Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • Next year's Snod is also the Welsh Athletic Marathon Championships for Mastersimage

  • Evening all, sorry haven't been on in a while Christmas our busiest time of year trying to sort two homeless projects out! My cooks are off so tomorrow I'm cooking a full Christmas dinner for 50! That coupled with a nasty stomach bug last week has meant not a lot of running here. Then doing it all again for 11 of us at home on Tuesday! :-P

    Hope everyone has a great Christmas!!! image
  • You are a saint Tr....happy Christmas to you too x
  • TR - Hats off to you mate. It's refreshing and re assuring to hear of other people devoting their time to help those who are in need.  All the very best to you.   

  • TR40- Hope you manage to have some sort of break!image

    Morning allimage

    Bit of a damp start, but the first run of the day done and dusted: 6.5m recovery. Off to make turkey stock now.... before the next run!image Trying to clear tomorrow's running commitments todayimageimage

  • Stage 1 of Operation Trifle complete. Smell of cloves which are studded in the honey roast ham coming from the oven is making me feel very hungry! Off for run number two once ham comes out image
  • Ham's done. So is second runimage 8.08m in 58.51 (7.17av). Lunch next, followed by stuffing making before next recovery runimage

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    sorry to hear you've had the bug TR40 - it's been most of the way through our house as well, I'm placing bets on the youngest coming down with it tomorrow...  Hope the Christmas dinner went well today and that you enjoy the family one tomorrow.  Christmas dinner is the one meal I'm banned from the kitchen for, although the downside on that is that we don't have Christmas dinner until boxing day imageimageimageimage


    Sounds like you've had a busy day JD - although I won't ask how you've made turkey stock (presumably) before roasting the turkeyimage

    Well done at Portsmouth Brer, great time after all you've done this year, even without the mud!

    very little running been going on here, but I've been braving the weather when possible, and hoping to get out a few times this week...


    Hope everyone manages to stay dry and safe over Christmas! image

    Nadolig Llawen Pawb image Merry Christmas Everyone image


  • Panad- giblets!

    6.51m done. Most of veg prepped and trifle coming together. One more easy 4m to do and tomorrow's miles are all in the bag! image

    Merry Christmas, everyone image
  • err JD have you done 3 run's today????

    Brer well done

    Not alot going on over in this bit of Wales but hoping to get back on track very soon

    Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Christmas imageimageimageimage 


  • JD runs done with military precision!!

    Brer well done image

    Panad Hi mate hope boxing day dinner is great! image

    7 miles done this morning at 5:30 set my mind for the day!! Christmas dinner went down great wife and daughter came in and eat with us too!! No saint guys thus is what I do for a living and I'm very privileged to do it image have a great Christmas all image
  • Chrissi- 3 runs today? Not any more!image See below....

    TR40- well done on the run and the foodimage

    Hooray!!! 4th run done and dusted. Xmas nearly ready- just sprouts left to peel. 4 runs today = 25.1m = rest day tomorrow without compromising weekly mileage imageimageimage MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY!!!!! 

    Right, where's that bottle of red?imageimage

  • Combination of 25m on Monday and zero exercise yesterday left my legs feeling very stiff! Decided to scrap the planned 13m run in favour of 2 shorter recovery runs. Loosened up nicely by the end of a VERY WET AND WINDY jog image
  • Just found out that Snod is the Welsh marathon champs for masters in 2013. Might try and run it on fresh legs next year - instead of 3 weeks after peak effort. Just as long as I get that 2.44.59 in London first....
  • I just did a 6.5m recovery run on the flat. Only to find car battery was dead and then ran a hilly 2.8m home....imageimage

    Anybody out there?

  • Bought a 5kg medicine ball in the sales. Now I have got sore abs! image
  • Hi JD!!! Hope you had a great Christmas mate!!

    Well, wife back in work today me not till tomorrow!!What to do..headed up to the hills around Llanasa for a very muddy, hilly, cross country run loved it!! 8 miles in all though mud, fields, swamps, streams etc!! image
  • TR40- good Xmas here, mate. You too, i hope? Sounds like you had a great adventure todayimage

    4m to round off the day. Found some exercises for core strength using the medicine ball.... Boy, do I have some work to do....imageimage

  • Hi all...testing internet!!
  • Brer- hi back! image
  • Ah. At last, it works in the depths of New Forest. Hope all of you are well xx
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    It's a good job I wasn't at home today TR40 - i'd've been a bit miffed if you'd not come&collected me en routeimage

    Lovely 14miles for me yesterday while Mr panad cooked image and a great day today gutting the kitchen and a bedroom in the new house image image

    just need to work out how to survive a shopping trip to Liverpool tomorrow now...the girls both wanted clothes for Christmas and it seemed good idea at the time to say we'd take them for a day out so they could choose their own....image
  • Had my 1st 6am run with no pain/discomfort in well over 6 months ("thanks" to plantar fasciitis) - just in time for the start of my training for the Blackpool marahon.

    Sorry, had to share it with someone!!

  • JB- great news image

  • 12.01 very wet and VERY windy miles done in 1.23.44 today (6.58 av) splits: 7:20 7:34 7:34 7:16 7:11 7:15 6:41 6:41 6:37 6:33 6:29 6:31 2

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    I am very very tempted to enter snowdonia marathon, I want a challenge this year.. how newbie friendly is it? I've done 2 marathons, i'm not fast, but I'm keen and willing to train.

  • Kent- hi! image quite a few of us ran Snod as our first marathon. Great camaraderie and very friendly image
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    thanks jason..well maybe I'll have a few glasses wine new years eve n enter while I'm still in a happy haze!image
  • Jenf- see you in October image
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Manic shopping trip survived image to be fair to the girls they were v good and it was a good day out - completely shattered though, running a marathon (even SNOD) is definitely easier!!image
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