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  • All these pre marathon set backs. I went out in Lyon for a run managed a crap slow 4 miles!!!!!! Before heading back to apartment....been sick with a cold since ;-/ so will try and do 14 tomorrow if well enough if not will have to put off till Tuesday which means I'll drop it down to 13 miles as will still need to do 12 on Sunday. Ok so clearly my 'taper' has gone hay wire.

    Nick you may be on. I think I'll run a few miles at 4 hr pace and I will soon feel weather I think it's a pace I can sustain given conditions etc.....Anyone else up for a 4 hr group or getting a 4.15 group together??

  • Cbo You're on. Good luck with the cold. I'm down to 8 miles next weekend as my knees are feeling the strain. Scots oats will get us round

  • Any experienced Edinburgh runners ?

    I ran last year and there was no wind at all, it was warm though !

    When the wind get's up does it tend to be in your face on the way out or back in ?

    I ran on a Kent sea front yesterday and the last 11m was into a strong head -wind and it got me thinking.

    Any ideas ? Thanks  

  • Hi guys, really enjoyed reading everyones posts, tips, and personal achievements. I've really struggled to break the 18-20 barrier in my training, although I know I have plenty left in the tank when I finish a long run. Going out to do 22 tonight (maybe tomorrow), then wind down till the race. My excitement is starting to outweigh my nerves which is positive.


    This my first marathon so I've no idea what to expect on the day, any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Tony  I

  • Welcome Tony. Not sure if I already posted this but last year before Paris ( my first) I did my training with the Nike foot pod thing and realised a week from the race that it wasn't calibrated correctly! So my longest runs, which I thought was 18 and 20 miles, actually turned out to be more like 17 and 18.5. I only ran 15 times a month for the 4 month programme, and not really tempo or speed runs .....but the adrenaline on the day and running with someone got me around in a time I was delighted with. I'm sure you'll be the same. Good luck with your run, though it sounds a lot to be running this close....I know I needed every bit of my taper last year. C


  • Welcome Tony. Excitement building. 

    Andy, I've done 8 Edinburgh marathons now and never really been bothered by the wind. Many people have complained about headwinds on the 9 or so miles heading back West. What they've forgotten is the 17 or so miles with the wind behind. It is also possible to get a bit of shelter from the trees / bushes on the landward side. More of a problem (5 out of 8??) has been too warm even right on the coast. A nice sea breeze would be good? 

    10k accelerator last night in gym. 10k tempto done tonight also in gym. Too hot, smoggy and trafficy outside, but bored of gyms already. Give me a coastal run into the wind anyday!

  • ElliotWorthElliotWorth ✭✭✭

    Had a super trail 16 miler on Saturday morning with a progressive-recovery 10k last night. Resting today with a bit of core tonight to keep my mind occupied. Nice tip about the shelter Hillheader - I'll bear that in mind on the day.

  • Hi Cbo, thanks for that response, the training programme I've used says that a 22 mile run should have been ran on Sunday (yesterday), I know once I complete that it'll give me the confidence I need as I know i've broken the 20 mile barrier.

    Youre right, I know that on the day the adrenaline & occasion should add a few miles to the legs.


  • Great to read your journey so far. Good luck everyone.

    I'm in search of advice. My husband is running the marathon and taking a taxi to the start. My plan was to meet him at the end with the kids in tow. I tried to book some park and ride tickets from the website shop but the site is a joke, errors all over it.  It says £3.50 for the 2way journey, then only allows £8 per ticket when adding to basket. There is no child ticket option, and no one way option for my husband to return with us.

    I have emailed edinburgh marathon and messages them by Facebook but they haven't answered me.  I was hoping someone here would know what goes on a with the park and ride? Can I take the risk of turning up with no ticket and pay on the day?

    any previous experiences or better information gratefully received


  • Hi there

    im running the Edinburgh marathon this year (my first) and wondered if there was any way of friends & family keeping track of your progress throughout the race? I know at Brighton they had an App that spectators could download etc. and keep track of your splits.

    many thanks & look forward to seeing you all in 12 days!

