IMUK 2013 Bonkers!



  • No snow!!!!. it just did not stop yesterday, went for a run up the woods, didnt time or measure it. Slipped over twice though trying to stop. Normally it takes about 55 mins to cycle to work, but there was no way that was going to happen today so had to use the bus train bus and it took over 2 1/2 hours!!!.

    TT well done on the 10k mate, bring your sledge up here mate we live near a huge hill and there were hundreds out yesterday on sledges, skis and even trays!!!!, great fun

  • No snow down here, hope everyone's out and about training, sledging or worst case...working!!

    Quick question, how's everyone's swimming, is anyone knocking out 2500 m for fink yet??
  • TT, well done on the 10k, good result!

    Did a 1600mts swim today without stopping. TBH, I felt fine I just took my time, nice and easy, I could of done more but decided to stick with the schedule. Unlike running and biking I never want to do over and above what the swim plan says.

    I am pleased with that effort given that I couldn't do half a length of the pool last August. I am going to jump upto the intermediate swim programme from my next swim session on Friday.  

    Just been out for a run for an hour with club mates.  

    Happy training everyone, keep the faith!

  • No swimming yet but went on a 23 mile mtb ride over the moors near Bolton on Sunday Average speed 7.4 mph had to walk parts of it due to snow drifts, really enjoyed it.


  • Cheers Kav, yeah really enjoyed the 10k, nice to go for it, bloomin freezin though!

    Woody, bike ride sounds good might need to put chains on your tyres!

    We are now getting snow!.... everyones panicking as we dont know what to do when this happens!

  • /members/images/280734/Gallery/RW_Copy_of_2013-01-20_11.20.43.jpg

     A view of Lower Rivington on Sunday, swim venue of the first Bolton IM

    It was great fun TT and surprisingly I didn't feel the cold too much.

  • ^^ Oi, get orf my land... not ventured out on the MTB yet, waiting for the snow to clear a little

  • Ha ha taken from Georges lane not far from the Pike. First time I've been on mtb for a long while, didn't fancy the roads with the weather.

  • Woody, you must be close to me mate, I am just off Belmont Road, part of the reason for moving up here was the Mountain Biking.


  • Picture looks good Woody, my 2 girls are itching to put the sledge into action on something like that...not sure i'd fancy running it though! 

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Morning all image.

    Great 10k result TT, and glad you got some proper snow in the end! We had fresh falls again yesterday, but it looks like it all be gone over the weekend.

    SK4 - well done on that milestone. Once you can do a continuous mile, the rest is just overcoming the boredom! I can quite see why you don't want to go over scheduled distance.

    Woody and Andy - weren't you both on the 2010 iron distance newbie thread too? Ah, those innocent days.......

    I'm finally shifting the cough, and have done a swim, a turbo and a run this week. Though I don't feel in great shape, I'm hoping to do an off-road duathlon at the weekend. It could even be a podium finish, as according to the start list, only 3 women have entered!!image

  • Hi Chris I live on the other side of Smithills from you near Doffcocker lodge. If you fancy a ride out some time give me a shout.

    TT It was quite busy on the moors with folk sledging. Running isn't as bad as you might think and far safer running on soft snow than compacted stuff on pavements.

    That's right Joddly 2010 was my first, did you do outlaw that year?


  • I do the odd run around Doffcocker, only on the days I fancy dodging geese and dog crap!

    I need to get fitter before heading out with skinny people!

  • Glad to hear coughs going Joddly, good luck with the duathlon (hopefully running/cycling and no need to change it to skiing and sledging??!!).

    Knee still sore but i am 'managing it'!

    9 mile run this running along coast and it was a beauuuuutiful morning, then a nice 1300m ish swim (still stop for quick breath at the turns but deffo getting better!)

    Swim lesson later, bike tomorrow. snow gone...sunshine today probably howl it down tomorrow!

