Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Brilliant Choisty, cheers. 

    I have a fairly rapid cadence but short steps.  

    I'm guessing you do these at the start or end of a track session, I think I'll add some in to start more often because I always end up focussing on establishing cadence first off anyway, I've even used a metronome for this purpose. 

  • Nice one Choisty!

    Oh peeps: my tip of the day is not to go running, hope to grab breakfast at work, then miss it and then miss lunch... @ about 3 I really struggled to stay upright. Ok now had food... Ish
  • Hi Bo  just a quick question  are you still off the cigarettes 

  • Twinkle!!! Long time. I'm still off the fags. Apart from an 'incident' when I left Probation to go to Youth Offending. To be fair though, I don't remember anything after about 12... am...
  • BoDuke wrote (see)
    Apart from an 'incident' when I left Probation to go to Youth Offending. 

    I don't remember you mentioning this darker side of your character in your Asic's application?  image

  • Good on you BoD!

    Guys I managed to start following some of you on Run Britain, after noting that my score had worsened yet again, and now I'm not going to race much, boo hiss.  

  • LOL!!!! Hahahahaahahahahahahhahahaha
  • RR I tend to run this as its own session usually on Fridays but for marathon training may be switched to Tuesdays so my week goes

    Mon long tempo

    Tue strides as part of 8 M

    Wed long run

    Thu reps

    Fri easy

    Sat long run

    Sun easy rest or race

    Plus easy runs on Monday Thursday
  • Choisty - 30 left foot strikes = 60 foot strikes in 19 seconds = 190 strides per minute?  Shouldn't it be 30 left foot strikes in 20 seconds?  I know this is being pedantic, but just want to clarify whether it's a typo.

    My P&D plan calls for 8 miles including 10x100m Strides next week, so this is useful info.  Looking at my schedule, I'll probably be simulating on the treadmill.  So I'll just pick a max speed that I feel comfortable with (to avoid injury) and switch to that during the run.  I'll try to count once I get to the top speed to see what my cadence is (though maths isn't my strong point when my brain is oxygen deprived image).

    Julian Goater is a big proponent of maintaining fast cadence,  e.g. shorten stride length but maintain cadence when going up hills.  He describes it as shifting gears during a run.

  • Well done on giving up the fags BoD! I gave up just over three years ago - it's bloody tough!

    Enjoyed the special coffees last night - bit delicate this morning though!

    I'm off to the track in a minute - going to do ten reps of 100m easy (roughly mara) pace then 400m hard (just over 5k pace)... Should burn off the rather large breakfast I accidentally ate this morning.

  • Steve - saying you "gave up" suggests that you have sacrificed something from your life, which makes it tough.  You have quit the fags and will reap benefits of a longer, better quality, healthier life.  You are going to run a marathon!  You have quit the fags, but you have given up nothing worth holding on to.

  • Well said that man! 

    Gorgeous day here - looking forward to getting out later! By rights it's a biking day but might do my run instead as it's so nice - oooh swappy changey - what a rebel!

    Ten - hmmmm - would be nice to have some gears wouldn't it... vroooom vroooom image

    rr - don't worry - it's the annual trend that's all that matters!  None of my races since the late summer have counted (still sulking that my mara isn't on there) but my score/ranking has only dropped slightly - and it'll make it easier to beat when I get going again... fingers crossed!  Looking forward to my first race of the season being in a new age category - should automatically jump up the rankings a bit hee hee hee

  • 4m recovery run this morning.  All first gear image

    The weather is looking good for tomorrow's twelve miler.

  • Well I did Park Run but was a tad rough, bith wheezy and queasy, 25:21.

    Ten it's very easy to count 180 cadence on the treadmill as you can see the seconds tick by as you pick up your right foot - 2 - 3, left - 2 - 3 etc.  So 3 steps per second with the focus on floating the foot that's rising rather than plonking the one that's landing, kind of like a waltz, is what I do, although I didn't realize that was strides.

    I did do a couple of strides today before starting I reckon -  could do with a masterclass.  

    Choisty your schedule looks like my brother's, I'm jealous, it's exciting just looking at it.  

    SB my trend is down but I am ageing appropriately like yourself so look out world in 2013. 

    After the tui na yesterday my upper back is so much more mobile, even if it is a bit crunchy.  Could save me a few sessions of bending over that crazy golf barrel thing could this. 

