Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Oscarr - you may have lost ten seconds at first, but you would have gained more while he was doubled-up laughing image

    It seems that once again RW doesn't work with Chrome.  The photo submission came up almost immediately after I used IE.

    So there you have it.  My inspiration and reasons for running, losing weight (five stones) and quitting the booze (6+ years).  Nothing else comes close to this pair when it comes to giving me strength of resolve.

    For those expecting a picture of me bouncing through a race, you'll have to follow the clues to runbritain.  Sleepy was paying attention to my earlier posts image

  • Nice pic Ten if you pm your email I can send you a page of exercises I am doing faithfully, to help with the core strength. Been mad this weekend so no running family stuff busy.....did 7 miles this am and I am running home too as sort of long run day! NIce day here in Bakewell Market busy with shoppers and just had a cracking soup at daughters....yum. GREAT racing Oscar and Choisty.  Have a ten from Mark!!
    GG is sold out, my son in law tried to sign up today he is on the waiting list when folk drop out. Nice to see Bradley get the top prize,shame Mo wasnt in the top three last night suspect he is not seen as British by most of the general public.  Happy new week all.

  • Cheers mcs - pm sent.

    At least the nominations weren't packed out with Man City/Man Utd players, as voted for by Nuts Magazine and the erm... Manchester Evening News.  After last years ridiculous event, this year was quality.  Andy Murray almost smiled when he got his award, though it did look like he's been poked with a pointy stick to remind him.

    I wanted a 1,2,3 of Bradley, Jess and Mo, but frankly you could justifyably perm any three of the finalists - and even many who didn't even make the individual's final.  What a year for British sport!  Very emotional.

  • I thought that Mo might scrape in the top three. But what a year.

    My trainer looks nothing like that, pull up bar over toilet door...

    Been to physio... Said I've got shin splints... But also said that it was pointless in telling me not to run, so given me a load of exercises to do on my calfs...
  • oscarr : Fab-u-lous darling!  I do remember it - very well - had a fab time being silly!  I only beat you cos you let me I reckon!  Probably wouldn't get close to you this year...

    Awwww Ten - they look like they're good fun!  Cheeky smiles image

  • Bo - oh oh - be good - the last thing you want is for them to linger - they can put you out of action for a long time and get really nasty! 


  • Another 6 miles done though felt dead this am, probably due to talking to daughter at 3.33 in the brace causing pain!!image
    BO you might need new trainers..............have a week off that usually helps me with shins......

  • BoDuke - That looks a bit 50 Shades of Grey ...! Have used the TRX at the gym though and apart from a tangling incident, it's been pretty good. Nice one - making it for £25!! But shin splints ...? Argh! Get well soon!!

    Tenjiso - Wow! That's amazing - 6 stone! Are you completely teetotal now?

    Oscarr - Ouch! Good positive take on the mud though!image

    MCS - You're Bakewell way? I stayed at a campsite there in the summer (at the top of the hill) and you've got some AMAZING footpaths to run! Very jealous!!

    Choisty - Morning!! Wow - super quick! 4 wins?!!

    SB -  Morning! image Meant to ask you the other day ... have you tried CaniX with Rascal?


  • BoD, if mcs is right and it takes a week of rest it probably couldn't have come at a better time.  You'll still have 16 weeks before the marathon.  Don't make it worse.

    (Hark at me - I can dish the advice..... image)

    RRR - 5 stones (from 17 to 12) ... though I'll probably try to lose more to reduce body fat to help my knees (and my marathon time image).  Yes, I am completely teetotal.  Where alcohol is concerned, it was far easier for me to drop it like a stone rather than attempt to moderate.  It was a great move, because I don't miss it at all (I certainly don't miss the hangovers that have ruined many a Christmas past).  My kids have never, and will never see me wasted.

  • Promise I'll be very good. Been doing the exercises as instructed (was only last night) and going to be very careful for the next few weeks. Including doing strange stuff when walking (off my toes). She said that I have the legs of a sprinter and not a long distance 'un. T'was interesting. She was also unsure how I managed to maintain speed because I avoid running off my left toes (broke a toe when drunk at 18).

    New trainers too (to start new campain)! She didn't recommend them, but just to treat self.

    Suddenly worried about Brighton...

  • Great runnng area RRR......
    Not the best camping site round here, try up at Edale next time. More remote and scenic.
    Speedy Bo the sprinter man!!! Get well soon.image

  • Eight miles general aerobic plus speed session tonight.  I ran five miles at 10:20 pace, then did two miles of "strides" (10 x 100m approx) and finished with another mile at 10:20.  I did this on my treadmill, so the strides are not exactly as described.... they are my interpretation image

    For the striders I input 9mph (6:40 pace) as the flat-out speed and let the treadmill pickup to that speed over about 0.3 miles, then counted 30 left foot strikes in 20 seconds at top speed before inputing 5.5mph for gradual speed reduction.  The recovery intervals were 0.1 miles @ 5.5mph (approx 10:55 pace for just over a minute).