    Hows the snow/moors running going Woody...dodging the sledgers or snow all gone?!

    Sounds like the swimming going really well Kav...enjoying it?.. i have to say i am really enjoying it especially when i get a whole lane to myself like today!

  • TT,  re my previous post  -  I have started to adopt the more positive approach to my swimming, I am still sh@te, but I feel better about it. On a serious note things are slowly improving with the swimming, I just keep turning up and putting the sessions in.

    Looking forward to a go a this open water lark I am told that it is a lot easier with a wet suit. 

    Joddly - Good luck with the duathlon mate. That should be your dose lurgy out of the way for this year.

    Did a 2hr bike session today. Third week is nearly over and I am really enjoying it.   




  • Like the diagram Kav and definitely true.

    I love going up hills for running but had to divert on my thurs eve run as we were doing hills and my knee just said "NO THANKS STICK TO THE FLAT OR YOU WILL SUFFER FOR IT!".

    Trying to get same philosophy for going up hills for cycling, once its in there mentally there's no stopping!

    Struggling with the hills in swimming though (thats a terrible saturday afternoon joke but never mind!).

    Swim coach in half hour so gotta go tackle those deep end hills!

    Me too, 3rd week OK so far!

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Hi guys, there are some good bits of positive thinking there!

    Duathlon this morning was pretty knackering - all off-road 5k / 18k / 10k. It turned out that the only other two females entered for the "standard" distance wimped out and went for the sprint, so it was me and 22 blokes. No prize thenimage! I'm glad I did it, though, as the course was icy and muddy, so surviving it has boosted my confidence a bit. Didn't come last, either image. I had to have a bit of a lie-down this afternoon......

    TT & Kav are you both Finking for cycling?

  • Hey joddly, sounds tough, well done bet you chuffed with doing that one!

    Yeah at mo, I pretty much sticking to fink, maybe few minutes off here and there but in the main staying with it. Swap some bits around also...hence bike ride tomorrow with a nasty wet forecast in store!
  • Joddly - You did win the prize for the first female finisher on the standard event, the other two sacked it probably because it was too hard.  I would try not to dwell too much on the confidence issue, follow the programme put the time and effort in as you doing and  you will be fine.

    I am following the Fink advanced bike and run programme and I am moving upto the intermediate swim this week. I am going to be in the pool a long time to complete those sessions. I am going to spend more on the bike than the plan indicates certainly in the initial phases to get bike fit. 

  • TT - How was the session with the swim coach ?

  • Swim coach was excellent cheers Kav, he shows me training exercises to introduce and picks at my technique.  The bloke is a heluva nice fella and really builds my confidence.

    he pushed me on to finish my lesson with a non stop10 lengths (first time without pausing for breath)

    All in all i did over 2km yesterday. Swimming seems to be coming together, gonna try my wetsuit in the pool either next week or week after just to see difference.

    now....QUESTION:  Am i opening a bag of worms saying this...but..coming from a running background, runners (i would say 80% of us anyway) seem to wear hi-viz stuff.  ...Out on the bike this morning and it would seem that in this area all the cyclists seem to wear black clobber (well at least 50%), Why is that?? i think just as/if not more important to be seen on a bike than running??.........(worms going everywhere!!!).

    Temting to stay in bed this morning blowing a hoooly today, got a good cycle in though, knee sore at start then tends to ease off, only about 13.5mph average but got lots of hills in!


  • Morning all,

    Week 4 and for a change i made sure complete rest leisurely gym sess...nothing...and it felt goooood!   Obviously straight back to a swim and run tonight, no sprint training though, trying to still be sensible with the knee.

    Anyone got any races planned for this year in preperation for the big one!??


  • Morning guys!  Tylertonka, I always wear hi-viz on the bike.  

    Races planned -- Isca Duathlon (Apr), Blaenavon Tri (May), Grafman (half, June).