  • Ten, great way of looking at it. I don't miss it all, which is great and I feel so, so much better in myself physically and mentally for doing it... So stick with it BoD - nothing but benefits image

    Did a session on the track this morning - the same 5k time trial we did at bootcamp so ten reps of 100m slow (mara pace) then 400m hard (just faster than 5k pace)... Got round in 23:07 which wasn't the worst time ever, and felt really good afterwards... So I took Jack swimming image

    Track was full of sprinter types though - think they all thought I was mad just going round and round and round...
  • I was quietly pleased with my discipline this morning.  12m at MP+20% for the first five miles, middle two miles at MP+15%, and last five miles at MP+10%.  My heart rate was well within range.  

    I had a bit of a brown-trouser moment passing some hell-hounds.  Two alsations, a rottweiler and a mastiff (which was standing taller than the gate holding them in!).  It was the most vulnerable I've ever felt while running.  If you've seen the original Omen film, then you know what it sounded like.

    You can tell marathon training season has started already.  Normally I see one or two runners at most on my route, but today I saw around a dozen.

    That's week one down, with 33 miles in total in four runs.  I've enjoyed it, so it's all good.

  • Great running Ten, a great start to the schedule - most importantly you enjoyed it.

    My xc was much muddier than last week and I went A over T on one downhill section so you can imagine how muddy I was at the end ! Good training though and good for the strength. At a friends house inn Watford for lunch.
  • I only had a 5 mie steady to do, but 3 miles in had a searing pain in my right hip, which forced me to stop immediately.  

    Long walk home, but at least it was sunny.

  • Reiki - good that you stopped, hope it clears up soon. Think Sam is an expert on hip injuries now after her injury earlier this year.
  • But I did all those glute med exercises!!

    I never stop, that's how bad it was.  

  • Got 8 mile @ 8:45 in this morning.

    Now gonna make myself a suspension exercise thing in a minute.
  • Sorry to see that Reikki.  Hope you get it sorted.

    Thanks Oscarr, and good running/tumbling.

    BoD - I have no idea what a suspension exercise thing is.

  • Ten: look up TRX on the Internet. I've just made one for about ??25.
  • I want one of those BoD!


  • RR: trip to Halfolds and Homebase did the job!
  • Morning all!

    Oh nooooooo reiki - heal quick!!

    BoD - we've been considering doing the same ourselves - except we know we won't use it even if we did image.  The pull up bar has been up for 3 months - guess how many pull ups I've attempted....

    oscarr - how many points will you be awarding yourself for artistic endeavour?  Did you get any applause (seriously though - are you ok?  Hope you didn't hurt yourself?)

    Ten - utube TRX and you'll get a better idea but here's a static pic to get you going...





  • Is that to be erected outside, in the back garden?  Our weather isn't very condusive to training on something like that.  It would get as much use as the kids trampoline and sleepy's pullup bar (err..  which reminds me, I must restart using my pullup bar imageimage).

    It's a rest day for me today, because I still haven't sorted out any cross-training.

    I'm spotting a common theme here...

  • Sorry not been on over the weekend, it was stupid busy, didn't sit down (unless driving) from waking to sleeping, and only amange 1 proper meal!

    RR what is your brother training for?

    Ten, sorry wasn't ingnoring your question, the minimum cadence is 180 so you are training above so that 180 feels more comfortable

    We have both a trampoline and chin up bar and my daughter spends most of her non-training time on one or the other, or maybe a floor routine or "vaulting" on the soda!!!

    Well I raced and after 4 wins on the bounce got beaten into 3rd by my two training partners (doh!), but I kinda new I would so I had set myself a tough time goal of sub-20mins for the 6k muddy and hilly course, came home in 19:53 so can't be upset as I am running well.  The chap that won ran the fastest time I've ever seen on the course in the 7years I have been racing with the club (although the course record is still a minute quicker!)

  • Thanks Choisty, that makes sense.  Nice work on the race!  I can only compete with myself, and I still lose.

    Choisty wrote (see)

    ... my daughter spends most of her non-training time ... "vaulting" on the soda!!!

    Switch to sugar-free soda! image

    I've resubmitted my avatar photo again again again using IE instead of Chrome to see if that makes a difference.  And no, it's not a photo of a large cock nor any other form of fowl.


  • If I had been watching I would have given myself "a ten from Len!" - it was quite a spectacular fall but with so much mud around there was plenty of cushioning and not too much blood- got straight up and only lost about 10 secs on the guy I was chasing.

    Having done Cyprus then raced every weekend since then (3 races) I've decided to marshal at Reading xc next Sunday and will not race again until jan 6th xc. Do you remember Reading xc? It's the one where you and Ben dressed in fairy outfits and you beat me by one place !!
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