!image

  • mcs wrote (see)

    Read that Mo Farahs coach said the three hours a week in the gym had made the difference to his performance more than the 120 miles per week!!!image

    I read that too.  I don't think it would stand up to scientific scrutiny image

    Easy to test.  Mo lays off running and spends just three hours in the gym each week instead.  In fact, I'll be reasonable - he can halve his running and double his gymwork.  Good luck in the next world championships! image

  • Doing what though? That's the key.

    Ten I forgot to confirm that our goals are indeed identical, except that I know I'm less likely to crack 1:50 for the half on the way to the marathon.

    My PB is 1:51:27 and that was starting really slowly at Reading last year. But thus year I'm taking a training rather than a racing route.

    Oh yes
  • Isn't Oakley only two weeks out from Brighton?

    I did 3:15 as well, 2:59 at Finchley what a twerp.
  • Bring it on mcs - shall we have a mileage comp next year folks?  runBritain is perfect for logging it - just scroll right down to the bottom of your profile page and start putting it in!

    We could band it by last marathon time - cos obviously the speed demons like Choisty probably do way more than us in the same timeframe.

    I will put myself forward as prize master - they will largely be comprised of assorted edible goodies that I shall gather and post out next new year (2014).  So the categories I'm thinking should be annual mileage by marathon time (based on any marathon anywhere 2013):

    4- 4:30

    3.00 - 4.00

    Sub 3

    Highest mileage wins! (any lying/cheating will be punishable by reiki as the most trustworthy amongst us!)

    That should cover us all shouldn't it....?

    Who wants to play? image Who needs 26.2 anyway LOLOLOLOLOL

  • SB - based on my marathon times, I'll pwn you all image

    Reikki - nice one!  Have you decided on a plan to follow, and when will you start?  You're HM time is faster than mine, so I'd say you have a better chance than me.  Oakley is indeed three weeks before Brighton on 24th March (unusually next year, it is four weeks before London).

  • Not if we 'pwn' you first - care to explain yourself?  It helps if you stop dribbling on the keyboard - tut tut image

  • I am up for the mileage comp SB the only issue is need to run a "m" in 2013.........have to log my miles in Run Britain from January 1st then........

    Cup of tea time anyone. Getting dark here and wet stuff coming out of the sky again.image Going to get wet me thinks again..
    Love thy neighbour as thyself but choose your neighbourhood.


  • What is Ten up to????image

  • If we keep this chat up all day we can keep Asics off the top of the page!!! Really must do some work now goodbye.image

  • Choisty - Yep - I thought I'd go with a Boston qualifying time and anything below that a win! What was Paris course like? I reckon I should be able to knock quite a few mins off of my marathon time if there isn't a hill like Parliament Street at mile 22image

    MCS - Yep - was me at bootcamp last year! Bootcamp was my first introduction to a running track - I got a bit (EXTREMELY) carried away but nailed the pacing this year ... was bang on what I'd written on my entry - to the second! image Thought I'd better show I could actually do the whole pacing thing this year!

    SB - Was just talking about you on my Forum thread! I said how you'd shown me that a sub-4 on the first go was possible! image (It seemed such an impossible target a year ago!)

    RR - You doing Reading half again in 2013? I did it this year but the dual carriageway bit at the end was was boring ... as for the doubling back ...! Have you done Bristol? Really enjoyed that one this year - bit more to look at and distract me! image

  • RRR - I'm always right I am image.  Glad I helped plant of seed of belief in your swede - that's all it takes for some folks.

    I remember thinking 'gee whizz' when you went off at about sub 20 pace!  But your 10k PB was faster than mine so I didn't think to grab you by the elastic and calm you down a bit.  Still .... it's all worked out for the best and all that!

    Think Ten has had something-to-keep-the-chill-out in his tea today!

    Go careful out there mcs - has been a real hoot here today watching Rascal do Bambi impressions on the iced over puddles!  Knowing how you like your local races - what about this one?white-peak-marathon.  


  • SB - Remember you reining me in with appropriate galloping motions when I started pegging it in Sam's session last year though! image Hee hee! Live and learn ... and come back for a second go ...!image

  • My horsey!!!!!!!!!! He's alive and well I assure you - regularly comes out for a gallop!  I was merrily jurmping over some gymkhana jumps that were set up in a field on a club run over the summer.  My current clubmates didn't know me that well at that point and I think were a little worried.... they know what to expect now! image

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