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  • I have only just found this forum. I did Paris my first last year in 4: 14 but I was running with someone who could have gone faster and I didn't want to be stuck in the middle of 40k so I went with her. That included loo stops and a chat with my dad en route ( I wasn't aiming for a time just to get around quickly and finish). This year I want to do sub 4hrs but lack of crowd en route and no one to run with I'm not sure how I will fair mentally!!! We will see image

    If you do decide to get a little 4 hr group together make your selves known and perhaps it may be possible for me to tag along. 

    As I live in France I have to collect my stuff bib number etc from Dynamic earth so don't know wheer I am starting etc. 

    Edinburgh will be emational for me. I was born there. It will be my Grandmother's 80th Birthday ( who lives in Edinburgh) and I am running for a cancer charity- my mum died of it at 49 ( My Gran's daughter) and my Grandfather( Gran's husband) at 62. Hopefully that will be enough to drag my butt around the course.

    Anyone know what 'elite' athletes will be there this year??

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    That's some serious mileage you're putting in then Hillheader! Bit jealous as time is not a thing I get a lot of but not sure I would be running 28 miles in a day if I did have it! image

    Gary, where did you get that weather report from? Hope it's cool, I'm training in multi layers at the minute for any potential heatwaves - got a few strange looks at the weekend running on a glorious sunny day with jacket on! I'm not a big fan of 3 week tapers, I think they mess with your head too much but each to their own, if it feels right for you and all that the 2 weeks is more than enough in my opinion, depends how well your other trainings gone, your recovery rates etc as well I suppose though.....

    Hey CBO - you'll have a great day, that's a very respectable time considering the stops - this will be my 3rd and I am determined not to stop once this time! You can get info on the elite runners here.....


    I'm feeling remarkably ok in terms of no sore legs and now thinking maybe I was a little too rash in getting a late Edinburgh place so soon after London as I am (almost) over the dissappointment of my effort there and should really have waited till next year. Bit late now though LOL, definitely going on a well earned bender on the Sunday night.... image




  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Hillheader, Thanks for the info. Yes I see now. On my plan it has regent Road. I put down a target time of 4hr 30 when I registered and I think now I may finish quicker than that. I'm not worrying about it anyway, just going to enjoy it and see how the body feels on the day.

    Hi Miggito, Yes I also had a few strange looks the weekend wearing my compression top and long sleeved top in the sun. I didn't go as far as wearing my running jacket though....lol!

  • Thanks Miggito. I have ran on and off for years, though not competitivly since I was about 12! So 26 yrs later and only being able to run solo- no club affiliation etc for me in France due to child care commitments etc, I am having to rely on a lot of self motivation- which is just as exhausting! Hence why I have decided to frequent these forums. I'm a bit useless with technology but think I have got the hang of it ;-0.

    Good luck with Edinburgh- thanks for the parking advice. I can't believe it is Scottish cup final day as well, so my family suppport took an immediate overnight drop ;-/.


  • I think you've got the right plan there Miggito - bounce back from dissappointment with another shot. I did a marathon a few weeks back but was tough conditions so not really a measure.

    That's an wonderful reason to run Edinburgh Cbo. You must have an inspiring Gran. If you login onto the website you'll find your start location.

    I had a wonderful run this morning. The sun has finally arrived (in Aberdeen at least!). First 6 am start wearing shorts. Perfect temperature, no wind. Looking forward to running back tonight.

  • Hi All

    Hilheader/Miggito thanks for the advice on my tapering.I will do the 20 miles this weekend as I'm recovering quite well.

    The weather report was from accuweather uk Miggito. and I'm still running in my jacket too Hillheader.

    Sunday night out in scotland after the race, i'm going to have the biggest chinese or Steak and chips I can find. image
  • Hi all

    Edinburgh is my 1st marathon. Training is going ok but cannot get a handle on my pacing. Put 4 hours on the entry form, hoping for 3.30 ish now. Only trouble is i'm doing my long runs 20/22 milers sub 8 min miles over quite hilly course, but my hamstrings tighten something rotten around 16-17 miles. I'm hoping with Edinburgh being flat it's not such a problem.

