Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Morning all

    BoD - sounds like a fab Christmas! well done on the 5 @9.30! You have come such a long way with your runningimage

    Reiki - hope the bike session went well..good luck at the dentist!

    Ten - very brave to get on the scales, enjoy your run!

    I done the first two runs on my schedule, 6 on Monday, 5 yesterday. I was a bit off the pace yesterday (which was slow to start with), but will put that down the the undulating route!

    Have a good day everyone image

  • RR - hope your foot recovers soon!

    MWW - great to see you've started preparations for April!  It'll be here before we know it.

    This morning I ran 8m with 4m Tempo (outdoors).  Planned 10:30 warmup/cooldown and approx 8:15 tempo.

    Splits 10:33/10:29/8:13/8:19/8:10/8:20/10:20/10:22 avg. 9:21

    HR 127/131/154/158/165/164/152/141bpm avg. 147bpm [plan range: 158-174bpm]

    It rained from the moment I started the Tempo, to just before the recovery.  Perfect timing!  I planned it like that, of course image

  • Nice one MWW!!
  • Ten that us some awesome running!
  • Good running sir!

  • Thanks Reikki/Bo.

    This morning I went out at 5:45am because I wanted to give my headtorch a go on a relatively easy run (four miles recovery, including two miles of pitch black trail).  A new experience/adventure for me.

    How surreal is the feeling when you can see the ground moving beneath your feet, but the peripheral scenery doesn't appear to be moving?  It felt the same as running on a treadmill image.  Except that I have yet to simulate wind and rain in my garage.  Only when I got to a more enclosed wooded part of the trail did it really feel as if I was moving.

    I'm going to carry or wear a second torch in future.  This should prevent me from having to run with my head bowed to see the trail nearer to my feet, and help with being able to quickly glance at my garmin.

    My next run is 14m LSR.  It might be risking further floods if I run it tomorrow, so I think I'll do it on Sunday this week.  I'll keep my eye on the weather forecast and decide later today.

  • Morning all!  Just checking in - you're all making me feel very lazy! Right.. up... butt... kick... GO!

    Will catch up properly soon - am still unpacking etc - our 1½ hour journey home yesterday turned into a 4 hour crawl - eurgh! Then a 20 mile diversion as we couldn't get across the river!

    On the plus side - my head is still full of images of our jog in Derbyshire last weekend - fab fun - splashing through fields upto our ankles in mud and water contrasting with the beautifully surfaced Monsail Trail.  Rascal had a ball until she ran out of steam but she ran the majority of the first 7 miles!  Looking forward to going back next weekend now!

    Treadmill sesh for me today - time to start building! 

    Everyone ready to declare their final mileage for the year? Upto and including Sunday mine will be 1412.  Really intrigued to see how next year will compare!

    Happy running all... 2013's gonna rock - all our niggles are gonna vanish and we will be conquering all our challenges!  FACT image

  • I love your attitude SB, will declare mine after Sunday just in case they increase!

    Just had an eyeballs out treatment on my foot, now instructed to lay off the ice and get twiddling.

    Managed 6.5 on the Alter G this morning with 30-20-10s , a whole new concept to me anyway!
  • Two recent runs in the bag:

    Boxing Day 8 miles lactate threshold run - 2m w/u & c/d with 4 miles at HM or better pace as follows 6:52; 6:52; 7:06; 6:59 (2nd pair uphill and upwind).

    Today 9 miles general aerobic - Time 75 mins; avg pace 8:15 min/m

  • Love being back into a structured regeame again. Takes away the planning effort a bit (I'm using the RW Ultimate Sub 3:45 programme).

    I've calulated my paces as:

    Recovery: 9:50

    Easy: 9:26

    Slow: 9:11

    Steady (MP): 8:12

    Brisk (Half MP): 7:52

    Fast (10k): 7:33

    Seems to be about right, did 3 miles steady this morning, but averaged 7:59, so 13 second per mile too quick (got to get used to pacing again). Has Sam's voice in my head, telling me off. image

    Ten: Don't go Sunday!!! I run by a river and want to live!!!!!!!!!