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Well I'm starting to really wonder if me running Edinburgh was the best of ideas after doing VLM, stubborn bugger that I am! Am now over my dissappointment completely and just want to go out and drink beer and eat takeaways and really couldn't give a flying feck about getting my time image Although, I am hoping for a complete shift of attitude before the day - also I haven't got my race pack yet and probably means I will need to go to Dynamic Earth to collect it and on top of that my foot is still hurting!

    I had originally planned to do 2 hrs on bike and 1 hr elliptical on Sunday but once I had my gear on I just couldn't face it so went for a run! I stayed close to home and looped in case I had to limp back but although the pain was there I still managed a decent run, which was more for my mental benefit rather than fitness. Anyway, foot's still sore, but hoping it will be gone before Sunday, will just bike this week if its still painful.  

    Dave, how's it going with you, are you fit, are you getting these miles in, are you outside my window image 

    Heather, I think the website for Edinburgh is crap and not surprised you're having issues with it. Sorry, I can't comment as have never used the buses before but from what I have heard it's just as easy to get a train back into Waverly (although there's only one every hour) from Musselburgh not sure how frequent the buses are?  

    Hi Rosie, I am pretty sure there's nothing like that at Edinburgh, they had a good thing at London where you could follow and guess its the same for Brighton but I've never heard of one for Edinburgh.




  • Pull yourself together Miggito - beatings will continue until morale improves...

    I agree about the tracking. Too high tech for Edinburgh! I sometimes get the impression that Edinburgh doesn't really want a marathon. That maybe a bit harsh and there is great support from a lot of people. However I've also heard a lot of people moan about the traffic, disruption to bus routes etc. The route is also based on getting runners out of the centre as quick as possible and onto the coast road where they can be less disruptive!

    Another gym running session for me today (yawn)....

  • oooops, my healthy eating and no alcohol in the run up to the marathon went a bit haywire on Saturday night and I ended up having an impromptu night out with the hubby and a few friends and drank WAAAY too much, vaguely remember wobbeling my way home and have still not recovered yet!! am eating chocolate and rubbish til the cows come home.  Hope I am over it by next week!  not the best preparation for a marathon,,  hey ho!

  • Rdrunner....I remember seeing an interview with colin jackson back in teh day and he said he binged on a mega family size bar of cadburys the night before a major meet and was feeling all guilty for breaking his diet.....he then went out and broke the world record the next day!! I am a chocoholic! Needless to say I could do with losing half a stone plus ;-/

    Training wise I didn't run Sat/Sun or Mon. Went today to try and do 12, managed a terrible 3.5- cold is all in my chest it seems- feel crap and hoping it will shift and not affect the marathon too much ;-(.

    Miggito- it sounds like if you can get around on will power alone you could well win the damn marathon.


    Heather- I would go to the Dynamic earth expo sure you will have better luck face to face sorting it out.

  • Cbo,  thanks for that! dont think i'll break any records but its made me feel a bit better! hope the chest cold clears up quicly for you, best rest for a couple of days and try not to worry! i'm sure you will be right as rain on the dayimage

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Cheers Hillheader, you're right, I sound like a right whinge. I seem to have a tendency to moan, got to do it here as the wife is not interested (it's your choice, selfish hobby blah blah blah image) Hope you're enjoying the Far East, shame you're stuck in the gym - when are you back to get a "proper" run in?

    Cbo - whenever I get ill during training, I always tell myself how lucky I am that I have it now and so will be 100% fit and raring to go on the day! Full strength Euthanasia tablets always work for me with the cold so just concentrate on resting and getting better.

    Rdrunner - good its not just me then! I had abstained for 2 weeks from alcohol then had lots of beer on Friday and lots of wine on Sunday along with far too much to eat!  I am also currently on one family size bag of Haribo in the evening - I do try and always make sure I work it off in the morning. I must get signed up to the Glasgow 1/2 so I will start training again after my "rest"!

    PS - I forgot to mention a great tip I discovered this morning. Never put Biofreeze on yourself before you insert your contact lenses!!!! image



  • Miggito- Euthanasia or Echinacea or just your humour??. Either way thanks for the advice- yep better now whilst some chance of recovery!


  • HI, Edinburgh will be my first marathon, and I think I'm ready. Tapering is proving a mental challenge though...what with the lack of beer and long runs.