    Anyone else have this problem? is there any exercises i can do to negate this? Or should I just try and go slower? I feel ok at the pace though just tight hammys.

    Any advice would be appreciated thanks

  • I must admit I really struggled on my long run this weekend in the heat. The loss of salt was immense! I'm thinking of taking a salty snack with me en route. Though I use these really DISGUSTING european gels, but taking them every 5k in Paris meant everything hurt by mile 20 but I didn't run out of energy. I managed a negative split and last 5k was the fastest....all with no Garmin device ( only invested in one since). I'm thinking I too should start 'layering up' instead on my training runs ( I hadn't thought about that as I was enjoying not having to run in the freezing weather).


    Will look at my start time on the internet thanks Hillheader.

    Have any of you read 'running with the kenyans'? It's an amazing book and the young kenyan featured in it  (japhet koesch) is doing Edinburgh apparently...hoping to spy him as he runs past in the other direction!


  • "Running is a mental sport...and we're all insane!"
  • Hi there, this is my first time doing Edinburgh and I'm looking forward to it. 

    Miggito.. I'm getting worried I'm stalking you even though we've never met. First we did alloa half, then London (badly) and now last minute entry into Edinburgh! 

    In London I ran a bad race... going too fast between miles 3 and 13 and then struggled from halfway onwards. I still finished in 3:16:09 (just 9 seconds above my best marathon time) but it was the way I ran (beginners mistake going way too fast in the early miles) that annoyed me and made me go for Edinburgh to try and evenly pace it and maybe get better time?

    What mileage are you doing miggito in the weeks in between.  The week after London I only ran 10 miles... Last week I managed 43 -long run was 14 miles.... This week I am going for 50-55 miles with the long run being 18 or 20 miles... Then taper again. What do you think? 



  • Still a fast time Dave - well done. So easy to head off too fast. Both London and Edinburgh have downhill starts which lulls.

    Edinburgh always seems to be too hot on marathon day. Never believe a forecast though 2+ weeks out.

    Recovery day today for me. Only primary school athletics to contend with. They have a 2k race this weekend and I want to avoid the sprint, then run, then walk that most of them end up doing. I'm going to get them doing 3 x 500m sessions with the aim of getting faster each time. Domes and bowls to warm up.

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Hi all, rest day for me today as "working" in Aberdeen today - missed you out running Hillheader - thought you said it was sunny?!? image

    Dave B - haha! How are you - you surely can't be too dissappointed with that effort in London - blame the heat for your 9 second lapse!! Regardless of the times though, your train of thought is exactly the same as mine so know how you feel! I did exactly the same so really "needed" to do edinburgh so I can hopefully get things right! I've analysed my race to death and mistakes I made were(in no particular order) 1. going off far too fast for 1st half. 2. not being used to the heat (hence the training in extra clothes now!) 3. weaving! 4. not taking gels at correct time 5. not getting toilet break when needed 6. cramps 7. not fit enough through missed training 8. training plan not right for me- could bore you with more, was a car crash of an effort though! image I've taken a lot of advice from people on here and other guys I know who are better at Marathons than me image. However, to answer your question I did nothing for the full week after the Marathon, last week did 3 x 5 miles easy and Long Run of 13 1/2 miles at the weekend. Feel recovered now so this week done / will do : bike 1 hr, 10 x 400m, 7 miles tempo, 6 miles recovery, 1 hr elliptical and 18 - 20 LSR. Next week will be similar but will do 800s and only 15 LSR and then taper down in last week. You have to remember though I followed the FIRST training program so never really had the high mileage so your plan I'm sure will fit you better. I don't want to risk changing things drastically at this stage. will be good to hear of your progress though!