  • I hope you all had wonderful christmas' and santa brought you what you deserved I asked for Mo's legs but got a turkey leg instead!

    Well marathon training started again on boxing day with a now tradition evil sesh, 1M warm-up 3miles at marathon pace 3miles at HM pace 1M warm-down...however the pacing was rough ended up going 6:12 (warm-up!!!) 5:37, 5:40, 6:00, 5:56, 5:40, 6:02, 7:50 (warm-down) too hard to start then could keep it going, still it equates to about a 35:45 10km in the middle, with a hang-over feeling bloated and much better than last year.  Just for reference Mara pace is 5:55 - 6:05 and HM is 5:38 - 5:43.

    Hers's to a cracking and fast new year

  • Mike - are you following P&D (looks suspiciously like it image)?  Which schedule are you on?

    Good to see the spring campaigns are well and truly underway!

    BoD - Sunday is predicted to be the best day.  I'm hoping the water will have receded.  Tomorrow is looking decidedly dodgy, so it's a rest day for me.

  • Choisty you did the right miles, just not in the planned order!

    Sounds like you were raring to go, then reined it in, so only the last 6:02 mile is off trend.

    Here's hoping for Sunday Ten, not that the weather is my concern.  

  • Windy!!!! And that's not just the sprouts' revenge!image

    3 easy this morning. Weather looks OK for tomorrow, temp is dropping, whic will be nice. Have a good weekend folks.

  • Bit blowy here too so I sat on the turbo and read the copy of 50 Shades of Grey that my sister decided I need to read...made the hour go much quicker I can assure you!  Not my usual choiceof reading material but am hooked! TRX Class this afternoon - will be fun as Ben's coming out to play too!  His first go at it!

    Here's an interesting one (mainly for Reiki):  Upon playing with our new body comp scales we got to wondering about hydration levels and body fat - ours both work out about 2% below what the chart on this website thinks they should be - which would probably be about right and that we both need to drink a bit more ... (It's not the most scientfic website - but it has the info displayed conveniently!!)


  • Hi all - great to see so many of you already into structured programmes, bodes well for a great 2013 year for running and racing. I am over in west Wales for a couple days visiting my new grand child, my first grand daughter - cant tell you how beautiful an experience it is.

    Did a 6 mile hill run this morning in the wet and wild then a full Pembrokeshire breakie, brilliant!

    Really looking forward to all the endurance work when I start the Wall training - such a great thing to focus on.
  • Hey SB I'm in range - near the top of fat and the bottom of water unsurprisingly.  Although actually I drink loads, so now I'm wndering whether there's an established relationship between the two rather than that scales think one is always at the expnse of the other, especially as they don't measure muscle. 

    Oscarr I'm looking forward to the Wall and I'm not even doing it this coming year I tell you all again now for definite. 

    What a blessing your granddaughter is.

  • OK very crazy insane scary update follows.  

    I went / hobbled to the collection office to pick up a parcel, then on to the Post Office to pick up another , returned home via the market [leeks, spinach etc], and the newsagent [won Euromillions again], to find another card telling me to go to the collection place and pick up a parcel....BUT having espied the postie's cart tied to a lampost in a perpendicular street, I jogged over and it didn't hurt hardly at all!

    So I jogged down my street back to house [about 20 steps] and confirmed that foot is preferring the jog to the stroll.  Parcel was compression anklet for poorly foot, the previous tow having been ZipVits and what looks like the entire 2012 output according to Amazon. 

    How suitable is this!?! 


  • Ten: yes P&D miles/wk x17 for the third time.

    Might tweek it here and there to follow new coach's ideas when we settle into a routine.

    For instance: P&D schedule tomorrow is 13m w/8m @ MP

    Instead, I will run: 2m w/u: 3MP; 3HMP; 3MP; 2m c/d (the idea is that the 2nd MP should feel "easier" after the HMP stint!

    I will let you know.....

