Paris Marathon 2013



  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    You guys aren't listening to what he said. He absolutely said and accepted he was cheating. But what he also said was that at the time he did not feel bad about it as it was as much part if the sport as having a water bottle.

    It would be easier and more effective to say how horrible he felt, or how ashamed he was etc if all he was doing was a PR excercise. But I think he's being genuine. There is no model or precedent on how you should look or sound when you apologies or explain yourself to a billion people.

    I don't know if your comments come from reading about what he said, or from seeing just clips of the interview. I watched the whole thing. He absolutely apologized. And many, many times he repeated that he cheated, no-one else's to blame, he deserves the punishment he got and that he is completely and solely responsible for the situation he is in.

    By not offering him a path to redemption, and not showing him compassion and forgiveness, we are ourselves guilty of the very thing for which we hold him in contempt.
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Kaz. I'm going to be in exactly the same situation as you and my aim is to finish.

    I'm not going to push myself to better my previous time, just get round.

    So my approach will be to make sure my fitness is there and to build up the stamina by gradually increasing the mileage.

    I don't want to push too hard too soon and risk not running Paris, so at the moment I'm looking at building gradually towards a single 20 mile run - if things are going better than expected I may go for 1 more.

    You have got an astonishing level of fitness to fall back on and whilst you won't be at your peak, as DV says, you know you'll be able to get around.

    So, just get back to running and listen to your body - rather than the evil little competitive devil that lurks in your brain.

    It's better to have a sightseeing trip around the marathon route than standing on the sidelines and wishing you we're there. image
  • Orbutt, Kaz - I'm just going to finish. Good luck with your recoveries.

    Dannirr - interesting points. Tyler's book is well worth reading.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @Danirr - whilst I agree with you on most of those points and believe cheating was inherent in the sport 10 years ago there were athletes who were clean and didn't cheat and have had their dreams shattered. On Marathon Talk this weekend they read a statement from retiring cyclist that said: by cheating he (and others) took the prize away from 'real' athletes who weren't doping. They will never make as much money or have the pride that he had and he should be made to confess to the US doping agency in front of the proper organisation - not Oprah.

    @Kaz - you're as hard as nails and you'll rock at Paris. Just don't beat yourself up about weeks left/ enjoy the rest and get better properly image

    I've just 12 miles in the snow and ice. Cold, cold and did I mention cold? I had a few slow miles in the middle running up and down a street trying to find the owner of a dog who was wandering around without a collar in the middle of a busy country lane. The little thing was shivering so badly I tried wrapping him in my coat but he kept running away.
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Feeling good with my first 20 miler under my belt.  Lots of snow, ice and fallen trees - it was probably the slowest I have ever run and a bit of an obstacle course but good fun.  And everybody else thought we were bonkers image

  • Yer-maj, you are bonkers but well done. I'm planning my first 20 miler next weekend. I'm not really following a formal plan, but if I can do 20 miles with 10 weeks still to go I'll be more than happy.
  • Lance Armstrong should be left to rot sat on a turbo trainer in a dark basement

    Sadly tomorrows half marathon has fallen victim to the weather, so gentle cross county plod instead
  • Kaz and orbutt - I'm in the same state.  going to do a very revised plan and will take Paris as it comes.  We can all run together and see the sights. image

    Dannirr - I've read the full transcripts and he seems repentant but only because he's been well and truely caught.  He's also still placing a lot of blame on the culture that existed in cycling at the time and saying that he didn't perpetuate it when I think that he really did.

    Yer_maj - AWESOME effort!

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    RS & Kaz - I'd be more than happy to sight see with you both. I foresee much hilarity image
  • Yer- Maj,! Well done, that Queen! *I wimped out at 17, in the face of a light flurry of snow, and bow down before your fabness...image*

    Simon, your plan is my plan. I must also try not to repeat my 10 miles out, cup of tea, chat and cake at friend's house, then 10 miles back thinking that's the same effort as a straight 20...but this comes from someone who has had a Perrier in a cafe around 28k in Paris.Je ne regrette rien.

  • ATM - mid-run refuelling is greatly under-rated. As is the role of cake in marathon training. I reckon 20 miles is 20 miles. In fact it's almost harder to do it with a break - there's always that nasty 5 minutes at the start of phase 2 while you get going again.

    This winter's discovery: I wasn't getting much wear from my skorts which I generally wear in hot weather. Then I had an idea that skort plus running tights equals nice warm bum, and problem solved image .

    YM - quality effort. You're going to be on fire in Paris. Watch out for the pompiers.
  • Mrs DV is back from the Bike Show...  without a bike!   She said that there were probably about three women-specific bikes in the whole show..  none of the major manufacturers had their female bikes on the stands....  

    Quite surprising considering the success of women in the Olympics...  and commercially poor.  She went there to buy a bike and a frame...  and came back empty handed....


