Bolton Hill Marathon



  • well ive signed up now but on the website while trying to work out the course the bit that says click here for full directions isnt working (I am terrible with maps) and i will be trying (hopefully) to do bits of the course as training thereby conquering the hills in advance! Ill be so proud of myself if I manage this one

  • Hi Juleswill1 thanks for your entry, You should be proud it will be a massive achievement and good luck with the training. The reason the directions are not there is we have had to change how we run around the start/finish area due to the council, should be back up there in a week a little amendment but safety is always our priority. I will be running the course tomorrow and put my garmin trace on the site, if you have one then simply upload the course to yours.If you or anyone is interested on Sat 26th Jan 10am at Moss Bank Park second car park i will be organising a little friendly jog of the first 4 miles and last 4 miles, if you don't fancy a jog you can simply come along and meet me, ask any questions about the race, nutrition, training or exercises or anything else image

  • Garmin trace now on website for you to uploadimage

  • Now. How do I train for this race? Do I just follow a normal marathon training prog but do it on trails and fit in as many hills as I can?
  • Doing plenty of off road hill work will do you no harm whatever marathon you are running, its difficult to advise unless knowing what your goal is but start the training now, core work,tempo,hills,reps are a must and a long run each week is a good start
  • 16 weeks 6 days 10hrs 1 mins to go image
  • Mmmm, Thinking about this

    But i'm one of those pesky half marathon runners that probably got in your way!!

    The weather conditions at that time of year would be my main concern, i'm a bit of a wuss too image


  • Karen I did Rutland the other week and it was rain all the way and just above freezing. I'd prepared for the weather in what I wss wearing and what I'd left in the car when I got back... and I loved it all the more because of the extra challenge the weather created. image

    Don't worry about your speed.... you've not seen how slowly I "run"image

    As long as you can do it in 8 hours image
  • I agree LYDLT , I also did rutland watter although in the leading bunch I still managed to enjoy it. Little disapointed no medals and missed out on a trophy I loved the weather and my cold shower in the car parkimage .


    KT and everyone I have organized a little jog and question get together if you live local, we are a friendly bunch here and I will be more than happy to go through training, nutrition and anytning about the marathon with you or if you just want to meet other marathon runners it would be a good time to do it. You don't have to enter the marathon to come along just come and see what you think of the course, then decide if you want to enter unless it fills.
  • Forgot to say, Saturday 26th Jan 10:30am at car park 2 moss bank park, please email me at if you intend comming image
  • Hi,

    Do you think this would be a good training run for the Comrades Marathon? I am doing the up run in June 2013. I am trying to find races but wondering if the mileage wont be enough for March?

  • Hi Lorraine,

    I would say this is good training, when i am training for 100 mile ultra races i very rarely would go over the 26 mile mark in one go if you do your just going to risk injury or exhaustion and is not going to benefit you greatly. In your training you should be doing hill work at least once a week anyway especially for Comrades.

    Hope this helps and look forward to seeing you image

  • I want to complete my first marathon next year think this would be ok for a first timer?

    I'm in pretty good shape and have completed my fair share of halfs, the most obvious choice for me for a first marathon would be Blackpool but having run endless races there I'd like something a bit more interesting and this sounds like it fits the bill. I'd need some runs in the hills under my belt but Winter Hill was going to fit into my training schedule anyway.

  • Looks like you have already answered that question Peter image, definitely be plenty to look at, on a clear day you can see Blackpool tower anyway lol

  • ha true looks like I'd already convinced myself just needed someone else to say so too! Just weighing up whether or not I can fit the training in for a full but if so I'm in, it sounds great.

  • Becca7Becca7 ✭✭✭

    This looks good - I entered a while ago.  I am training for Comrades as well so it is nice to know that this is a suitable race.   

  • juleswill1 the direction link now works, apologies for the delay getting it back online image

    Peter get training now weather is fantastic!!

    Becca7 good luck with Comrades its a fantastic race, unfortunately i will be busy next year trying  to run 52 official marathons so no Ultras for me image

  • Somebody said they're a wuss off road.

    anyboby who has a go at this might be crazy but they can't be a wuss!

    I've had my brain taken -imageout I'm going for it.

  • Oh cr*p!!!image Just been to see the first partof the route image

    Need to step up my training... image
  • I think a slow start is called for!

  • I'm in! Should help me cut down on all those Quality Street over Christmas. Aim of the game for me will be to finish the darn thing standing up. Good luck to all who are going for it. 

  • Good to have you on board Ian although your taste in chocolate is poor!

    LYDLT i take it you didnt go to see the down hill section then LOL, if your just out to finish the marathon then take it easy on the first part save your energy and legs for later there will be other marathons to do a pb and this isnt one of them so no point burning yourself out early on, keep up the training you will be fine. BK2 Good on you well-done.
  • I'm hoping the view on the way up (the view is AMAZING!!!) will distract from the pain of it being up-hill image
  • I've only just found out this race is being held!! Absolutley gutted as this is where I train but i'm running the Greater Manchester marathon two weeks after this, then Edinburgh four weeks after that. I think three marathons in six weeks would be asking too much from me, but i'd desperately like to run this one....I love running 'on the tops'. Good luck to all taking part, i'll come and spectate I think. It's already in my diary for 2014! Oh, I ran the first four or so miles with a friend who used to be a Royal Marine and he was nearly sick...

  • KM2 although I will not be running this one (I will be busy being a marshal) I will be running 6 marathons in April and 12 in may inc Manchester and Edinburgh and the brathay 10 in 10 so i am sure you can fit another one in, if I could find a marathon every weekend near me I would do 52 a year every year image
  • I'm also doing Manchester and possibly Windermere just the one though not 10 in 10 if I can do it so can u km2 (although you probably run a wee bit faster than me so may take its toll more image
  • juleswill1 you must do windermere you can cheer me home on my 10th marathon image

  • I think running in this beautiful part of the world, where you can't go more than a few hundred metres before hitting some kind of climb, gives you such an edge when it comes to running 'flat' courses. Well done for orginising this event and introducing other non-local runners to our wonderful hills and moorland! I'm seriously tempted to enter now...he who dares, Rodders!

  • I was frequently injured when I lived in London and ran on flat roads. I was a bit appprehensive when I moved to Bolton and took the hills carefully but I'm sure that they have made me stronger. If I get injured now, it's usually due to taking a tumble in a fell race, not from running with a similar stride length all the time.

  • Just entered my wife and I as part of our training for our charity run for the Brathay Trust in May. We are going to run from Fleetwood to Brathay over 2 days and then run the Brathay Windermere Marathon on the 3rd day.

    Looking forward to this as we love running in the hills and it's another way to support  Brathay.

    Check out our slightly crazy Just Giving page from the link below.

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