Bolton Hill Marathon



  • Ok look forward to hearing from you soon Maria and glad u enjoy the course, its no fun if you don't get muddyimage Carmen you are welcome to come along Maria from stansfield will be dropping in on us as well be worth comming
  • hi phil what have i let myself in for there aint many hills in kings lynn to prepare but im hoping ill get it done and make it marathon number 9 did want to get to 10 before im 40 in april but hey ho so ill sneak another 1 in at the end of april as my bruv who now lives in bolton says ill be reet !!image

  • Hi Phil, another Burndener here, I am contemplating this but just nursing a sore arm at the moment so was holding off until a couple of weeks, wanting to get some more hill miles in first too.  I notice you say there are only limited places left now, wondering how much longer I have to make my decision.

  • Hi, its looking like entries will close end of Jan, i will update latest entry list soon on the site image


  • I have just signed up for this.  It will be a run/walk marathon for me considering where my training is at the moment.  But being local (Wigan) and with the course around one of my favourite places I could not resist.  I wish I had seen it sooner so I could be better prepared.  Cheers Phil for organising it.

  • Flatters - I'll be run/walking it too, so you won't be on your own! image

  • I'm in and Looking forward to it image

    Thanks Phil for organizing a marathon that starts less than a mile from my front door.

  • Hello there Hillrunner,

    Well I have gone for it. I did just shy of 10 miles of the course last week, although I went down to the car park beneath the gardens, rather than going round the back of the pike.

    It looks a fantastic course, thanks for all your efforts in making it happen. I run Winter Hill often but tend to stay on the Bolton side.

    Better buckle down and get some training done now so that I can complete it!!!

  • Looking Good Everyone image

    The Marathon is now FULL! however we are hoping to reopen and allow another 45 entries tomorrow hopefully, will post on here to let you all know. 

  • another run/walker here.....and I hate hills!

  • I'll be walking speed..... image

    But looking forward to this one. image

  • Dear Phil

    Delighted that the race is proving so popular but I am just wondering if there will be a medal for every finisher if you make extra places available?

    best wishes

    Maria image


  • Hi Maria LOL every finisher gets a bespoke medal and a goodie bag image

    Entries have opened on runners world only for another 45 runners, once they have gone there will be no more!!!

    Ria I know no matter what you will finish regardless of time and that's what makes you the marathon and ultra superstar you are image
  • Haha! Alert mountain rescue on the day...I may finish in the dark!! But yeah, I'll get there eventually!

    I've got really good vibes about this one! It's great to have an organiser that welcomes all abilities....image I reckon it's going to get really good reviews, & will fill up immediately if you organise another!

  • Thanks for panicking me Phil, clever marketing, I'm now in on one of the final 45 places, I don't like being told No! image  Need to ramp up the miles in the hills, the snow now needs to do one.  This is all about finishing and thanks to your generous time limit I am happy to be a part of it.

  • Yippee Bev' s in - finally! I think that makes 13 Burnden Road runners Phil - is there a team prize (only joking). We are off having another go at the course today image

    Good luck to everyone who' s entered, I think it' s going to be ace image


  • Fantastic that local clubs are giiving there support to the marathon, I have heard burnden RR are having their own VIP tent there's so many of you LOL

    Good luck on the run today before the snow comes, save some of the course for the day image
  • Change of plans means I wont be able to make it this year after all image

    So you have one spare place if someone wants it Phil.

    Hope to see you soon!

  • I've just this minute entered while there's still places available!

    Will be only my second marathon.  Did Preston last year, and looking forward to what looks like quite different terrain at Bolton Hill.

    Looks like it will be a good event Phil, so thanks for putting it on and see you soon. 

  • Had a great run today on the first 15 miles - extremely icy in places but gorgeous.

    Great idea re the tent (we have two!).



  • Sorry to hear that Liz, be assured your 20pound will go to turning a young persons life around, someone who would have never had the chance if it wasn't for all you fantastic runners who are supporting the event so generously! Over the weekend we saw the money being spent it is truly inspirational and emotional to see what some of these young people have been through and how a course on brathay turn around these younger lifes is amazing.

    Maria, glad you enjoyed the course, save a little for the dayimage

    James glad to have you on board image
  • Hi All!

    I'm Maria from Stansfield Sports Injury Clinic. We are based in Bolton and will be at the BHM in March offering pre and post Massage and Sports/running injury advice.

    We will also be down this Saturday 26th for the recce, should anyone wish to ask us anything image

    Also, if any of you have any questions feel free to email me on

    See you Saturday!
  • /members/images/263383/Gallery/Winter_Hill_-_19th_Jan.jpg

     Winter Hill living upto its name!

  • Wow! Great pic TWT! image

  • Great photo, i was up there yesterday and was surprised that the Mast road was one of the best gritted roads in Bolton lol, looks like its taken a hammering today though however i think its still runnable image

  • Brilliant photo! 

  • The picture was taken Saturday. It was fine for running as it was just soft snow. The worst bits were from Pikes Cottage to Pigeon Tower and then parts of the track around Noon Hill - it was a little icy there. 

    Its a great area to run  - I cannot wait for the event, even though I will be a little slow!

  • /members/images/263383/Gallery/View_to_mast__-_past_shooting_hut_-_22nd.JPG

     View of mast having run past shooting hut. 22nd Jan.

  • Fantastic! image

  • I know that path very well even in the snowimage Looks great for running on Saturday morning hope a few turn up for the recce run (don't forget your sledges)

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