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    CBO - I'm the same, work / family commitments mean I can't join a club and have to do all my running early in the morning - it does have its advantages though, especially now the weather is improving! Not read the book, hard enough getting the time to just run, never mind read - could be a new trick for the treadmill for me! would be good if he could win it though! not going to discuss the cup final with you as the mighty Bairns should have been there, in which case I would have postponed all Marathon efforts / demons until next year!

    Nathan, if you're not at risk of burn out I would suggest your 3.30 is achievable if you can keep the pace going for the xtra few miles. However, if you're running all your long runs at that pace, you're probably capable of much quicker than 3.30 but if its only your first Marathon there's a lot of stuff you will take from it in terms of what worked / didn't work for you re pacing / training. I think your long runs should be a lot slower but you've plenty of time to get it nailed.  

  • Miggito - where are you in Aberdeen? I was running to and from Aberdeen yesterday (in the sun) - near Kemnay to Aberdeen via Westhill cycle path and Queen's road. Same tomorrow.

    Back to dreich weather today though.

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a nice run hillheader! We have an office in Altens so up here today and tomorrow sorting out some things! hopefully better day tomorrow, always great to run alongside the sea when the sun's just coming up here!

  • Hillheader and miggito as you both know the time you take to run a Marathon is only a small part of the whole race. I appreciate my London time was good but the whole 26.2 miles was not great. I would agree with all your points miggito. By Tower Bridge I was knackered and really struggling so the second half was awful. I was running most of the miles between 2 and 13 at between 15 to 30 seconds faster than I had planned... Great for getting to half way in 1:30 but led to a difficult second half. 

    For Edinburgh I am going to try and be more in control and  run at a steady pace as close to 7 min/mile as possible... It might not make the slightest bit of difference to my time but if I run a better more controlled race I would be happier...I think!!!??

    After London I'm hoping for rain at Edinburgh as I love a wee shower to keep me cool! 


    set a steady pace


  • ElliotWorthElliotWorth ✭✭✭

    My first Edinburgh and a PB shot (under 3:24 will be party time); I did my 3rd London a couple of weeks ago and am still in recovery mode, survived a very painful 20 last Saturday. 16 this weekend. Just wondering about the spectator bus, presume that's the easiest way for my partner to get down to the finish? Is it well organised?

    Thanks & taper well!

  • All these marathons back to back and high mileage- I am seriously under training!!!

    Miggito-I will happily leave my football crazy family to their craziness for the day.....they encouraged me to come and run it :we'll be there to support you hen etc....." Hah! Until something better comes along. However, my other side of the family are English and my dad was a 3hr marathon guy so he will come and support ( I wonder if I would get disqualified if he ran the last few miles with me?). I wish you guys luck in your quest to rid the demons of London. there is nothing like the feeling of feeling like there is unfinished business. 

    I'm off to Lyon for a few days now and hope to get some late speed work in ( I have done hardly any, oops).


  • There was a survey done a few years back that those running both London and Edinburgh did marginally better at Edinburgh.

    I'm not sure of supporters. The best place is probably just East of the finish as you see the runners twice. Once past Port Seton, there are very few places to get easy access and spectators are few and far between - a far cry from London.

    My family has given up trotting along to support marathons. Don't blame them really. My wife does an excellent job on supported ultras though so I certainly can't complain.

    Bit of a plod this morning. Taper (and a glass of wine) awaits after tonight's run.


  • hiya guys, nearly there!. did my last long run of 22 miles on Sunday in 8.21's. pace felt comfortable and its a hilly route so may change my first hoped for time of 3.45 to 3.40 but just dont want to go out too fast as in previous marathons and ruin the whole race, still trying to decide what pace to start at. decisions decisions!! good luck to everyone running, see you there and maybe after for a few beers!!

  • CBO - in theory I'm up for running in a (just) sub 4 hr group but reserve the right to seriously slow down if it's really hot or there's a fierce headwind or my body suddenly realises what I'm trying to make it do. I'll have a red t-shirt and orange Sauciny trainers. I suppose a number would help too, I'm 9513


  • Hi All

    My pack arrived today so no turning back.