    My 5K pace is about 7:50, so I ran my strides faster.  I considered going up to 6:00 pace, but bottled it due to my past groin strains that occured at that speed.  Remember that a treadmill does not stop instantly when a problem occurs, so I err on the side of caution.  Hopefully, 6:40 pace will be enough to get the benefits I need.

    Good session in any case, and I'm already starting to like these longer midweek runs.  I feel like my knees are benefitting from this training approach too.  

    I have a rest day tomorrow, then a ten mile GA session on Thursday.  Due to Christmas, I'll bring forward my five mile recovery run to Friday, and do my 13m run (8m @ MP) on Saturday.

  • Well planned Ten. Looks like its all going well. I attempted to go out for a jog this morning, but left leg felt quite week. Going to concentrate on the remedial exercises until next week. Maybe some cycling at the weekend.
  • Hope you have it sorted soon BoD.

  • Good detail there Ten looks like you are getting serious with this training lark!!!

    Having a rest day as done 18 miles in two days.......flu in the house, two down so gobbling the vitamins and juice!!!

    The golden rule is that there are no golden rules. 

  • BoD, treat it well and get rid, a friend had some serious issues of the back of shin splints  (inc stress fractures) because she wouldn't rest, a year later she is better a lot wiser and a fair bit poorer, but she does reccomend a foam roller on the calf.

    Ten, great pic and motivation looks like christmas will be amazing

    Well the start of the week has been odd.  Monday lunch did 5miles and could hardly run, completely out of fuel, dizzy and slow could only manage 7min/mile downhill with wind behind!...In the evening did 10 hill miles 61mins, how does that work???????

    Yesterday was 11miles over the great and the good of the hampshire north downs, 9 hills, including one that is 2.5 miles of constant gradient and takes you to the highest point in hampshire also it was cross country in the mud under blue skies.

    Just seen news years day hardmoors 30...should I???

    Also yesterday managed to pain the front room and watch my lads christmas play, in which he was Joseph image

  • Thanks Choisty.

    I went to see my daughter's nativity this morning.  It really got to me!

  • Morning!

    I'd like to say I've just been to Rascal's nativity - quite frankly it might as well as have  been as the contrary monster wasn't interested in agility at all today - you should have all seen the look of pure disgust she gave me for even thinking she might go through the tunnel today image

    Choisty - yes - if you want to... and awwww - did he have the requisite childhood tea-towel on yer head photo?

    Ten - liking it!  Very motivated! Bless her! What part did she play?  I took great delight in setting out my little nativity ornaments on the bookshelf this year!  Someone once asked if they could borrow our last dog to be baby Jesus.  We felt horrible saying no - but there was not a chance of him staying in a manger a) quietly or b) still for long enough! The thought still makes me chuckle tho!

    mcs - lock all the infected in a cupboard and don't let them out til they're better - just kidding - always happens a Christmas as soon as everyone stops rushing around eh!  Hope everyone gets/stays well! xx

    RRR - no we haven't done any cani-x - there isn't one locally but we have gotten a parkrun bar-code for her so we don't have to worry about our times suddenly looking well out of sync!

    Time for me to wrap up (very) warmly and head out into the fog on my bike!


  • SB - she was a star! image  

    Last night she had us practising with her.  I had to do the actions on her cue, but I wasn't allowed to sing (a popular choice, I might add).  I knew most of the songs before today's performance.

    My son's play is this afternoon.  Apparently he's a fireman during the great fire of London.  Very festive image

    I had the flu jab this year, after being wiped-out last year.  Though it sounds like it's mainly the vomiting virus doing the rounds this time image 

  • Just taken a calendar to the office downstairs who we share the building with. There are eight of them and the guy who is in charge of the office told me his brother died suddenly at the weekend, aged 45, brain hemmorage.......blimey poor guy he was in bits.......enjoy every moment of every day, life is short.image

  • Ten - literally - like the one of Bethlehem: twinkly twinkly or just that she was very good?  As for your son.... better than a Christmas lobster I spose.  Bonus points for the name of the film that refers to...

    mcs - crikey - poor chap - life is short indeed - and you know what:  it's way too short to be worrying about having a second mince pie... oh ok then!  I've been out for 75 minutes - I've earned it!  We're heading over your way at some point over the hols - got our eye on a 9 miler near Bakewell and then a 10 miler on the Tissington Trail so if you see 2 people being dragged along by a small white munchkin or vice versa - give us a yell! We're gonna give her the option of walking/ jogging and see what happens. We know she can happily do the distance - now the question is - how fast will she do it...image


  • Nice one SB will look out for you.............will be out and about over the hols and probably walking one day with family and running plenty too....pass the pies starving today after high mileage.........where is that bacon sandwich?image

  • Sleepy Bear wrote (see)

    Ten - literally - like the one of Bethlehem: twinkly twinkly or just that she was very good?   

    Both, of course image  No idea about the film.  I can only think of Homer Simpson's pet lobster "Pinchy".

    MMMMmmmm..... Bakewell tart.

