Paris Marathon 2013



  • TrevOTrevO ✭✭✭

    Haha, never thought peeing would be such a big topic!

  • Instead of a pace band, I use a pace tattoo.  Its a temporary tattoo you put on your forearm.  

    There are two types:

    You can simply select a finish time and you get one with even splits by either km or miles (or both)

    Or you can totally customise it - which I do as my first few miles are always slower and I cn account for that.  You can also customise colour etc.

    See here:

    Happy to bring some along if anyone wants one (or more) 

  • Some light relief... I've just found the link to the world's first Arranman...DV's DIY Ironman. Was I ever glad that the DV Family got to visit Scotland in our one week of good weather...Fun things to do in your spare time...

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Tricky - here you go The Runners World Paris Marathon 2012 Finishers Video

    BTW - Have you heard anything from Neil Belgium?

    ATM - loving DV's Arranman image


  • image    Ha!!    ATM..   you star...   I had forgotten about the video for that...   holy moly..  that brings back memories...   that ride around the island (twice!) still remains one of the most technical rides I've done..    and I remember you being eaten by midges on the run...

    Thanks for posting that...   happy memories...

    (ps..  the children look soooo young there!)


  • Thanks for the video and the pace tatto (That will be useful as my brain goes to pieces after 25/30k).

  • Orbutt, that was one shedload of work you put it. Thank you.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    It was a labour of love as a big thank you to the forum.

    BTW - Sporty Badger, ouch !!!
  • Orbutt - That video really is amazing. Hard to watch it without choking up.

  • Orbutt...  excellent video...  well done on a huge effort in putting that together  image


  • Trevor Olver wrote (see)

    Haha, never thought peeing would be such a big topic!

    Wait until we start on poo....

    Paris 2012 was my first and, to date, only marathon.  My sister in law and I are not particularly emotional by nature but Mr Maj has pics of us both absolutely howling after I crossed the line....they're on fb somewhere.  Still makes me a bit teary looking at them now!

  • Love it ATM!

  • TrevOTrevO ✭✭✭
    yer_maj wrote (see)
    Trevor Olver wrote (see)

    Haha, never thought peeing would be such a big topic!

    Wait until we start on poo....

    Paris 2012 was my first and, to date, only marathon.  My sister in law and I are not particularly emotional by nature but Mr Maj has pics of us both absolutely howling after I crossed the line....they're on fb somewhere.  Still makes me a bit teary looking at them now!

    Surely thats only after a few too many gels!

  • Onetit wrote (see)

    Loving all this old marathon stuff. I was there in 2007 too - and failed miserably to get anywhere near my first time in London (2003) of 4.38, I think I finished with you DLR!! I pulled a "thing" in my thigh at half way, was going great till then, and then cried most of the way determined to finish and being cheered on. Thankfully met my brother who was also walking at about 20 miles, and we hobbled together over the line - uttering NEVER AGAIN.  I've done 3 since and about to get to Paris again - I am praying it's colder.

    London was fantastic being my first, I saw loads of people I knew in the crowd cheeering me on, and I was running for Charity and raised nearly 6k.  I had only just been diagnosed with breast cancer the month before - I think it spurred me on.

    Now all clear - so YEAH, bring on Paris. 


    There should be a veterans association for 2007 - possibly with a campaign medal.  Congrats on the all clear - nephew had the same news last Friday and it made my weekend.

    TD - I think that pic was 2010.  You're right about 2011's heat.  It was fine until a certain point and it was as if wherever anyone was (place or time) at that point they began to struggle.  Three hours and you might just escape the worst. 3.5 and it was a bit trickier - I think those chasing 4:30+ really suffered simply because a greater proportion of the race was in the heat. 2007 was different in that it was hot right from the off.

    Last year was pretty great.  There were some strong winds with the prevailing wind largely straight on for the last few miles but by then I can't say I noticed it.  Might have slowed me a bit but on the other hand it'll have kept me as cool as the Fonz.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I love the idea of the pace tattoo - I might need to get one of those.