    Contained 1. Race number

    2. Energy Tablets.

    4. Safety Pins.

    I'm in the Gold pen at the start, was a bit worried at first because I thought the Gold would be for the elite athletes but it must be for sub 5hr.

    Going to do a 20 mile run tomorrow as i missed it last weekend, and then back to the schedule.

    Am I getting nervous? Yes....
  • Great stuff... Looking forward to getting the race pack soon. Makes it seem more real!?

    Does anyone who has done Edinburgh before  know how the pens are split in regards to times?

    Good luck Gary with you 20 miles tomorrow. I have planned 10 miles tomorrow (followed by 1 hour physio appt), 10 on Saturday and then 18 on Sunday. I have told the physio I have no major injuries or niggles I just want my legs to forget London.. hope they succeed! image


  • Just got told by the doc that I have shingles.  He's given me some bullet like pills that he hopes will stop it in it's tracks and he reckons I 'should' be ok for Edinburgh.  

    Training might be a challenge for the next couple of weeks.  


  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Enjoy your running this weekend everyone! I've had a bit of a set back in that I have a nice round lump developed on the top of my foot yetsreday and it is quite sore so need to rest image managed to get the intervals and tempo in but long run that was planned for Sunday might not happen now. Very frustrating as I was feeling so strong, never had that type of issue before which is even more frustrating. Ah well, just have to ride it out and see how I am next week, guessing it's tendonitis. If I can't do the long run will just have to do a session on the bike so at least i'm doing something. Hopefully its nothing, plenty Ibuprofen, biofreeze and ktape order of the day! Looks like noone else suffering - apart from you Sweatysock image guess at this stage you just have to rely on training already banked but hope the pills work!

  • Not so good Sweatysock. Hope you recover quick.

    Also Miggito - hope you can rest and let it ease down. At least you are in the taper now so the vast majority of training down.

    Good luck to anyone doing the last long run (Gary and Dave).

    As training has gone well for me, I'm going to go for a 3:20-3:25 time. I'd really like to get under 3:25 to get a Boston place. No chance of a PB (past my prime now!).

    60 miles so far this week but now waiting for a 10 hour flight to Chengdu. Probably by smoggy and busy so limited to short runs or hotel treadmill.

  • Sorry to hear of your injuries guys, fingers crossed you will be ok in two weeks.

    Thanks for the message Hillheader, I wimped out on the 20 miles today as I overdone it in the garden yesterday (Painting the decking and fences).

    I still went out though and did a very comfortable 10 miles in 1 hr 36 which is extremely good for me.

    I started of to quick and just kept to that pace 1 minute a mile quicker than race pace.

    Feel good though, away golfing tomorrow and then get another 10 on Sunday.
  • I decided to take adversity head on and go ahead and do my 10 miles.  Unfortunately adversity carries a big shovel and smacked it in my forehead round about mile 3.  

    Then out of nowhere good old second wind grabbed hold and I went around in 8.30pace which I was happy with.

    Oddly, the shingles only hurt when I stop running.

    Curry and beer tonight.  The best cure for all ills known to man.

    Happy running peeps.

  • A cheeky 12 for me tomorrow - it feels so nice not having to go beyond 15 until the race day. Last weekend I had to quit at 17.5 but I was heartened when my wife quit the next day after 2 miles as it probably means by hat we've had a bug. Hope everyone is fit for the 26th

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Sweatysock, I had a bout of shingles just before a trip to Nice the other year. Before I went to the doctors I felt really down and sore, but it was odd when I found out what I had it kind of took the weight off my shoulders and after a weekend of good French Red Wine I felt super!

    Not that I would be advising lots of French red wine so close to the marathon image

    Eighteen miles for me in the morning and then into the taper....still a bit unsure what to set my pace at...

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