Paris Marathon 2013



  • ATM wrote (see)

    Jus T, the chip is embedded in the bib. No need to fiddle with your shoes or lift your foot at the Finish.

    But you will need some safety pins to attach the bib! Sorry - I'm sure you've thought of that but you never know...

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Speaking of hoses...I have one thing to say:  Pompiers image

    That's cheered me right up.

    DV - TD has booked places for 37 people (!), bill will be split evenly, cash only please.

    I'll be at the Expo around 1pm on Friday I think.

    Can I make it very clear right now - I AM NOT PREGNANT.

  • 11K Recovery run in the bag this morning, foam rolled, all packed (!) and icing my legs as I type this. My attire for Sunday is 'minimalist' and will be as follows;


    Throw-away fleece on top (which hasn't been 'stolen' on it's last seven outings after being tied to lamposts at race starts!)

    Shorts & socks

    Garmin & Shot Blocks.

    Don't mind it being cold, just aslong as it's not sodding artic like it has been here the last two months!

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Bedders - it's going to be sodding arctic.

  • Weedy...  an update for your events list..  I decided not to do Medoc this year (September)...  prob not next year either...


  • DV - you have 2 jimbobs on your list. Surely 1 is more than enough?

    (I'm bored and fidgety - can you tell?)

    And in a rare outbreak of common sense, I didn't go skiing today.
  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    DV - I'm almost certain I'm going to change to purple pen (unless the queue's astronomical). Thinking of starting at 8:45 ish pace and seeing what happens.

    Weedy - add 7th Sept, Aberfeldy (highlandPerthshire Marathon) to the list; there's also a half and I'm 40 on the 6th. There's a post ace ceilidh too, although I might just have to watch that.

    Kaz - I'm in Aberdeen (originally from Elgin).
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Just ventured out of the house to go to the shops and bring the youngest out as she was driving everyone mad.

    It is still freezing out there .....

    As long as there is no wind next Sunday it will be fine.

    What time are people meeting in Corcorans after the race and which Corcorans ?

  • It's Corcoran's Saint Michel   You fall out the 'Saint Andre des Arts' Exit of Metro Line 4@ St. Michel  and almost fall in the door. Follow the noise. The hopeless alcoholics and party animals will be there from at least 5.30..Let's head downstairs. *I emailed the owner and asked him if he would move some tables out to give us more room. He just ignored me. So, we may have to squash up..image*


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  • We need some light relief.So, from the DV Family...( And it was a shedload of work.Well done, the Jedis..)

    A reminder of the fun we've had on this thread... 12 Days of Xmas * slightly truncated to fit the Gallery site*. image


    I'd forgotten the binary stuff...image

  • Hello everyone! 6 days to go!

    Just going through my 'things to pack' list and I noticed on the forum that you talk about "downloading" a medical certificate and getting that signed by the doctor.  I haven't been able to find a form to download from the website but I have a medical certificate from the doctor which has all the paragraph from the website (all the words, nothing added, just the WORDS!! - need to be exact for the Frenchies!). 

    Is there a form to download or will I be ok with my medical certificate that I have had signed?  Starting to get worried (and a little nervous!).

    I am sure it is written already in the forum, but I am not sure if I can read through 663 pages!

    Thanks so much!


  • You need to download the one on the Paris Marathon site and get it stamped and signed - the wording is specific as far as I know.

    Good  luck.

    Right -toe nails are now Chavvy Blue as my Chavvy team just I'm off for a jog around the block to sing Blue is the Colour out loud as my nearest neighbour is a Man U fan image

  • Clag - When do you fly out??? Aberfeldy marathon sounds tempting, but too much too work out when is my Saturday off!!!

  • Thank you Onetit (what a name!) 

  • Aliya - your certificate has to be signed and stamped by your doctor and contain the magic words : I, the undersigned Dr .???, Doctor of medicine, certify that the examination of Mr. YOURSELF reveals no contraindications for participating in running competitions. Medical certificate issued in (place)... on (date) :???

    Signature/Stamp :

    If your certificate says that, it should be OK but th official one is here
  • Aliya, it's fine as long as it includes the magic words AND is signed AND stamped ( and dated, of course, within a year of the race..) But you know you need your 'convocation' and passport with you at the Expo, right?


    jimbob, disaster! My pc has eaten your phone number. Could you email it to me, again, please?


    I'm just about to send out the mobiles list so anyone who wants theirs added, pleeeaase email me now at atmparis75  at  yahoo  dot  com

  • Great, thank you all.  Well, I wil def have my passport as I won't be able to get on the Eurostar without it, unless they will take my gym pass?  Got my convocation too!

    Really excited - can't believe it has come so soon, all these months of training!!

    Apart from the rice party, are there any parties or events taking place when the marathon is over? 

  • Join us for the Sunday night post-mortem and show of medals, A image Details on previous page. * Scroll fast, before you get buried...*

  • Ooohhh I will have a look!!! 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Bedders wrote (see)

    Throw-away fleece on top (which hasn't been 'stolen' on it's last seven outings after being tied to lamposts at race starts!)

    LOL - either it's a fine piece of vintage fashion or it smells like s**t....or both?image

    I have to say I'm extremely jealous of you all. I have a 15 miler planned for the weekend so I just need to grab the Paris mp3 that ATM recommended and be happy with that.

    Weather tomorrow in Paris will be 10 degrees and sunny according to the BBC - surely perfect conditions if you get that on Sunday?

  • Got outside for the first time in 10 days (horrible cold/cough and my brother informed me that running like that increases the chances of getting the germs into my lungs and really messing up - I did 20 mins on a treadmill thursday but stopped as it felt pretty dire) and had a nice 6.5 miles with 5.5 of those at MP, figure another of the same today and wednesday morning and that's me done. 10 days off has almost healed up the blister on my foot that's been there since January!

    Haircut done, paperwork organised, now just to pack Friday evening and I'm golden. eek.

  • Pottermoss, reveal your bib number so we can add you to the list!
  • Atm. Texted you

    YM expecting spectacular pb from you on Sunday after all your disciplined training.
  • Thank you, JB.


  • Right, the timetable so far:

    Friday afternoon: various meet-ups at the expo

    Sat morning: breakfast run (meeting place anyone that's doing it?)

    Sat afternoon: RR and RS hit the expo approx 2pm (because we're the most important :P)

    Sat 5:30: meet-up at arc to walk down to pasta papas

    Sat 5:45: meet-up at Franklin D roosevelt metro for walk to pasta papas

    Sat 6:00: PASTA for 37 please at:

    Sun 8:00AM!: Group photo at the arc (wear a green ribbon).  The side closest to the champs and the right leg with your back to the champs.  Be on time, there's no hanging around with the amount of nerves going on.

    Sun 8:45: a little jaunt around paris.  They've closed the streets and got the pompiers out just for us image

    Sun 2-3ish: late lunch somewhere near the arc (text me, DLR or Dannirr), probably here: as it's open on a sunday.

    Sun 5:30ish-7ish: the corcoran's invasion begins: by Saint michel metro station.  BRING ON the leprechaun cordial!!!

  • image Green ribbon?  Where am I going to get something green at this late stage - help?! 

    Will a small bit of tarten ribbon do?  Or will I be Billy No Mates?

    Just done a nice 4.5k, just started to rain too - but it's fairly warm(ish).

    This would be terrific for me on Sunday.

    Day off from the trainers tomorrow, off out for a lunch treat - might have to eat pasta!! 

  • Onetit - tartin will fit in nicely with the caledonian mafia.

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