    DV - that video is AMAZING!
  • The Fonz?  REALLY?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I'm loving the nostalgia too - and I wasn't even there! image 

    I'll confess to shedding a tear or two on my second marathon but my first was a disaster. I don't think there was enough fluid in my body to manage a single teardrop anyway.

    On the plus side I did learn straight away that when running 26 miles it's a bad idea to set off too fast, drink very little and take on no fuel, every cloud... image


  • In 2010 they were giving pace bands for free at Expo. Not sure if they still do
  • They will probably give pace bands for free at the expo but I like the idea to be able to make my own (possibly every 5km to make it smaller).

  • I'm up for a  'Captain Oates' mara'medal...for those of us who may be 'some time'...image


     Errr...I think we need Weedy....

  • yer_maj wrote (see)

    The Fonz?  REALLY?


  • I know I look rubbish in Lycra, but I refuse to run in a leather jacket
  • The video makes me cry every time. Thanx Orbutt, I love it.

    Berlin 2011 was my first, and the hottest conditions I have  ever run in. Fuelling problems and the heat saw me home in 4.11......and  I cried as soon as I got back to the hotel, but had a permanent grin for weeks! Amsterdam 2012 was my most emotional, firstly because I hadn't been well since the 5 mile mark and reaching the end was pure relief  and secondly because my kids were there...........who knows what state I will be at the end of Paris-image orimage!!

    Did a 10k run today after work, and every second of it felt like the last 10k of a marathon. Some of it due to the strong  winds but the rest to the tiredness in my legs after delivering letters to 500 houses on foot and climbing so many sets of stairs and hills that my legs felt like jelly!  Love it!!imageimage

  • image I could be a contender!

  • My main memory at the end of my first marathon (London) was that although I had stopped running, I was still breathing as though I was running. Result - hyperventilation. I realised what I was doing just in time to stop myself passing out. When I got to the baggage vans I was completely unable to speak, and all I could do was point helplessly at my number. Fortunately the nice lady at the vans had seen it all before and gave me my bag back straightaway image

    In a pleasant change from pounding the streets of a Wednesday evening, I'm off to see Billy Elliot tonight. I feel like I'm skiving (I am skiving image ).
  • RR - Billy Elliot is a great show Enjoy

    I was up all night at work, so swapped the scheduled speed work today for an easy run - 9 miles at 9m/m was just loads of fun.

  • I went out and did a 9 mile run tonight. It felt tough, but I think I was home in the same time as Monday (8:51 m/m average). I say think as my trusty old Garmin 205 seems to have had a nervous breakdown and then passed to electronic afterlife.

    On stopping the clock its started bleeping like mad and the screen went into some bonkers menu scroll. In that I think it did seem to say I'd ran the 9 miles in 1:21. Now it's powered off and ain't for switching back on. Software reset doesn't work. image

    Can anyone recommend one of the cheaper current Garmin GPS watches (110/405/410)? I remember someone, maybe Dannirr, had some issues with one of the newer Garmins. My old brick on a wrist is done for.

  • Eggy - the 110 is a good, reasonably priced watch.

    Skiing break is over and now I must concentrate on running. I must, must, must do a LSR tomorrow.
  • Pasta at 6ish on the Saturday sounds ideal - I definitely will be wanting some moral support around that time!

    Orbutt - I am sorry but I think I am going to wear the Adrenaline's so I realise that may be embarrassing for us lol! I find my ASICS really comfortable but for some reason my middle toenail bruises up with them on one foot on long runs. Not sure why as it is not my biggest toe so don't think it is a size issue. Found the heel on the Adrenaline's quite 'hard' initially but seem ok now. And more importantly I like the colour better than my ASICS image

    I will start thinking in K's instead of miles from here on in I think - its just 42 is a very big number don't you think? Thx Tricky Dicky for the conversion table.

    DV - I know you are so right about not setting off too fast. I read somewhere that a minute too quick per mile on the first half will cause you to lose 2 minutes on each mile in the second half. Not sure if it is such an "exact science" as that but the general gist makes sense. I made that mistake on my only marathon back in 1993 but I can still see myself doing the same thing! I must learn discipline!!
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