  • Hey DTT, Hi-Viz is the only way to go, just amazes me when i see anyone running/cycling in that dusky time with dark gear on!

    Yeah i did our grand prix races last year but just concentrating on races that tie in with training this year.  The furthest tri i will do is Roadford Lake Olympic distance.  Not sure thats far enough in prep but am worried about saving my knee from too far in competitive use!

    Grafman sounds tough, have you done that one before?



  • Morning all

    Excuse my lack of posts, my itband gave in on me nearly 2 weeks ago and I have hardly done a thing, Physio straight away then massage with spikey ball every second day. Daily standard rolling, my thigh is black with bruises together with icing, Ibuprofen by the dozen as well. Im not the best at being injured

    Hopefully over the worst as the pain is now more in the areas that are bruised, which to be honest is most of the side of my leg and calf!!.

    Back upto 8k on the bike in the gym this morning and may, just may try a commute to work on my bike which is about 12.5 miles, then train it home.. The train?!?!?!?. I have never seen so many rude and miserable people whilst commuting and that has been my main aim to get back onto the bike.

    Speaking of bike TT it is true most of the gear these days is black!!!. I do wear (in the winter) my Decathlon orange jacket. I have a ruck sack with the usual high viz covering and shall we say a selection of good lights on both back and front and on my helmet.

    TT you said you wanted to try your wetsuit in the pool, is it outside, if not you may have to ask first as you could scare off half the natives!!, if its during a club training session all well and good, but and a big but remember a pool's avg temp is about 27-28 degrees and if your in a wetsuit you are going to cook. It could be far too warm for you, please bear that in mind, the reason for a wetsuit is to protect from the cold

  • Speaking of bike TT it is true most of the gear these days is black!!!.

    Maybe me just noticing a few in black, cant understand anyone not wearing hi-viz.

    Its my IT band giving me grief on my knee.  I do same ice/emulgel/some pain relief.  Seems to be getting slightly better but staying off hills and listening to it when it says STOP..PAIN! There is specific stretching and exercises (and yes the golf ball!) which help also and i wear a chopat religously, highly recommend one of these for running to help with your IT band.  Deep tissue massage also helps and thats proper pain but v v good for it.

    Sounds like you may be on mend which great news


  • DO you do the golf ball into your knee area or along the whole IT ban. There is a wealth of informaiton on IT band stretching, bit as some are saying it is very difficult to stretch it due to its sheer strength.

    I wear a knee support, there are all sorts that cost around £10, but I got mine from the poundshop and I swear it is exactley the same as what i got on wiggle last year for about £15!!!.

    My wife is currently training for a sports massage course so when the tabkle is up in the back room with her clients I am on it straight after!

    When I went to the physio my notes stated that I have IT probelms in Jan 2011, Jan 2012, Apr 2012 and now Jan 2013!!!!. At least im consistant. The pervious occasions though I have had more right calf issues.

    remember TT. The human body is an awesome instrument, which we all take for granted. Its tells us when we are doing things wrong or doing too much of something. We would all benefit more from listening to it.TT your body has spoken to you and I can tell you are listening!!!. very wise

  • I will still recommend a Cho Pat it has slightly different properties and is specific to this injury.  I would also suggest tights when running or cycling (not Fishnets unless its cycling on a saturday night!!) just for time being to keep muscles in that area warm.

    Exercises, squats and lunges are good but just as good is lyeing on the sofa strectched out and lifting each leg (pointed and taut) just up in the are about 6", for 30 goes on as many (in sets) as you are comfortable with.  This really builds the muscle in the right area and you can watch 'Splash' while you doing it!

    Link to Cho Pat....

    You may get cheaper from a medical supply on line shop, just remember to check sizing if you do go for one (all slightly different).

    Sounds good having the massages at out for the pain infliction though!




    Is this what you are wearing as the one in the link above does not seem to have any refernce to itb support and is worn under the knee where as the above one is worn over the knee.

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