  • Hi everyone again. I echo the get well soon message Bo.
    I´ve not been running much as I've been dealing with a cold that just won't seem to go away. I jogged a parkrun on Saturday morning and another Sweatshop running community run yesterday - but its a struggle at the moment. I'm hoping to get well soon so I can start pumping up the miles in the New Year. (I'm very competitive!) image

    SB Interesting to know body fat & muscle etc. I´ve got 25% Body fat according to my scales and BMI of 26.5. I figure I need to halve my body fat ' means losing 1/8 of my body weight - a bit more than 10.5 kilols - nearly 2 stone.. Not running much and lots of mine pies and chocolates isn't helping my cause right now - but my wife joined a gym today which is good news image

  • Hi all sorry for the hiatus but work has been mental. I'm now on a train heading north to York, it feels like such a luxury to be sat on a train with a copy of AW and the prospect of a catch up with you all.

    Into day 10 of the lurgy that has morphed back to an infernal sore throat and hooty sneezing from the nausea via 12 hours of straight coughing. My peak flow is that if an obese 90 something diabetic chain smoker - under 250! Yet I feel better!

    Had a go on the Alter G again Monday at only 30% of body weight which pulled hamstrings somewhat but loosened hip a little.

    Osteopath tells me that the hip issue is TFL again! It needs endless releasing with the rubber ball. My latest episode, whereby left foot looks like I dropped a 1980s mobile on it, proves to be a 3rd metatarsal inflammation issue - whatever next.

    Anyway I did nothing yesterday for the first apart from glute exercises galore and loads of stretching.

    Am sat here on a pile of spikey plastic devices and with Correct Toes in.

    Hoping to be OK for quality run on Sunday after bike later and aqua jog tomorrow.

    Am having tui na in York today, osteo tomorrow, more tui na on Saturday.

    This is after a massage on Tuesday so throwing everything at it.
  • Choisty my brother does a lot of marathons. He started with the 2nd London and got serious in his 40s, improving to sub 3 which he held and is now 56and NI champ for age.

    He's running 3:05 right now coming back from a long battle with the aftermath of trying to run 100 miles on the track in 24 hours over a year ago, did 84 early on though before collapsing!

    He does all the Irish maras including some scenic type ones, Berlin, London, maybe 6-8 a year.

    Your sub 20 over the muddy hills impressed me!

    BoD do you do freelance? They sell a War Machine (well that's not attracting me) TRX at Balance where I go for the treadmill and it's ??195!

    I do think I would use one - get what SB says about the equipment graveyard, but I only have a cupboard full of 15 min workout DVDs, otherwise I only have things I use, truly!

    I hope you fight off the shin splints pronto. I do anterior tib stretches when I feel a bit of shin.

    Ten I think I'm following you on RB, well I'm following someone who might be you!

    Strides on the treadie sounded inventive, and hey Avatar is cool.

    I stopped drinking in 2003 and smoking in 2005, and I have a great life without alcohol. In my case I decided to stop when what would certainly gave been considered a normal level of social imbibing escalated following a multiple bereavement.

    My biochemistry (up and downregulation basically) would have made moderation a nonsense, and I wanted to be free rather than in thrall to alcohol.

    mcs you are so right about cherishing life.

    And AC8 your wife joining a gym won't impact er um...

    Missing club dress up handicap tonight.
  • I've no idea what TFL is, but I hope you get it sorted Reikki.  That's a very low peak flow!

    Have you tried using a Neti-Pot for congestion? I imagine it's a remedy that's right up your street.  You won't be surprised that I took some convincing to try it, but I'm now a convert.  I use it at the first sign of a cold and really do suffer much less, without using over-the-counter meds (which caused rebound congestion).

  • Ten I have never tried it, you have reminded me though thanks.
  • Morning all

    Goodness gracious me you two!  Germ Central! I blame this yakky weather - deffo an indoor day today!

    reiki - just out of curiosity - were you also advised to work on your ITB as that's where the TFL inserts? According to my notes the TFL maintains the tension in the fascia (the sheath that covers all the muscles), abducts the hip, extends the knee and rotates it inwards (medially). Were you given exercises and stretches that work in this way?  Sorry for being nosey - I find it all fascinating!  If you can find someone who does myofascial release (likely a sports massage practitioner) - maybe that would help?  I don't do that bit on my course til later next year unfortunately...

    AC8 - don't worry too much about the figures themselves but if you can, do a reading every week (at the same time of day, important to keep variables as samey as poss) and monitor it over the course of a year.  It's the trend that's important and you may well find that it fluctuates with training peaks.  Just stick at the running and the trend will move in the right direction over time.  Just try to focus on how long it took your body to reach the shape it's in now - it takes less than half that time to return to the starting point ... if you're good of course.  A few "naughty" meals don't ruin a healthy diet - being naughty regularly does that image



  • Ten - the TFL is a muscle called the Tensor Fascia Latae.  I remember it by comparing it to a pocket edge - you know the front edge of a pocket on the front of a pair of jeans?  It basically curves round from the front of your hip to the side of your leg - like the pocket shape...if you can picture that... image

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