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips for relatives who want to get to watch at the finish. Couldn't work out the park and ride details on the website and have family driving from Edinburgh. Is there really nowhere even remotely close to park?


    Best of luck to everyone... can't wait to get to the start line.

  • Family driving from Glasgow I mean!

  • Wow... been a busy day for posting here today. Well seeing we are all tapering and not filling our time with runningimage

    As I haven't ran Edinburgh before I can't help with any qqueries regarding the event, but from reading other entries elsewhere on the Internet I don't feel Edinburgh is the best organised!?? Hope to be proved wrong! 

    Miggito, I managed to get in the miles last week (53) but have a bit of a cough/cold so didn't feel any of the miles were great... But as most are saying, at least I've got it now and not a couple of days before.. Should be clear by then. Taking it easy the next 2 weeks to let the body recover. Oh by the way, on the stalking front, I am already booked into the Glasgow half in October so if you enter you are copying me.. lolimageimage


  • I haven't got my race pack either... Should I be worried or will it come eventually. I don't think I fancy going all the way through to Edinburgh either Friday or Saturday and then back on Sunday. Getting a bit impatient and nervous now?!!!!

  • No worries, I haven't got mine yet but they usually come quite late in the day. All the training stories make for good reading. Are we all getting colds and injuries or are we just more aware of even the slightest tweak? Anyway, I'll be needing 2 doses of pain killers to get my knees around - and then I can sit down for a month and/or start cycling instead.


    I can't wait now, I feel quite pumped up for it but I'm still nervous 

  • I'm starting to think it's easier to do the event than it is to get to the finish to cheer loved ones!! We'll see. Good luck with tapers and injuries all!

  • You should be able to park within about a 1/2 to 1 mile of finish. Persevere and you'll find somewhere. Perhaps Pinkie Braes area (east of finish). Understandably, they couldn't cope with everyone getting out by car. Expect delays in getting away after the event - could easily add 1/2 an hour. 

    Is a busy day for posting! 

    Well done Dave on the miles.

    Is a good time to enter other events now. then you can't say never again when you cross the finish!

    I'm tapering the miles this week but upping the beer. I rarely drink any alcohol during the few months up to a race but in taper, it's hard to resist. Will taper the beers next week!

    Braving the city streets tonight. Hoping some rain will clear the air a bit?

  • Yup thats me now tapering for my first marathon and although the training plan hasn't gone to "plan" I'm nervously looking forward to it... From the 6:30 morning runs to the Sundays spent running what feels like the length of the Union Canal to the ITband pain to the shin splints I hope this dam finish line will be worth it.....

    Mates have said you'll either get the bug or never run one again!!!!! Wonder which one ill be ???

    best of luck to everyone out there - remember don't stop !!!!!

  • Gavin - I ran my first marathon in Chester in October 2011 and beforehand vowed it would be my one and only marathon.  Since then I ran Manchester April 2012 and Berlin October 2012.  I have Edinburgh next week then Amsterdam in October.  I will be entering Paris for April 2014 when registration opens.  I'm reviewing which marathon to run in October 2014 - New York would be excellent.

    I'm by no means a natural runner but the elation at beating your previous best is worth all the effort.

    Good luck.

  • This will be my 2nd marathon, first time at Edinburgh though I did last years Half there. For those who are looking for tracking during the race and you have a smart phone that you can carry then Google's Latitude is a very good tool for doing this. Takes some setting up as you and your family will need Google accounts, set your privacy settings to let them view it but once done all you need to do at the start of the race is turn on your GPS and hope your battery lasts (remember to change the privacy afterwards if you're going anywhere you shouldn't!). There is also an android app called Glympse which does similar but this has a maximum time limit of 4 hours tracking at a time so maybe only for those a bit faster.

  • Race number arrived today!!! With 3 safety pins image

  • I haven't decided yet whether I'm hooked or not? Jury still out.  I will be doing Amsterdam again this year. Inverness is a great October marathon Sweatysock as well. One or two wee hills but on average is downhill. 

    Managed a run through Chengdu tonight. Not as tricky as expected so long as you are watchful of scooters and bikes. Didn't meet a single other runner. 

    Hope everyone enjoying the shorter runs now? 


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