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  • mathschick wrote (see)

    I think it develops mental strength too, which has got to be a large part of the day - being able to carry on when you feel tired and fed up

    The mental side is a huge part of the day. You'll learn to box the chimp - probably by going out for a huge 7 hour loop on the bike, and having a mental wobble about half-way. Just man up and get on with it. MTFU is a very overused phrase around here, but that it pretty much what it boils down to. Nothing is impossible, and if you make it to the start line, the war is almost over, just a minor skirmish to winimage

  • image I am feeling hugely inspired!

  • earlier thisyear i went out at 6 pm for a bike ride........it was to be an all night ride and i left my car with my mother incase of mechanicals...............i cycled all the way to church stretton 80 miles away..... it was around midnight...............i turned to return home and the heavens opened............it was freezing driving rain that soaked you to the skin........and I had 80 miles to cycle and i was already tired .........

    but each tiem i thought of phoning my mother to pick me up i talked myself out of it and i arrived home 6 or 7 in the morning..............I think it was that ride that gave me the strength to finish the double

    so much is in the head

  • seren nos yn canu wrote (see)

    so much is in the head

    Ans its soooo frightening what's in your head!! image

  • with that remark rafiki..........I am off to bed

  • seren nos yn canu wrote (see)

    with that remark rafiki..........I am off to bed

    He does have a point though...

  • How do you boys know whats in my head..it could be nude piccies of male pirates in just swim gogglesimage

  • Not even your mind could be *that* bad ....

  • a couple of long and hilly cyclosportives will also give you the mental strength to do race day.  The lumpier the better.  Yes it will hurt and be slow, but when you turn up the outlaw ride you will know that you get smash a long and hilly ride - so a long and flat ride on race day is going to be a doddle.  

    Oh, and you don't have to ride through the rainy night like Seren - that's just plain daft!image

  • it was apropriate for the race.....and as you won't be cyclinbg at night in Ironman wouldn't be appropriate for IM training.........image

    but its the same thing..when you want to bail out because you are tired.........then try and keep going.................and i mean tired not ill..illness needs to be asesssed diffferently image

  • where is everyone... I don't believe everyone is out training - not in this weather!  Shopping perhaps? 



  • Did 9 miles running this morning, tomorrow's 5 will take me over 30 for the week
  • Wet parkrun this morning. PB'd too!
  • Pb'd in this weather.you weren't at our muddy one thenimage


  • Ta. I was at our muddy one! Horrendous weather! 1s PB Courtesy of xc spikes.
  • Does 4 hours Christmas shopping and eating 3 mince pies count as cross training. ;-(

    I will be out in the morning for a run even if its still pissing down image
  • I so need to get out on my bikeimage

  • Are you ok Seren? That post was either very late or very early....!

    Heading out shortly. image
  • I was up checking my drunken son was okimage

    but up for real now and still thinking I need to get out on my bikeimage

  • Phew..

  • Actually completed a full 2.5km swim this morning. PB distance for me, took me 1 hr 10
  • 2 amd a hal;f hours on the bike.week 2 training kicked into touch............bring on wek 3

  • 5.5 mile run this morning, made a conscious effort to stay in the low Z2 felt good and the sun was out. Week 2 done in parts, missed 1 swim and 1 bike but not to concerned at this stage as I have built up a decent base getting over my injury. image
  • i been training really hard this week - loads of Gladys Pies and alcohol, im trainign for the pre event  warm up 

  • that's what I mean about base training - it's so important to get this right over the winter....image

  • Is there a prize for the person who gets injured first? I'm hobbling into week 3 with a recurrent Achilles injury that's doing my nut in. But I shall not implode just yet.

    Current training is normal for swim and bike. Runs are all replaced by aqua running (which is also training in mental stamina as it's the most boring activity on earth) at the same target zone, combined with lots of stretches/physio/foam roller type stuff. 

    Anyone else having having a wonky moment?

  • I'm having a fat moment, does that count?
  • PSC.I think that is very common at teh momentimage

  • LOL.................. post Christmas resolution - shed 10% of body weight!  Anyone know any surgeons on the forum image

    I have thrown away all the cakes and snacks I can find from the Christmas excesses and Bobo has very cleverly hidden stuff away so that she and Jnr don't suffer the same 'sack cloth and ashes' approach to this as me!!  12.5 miles done this morning nice and easy....  that's 1 of the Christmas pies metabolised at least!!  Anyway, its all covered in my blog if anyone is really bored.

    Physio this afternoon and she wants to see me on my bike...  not sure why, I haven't been on my bike for months!  image

    Les Boules - nope, doesn't count if it's pre-existing. image  That what private medical would say anyway!!  Find yourself a step and do lots of heel raises, one leg at a time.  Like they are showing here

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