  • Sorry - should read P&D 55 miles etc

  • Hello all

    Oscarr - Well done on the 6 miles - enjoy your visit to West Wales...I am not too far from you congratulations on your new Grand daughterimage

    Reiki - sound a bit like a comedy show! Hope your poorly foot is improving?

    Mike - sounds like a scary schedule - well done!

    I did 8 miles this morning, the schedule said 10 but given I haven't run more than 6 miles since May, I though 8 was enough. Hope to build up and be on schedule with the LSR's in the next week or two! 

  • Hi MWW - my son and his wife (and newborn) live hear Haverfordwest in Broadhaven. Lots of hills to train on!!
  • Mike - I guessed as much by the routine you were following.  I did 13m with 8m@MP last week.  I'm following the 18 week up to 55m plan.  Just finishing week three tomorrow with 14m MLR (40m total for the week).  Loving the plan so far, though it looks increasingly scary image

    Oscarr/SB - I'm looking forward to following your Wall training.  I don't recall you saying whether you are aiming to finish the race in one day, or two?  

    MWW - great to see you making progress again.

  • Oscarr - lovely part of can't get get away from the hills! I am in Swansea...lots of hills here too!

    Ten - you are very braveimage


  • MWW - or possibly stupid, of course image  I decided to try more emphasis on mileage and less on short intervals to see if it reduces my injury/illness rate.  Lack of training consistancy is the thing that has prevented me from making progress for too long.

    Mike - I forgot to mention that there is a P&D training thread, in case you're interested.  It's not exclusive to VLM despite the thread title.

  • Thanks Ten - I have been dipping into the P & D training thread.

    It does get scary, but I substituted a LSR for a XC race on a Sunday. I have a Sat and Sun XC race on two consecutive days next w/e 12km and 8km I think they are, then 3rd Feb and 3rd March to finish.

    I think I gained overall (compared to banging out say, 45miles on road), because a) high intensity b) relatively short duration c) soft ground.

    I also ran more races than the schedule suggested: HM; 10km and 10m in that order. I raced these full on and got a PB in each one. I doubled up only on the 10km by running 12 easy miles that same afternoon, otherwise the race "was it" for the day.

    Conclusion, I think it can be a mistake to grind out LSR's beyond 3hrs as you risk going into the race exhausted

    NB - personal experience based on two marathons, so what do I know!

  • Mike Sheridan wrote (see)

    Conclusion, I think it can be a mistake to grind out LSR's beyond 3hrs as you risk going into the race exhausted

    When you are as slow as I am, there's little choice.  Tomorrows 14m run will take me around 2.5 hours (planning 5m @ 10:45, 4m @ 10:20, and 5m @ 10:00).  It won't be long before all my LSR's are above 3 hours.


  • We can't win Ten, we're wiped out either way! 

    Just to ensure that my exhaustion was complete I used to do 20 under 3 hours, but then do 24 in 4 hours 3 weeks out. 

    It kind of worked, the problem is we don't know how much better or worse things could have been until we make significant changes, and that can be scary. 

  • A friend of mine decided to "make sure of the distance" 3 weeks out and ran 26m.

    Everyone (except me) was convinced on the evidence of the "brilliant training" that 4 hours was in the bag. I banged my keyboard in frustration when I heard what had been done and privately predicted 4:15:xx

    Actual result 4:19:xx

    You see - any LSR above 3 hrs is counter- productive and you get no training benefit as you miss 2 or 3 days of "quality" training in the next week, and again, and again!

    So Reiki, in my book, if runners keep on doing the same old thing, they will get the same results! They are only wiped out one way and that is the way that didn't work last time......why are people fearful of trying something different?

    I don't get that bit.....image.

  • Mike I am this year, radically different, probably won't go over 20 miles five times or do 3 x 20 mile races!  As I always say in my defence, even this year when I was nit much under 4:07, I tend to overtake loads of people in the last 10K, more and more as the miles go on, so I'm scared of losing that I guess. 

    And my brother and Paula have modelled the formula, albeit even more drastically, they do the 24 just 2 weeks out.  

    Maybe this is a bit like saying my granddad smoke 30 Navy Cut a day and died in his sleep aged 97.




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