  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Wicked skills yer_maj! image. I bet you got some strange looks like I did today as people thought my mate and I were running from a mental hospital. image

    I also a did 20 miler today. Completed it in trail shoes along canals, rivers and slushy roads. The extra grip was great but there was no bounce so we lost energy return from the soft mud/snowy/icy surfaces Every step seemed an effort as my pal and I battled the elements. It was probably the hardest my legs have worked outside of an actual marathon, proper sore now. Averaged 8.11pace but the time is irrelevant as conditions were a shocker. The main thing is that the leg strength had a proper going over which should stand us in good stead.

    My plan has 6x20 milers, that's 2 down and just 4 to go!! image One more next week and then I start alternating between 20s and 15s.

    Good luck to anyone running LSRs in GB tomorrow. Keep it sensible, it's slippy out there.

    I have a few days off the beer before a long run, which means I can tuck in every Saturday night. Let battle commence!


  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Heh, the dirty old man with nae teeth, a chainsaw and a machete was probably the highlight....


    SB - it was bloody hard work in the slush and ice....I've numbed it with sauvignon blanc....


    Penblwydd Hapus DV imageimage

  • yer_maj wrote (see)

    Heh, the dirty old man with nae teeth, a chainsaw and a machete was probably the highlight....

    Didn't realise DLR was travelling down your way.

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    You snow runners amaze me.   We get a flake of the stuff and no-one ventures outside.

  • Evening, hope everyone's well. How's the injury benchees?

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Weedy - this bencher got a bit of a telling off from his physio, part of which was an an explanation of the healing process. End result, I've got to lay off the running for 2-3 weeks whilst stretching and strengthening my iffy leg.

    Could be worse.

    DV - happy birthday image

    DLR - you are missed image
  • Morning all...   I had a lovely birthday yesterday...  image

    It's snowing right now...   I'm going out for a little run shortly with Mrs DV and then we'll get tthe fire lit for a lazy day....  probably back outside later for more snowball fights...  

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Weedy - where do you think you've been??

    Rest day for me today.  Well, rest in that I won't be running...image

  • yer_maj I'm so impressed my your running!

    I opted for the treadmill for my long run (after a couple of runs in the snow earlier in the week I was a bit nervous of slipping over) was supposed to do 12 miles but lost the will to live by 10 so finished with 20 mins on the exercise bike instead! 


  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭
    Some good running out there this weekend. My two runs ended up short. Think I'm fighting off a cold or something. Throat feels like its been attacked by a cheese grater.
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Happy Birthday DV

    I've finally worked out a training plan for Paris, so it's back to some disciplined running.
  • yeahhhhh 10.5 miles in the snowing snow - 1hr37 felt like 14 miles was so lumpy. London looks and sounds so nice and peaceful in the snow. Much less cars and the white covers up all the filth! Plus i had Dan keeping me company (lucky me)

    Happy Birthday to the Dark Lord.

    Well done on all the long runs in these crazy conditions particulary a certain welsh lady.


  • Happy birthday DV.

    Bit of a lazy week for me on the running front, so I punished myself with 22K at just under MP - 4:59 min per k. That one second is massive, psychologically.....

    Lovely conditions, 0 degrees and light snow. Loved it.
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday DV.
  • Happy Birthday, DV image Just you wait til you hit 35 like me...

    I know that feeling wwell, Megs. 10m, today,deliberately on legs tired from yesterday's 17. Ran out of quad-power on the way back and had to walk a fair bit in bitter wind.There are only flurries of snow , here, but it's really cold.I wish it would just drop down like a massive carpet so that I get to run like Jimbob.




  • Happy Birthday DVimage

    well 5.35 Adventure run done, oh so much laughing but such good fun, ended up in a skip full of water have a water fight!!!!  Not really sure why as had then started to snow, but thoroughly enjoyable - reminded me why I love runningimage.

    Still managed to clock up 32 miles for the week so very pleased with that.  off to have a stunning bubble bath - and leg massage tomorrow for me - pain!!!!!!

    Stary safe in the white stuff ......

  • Dannir:  I have watched both interviews and he does apologise, the only issure I have is that as of 1st January 2013 the statue of limitations ran out for prosecution for any offence up to 2005, so when he says he's not dopped since am a little skeptical as to his motives.  He did also said "who likes to get caught" implying that if he hadn;t got caught he would not have admitted to anything.  His emotions about his son I thought were genuine, I also feel its a tad unfair for him to be excluded from doing any running, eg chicago marathon etc ... just not allowed to represent his country or anything that involves a bike,  But I do agree he has apologised, but not sure he's a very likeable character.  Also can those he sued and won against now sue him and get their money back?

  • Yes, after two days of people having hysterics over what amounted to not much more than dandruff, there's now what I would regard as 'proper snow' in central London. 14 mile saunter around the parks this morning (possibly passing Jimbob at some point). Here's a little something for anyone planning VLM this year - this is where the finish line will be. Although it will be a bit warmer by then. Probably. 



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